Boy Has Civil Right to Get Naked in Front of Girls, Feds Rule

The people who work at the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights must be insane, on drugs or both. How else to explain their ruling that a teenage boy in the Township High School District 211 in Palatine, Illinois, has a right to undress in front of teenage girls in the girls’ locker room? The […]

Joe Biden Says ‘Abortion is Always Wrong’ But He Supports It Anyway

When then candidate Obama chose Joe Biden as his VP, the topic of abortion came up. Biden is Roman Catholic, and if there is a consistent voice of opinion in the Church it’s that abortion is a grave moral wrong. Biden has taken what he describes as a “middle-of-the-road position”: “I remember vividly the first […]

The Debate Over the PATRIOT Act Boils Over into June!

June begins with a bang as we witness the death of the sun setting provisions in the PATRIOT Act that have allowed the NSA to surreptitiously hoover up all of our digital information for the last decade +. However, June also opens up with the probable passage of the USA Freedom Act, which some say […]