Police Bribe False Witnesses Against Suspect; Until Real Murderer Confesses

How many anomalies show up before we realize they aren’t anomalies? Consider: “Man Says Chicago Cops Framed Him for Murder.”

“CHICAGO (CN) – A man spent 3 years in jail awaiting trial for a murder he didn’t commit, and Chicago cops offered witnesses money to falsely identify him as the killer, the man claims in court. Anthony Kuri sued Chicago, six police detectives and three police officers, in Federal Court. Kuri ‘spent more than three years in the Cook County Jail for a murder he did not commit, a crime that another man has since confessed to having committed,’ he says in the complaint. In the early morning on July 24, 2009, ‘a male Hispanic rode up on a bicycle and fired 5-6 shots at a minivan double-parked in the street’ in the 4600 block of North Central Avenue in Chicago.”

The rest of the article tells a tale of lies, police bribes, witness tampering, and years in a maximum security jail. Back in 2009, the only mainstream news story I could find, merely reported Kuri’s arrest as a matter of fact that was beyond dispute. If the real killer hadn’t confessed, the police might have completed their frame on Kuri and the media would have had no interest in questioning it.

Is this merely some local story?

Consider the kind of FBI reports we get about “thwarted” terrorist attacks. Typically, the FBI finds some person of marginal standing and marginal intelligence, probes him for some vague impossible fantasy, and then recruits him under false pretenses for some equally impossible terrorist attack. Then they give him a fake explosive, arrest him for trying to detonate it, and then claim they have protected Americans from some real threat.

I guess, since the FBI does actually get people to willingly go along with these terror plots, they aren’t as bad as the Chicago police in this case simply framing a person who had nothing to do with the murder. But it does show a similar inability to do real law enforcement work and a willingness to substitute imaginary constructions for such work.

Since these stories are not rare, maybe it is time to ask ourselves why we need law enforcement organizations in the first place. In the popular imagination, police at the local, state, or federal level are supposed to be dedicated to the “science” of forensic evidence or else devoted to a self-discipline of strict deduction that finds the truth and filters out prejudice and premature conclusions. CSI and other “cop shows” make us sit in awe at how rigorous and careful the investigators are as they collect evidence.

But in reality we find people who, when bringing a panel of photographs of suspects to a possible witness, point out the one they think if guilty and ask the witness to confirm their suspicion.

“On August 2, 2009 defendants showed Russell a photo spread that included plaintiff, and told Russell that they ‘knew’ that plaintiff was involved in the shooting. Defendants further explained to Russell that if he picked plaintiff from the photo spread as having been riding on the back of the shooter’s bike at the time of the shooting, Russell would be able to help his friend Fernandez because the defendants could give Fernandez money for being the victim of a crime. In this way, the defendants improperly secured that Russell would pick out plaintiff from the photo spread, which he did.”

Law enforcement is less and less about investigating a crime to find the guilty and clear the innocent. Instead it is merely a means of social control that picks people to punish to make the rest of us feel like someone is “doing something” about crime.

36 thoughts on “Police Bribe False Witnesses Against Suspect; Until Real Murderer Confesses

    1. Actually, they should be executed. I’m deadly serious here. Start killing these absolutely evil people for the great harm they cause, for the lies and crimes they perpetrated to frame innocent people, and i bet you these scumbags in blue would think twice before they did it to somebody. JMHO.

    2. I totally disagree, anybody that intentionally arrests and charges someone that they know to be innocent and then commits felonies to railroad them have forfitted their right to live among us. That deffinition probably covers about 60% of all cops.

      1. They don’t always know them to be innocent. They may truly suspect them to be guilty. But they forget that one is to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. It is never right to cheat in order to get your way. It is better for a crime to go unpunished in this life than it is to take a chance and miscarry justice against the innocent. When you violate the rights of the innocent, you become the criminal.

    3. No they should be tried in another jurisdiction out side of Chicago, and upon Conviction sentenced to serve with the other crooks in the ILL State Pen!

  1. This has been going on for a long time. What’s new is that some police are being caught in the act of falsely accusing innocent people and tampering with evidence. Finally, some of this is being uploaded to Youtube for everyone to see what really goes on.

  2. And through all of this, and ruining a mans life, the Police, the prosecutors and even the Judge have not been charged with even a single crime, this is truly sad. The Law Enforcement System in general does not solve crime they create criminals out of law abiding citizens. The true criminals are the people working in the Law Enforcement System.

    1. That’s on the one hand, on the other they are working overtime to disarm the law abiding citizens making it easier for the criminals to ply their trade without fear of injury!
      However if you limit the Chicago Police to legal methods, these incompetent morons wouldn’t be able to solve any crime above the level of shoplifting! And that only if the Merchant had already detained the suspect!

    2. If there are so many of us that think alike, what is it that allows them to continue on with their terrible ways? When will they cross that line that initiates the reaction needed to stop them once and for all? I’ll tell you when, it will happen when they create an environment where we have nothing further to lose. When that date comes, all hell will break lose and a whole lot of scores will be settled.

  3. Guess ALL of the current Chicago cops are all graduates of the Summerdale Precinct on the North Side. (Google it!) Seems nothing has changed in Chicago for the past century. Or more.
    Either that or Kuri was a Republican or Conservative. Or an illegal who refused to vote for “the Party”.

  4. Kind of like anti-virus software. Here, let me make viruses, and then sell you software that will protect anybody willing to pay me to do so. Al Capone never had it so good.

      1. Ya, and it works about as good as the Chicago PD. Catches a few little ones and the really bad ones run rampent.

    1. They pulled the same stunt with Anti-Porn!
      Flood your email with it and then you start to get all the Child Protection Anti-Porn Ads sent to you!
      When you start noticing the timing you brain starts to add it up … same with virus!
      Old Mafia Protection Racket!

  5. Chicago is about 20 years away from becoming another Detroit, Newark, East St. Louis, Birmingham, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Haiti, or Washington, D.C.

    Let’s see: What do all those cesspools have in common…? (Scratching head…)

    1. Almost every one of the “other” places (especially the other countries) are already safer than Shittcago.

    2. Could it possibly be that they all have been in the sun too long? What di d God say when He made the second one?………………….. Ooops burned another one.

    3. Don’t forget Johannesburg, South Africa — the country with the second highest crime rate in the world.

  6. That is one reason if more people had C/C Permits we would have less crime
    for our Cops to solve. Maybe they could then look for holes in the criminal or
    find them at the Hospital getting the hole patched

  7. It is so bad in some areas like Chicago, Denver and New Orleans that you have to pretend that the police are not your friends and they are more likely to kill you or put in in jail than give you a ticket. At that point no one will want to be a police officer for the simple fact that people will shoot first

  8. We have to consider that its Chicago we’re talking about. With a 5% success rate in solving street//gang gun related shootings and murders, the police must be getting desperate to appear that they are actually solving crimes. For the most part, Chicago controls the state of Illinois as well. I’m glad that I no longer live there.

    1. How many of those 5% are a farce of justice? How many guilty off the hook and how many innocent dead or in jail because the cops framed them?

  9. He must Not had a couple of hundred to slip the officers there in Chicago; You have to remember, being INNOCENT costs MONEY up front even if you REALLY ARE innocent.

  10. I knew before I got here that this was going to involve a leftist controlled city and police force! Legalized mob action at its best.

  11. I wish people would believe that this happens far more than they think, because it does. It is good that the whistle is being blown on this. I surely hope that the corrupt law enforcement officers in this case pay dearly for what they have done. For sure, they should never be allowed to work in law enforcement again. I realize that criminals get away with crimes every day. But it doesn’t help when those supposed to enforce the law become numbered with the criminals getting away with crime.

  12. As a former Chicago area cop, why am I not surprised? I tried being a real cop years ago and was ridiculed for it. Finally was harassed enough by the union thugs to leave Illinois and become a naval officer. There are good cops, but unfortunately there are a lot of bad ones, and even among those who are not corrupt, the problem is widespread laziness. Sadly, that’s a fact. When I was there they were always trying to find a shortcut and avoiding proper procedures. As a rookie I saved several officers from blowing cases with illegal searches, which ensured evidence stood up in court, but that didn’t stop the crappy treatment.

  13. Amazing and sad. This happens more than we the average citizen realizes daily. Wasn’t that Dorner deal in CA recently a similar situation? Only he was at one point the “good cop” turned murderer by bad cops turning on him one of their own, because he dared to narc the bad cops out? So many in this country are going absolutely nuts with greed, fear, anger, control, deceit and killings. Morality, values, oaths of offices, and simple human respect, trust and kindness for others is G O N E for the most part.

    The way this country, our politicians, law enforcement, judges and the like are all complicit to the total downfall of our country in my opinion, and to situations like this innocent man just experienced and will continue to experience the loss of his life in so many ways for years to come if he ever overcomes it will be amazing.

    God help us all to be safe from a judicial system including law enforcement that has gone totally awry. Just like Germany years ago, when the judicial system and law enforcement fell the only thing left to do was to get the guns from the citizens and the rest was history. Look at recent headlines that said: “law enforcement are saying you are on your own.” So, tell us something NEW huh?

    Reminds me of a personal experience being married ONCE to a state patrolman. I had to go on a long trip by myself to a family wedding. All of a sudden he showed concern that if I have a flat tire or something on my trip to take the C.B. radio and call for a trooper. Well I was surprised at my own comment LOL. I said: “gosh I have been waiting for a trooper for fifteen years (meaning him) and I think I would just as soon flag down a trucker for help.” The shock in his face was priceless and I meant every word. Nothing has changed with law enforcement for sure. The God loving, gun toting America is almost gone, and so is the dependability of law enforcement and the judicial system for the most part as well.

    God bless and have a great day.

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