Pro-Gun Virtual State of the Union Address

Last month, President Barack Obama stood before the joint chambers of Congress, the Cabinet and the people of the United States and lied to our faces.  Additionally, he spoke of his sweeping gun control measures that violate every aspect of the Second Amendment.  Virtually everything Obama said was a flat out lie, shifting blame, or a peek at his socialistic plans to destroy America.

In the wake of the State of the Union Address, there has been a lot written and a lot said from both sides.  The liberal mainstream media hailed Obama’s speech much like the Germans did with Adolf Hitler.  They didn’t realize what they were getting either.

Some of the conservative responses were good and others were not so good.  However, THE BEST response I’ve heard yet comes from Bill Whittle.  Whittle is best known for his PJ Media videos and co-hosting Trifecta with Stephen Green and Scott Ott.  He is also a conservative blogger, political commentator, author, screenwriter, director, editor and pilot.

In a parody of Obama’s State of the Union Address, Whittle did his own Virtual State of the Union Address, playing the role of the virtual president.  Listen to what he says.  Parody or not, I would be very tempted to vote for him for president right now, especially considering the alternatives we have.

I hope you appreciated his words and will pass them on to everyone you know.  We need someone with sound conservative ideology who honors and respects the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  If only we could find a politician of this quality.

5 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Virtual State of the Union Address

  1. The video should have gone a little further. At the end of the speech, it should have all of Congress sitting on their hands and refusing to applaud, in total disagreement with the virtual president. In reality, that is exactly what they are doing by allowing any gun control law to be passed.

  2. Truth is positive and cannot be denied. In Bill Whittle’s own virtual state of union address playing the roll of the virtual president vidio, note when camera is projected out into audience of polititions their reaction of guilt of not following the Constitution reflects their guilt of disobeying their oath of law. Truth cannot be denied!

  3. Wittle you really let them have it :) …thanks for that, it was so overdue, but will it help?!. You run for President and you have my Vote!
    I liked how the cameraman zoomed in on Holder, that was priceless!

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