President Obama Wants a Second (Socialistic) Bill of Rights

Rand Paul said the following about what he believes are President Obama’s real political ambitions:

“I think the President understands the Constitution enough to know that he would prefer a different type of constitution. [Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsberg said she admired the South African Constitution. So, I think that’s more of where the President is coming from.”

I checked to see what the economic conditions are like in South Africa. “According to official estimates, a quarter of the population is unemployed; however, unofficial estimates put the real unemployment rate as high as 40%. A quarter of South Africans live on less than $1.25 a day.” The people of SA are becoming more equal, equally poor.

Former Obama administration regulatory czar Cass Sunstein published an opinion piece following the inauguration. He is calling for a “second Bill of Rights” first proposed by Franklin Roosevelt.

Sunstein claims that this Second Bill of Rights would emphasize “the importance of free enterprise” while firmly rejecting “equality of result” while simultaneously being “committed to ensuring both fair opportunity and decent security for all.”

This can’t be done unless more power and authority are given to the State. Such a Bill of Rights will produce an “equality of result.” Everybody will eventually be impoverished.

Sunstein harkened back to FDR’s 1944 State of the Union address where the four-time president argued “that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.” He insisted that that “these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all regardless of station, race or creed.”

Who would determine what this “new basis of security and prosperity” consisted of? How would the implementation take place?

Here are FDR’s proposals:

  • The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation.
  • The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation.
  • The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living.
  • The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad.
  • The right of every family to a decent home.
  • The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.
  • The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident and unemployment.
  • The right to a good education.

“All of these rights,” Roosevelt said, “spell security.”

Sunstein knows that these proposals are the bedrock of socialist and Marxist political theory. That’s why he had to write that FDR “had no interest in socialism.” FDR was all about socialism. His Social Security program was modeled after Germany’s socialistic social security system that went back to proposals made by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815–1898). It was his policies that gradually made the German people “value security over political freedom and caused them to see in the State, however conservative, a benefactor and a protector.”1 Between 1883 and 1889 Bismarck put through a program for social security far beyond anything known in other countries at the time. It included compulsory insurance for workers against old age, sickness, accident and incapacity, and though it was organized by the State it was financed by employers and employees. Sound familiar? This is American-style Social Security!

Adolf Hitler took full advantage of the German state of mind and Bismarck’s progress in turning the nation into a model of socialist reform. Hitler wrote the following in Mein Kampf: “I studied Bismarck’s socialist legislation in its intention, struggle and success.”2

FDR followed Bismarck’s socialist agenda. Bismarck said that “the State must take the matter in hand, since the State can most easily supply the requisite funds. It must provide them not as alms but in fulfillment of the workers’ right to look to the State where their own good will can achieve nothing more.”3

Roosevelt and his supporters agreed. P. J. O’Brien, writing in Forward with Roosevelt, links Bismarck’s social policies with those of Roosevelt. The above quotation by Bismarck “might have been lifted out of a speech by President Roosevelt in 1936, but the Iron Chancellor uttered it in 1871.”4

Sunstein is counting on the fact that a majority of Americans are not aware of this history. Actually, it doesn’t matter. The people will trade their freedom for the promise of security.

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362 thoughts on “President Obama Wants a Second (Socialistic) Bill of Rights

  1. I can’t wait for it to be put in place. Maybe then all of those libturds will FINALLY learn their lesson about politics.

    Then again, I would say that they all have a collective I.Q. of a potato, but that would be an insult to the potato’s intelligence.

    1. The liberals will never see their leader for what he truly is. Even if they’re affected adversely they still would never connect the dots. This is what public education does, it produces a nation of idiots. It’s not hard to figure out based on their comments on conservative websites. They never want to face the facts of what is going on. They have embraced communism and don’t even know it. God save us from these people.

        1. Because they teach their school children how dumb conservatives are for denying science in favor of their thousands of year old lie about imaginary man in the sky?

        2. I knew it, we have an atheist among us. Why do you people have to insult God ! If you don’t believe, then keep your comments to yourself. Do I call you dumb because you believe in science ? When you come face to face with God in the end , I hope I’m in line right behind you, just to see the look on your face.

        1. Exactly, functional illiterate and obedient servants of the federal government is the goal of government and the sycophantic teachers unions, and most parents are already that or to dumb to know the difference!

        2. Looks like Obama has succeeded with the amount of morons that voted for him ! His motto is, if you say it over and over and over, enough of them will believe it!!

      1. “God save us from these people.”

        You could always leave the country en masse. Conservatives will never have power here again anyway. You might was well start anew somewhere.

        1. John, I cannot forsee the future, like you. But, I do know history and what obama is proposing has never worked anywhere. I think after four more years of his intentional economic bumbling, the people of this country will be hungry, literally, and figuratively for a change of what I predict, based on history, will be a monumental economic disaster. Say, did you hear what Austan Goolsby said yesterday about the shrinking economy and the dreadful economic report? Get ready for a cataclysmic worsening of the current Obama recession. When Hoover screwed up he was gone, as will Obama.

          And I refuse to leave my native land.

  2. Gary DeMar compares FDR to Hitler. He must also think Patton is Hermann Göring.

    FDR got us through the depression and World War II and firmly established the United States as a prosperous Superpower and leader on the world stage. “He lifted himself from a wheelchair to lift a nation from it’s knees.”

        1. True Communism has never been enacted. That would entail “everyone” receiving the same rights and benefits no matter what their job. That would also entail the bystanders, such as those on welfare or other government program now, getting off their duffs and having to produce. Neither would do with the present state of the Democrat party we have now. The only way they can stay in power is to give crumbs to the uninformed and keep them ignorant.

          By the time these drones wake up and realize they’ve lost what little they had in the hope of stealing what others have it will be far too late.
          The Socialism we see in China, Cuba, etc, is doomed to fail. They are either on their way back to a free market society or are contemplating it. Capitalism is gaining a strong foothold in China and I don’t think there is any way the leaders can stop or slow it since they are profiting from it.

          One prime example is the rising wine industry in China. A poor society can’t afford the “finer” things in life of which wine is an indicator. More free cash for luxuries is indicative of Capitalism.

        2. Correct about TRUE Communism! It can’t and will never exist. It’s the allure of what they offer that attracts the weak minded to fall into line. Obama supporters are a perfect example.

    1. Obama is going mad. He wants to change our Constitution to some Stalin Constitution. President Roosevelt said in January 1945 that our Constitution is a negative document and he proposed a positive document for America. There was just one problem. FDR’s positive document was similar the Stalin’s Constituion for the Soviet Union, which was considered the most liberal constitution in the world. This paper did not stop the Bolsheviks from staving to death five million rich, hard working, God Fearing Russian kulaks on the most fertile soil on earth.
      Obama is a kenyan marxist and a dangerous muslim. He hates America and everything it stands for.

        1. Thank you, and don’t forget to yell into the camera. Tell your family, friends, newspaper and TV station that he is a Kenyan marxist and a muslim.

      1. Right on! Obama prolonged the depression by a decade or more.
        Obama conducted an interview were he parroted FDR’s assessment of our Constitution. He said our Constitution was woefully inadequate! That snarky remark coming from a so-called President who, himself, is woefully inadequate!!!
        His wife also despised this country as well until Iranian shrimp and crystal campaign was heaped upon her along with multimillion dollar vacations at tax payers expense!

        1. She sure did change her mind fast; or shut her mouth up and just sucked us dry spending big dollars on herself and her servants.

        2. Imagine a kenyan marxist and a muslim telling Americans that our Constitution is inadequate. That just make me sick.

    2. No he didn’t. FDR did not get us through anything. The cessation of his mismanagement ended the depression. He almost lost WWII through his myopic ignorance.

    3. Boy are you misguided. FDR exploited the depression to push his agenda much like Obama is doing now and as a result it took us twice as long to recover and in the end we ended up with a bunch of social programs that are bankrupting the country because DC has never been able to balance a checkbook. The same will happen at the end of Obama’s 2nd term, more social programs that fail and just a larger burden on the people that contribute the most.

      1. And just like with FDR, the MSM is complicit in protecting this POTUS from any negative press. For years the media never spoke of FDR’s wheelchair for fear it would impact the people’s opinion of him. Once again, we have the lame media fawning over the Liar-In-Chief, and, G-d forbid we might have a negative opinion of our fearless leader.

    4. You need to read deeper into FDR’s history. He was a complete socialist. From forcing SS unto us to trying to pack the Supreme Court for the purpose of foisting his socialist agenda upon us. He was not constitutionalist.

    5. Carl jr –
      Apparently you are not a student of history, thus I will provide you with an ACCURATE assessment of FDR and his era.
      When FDR ran for re-election in 1944 he had to replace Henry Wallace as his VP candidate because HW was an avowed socialist and FDR could no longer retain him on his ticket – that is how you got Harry Truman.
      And in 1944 one of FDR’s opponents was Norman Thomas, a leading American socialist, pacifist, and SIX(6) time candidate for the Socialist Party of America for the presidency of the U.S.
      His final speech as a candidate in 1944 is as follows:
      “The American people will knowingly adopt socialism. BUT, under the name of “liberalism” they will adopt every frament of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation WITHOUT EVER KNOWING HOW IT HAPPENED.”
      He went on to state:
      “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY HAD ADOPTED OUR ENTIRE PLATFORM.’
      And as for “lifting” the nation out of a depression here are some substantiated statistics straight from the government:
      When FDR came into office in 1932 the ANNUAL average family income was $1,652/year – by 1940 (with all of his programs, etc to “lift” the nation out of the depression) the ANNUAL average family income had risen to $1,725/year – now if you have trouble with math that is an increase of $73 in 8 years – even his Treasury Secretary, when FDR wanted more money from the feds, said to him: “Why, we have accomplished very little in the past 8 years.”
      FDR was an elitest from a well to do family in NY, much the same as the Kennedy kids were in Mass.
      And if you will accept history as fact it was Adolph Hitler that “dragged” us out of t he depression when this nation went into mass production of war materials and which ultimately spurred our industrial growth and our standard of living.
      The one single virtue that we never learn is that we learn nothing from history – we insist on trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result – that is also the definition of insanity.

      1. An addition to my post in which my head was going more quickly than my fingers – in Norman Thomas speech it should read ” the American people will NEVER knowingly accept socialism” – apologize for my bad.

  3. The dream of the left is a Socialist utopia where everything is ”equal”….with the exception of those in charge, of course, who are more ”equal” than everyone else.

    Just who will decide what a ”decent” living is or a ”decent” home? …..or what ”adequate” food and clothing are….or what ”adequate” protection is? And who will determine what ”enough” food, medical care, or profit should be?

    Who decides?

    Betcha it won’t be you or me. Those calls will be left in the hands of elitists who believe they alone know what’s good for the rest of us.

    I don’t know about you, but I have NO INTENTION of living under the boot of totalitarian rule.

    For nearly 70 years, my life’s motto has been…Live Free or Die. And I sincerely believe in that maxim with my whole heart.

    There’s a lot of things worse than dying and living enslaved to despots is one of them.

    Capitulation is NOT in my vocabulary. I refuse to allow liberty to become a distant memory and I pledge my life to that cause.

    So help me God.

    1. Amen I fully agree. I have to prioritize though: First God without whom nothing good happens, Second family needed to perpetuate mankind, Third country without the first two the third is meaningless.

    2. Obama must stay up all night to come with crap like this, I believe he either has a mental deficiency or is sleep deprived. In any case he needs to be removed from the Oval Office for treason.

      1. Obama does not stay up nights–this is a direct feed from the handlers he made the deal with so that he could become president.

    3. I completely agree with everything you said. I just hope our military believe the same way. If they become the Gestapo or the SS, we will be in trouble, even if we have weapons.

    4. I agree with you 1000% on your thoughts. That word Capitulation also is NOT in my vocabulary. When I enlisted December 20, 1963 I took the following oath:

      “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

      However, I did just take it for my term of enlistment, IT WAS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. However, when I went through Basic Training at Ft Ord, I also learned that there were times that I could disobey certain orders it I felt and later confirmed to be UNLAWFUL. That is the way I feel about El Dumbo and his regime (Prince Harry, Princess Pelosi and Feinstein, and any of those RINOs) so-call orders. I did not serve in this Great Country’s military to have a bunch of idiotic Socialistic hacks telling me or mine how to live. Oh, I will also go to my grave defending those that can’t defend themselves or those that won’t.

      For instance, their damn assault on our Second Amendment rights; they want a bunch of slaves not free thinking individuals so they want to disarm everybody. As the saying goes: “AN UNARMED INDIVIDUAL IS A SLAVE; WHEREAS AN ARMED ONE IS FREE!” I will not be a slave, will you?

      US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

      1. Hey John, Thanks for your service!

        “…and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States
        and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to
        regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice”

        Are you aware if the above is included in both oaths for enlisted as well as officers? In other words are they both taking an oath obeying the orders of the President?

        1. That is the enlisted version of the oath – I took it as an enlisted Marine, when I was commissioned as an Officer of the Army it was:
          “I_______having this date accepted appointment as a Reserve Commissioned Officer in the rank of Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constiution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I accept this obligation freely, without any mental reservation nor purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the Office upon which I am about to enter, So Help Me God.”
          This is the same oath I later swore again when appointed into the Federal Civili Service (Department of the Army) after retirement from the active component.
          I hope that helps! Cheers . . .

        2. Thanks Keith. This is a question I’ve been wondering about for some time.

          So, officer’s don’t take an oath to giving allegiance to the president but instead an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

          I noticed that “..and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me..” is not in the oath of office for Officers.

        3. But the Pres. is not obeying any of his oath, he is not obeying OR defending the Constitution, therefore he is committing treason and sedition. They have every right not to commit the same crimes by obeying his orders, I believe it says in the Constitution….that if a gov’t is tyrannical towards its people, they have the right to abolish the gov’t and replace it with one that will keep them secure. That is in laymens terms !

        4. That was my point Eileen. It was actually regarding loyalty.

          As to your other point, check out the following:

          “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

          Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

          “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

      2. John Wilch..Welcome home, soldier….and thank you, sir, for your service.
        While I’ve never been in the military, every time I say the Pledge of Allegiance, I mean it with my whole heart.

      3. First thank you for your service, and I am sorry how americans treated the Vietnam vets when you came back. I also will go to my grave to save the rights of the American people,

        1. What the hell did Vietnam do for America but divide us and cause America to be viewed poorly all over the world?

        2. it wasnt the americans that fought in vietnams fault they were there ! it was because of the US Govt maybe you didnt read it right or maybe you werent around when these vets came back to protesters blaming them for the war we should have never been in, just like most the other wars we are invo vled in , fighting terrorisism for a muslem president that should not even be in the white house to begin with , let alone stealing a second re election maybe you were one of the many thousand that put him back in office it is funny I havent found one person that says they voted for the muslim loving president how can that be? also did you ever serve your Country as this US soldier has? All vets know matter what war should be honored and respected

    5. The everything is “equal” is always much, much less for everyone than originally proposed because the elites will be living big. It will end up “equal ” poverty for everyone else.

  4. Even if Obama wanted to amend the Constitution to require that all Americans eat anchovies every day for breakfast, he couldn’t get it done because he doesn’t have the power to amend the Constitution.
    So we don’t have to worry about this.

    1. Since when has the fraud in Washington ever cared about the Constitution?? And now we have “educators and Supreme Court Justices wanting to do away with it altogether.

      1. He’s an elected President who will leave office after another term of four years. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Eddie.

        1. Oh, come on now /.murphy, you can’t tell me that you wear panties when you’re out on a date with one of your black homies, can you?

      1. He makes everything “business” – ground AF1 period. When he wants to go out campaigning like going to Las Vegas yesterday to shove his immigration down our throats, he should furnish his own plane, car, bus or whatever to get there. He is paid enough for doing nothing but playing golf, vacationing or campaigning which he has done for the past 4 years.

      2. How about we just kick his butt out of the WH along with all the other a-holes on the hill. They can have DC, we’ll just make it a separate country and send all of the idiots there. Then they can legislate till the cows come home and it won’t hurt anyone else.

        1. THE RINOS IN D.C. DSON’T HAVE enough knolies to go aganist the dnc !! as mostly all their priorities sound basicly the same lately screw the American people in the process . I for one would like to see the whole bunch out of office as a whole an term limits put into efect of 1 one / 6 year term they’ve gotten to full of themselfs and their way of thinking leaves a lot to be desired for the American people. jus my thoughts

      3. Can I assume that you’re not bothered by the fact that by this time in his presidency the shrub had taken well over a month more vacation than any other President?

    1. He was smart enough to beat your idiotic party time and time again and put conservatives on the road to ruination. That deserves MANY accolades in my book,.

        1. So far numerous republicans being charged with voter fraud. If this was democrats being charged, it would be NON STOP outrage from you weasels on this site here. Of course, BEING GOP are being charged, not a PEEP heard out of you.

        2. Republican election fraud is being reported by all media outlets. It’s widespread. Look it up or continue being ignorant.

        3. @johndunmar:disqus That’s because most major media outlets ignore DemocRAT voter fraud. Including the biggest DemocRAT voter fraud of them all: Their absurd opposition to voter ID laws! There’s only one reason for that – so they can cheat!

        4. Speaking of ignorant… You mean the left leaning liberal media? The same ones that ask him the “hard questions” like how is your handicap? Did you have a nice vacation? The same media that fly in AF1 with the obummers on vactions and all the other excursions? The ones WE PAY FOR? How much did we just pay to fly to Las Vegas and back? How BIG was THAT carbon foot print? You don’t hear the greenies screaming their obama butt soaked heads about that do you??
          Dunmar, your a “special kind of stupid” aren’t you!!??

        5. I’d look it up but you didn’t post any sites to look at. Could it be that they exist only in your dreams?

        6. I’m an Independent and the only cases of voter fraud I’ve seen all involve Demonrats. Acorn was a Demonrat organization if you remember and they are still in existence under a different name. You are making a fool out of your self John Boy.

        7. Sesame street I believe. His been held back a decade!or two :)
          They guy is an obama supporting dirt-bag racist a-hole!

        8. You must be living in a different universe than the rest of us, Dunmare. Only vote fraud we have heard about has been ALL Demagogues – Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, New York, and the list goes on and on. Florida had 96,000 registered voters in one county, but 146,000+ voted – how do you do that???? I call it VOTER FRAUD. That’s why the demagogues are so scared of VOTER ID because they know it will kill half their fraudulent votes.

        9. Yeah we stole it. I heard.

          Kinda funny how you GOP accuse the other side of “cheating” .. When NUMEROUS GOP have been charged with voter fraud. Not one democrat being charged.

          All over the country republicans are being criminally charged with serious offenses of voter fraud YET you EVIL SOBs are STILL claiming the other side stole the election? You people are pure evil. Enough said.

        10. No, if we had a FAIR and BALANCED MSM, both sides especially the left , would be exposed !! Nuff said ? And Obama did steal the election, how can a state have 153% of the tallied ?????????

        11. John Dumbar
          You are a pathetic lying socialist. After the civil war WE will come for all socialists.

      1. Thanks for sharing that. I hope you’re equally willing to pay your “fair share” so the deadbeat takers of America can continue laying on the couch (after they finally get out of bed) to smoke weed, father at least ten kids by no less than eight mothers, bust out the nation’s healath care process with all the illnesses they contract from their sedentary lifestyle. Yes, John, Marxism is great, even if it is saddled with way too many idiots….

        1. If democrats are the takers, how come republican RED states take in WAY more federal assistance than Taxes they pay out. Democrat blue states are generally the opposite…

          I’ve decided ANY time a conservative makes *ANY* claim at all, it’s most definitely a lie. Just like your claims that the democrats stole the election (even though no democrat is being criminally charged and Republicans ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY are being charged with election fraud. (look it up)

          You people lie so much for so long that you don’t even know the difference.

        2. and your source for such claims comes from where? You expect me to believe that my red state confiscates more in the fed taxes than any other blue state? Really – oh I get it – that new leftist fuzzy math stuff where 2 + 2 = whatever…

        3. Are you trying to brain wash people Ed? I know any time ANY site contradicts you, you call it some name and try to convince people not to visit it without giving ANY EVIDENCE why anything that site says is wrong.

          You are a gullible gullible man preaching to a very dumbed down gullible audience.

        4. Here’s my EVIDENCE, John, MSNBC always quotes material off of Mother Jones. That’s enough evidence for me.

        5. Well how come my blue is the third highest taxed state in the union there moron look that up you will know which state I’m from clueless !!!!

        6. It is fact look it up, we all know the red states are the lowest paid and that makes them eligible for all these free government programs.and all these so called conservatives do collect them in these states, Blue states incomes are all higher so there is less of it there. It is your math that is fuzzie as it is the one that is not accurate.

        7. Yes, all Dem states owe so much money they will never get out of debt. Look at CA. Other states want the taxpayer to pick up their pensions because they can not pay it.

        8. The only thing they have ever mastered is lying. They lie so much they cannot recognize the truth when it is shown to them

        9. Oh really?  I guess Massachusetts, I llinois, and Michigan (to name just three)  are just figments of our imagination.  Then there’s California…shall I go on?

        10. He doesn’t pay for anything. Not even his own fair share. He’s an Obama taker! Ever see the Obamaphone lady? He’s her son who is currently undergoing gender modification. His neighbors are trying to get his section 8 housing allowance revoked because they say he lives like a pig. If that happens he’ll be living in his shopping cart again. His folks once took him for a drive out in the country, but he found his way back.

        11. Lol you conservatives are funny..You spent 4 years lying about Obama and his supporters — Now you just sound downright goofy making stuff up.

        12. No one has to lie. We can see and hear, Dem. can not see nor hear, they are too busy worshipping and refuse to look into the secret things Obama has passed. Wake up and see what was said was in the ObamaCare bill
          while Dems claimed we lied, now the truth is out. Everything said about it is proving to be true. Many claiming he is their messiah and he accepts all the worship and adoration.

        13. Hey John, there is an editorial in the Washington Post, a left-wing newspaper, and even they now recognize the real Obama. The article is by Matt Patterson. Sounds like the worm is turning John boy and the rat is squirming. maybe obama can join his friend Hugo in never-never land.

        1. And conservatives will continue to decline. (Everyone you insult are people you need to convince to join GOP to have the slightest chance to win future national elections) …

          REAL smart. GOP insulting the electorate.

          Conservatives will never win an election again in my lifetime. I’d be willing to bet good money on that one.

        2. the only problem with your position – as with all leftists – is you are betting with my money instead of your own…see when conservative principles lose – all lose – unless you adhere to the leftist principle of all being equal in poverty rather than all being equal in the opportunity for prosperity.
          The War on Poverty is being won by the leftists – more are in poverty due to leftists policies than ever before – see most thought the War on Poverty was to prevent poverty – instead the real goal is to increase poverty – so yep – the left is winning – great victory there – junior…

        3. Oh BS Kay. I worked long and hard for my money. I don’t NEED or take handouts from pathetic imbeciles like yourself.

        4. If the dollar keeps losing value because of you stupid left, guess what , you’ll be in the same boat as the right. Your money will be worthless ! Then you can join us , the pathetic imbeciles as you call us!

        5. Dunmar: Really why are you on this page, shoudnt you be kissing the a!! of your fellow( socialist) figuring out more ways to screw over the Americans. and take away our rights and give them away to people that have no right to even be in this Country…..

        6. Don’t be offended, Ellen. They are destroying the country as fast as they can and then they may congratulate themselves. They did it all by themselves and can take credit for that superb accomplishment.

        7. You really know enough to declare one a “pathetic imbecile”? Do you rush to judge this person? You are rather quick to pick up on such as this with so few comments and not knowing the person. Think highly of this ability, do you?

        8. Probably not as highly as your ability to judge black people on how much white blood they’ve got in them while defending your Cherokee grandparents. But I’m sure he’s close.

        9. Punctuation is just something you’ve occasionally heard about in passing, isn’t it?

          I mean, I’m not trying to attack you personally, but I do think it is amusing that most of the people in here who complain about left-wingers being stupid have the grammar skills of a retarded grade school student.

        10. Oh, like the Pres. saying the word corpsman incorrectly 3 times, or the fact that while he was campaigning, he said he had travelled through all 57 states! How smart is that????

        11. Thank you, Ellen. The president has made many more mistakes than that.
          You know he can not practice law and neither can Michele. They had their license to practice law taken away.

        12. You have a real problem. Have you been educated beyond your intelligence? Perhaps that is why you are on the attack constantly.

        13. Yes, I do have a real problem. Despite knowing better, I am still compulsively drawn to occasionally perusing the ignorant, incomprehensible, and often psychotic comments posted on a political blog that makes Alex Jones seem rational and level-headed. If you are so adverse to personal attacks on the intelligence of others, I’m sure you take the time to speak out against every “Libertard” type comments scattered throughout theses message boards.

        14. Your reply was personal. She is not writing an English paper for viewing. People do not always take the time to make it perfect. Why is this amusing, perhaps your thinking is skewed rather than your English.

        15. Now you want to critique me. You are the one arguing. You are the one
          who believes he can correct what others say = how they say it. Why
          don’t you attack the subject at hand rather than act as an English
          teacher going through comments looking for ways to attack not what one
          says but how they say it. You are attacking personally for something
          that really is not important here where people offer up comments, not
          for credit in an English course. Take up teaching where your comments
          might be expected, welcomed, and appreciated. People should be allowed
          to comment without others correcting, the simplest one speaks, the better
          they are understood. I understood the comments. I was not looking to
          correct her “paper” or how she chose to word her “comment”.

        16. Well, I wasn’t critiquing you, just your defense of people that make your side look stupid. But really? All of the nonstop insults and veiled threats of violence against anybody leaning left scattered throughout these message boards, and you’re going to get bent out of shape because I’m criticizing a person for not making sense? Ooh, how elitist of me, thinking that an adult espousing political views might be better served with communication skills beyond a third grade level. If you are too stupid to even use punctuation at all, let alone correctly, why should I even begin to entertain your “thoughts” with any level of seriousness? Slap that level of grammatical ignorance on a job resume and see how far that gets you in the real world. People should be allowed to comment without others correcting them? Really? In an political internet message board? Right, you got me. I’m the only one in here telling other people that they are wrong, or stupid, or crazy, or ignorant. It’s just me. Everybody else in here is just post calm, measured thoughts with no malice or negativity at all. Then I came in and blew it all up. Tell you what, save your indignant attitude for somebody willing to entertain hypocritical arguments. You aren’t a voice of reason, you’re just an apologist.

        17. I am not having a conversation with you. You know all about others so I will leave you to your thoughts. Calling others names helps you feel better I suppose. Your other comment about my life, I do ok. I am in my 70’s and I rarely comment on anything. I was struck by your rudeness and comments on not what one says but how they say it. I will not comment further on your comments accusing others of being wrong, stupid, crazy, ignorant. You seem to gather so much info about others in so few words, you are in a class by yourself. I will leave you to your dreams and will not comment further to you.You did not blow up anything, you are just of full of info you believe true because you are so gifted in being able to see what another is all about in such few words.

        18. You’re right, you aren’t having a conversation with me. That would mean actually responding to my points instead of just repeating yourself about how I’m just so full of myself because I actually believe logic and intelligence should be part of the political discourse. You’ve repeatedly missed (ignored) my point because you’re so hung up on calling me a bad person for criticizing somebody’s inability to string together a complete sentence. You’re determined to imply that I am less intelligent only because I’ve disagreed with someone you obviously agree with, while I’ve made the same assertion while pointing to physical evidence (lack of coherent communication skills) to back my claim. You rarely comment in here, yet among all of the bile and hate spewing throughout this site, you single on my critique of somebody’s grammatical abilities? Pick your battles, sir, or at least pretend to be logical about it.

        19. I asked you to leave me alone. I am not a sir. I do not pretend anything esp. logic which you can only work real hard at defending your correcting how one writes not using correct punctuation. Really, your only point it seemed to me was this which you called someone ignorant! GET a LIFE and leave me alone! You showed more hate than anyone in these comments. ONLY for their mistakes not for what they said. That is ALL I commented to you on this subject. Go HOME. Leave me alone, I have asked you repeatedly. YOU MADE YOUR POINT. Enough, please.

        20. Scott, you are attacking, and personally. You folks are so hateful and hypocritical. The only “tolerance” you have is if someone agrees with your position. As for diversity, there is none. You all walk like little windup Korean troops. I would rather have common sense, morals, ethics, character and integrity than misplace a comma or what the hell ever. I spect you ain’t as smart as you think you are, my socialist friend.

        21. You can actually have “common sense, morals, ethics, character and integrity” AND basic communication skills. It’s called functioning at an educated adult level. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist; understanding the basic principles of your native language will suffice.

          By the way, the only thing funnier than calling me out for making personal attacks by making personal attacks against me is you thinking that calling me a windup Korean troop (whatever the hell that means) and a socialist (gasp!) somehow wounds me and clarifies your position.

        22. True, War on Poverty was enacted by democrats but that is a very small program as compared to welfare today and became a way of life for many more starting in the Reagan administration and the earned income credit (wage subsidy for underpaid workers) and the GOP went wild after 1994 and welfare reforms they provided for child care, more earned income credits, more food stamps, more section 8 housing making these all available to underpaid working people many are married Before this it was single mothers with children and those poor unemployed people including unemployed single mothers. They to not call all these programs welfare, but they are, add them up and the taxpayers are paying a lot more welfare today than they ever did on he War on Poverty because of republican sponsored programs not the democrat sponsored ones. . Facts do not mean a thing to you as the only thing you listen to and hear is the conservative rhetoric which is not true.

        23. Your facts are wrong. Maybe you did not live during those days of which you speak and you are reading facts put out by Democrats.

        24. Do you remember JFK? He said Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Today Democrats no longer say this or believe this. Today it is My name is Jimmy, gimme gimme gimme.

        25. Sounds like you’re personally attacking a whole group of people you have not even met. Can you really judge people like that on just based on a few facts? Think highly of that ability, do you?


        27. Conservatives are moral people, that is why they are called Conservatives.
          High morals. I have never seen so much hate as I have in the Democrats these days. JFK said ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
          Democrats today say my name is jimmy, gimme gimme gimme.

        28. Your food stamps aren’t good enough money to bet with John. Crawl back under your rock your safe there for now

        1. More cheating allegations? How come the number of GOP being CRIMINALLY charged with FELONY voter fraud is so widespread in so many different states — Yet not one democrat is being made an example of for voter fraud in ALL the U.S. Do yourself a favor if you value HONESTY as a character trait. On Google, type in the words “GOP voter fraud” …. Count how many dozen cases of felonies that have been charged in 2012 and 2008 … Then type in “Democrat voter fraud” … Funny how on the Democrat query you only find sites like this and people like you pulling accusations out of your BEHIND with NO evidence. Kind of like your birther stuff. And the sandy hook stuff. and every other absolutely demented and insane thing your side has come up with lately.

      2. And yet another idiot that can’t see what Obama is doing to OUR country. Anyone that voted for Obama both times & thinks this Muslim loving dictator wanna-be is trying to help OUR country is just like him. You are considered ANTI-AMERICAN. And hopefully all of you will leave OUR country with him in 2016. Unless GOD comes back before then. If that happens you all Obama lovers can have this place. Because HE will be taking ALL HIS PEOPLE to HEAVEN. All of us that Obama has labeled as “Bible thumping gun toting Christians. He can call us anything he wants because in the end we Christians will be going to be with OUR LORD. And Obama will be going to his home unless he changes his ways. If not; he will have lots of company. People like Hitler, Stalin & all the gay people that never changed their ways. I do pray many people decide to change their ways before it’s too late.

        1. “You are considered ANTI-AMERICAN.”
          By half the country I KNOW are anti-American.

          I know a great number of you who think of me as you do, voted for Bush TWICE,. You have NOTHING on ME sister.

      3. Hey John ! The Marxist Fraud won the second time because of VOTER FRAUD
        that his DOJ (department of justice John) HAS DONE NOTHING ASBOUT !

        1. I don’t see ANY prosecutors (GOP OR DEMOCRAT) who are complaining about not being allowed to bring charges against any democrat for voter fraud. On the other hand, dozens of prosecutors are criminally charging REPUBLICANS for voter fraud in several different states. Do yourself a favor and GOOGLE the following sentences to see several different cases that have recently concluded … “Nevada GOP voter fraud” …. “Oregon GOP voter fraud” …. Throw a few more states in there after you read about those cases. GOP voter fraud IS RAMPANT and WIDESPREAD. Your side of the aisle are SLEAZY CROOKS and GOD SHAMING LIARS!!!!!!!!

        2. And you can do likewise with “Democratic Voter Fraud In The Last Presidential Election”. Pay close attention to the voting districts that counted well over one hundred percent of the votes going to the Marxist Fraud ! Thousands of votes going to him – over the population registering to vote in other areas ! THE ELECTION SHOULD HAVE BEEN DECLARED ILLEGAL – by HIS department of hah ! JUSTICE !

        3. Roxanne Rubin

          Deanna Swenson

          Collin Small

          Nathan Sproul

          Look those names up. I have many more. Republicans across the country are being charged with election fraud. They aren’t denying it either.
          You people are the SNAKES of society.

    2. It is agenda not intelligence with this marxist. He is smart enough to slowly bring in his agenda, obamacare for example. He is not stupid, he is devious, underhanded liar but he is not stupid. He understands the frog in the water concept and he is moving us further to the left than he knows will be accepted but then when it is a lesser move it becomes acceptable because it doesn’t sound so over the top. That is what he believes but it still moves us significantly further left and that is not good.

      1. As long as half the idiots in this country want to trade their freedom for security and all the goodies he offers…… the rest of us are in deep trouble unless we fight back. REVOLUTION !!!!

        1. I continually mentioned basic comments such as yours on the WND website blog, and those jerks banned me from posting there! Can you imagine….WND is supposed to be a Conservative website, but they’re being Political Correct in directing what writers can post? No free speech there unless you keep it low key. That convinces me that like the worthless politicians in Congress, WND is only good for talk, talk, talk.

        2. You are right except for the fact that under this marxist they will find that they don’t have freedom, liberty OR security. The left puts their security in money and they all have had their pay cut. It is in their healthcare and they will very soon find it rationed, as a disabled vet I have seen rationing already under obama. It is in safety. The police will not be able to protect the citizenry especially when they try to eliminate guns from law abiding citizens. The list goes on and on. The problem is that the country will be in even more serious trouble by the time the drones catch on.

        3. Just show the guts to fulfill citizen requirements defined in our Constitution and Founding documents. We KEEP our Constitutional Republic government and take out the rot. Surely you see that the Jersey Shore stinks from more filth than on the shorelines. Help Christie clean it up. Collar Menendez. Collar Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Trials and sentencing and cancelling all government funding going forward, including retirement, health, insurance. They both blatantly broke their Oath of Office and both did international damage to the USA. OUST!!

    3. Actually, I’d rather have a stupid president with an unshakable stand for the upholding of the constitution and the freedom of the people than someone with a high IQ who uses that intelligence to systematically destroy our great country so he can build up a dictatorship in its place. Unfortunately, Obama does have a brain. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be succeeding in destroying us so thoroughly.

    4. Instead, how about the obligation by our Constitution and founding to have an AMERICAN president? Looks more like the prob is the successfully dumbed down Americans who refuse to fulfill CITIZENS’ responsibilities and prefer tv clickers and football games.

  5. I would be willing to kick in a couple of hundred if he would just go to the UN Realty Office, buy his own country,m and shove off to run it his style.

  6. The truth most liberals fail to recognize is that his socialist policies PROLONGED the GREAT DEPRESSION. The last thing America needs is a socialist second bill of rights. It is funny how many people have no idea of the history of America. This type of thinking being pushed by the union teachers will lead to the end of America as we know it.

    1. The great piece of camel dung has stated that the American Constitution is woefully inadequate. H went onto say our Constitution says what Government can’t do to us but it doesn’t say what Government must do for us! I think he stole the ideas of FDR.

  7. Atlas is shrugging big time. Equality?? The workers and movers vs the incompetent ..equal results??? come on now. Life isn’t fair and at least, for now, we have the freedom to try to better ourselves by our own efforts….oh, I forgot …everyone gets a ribbon or medal for just being.

    1. Life shouldn’t be fair or equal. Just imagine a world like that. Were is the incentive, what would give people creative juices to create and build. I think it would be very dark world.

  8. The foundation of the Constitution is that anyone has the RIGHT to go out and work for those things, not be given them. No healthy person has the right to sit on their butts and be given shelter, food, clothing, a successful business, etc.

    1. Then we need to do away with WELFARE or administer it in a different way! Able bodied people should be made to work to receive benefits….

    1. That is what obamy and his followers want to happen and then turn this country into a dictatorship with obamy as the supreme leader……

  9. When I visited South Africa many years ago they had a thriving economy and the ANC terrorists running around. The White tribe and the Zulu Tribe had a good thing going on with the Bantu their entitlement people. Now they have Bantu coming out of the wood work demanding more and more of something they never deserved. The ANC is now running South Africa into the ground. I look forward to a revolution there very soon. Just one thing the media here will not understand that this is not a black or white issue it is a issue on who produces things and those that just have their hand out.

  10. With that type of thinking, America will join third world nations with their barely adequate and decent lives.
    The American dream, where Americans have the opportunity to work towards upward mobility and prosperous lives, would be totally and completely dead!

    Never surrender, never give in to the Obama way of life!

    1. I wish every free thinking person would stand up and raise their right hand and say the following oath: “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support
      and defend the Constitution of the United States against all
      enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and
      allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the
      President of the United States and the orders of the officers
      appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform
      Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” Oh, and there are times that you can disobey orders that are unlawful and unconstitutional. I know that oath may sound familiar to those that have served in the Military, that’s because it is the same one that each one of took upon enlisting. However, if you were an officer yours was slightly different, but they mean the same thing: YOU ARE SWEARING TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES.

      US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

  11. A second bill of rights requires amending the constitution needs to go through both houses and the states if that all happens we have no complaint but probably will have a civil war.

  12. The bottom line is POWER, regardless of the pronouncements about equality, the ultimate purpose is to place power in the hands of a select few. Right now we have 550+/- people that control the reins of power and look at the job they’ve done. Just imagine an even smaller group, or individual, dictating the course of the entire nation…….with the mental capacity of the sophomoric current president. But, he’s so smart! If he’s so smart how come he hasn’t released his academic records so we can see that we are truly led by a wise man. The reason, he’s an astute politician,no more, no less and politicians don’t have to be intelligent, just smart enough to fool most of the people some of the time.

  13. I believe the American people are not very well educated when it comes to history. They believe in a hand out not a hand up. Myself, I believe if you need a hand you can find it on the end of your arm. They want to be cared for from the cradle to the grave. Today first they have to be lucky to make it to the cradle, and on the other end the grave will come much sooner.

  14. Will honest democrats and republicans start impeachment if this president as well as put him in jail former dee if 4 Americans. He should be jailed for false birth certificate and lying and cheating Americans.

    1. God help us, but I don’t think ANYONE in Wash. Dem or Repub, has the cahones to bring up impeachment charges against the Pres. or any of his cohorts. We The People are the only ones who can do it! We need a brilliant lawyer to step forward and get this thing started !!!


  16. It’s like the “who am I video” and in every instance it comes back to Hitler but I bet it might also be traced back to Marx, lenin, Stalin, Ghandai and othe famous communists.

  17. There is a mindset that no matter how bad it gets, it’s never gonna be Obama’s fault.
    I have even heard it said that the fault goes all the way back to Geo. Washington.
    How in the hell are you going to have a comon sense discussion with people that actually believe that crap.
    They will die believing their savior was somehow undermined and viciously attacked by conservatives instead of actually accepting the constitution that was created by very intelligent men that survived the revolutionary war.
    Thousands of men died to get this country to the point to create the constitution… so let’s keep it. It made us the most powerful country in the world… why are they trying to make us a 3rd world country.

    1. Just can’t fix stupid! They need to be destroyed in the arena of ideas!
      Our founding fathers were brilliant men who put everything on the line in support of the creation of this country.

  18. Here we go again with that ‘it doesn’t matter, IE. what difference does it make’ reasoning or excuse to make communist of us all. Isn’t it just great………. the progressive dream world and everyone else’s nightmare.,

  19. That is straight out of the United Nations document called the “Universal Declaraion of Human Rights” that Truman signed. You can work against that movement by googling “A Call to Congress for a Second Declaration of Independence” and leaving a comment to help rally support to stop these atrocities.

  20. It will happen here. The appetite in Washington is not there to stop it. It will stop when this nation finally turns to either socialism or communism with the President as dictator. I only hope that I am dead before it happens.

  21. If these idiots don’t like our constitution, then they should move to South Africa and bask in the corruption of their government and laws.

      1. The same unborn you wouldn’t give a DAMN about after birth if abortion were illegal.

        Conservatives have PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN that they only care about unborn. After baby is born, S/he and it’s family are on it’s own.

        1. Like the rest of us and your point is…We should all be taken care of as a family? No, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are guarenteed by the Constitution, after that WE are all on our own. We work the best we can and that is all we get. If you want more….GO to a socialist country and they give you what you want at a price…YOUR FREEDOM !

        2. No, not at ALL like the rest of us. Many of us were lucky enough to be born by parents who WANTED children. Forcing drug addled, poverty stricken people to have unwanted babies is just ASKING for tragedy unless WE AS A NATION are willing to spend our tax dollars to fund sufficient foster housing so we can have a place to send millions of abused children. <– I would prefer that route but I know you baggers would throw a fit if you realized how much it would cost and how much of an increase on our taxes it would demand. What's YOUR other solution??

          YES , it is THAT BAD. We live in a nation plagued by a horrific drug epidemic. Meth/Crack/ the hard stuff –I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of abortions came from Women involved with that lifestyle — They realize it's not a world to bring a child into. They realize they are too broken and not cut out to be parents. SOME PEOPLE JUST AREN'T.

      2. There have been DOZENS of abortion clinic shootings in America. WHY on earth hasn’t anyone targeted pro-life activists yet? It’s about damn time. You “people” make me sick.

  22. Bismarck introduced the German health system (substantially unchanged through some radical regime changes) to, in his words, “steal the Socialists’ thunder.” Once that was in place, there was little demand for any of the other demands of the Socialists, and the conservative governing party maintained comfortable majorities in the Reichstag and Reichsrat right to the fall of the Kaiser.

  23. Download Humanist Manifesto 1 & 2 complete and you will see Obama very clear. His mother who was a Secular Humanist who brought him up. He never went to Sunday School and she controled him. He should be tryed for treason for destroying the USA. Think of all the blood and tears that has shed for our freedom.His school records should be exposed durning his trail. NO REAL AMERICAN would do what he is doing to OUR Country.

    1. Hey Cliff, Obama’s mother was a slut who couldn’t bear the thought of raising her own child. She engaged in S&M, publicly exposed herself in S&M Magazines written and published by Frank Marshall Davis. A communist who many believe is Obama’s real father. Anyway, you may be referring to Obama’ grand mother who, along with her commie husband, raised him from the age 10 forward. He was in Indonesia prior to his 10th birthday. Many of us would like to see his school records! And your right, No real American would do what he’s doing. Hanging would be just too good for him!

  24. I want my Bill of Rights as it is now I want my right to create as I wish that makes me happy, where I live how I live and how I help others. I do not need to be told how to “BE” me.

  25. You will notice that FDR’s proposals in several of their cases, as worded, would rely on the ingenuity and work ethic of the individual to produce.

    For better or worse, he called the ability to have work a right- which, in a way, is manifested through right-to-work laws, freelancing, contract, etc.

    I do agree that business should have the right to trade openly and fairly. They also have a responsibility to be fair and honest with their customers, or the marketplace will see to their failure.

    Family farmers should be able to support their farms and their families.

    These things ALL rely on the desire and ability to act on your own. To be yourself and utilize your abilities to the maximum.

    The big difference between FDR and Oblunder & Co.? While Roosevelt still, I think, believed in the ability of the American people, as was being very readily demonstrated during WW II, Oblunder wants to just hand everyone everything and turn the country into pork-barrel addicts.

    FDR’s ideas, while socialist in the strictest sense, and even in a broad sense, could mostly be worked with through a variety of means, private and public, under the current ideology of the left, it would be all government, all control, and no real hope.

  26. When a decent home is guaranteed and a salary is guaranteed that provides enough food, clothing and even recreation with no obligation by the individual, I bet productivity would go WAY down. It is just human nature. Eventually the costs of these guarantees will exceed the output. As they say, socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money.

    1. “When a decent home is guaranteed and a salary is guaranteed that
      provides enough food, clothing and even recreation with no obligation by
      the individual,” then people will be reduced to farm animals!

      1. I feel the Progressives already think of us as farm animals. The feel we are too stupid to select our lightbulbs, too stupid to buy contraceptives, too stupid to select our car’s features, too stupid to enter into contracts, etc. that they have to pass laws making our basic decisions for us. They pretend we are smart enough to vote, but they don’t really believe that.

  27. Oh no – The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an
    atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by
    monopolies at home or abroad.

    Total socialism!

  28. Look at the mess we’re in after four years with a King, instead of working on getting Americans back to work he ignores the mess we’re in with inflation, unemployment, gas prices and jets out to NV to give a 20 minute immigation speech. According to the media everything is coming up roses in America, Obama doesn’t even answer one tough question!

  29. OK everyone since John Kerry was elected Sec of State, that means another seat in the MASS Senate so lets really get behind Scott Brown and this time put an effective voice in Congress to offset Sen (Indian Heritage) Warren

      1. I’m beginning to think that “American” belongs on the endangered species list. It seems that the values formally considered “American” are now unappreciated at best, denigrated at worst. The current group of politicians and media seem to all be pushing in the same direction.

        1. If America would have truly been dignified and JUST , it would have survived. America has been wrong so much in the past that it’s only natural for a country like this to die out.

        2. That America’s death is long overdue? That America has too much blood on it’s hands and too evil of a past to deserve to go on?

          I believe I made myself clear in the first message. I just had to SPELL IT OUT for a moron like you .

        3. No, you didn’t make yourself clear just as this response does not make your specifics clear at all. What is clear is that you are a fairly hateful, intolerant person. This is typical. An honest question gets a personal attack. I’d say it’s been fun, but you’re not worth the lie.

        4. Ah, if he only had a brain!

          He’s a TROLL posting here under a number of Alias’s.
          He’s an American Hating, racist, (black?) jerk-off, While he lies in his bed in his parent’s basement staring up at his faded Obama poster, he engages in mental masturbation without ever achieving climax :)
          He always starts off immediately with an insult. Sick little pansy boy!

        5. I believe he may be referring to his “BLACKNESS”!
          Can’t you just feel the racist rage running through his mindless, hateful diatribes? He’s not fit to breath our air.

        6. I don’t know what is running through his brain because he is “mindless.” He says something that can be interpreted several different ways and then is incapable of explaining himself. I don’t mind disagreement. I don’t like self-chosen stupidity.

        7. He’s just trolling looking to yank peoples chains. I generally, like to point them out and then engage in a verbal assault against them. Sometimes, I’ll get around to formally filing a few complaints since they are obviously in violation of board rules.They soon get tired and move on! I’m sure you’ve also notice that he/she doesn’t directly respond to the topic being discussed. Typical liberal troll tactics. Oh, and usually the first thing they do is start with the mindless insults. They also will cut and past left-wing garbage and attempt to suck you in in order to get you to waste your time disproving their mindless, hateful dribble.

        8. I think that’s darned accurate. I try to point out the obvious fact of what they’re doing, fire one over their bow, and end it. This creature’s approach of making it personal is fairly clumsy, and it really isn’t smart enough to do much.

        9. See, not once did I refer to my race. You just ASSUME I’m black. You are such a pig dude. you really are a blubbering fool. I’m white FYI. And you are a racist SACK of SHT just like half of the bloggers on this blog.

        10. I’m speaking metaphorically of course. The America I’m talking about has already died out. Last few elections have begun to demonstrate this.

        11. No we just have a problem with an infestation of TROLLS like this clown John Dunmar who has been using numerous aliases to spew his usual hate filled rants against America, Americans, Conservatives, etc.

    1. LMAO!!! … Just like you rose up last year like you swore would happen for the last few years? You are such a cosmic joke of a human being.

  30. As Americans, we must stand against the root of the problem, the United Nations, and denounce its charters, constitutions, treaties and agreements where the democratic voting process is represented by those who are tutored, then appointed into those positions of power. The seeds of despotism have already been sewn into the fabric of this great nation (via: Agenda 21 / Regionalism / Free Trade), and as Americans, it is our duty to take a stand for the future generations of this country and to begin throwing off the yokes of despotism and to begin protecting our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights of which together protects our nation, its states and the American people from the grips of traitors and oppressors, foreign and domestic. Continue reading by Googling: A Call to Congress for a Second Declaration of Independence

  31. Carl jr, your beloved FDR knew about Pearl Harbour before it happened and used that to end the depression by starting WWII. He knew it was a quick route to declaring war and by the way 405,000 + died and another 670,000 + were wounded, evedently that must have seemed a small price to pay, or was it oh great and powerful FDR. Your buddy Obama is just as bad, only it will be citizens lost right here in America because of the Revolution he is trying to start.

    1. You’re right about that, NB. He knew at least 6 months before Pearl Harbor that the Japanese were going to attack but refused to do anything about it.

  32. Here’s the killer folks, especially for men: Next comes to two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to witness against u.s. for 3 1/2 years to punish u.s. for turning to MARXISM, the ONLY sin that NEVER CAN BE FORGIVEN either in this world or the next! Men get equally punished with the women alone that put over u.s. the only human ever predicted in Scripture to be put over u.s. Deuteronomy 17:15 calls him the “forbidden foreigner” and Revelation, chapter 11 calls him the Anti-Christ(Marxist) put over u.s. I read this to be so that the two-witnesses can not harm our President while severely punishing u.s. However, 3 1/2 days after “Anti-Christ” Obama is allowed to have them killed, they come back to live & this age of man ends! Watch, but only if you are still alive!

  33. Wouldn’t it be grand if obama was just a figment of our imagination? That we had a real American in the white house and not some imposter who is anti God, anti America, anti Whites, anti our Constitution, anti Military, anti Christians.

    Those that voted this anti God and America hating scum in has created a monster from hell.

  34. So, why don’t we get back to the other national issues being swept under the rug with B-O’s diversion techniques about the deadly failings and covert operations of the Fast and Furious Killings along with the Bengazzi murders ????

    Forget his “christening” of 14 million illegal aliens stealing jobs from American citizens, they won’t be there for him this go round in the next election cycle to hand him on a silver platter 71% of his total votes being hispanic. His show is over.

    Time to prosecute Eric Holder, Timothy Geither, Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton for the thoughtful and willing participation of their murderous actions.

    Don’t be swayed by the Diversions !!! These people are LITERALLY getting away with murder.

  35. We already have fair opportunity! All people have to do is get off their a_s and WORK! A 4 letter word that the younger , uninformed population do not seem to want to do. They feel entitled to just about everything nowadays! They have too much, parents buy them cars (mine wouldn’t even let me use theirs to get my drivers license!) . I had to buy my own car. They run around with Iphones, kendalls, droids and do not study, do drugs (which I think they ought to outlaw weed also) If people have pain- let them take a pill! Getting high is one reason for gun violence and not checking for mental disorder is the other! bo , however, is taking all of our opportunity to find work by letting in all these illegals. Just because someone came here illegally 10 years ago- YOU ARE STILL ILLEGAL!!!! Other countries do not put up with that! Read Mexico’s laws! People need to get God, decent morals/principles and respect each other, learn how to love and forgive and mind their own business , learn how to be HONEST into practice and things would be alot better. Kill the taxes, lower politicians wages, their private healthcare and let them collect SS after they retire like we do and that would take the attractiveness out of being a government official. Our laws need to be harsher also! I mean the laws for pedophilia, murder, rape and theft. Death penalty should be in effect for murder-no supporting these people for 20 years on death row, do not let them out of jail after 5 years with a slap on the hand. Pedophiles should be castrated so they ‘can’t get it up’ or better yet remove the genitalia and put them on a bag. To ‘think’ of a poor child having a grown size male in them is disgusting and makes me sick sick sick! Nothing will change I am afraid, but now that I have vented I feel much better. As for me, I will continue to worship God and his son Jesus and tell as many people as I can about the coming Kingdom and Gods’ willingness that everyone comes to know Him. His government will be the only one that will stand forever!

  36. He is just following his ‘ Communist ‘ agenda ‘ ; and there are still too many sheep ; who are blindly following their leader ; to their demise .

  37. If there’s going to be a “zombie apocalypse” I’ve been practicing on my head shots; and if I do say so my self I seldom miss. I’ve exploded many a “zombies brains” just hope they try to get into my home…their dead bodies will be piling up out side my door, just as a warning to the other “zombies” out there that are thinking of trying to turn me or my family into “zombies” too!

    1. If the man ever wanted anything in your smelly home, They wouldn’t come to your front door. They would wait till you leave your house, nitwit.

  38. When Glenn Beck was on the air on Fox News, he said that Cass Sunstein was the most dangerous man in America. The good thing about what FDR wanting this was we were in a war & he eventually died before he could do this.


    1. It’s in the Constitution already…We The People have the right to abolish the gov’t and replace it with a gov’t that will protect our security and that of the country. Read it,

  40. If he wants a South African constitution, let him live in South Africa where they murder whites, and ruin farms. He can starve with the rest of the idiots. He is welcome to leave if he does not like this country. I do not see why he wants to stay under our constitution, when it is easy to move where the constitution is more to his liking. Stop trying to change us, and make the change of location.

    1. little conservative nitwits are still upset over getting their arses handed to them in November I see..

      LOL you are so fun to watch unravel

      Conservatism is DOOMED in America.

      1. Go check the mail for your food stamps and make a call to your liberal friends with your free cell phone they won’t be working so that won’t be an issue.

        1. Oh you’re so funny…Everyone who votes or thinks against you is on food stamps…Jeez, don’t you clowns come up with a new line of insults?

        2. Hey VET, you attempting to converse with a brainless Obama Zombie. He’s a TROLL! Racist one at that! He’s using several alias as well.

          He probably earns a living breaking into mailboxes and stealing other peoples stuff. Once a taker, always a taker I guess! :)

    1. When obummer referred to 57 states, I believe he was actually referring to the 57 Islamic states. They claimed he was exhausted and had just misspoke. Don’t think so. When he’s off the teleprompter we often get a glimpse into his black Arab Muslim, Racist soul!

  41. We have finally progressed to the point where the majority of Americans can and have traded their freedom and security for a debit card and a phone. Really Sad!

  42. If this radical african gets his way and makes fully fledged American citizens out of 11 or 12 million illegal aliens – he will quite probably get his way since 90% of them will vote commicrat comrades.

    1. Seems like you don’t like the population makeup of this country? Perhaps you should GTFO and not let the door hit you in the arse? Take all your evil conservative brethren with you–you are no longer wanted. You will never get any respect in America and you will NEVER again get your way politically. You might as well start a new country somewhere.

  43. Obummer is far, far ahead of Adolph Hitler at this stage of the game. People better wake up to the fact that he wants to be a dictator and is doing everything possible to achieve that means.

    1. You measely conservatives and your Hitler comparisons are the epitome of insanity. You insult generations of Jews who had to deal with REAL adversity.

      1. And you unemployed, unknowing liberals, who want nothing but a handout and a means to take from others, are the epitome of a socialist mentality that will be the first to cry “foul” when Obummer takes you down the drain with the rest of the country. Wake up and realize that he is much, much worse than Hitler ever hoped to be. Obummer is trying to copy the methodology of Hitler but accomplish is goals in a much, much shorter time. It’s time for the American people to realize this and do something about it.

        1. “unemployed” …Everyone who voted against you is unemployed and on food stamps…Until you actually look at the REAL statistics. Can’t believe you clowns buy these lies.

        2. He also seems to miss the fact that History doesn’t occur all at once, it unfolds! Ask any German who originally voted for Dunmar’s Uncle Adolph as to their impression of him upon his being elected and what their impression of him was towards the close of the war after history unfolded and the body count was taken.

  44. This is Rand Paul’s rhetoric nothing factual as Obama has never expressed what Paul said and Paul has no mind reading abilities so only fools would believe any of it

  45. Will Congress impeach this socialist/communist/marxist/muslim/terrorist usurper of the Constitution. He’s already proven he gives jack shi# about this Country or its Citizens. He’s sided with this Country’s enemies (giving Egypy fighter jets and tanks), supported the Libyan revolution with ended in four Americans being killed and a coverup which followed. He doesn’t deserve to hold the office he does.

  46. Neither Obama or any member of congress has the authority under this constitution to amend it on their own and they know it. He is attempting therough amnesty to garner 11 million illegals votes by making a pass of his Messianic magic wand to achieve a blanket Amnesty and he has NOT the consent of the governed to do it. All the rest of these congressjerks are answerable to the American citizen majority. No manner of rigged election will save them from retribution if they oppress the American citizern body politic at large who have been terribly abused by this Marxist oriented gov ernment and KNOW IT!2014 is not that far away.

  47. Obama’s agenda to to destroly the United States. The method is dictated to him by his puppet masters, you know the few weathiest families in the world who seek to add world domination under their personal control. Check history since 1900, the actual cause of the Great Depression, the advancement of the Trilateral, the Alluminade, the Bilderbergs. o somke research. It really ain’t rocket science.

  48. If the Pres. wants a second bill of rights, tell him to go to Russia, Cuba, Venezuela etc., I’m sure he can convince them. Not in my America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence are fine with me!!!!! God Bless America!

  49. this is state sanctioned slavery . is basically says if you don`t work in our mines or on our farms you don`t eat. this is the pureist forms of Communism, once they go there, there is no going back. The only people that will be free are the elitist. party leaders.No thank you. time to Impeach they are not fulfilling their Oaths of office.

  50. By all means you leftist tin horn tyrant, initiate the Constitutional amendment process and lets see how far that gets! Stupid socialist thug!

  51. The right to impeach any president who demands socialism, communism, marxism, fascism, islamofascism on the American People! That is already there. Let’s see. The right to impeach any president who abets America’s enemy. That’s already there. Let’s see. Guess the Constitution and Bill of Rights pretty well sums it up for me on how our government system should be operated and the rights of The People. Sorry, Obama, you lose. If the president wants South African ideology, he should go live there. This country is designd to be a bright star not a withering two cent country that can’t sell a loaf of bread without the dictator getting his 99% of profit.

  52. How about getting the government we have follow the constitution that we know works.. thats why they wont to destroy it because its doing what its supposed to do.. protect the right of the people and states from a tyrantical fedcoats..

  53. Now I know why my wise Mom and Dad so despised the ‘great president Roosevelt’. Mom used to get so ticked off when everyone else was singing his praises. There are so many bills and proposals he crammed down our throats with his socialistic tactics that still affect our every day lives. A very cunning man and a more cunning politician than even our current excuse of a man in the white house. I’ve said it before that it gets harder and harder to look my grandkids in the eye knowing that they will face a future filled with debt and a country lacking in moral guidance and conscience, a future we of this generation let happen.

  54. IMPEACH OBAMA ! NOW.! He is the SNAKE.! The Snake is punished for its role in their fall by being made to crawl on its belly in the dust, from where it continues to bite the heel of man.

  55. I’m afraid that Justice Ginsberg has gone ’round the bend !!……..And I believe that the dirty secret of what caused the housing market to collapse was the attempt to give home ownership to folks who never had a snowball’s chance in hell of paying on a mortgage, because “it was only fair”, has finally come out, though not putting responsibility on Dodd / Frank. Any of us who lost money on the crash of the stock market that followed should be mad as hell about that, but now the socialists (yes, Barack Hussein Obama, or Barry Soetoro, which is his real name, as father Obama never married his mother Stanley, is a socialist) want to do it again. The reason that the banks got bailed out is because they were forced by the government to approve these crazy loans.

  56. What about all them coal miners that no loner have a job because of your communist prez! Alot of good old union members laidoff because of this commie prez and all you people who believe in global warming.

  57. when is all the talk about this muslim president going stop and our congress start to act, it is crap that he has not been impeached yet- talk is cheap get the S.O.B–CH out now. i mike say this not my wife

  58. “The people of SA are becoming more equal, equally poor.”

    And the Rethuglicons are doing EVERYTHING they can to see that we match that.

    As to all the idiots who constantly display their ignorance/stupidity calling the corporatist Obama a Socialist, I got news for ya:

    He hasn’t broken up the “too-big-to-fail” banks; they’ve only gotten bigger and MORE likely to fail. That’s not what liberals wanted. A REAL Marxist would’ve tried to change that. Has Obama?

    He spent most of 2011 and all of 2012 conceding the Republicon premise that the government needed cutting. A REAL Marxist would not have said that. Obama did.

    The Dow was at 7949 when he took office. Now it’s pushing 14,000 now. Corporate profits are at an all-time high. If he’s a Socialist.Marxist,Communist/WTFEist… he REALLY sucks at it.

    Obama is NOT a brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You’re thinking of Jesus.

    And since ol’ Gary opened the door with the Hitler comparison, Obama has talked somewhat and acted a little in support of unions. In fact, back in 2007, then-Sen. Barack Obama said that if he were president, he’d be walking the picket lines in solidarity with workers if unions were ever threatened. Not that he acted on any of the myriad opportunities to keep that promise.

    On the other hand, Hitler said, “We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their right to strike.” This is the EXACT same thing that the Rethuglicons are working toward. Just sayin’…

  59. You know all that I have to do is take one look at South Africa and know which I like better and it is the good old USA. But some people are so dim witted they could not lick their way out of a paper bag.

  60. He ignores the first bill of rights, why would he want a second bill of rights? answer. to do away with the first bill of rights. His is straight socialism, not rights but equal outcome which will never work without total government control and then you have neither rights or freedom. Liberal socialist hate individual responsibility like working for yourself to provide for yourself and your family because you are not depending on their god, the government. This is where they want us all and have about half now. People who refuse to think or provide for themselves. ” They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty or safety.” — Benjamin Franklin. . Quite scary to see how they are “progressing” in America.and how many fall for this smooth talk, deceit, distortions, and these lies.

  61. Do not kid yourselves what Obama wants is Marxism! He has hundreds of Marxist in his administration with the professors and political hangers-on. There is a website: which names many of those in Obama’s administration and details their Marxist backgrounds. This site has been up for years and in 2007-8 it was mocked by Obama and Axelrod but check it out and see how many have been in the administration and how much damage they have done. Sadly, the damage to come will be even worse than the damage done.

  62. In Obama’s own words: ” The Constitution is nothing more than a charter of negative liberties “.. The question is, negative to whom, Obama?
    Obama hates our Constitution, that’s why he writes his (illegal/unconstitutional ) Executive Orders, or as he calls them lately ” Actions “. Obama and all the liberal/Democommies wants you to think that the Constitution is out dated and not meant for the times we are living now.
    They could be no further from the truth. More than anytime in our nations history do WE THE PEOPLE need the Constitution of the United States. Look around at what is going on, we are having our religious rights assaulted, Obama and the Democommies wants to ban our guns.
    What do you have when you remove religion and the right to defend yourself and your family? The making of NAZI Germany complete with a dictator that promises to take care of you.

  63. How about having a LEGAL president and not a foreign-born fraud ? How about one that tells the TRUTH ? One that represents ALL the people not just Blacks, Gays, and illegals ?
    One that is NOT a flaming MARXIST ? One that loves our Country and wants to make it stronger, rather than weaker ? We are being screwed by this phony !

  64. Those that did not learn about The Great Destroyer, or the corruption he set up, are seeing that and more just in the last six years — no budgetary constraint because the ‘congress’ cannot seem to get it up, passing laws they do not read etc. these ‘honorable’ ‘representatives.’

    So, to thank Barako Bomber — for giving us a rerun of all the garbage from the 18th century to FDR. What is a benefit, if the travel is true to form, after the war soon to follow, which we can expect from the Fascist formula, we can rebuild and restore an economy and the Republic; even now, with this current illegitimate regime, not yet bested elsewhere in the world.


  66. If people would remember the UGO from the former USSR, the quality that vehicle was the result of everyone must have a job. When people work without incentive to get better they become alcoholic, and quality is the last thing on their mind.

  67. You know my friends I don’t care what Obama wants! Because he does not care what I want. I just want him and all Progressives gone ASAP!

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