President Obama is Sinking in Political Quicksand

In 2008, President Barack Obama promised he would bring change to America and save the nation from its sagging economy. Three years later the only change he has brought about is to worsen the economy, increase the deficit to historical figures, raise unemployment, force government take over of health care and student loans, and alienate US allies abroad.

Media headlines that once praised the President for what he was going to do for America have been turning against him more and more.

Americans are seeing the President for what he is; a self-centered power hungry socialist who wants nothing more than to destroy the fabric of American economics. Unemployment is still high and climbing in many areas. The dollar is weakening abroad and Communist China now owns one-third of America’s debt.

Consequently, his performance rating has dropped to 39%, the lowest level since he took office.

With his ratings being so low, it would seem to be the perfect time for another Democrat to step up and challenge the President for the Oval Office before the Party loses it to the growing Republican interests. So far, none have been willing to test the waters by launching a counter campaign against him.

In the mean time, the President continues to sink in the political quicksand he has created. One can only hope he continues to sink even faster until a year from now he will disappear from sight altogether.

14 thoughts on “President Obama is Sinking in Political Quicksand

  1. But if a Muslim President of USA, Hussein OB(s)ama does sinks in Political Quick Dessert Sands, the pure Americans will be left alone, without a spooky ghost to wake up to… Can such truth be a correct moment of truly good expectation?

  2. Wouldn’t that be nice. Maybe, he might choose to go home to wherever he is from. That is a hope and change I would vote for.

  3. Oh no. Once he sinks someone will finally figure out that by LAW he wasn't suppose to be in the White House to begin with! He needs to be arrested….NOW!

  4. Obama has been an embarrassment to the country for far too long….letting a decorated military man go to prison over his unwillingness to produce a birth certificate spelled out a total lack of integrity on his part…Nobama the impostor should have been impeached years ago….

  5. His work will be finished when he has completely destroyed America,
    and is anointed King. Do his supporters in congress really think they will be anything
    but little puppy dogs that when he says "jump" – they will have to say
    "How high" , or be destroyed ??
    His "Master Plan" is to arouse such anger in this country that people will
    riot and cause chaos, then he will inflict Marshal Law and take the guns.

  6. This man needs to be impeached now! Get him out before he does more damage to our great country! Hope to God that he will be gone come November 2012 !!!!!!!!

  7. I think no 1 cares to challenge obama out of fear of those who are standing behind obama holding him up…. whether it is fear of being bodily harmed as was perot and/ or fear out of being exposed for crimes against society because it appears almost all aur elected politicians from the smallest city council up to the president carry disgusting baggage….. power corrupts but you have to want power to seek it and to be corrupted… honorable and political exclude each other although that is how we introduce our politicians and judges… honorable indeed yet not IN deed

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