Reclaim the Language: Taxation is Theft

The first thing any good debater learns is that the debate is never with the guy on the stage. The debate is always with the audience. Os Guinness makes a very astute observation in his book The Gravedigger File. It’s the 10-10-80 principle. In most social movements, there are worldview spokespeople on both ends of the political spectrum. They each make up ten percent of the aggregate. The real battle is over the other 80 percent. The goal is to move some of the 80 percent to one side or the other.

Politically we know that at a good percentage of the 80 percent have been bought off with stolen money. But there’s still a large enough group that can make a difference in elections. We’re talking about a three- to five-percent swing. That’s the group we need to address.

Economics is not difficult. Most people can understand how it works if simple analogies are used. Reclaiming the language is the first step.

Technically governments don’t have any money. They can either tax people to get money or print it. If the government prints money, it is involved in theft since inflation (increasing the money supply) dilutes the buying power of existing dollars. It’s economic alchemy, turning stones into bread, paper into money. Governments can do it because they’ve given themselves the power to do it, and there are enough people who are complicit in this form of theft. They are accomplices since they vote for people who promise to tax the “other guy” and print more money to “stimulate the economy.”

Another way the State gets money is by taking it from people. This is called taxation. Taxation involves force. If you don’t pay up, you will be fined, have your assets levied, or imprisoned.

If taxation means taking someone’s property and giving it to other people, how is this not a moral issue? The Eighth Commandment is quite clear: “You shall not steal” (Ex. 20:15). There is no “except by majority vote.” Here’s the truth of it. Deep down, this is what most politicians believe and those who put them into office (my words):

“We have the right to levy a tax at a certain percentage rate, up or down, on this amount or that amount because more than 50 percent of the people put us in office, therefore we can take 1 percent or 100 percent. The fact that we exempt a certain amount of income is proof of this fact. An exemption is what we allow you to keep.”

If it’s wrong for you and me to steal from our neighbors and the companies we work for, please explain how it’s right to steal from our neighbors and the companies we work for when we elect people to do it?

“I’ll say this plainly, I’ve said it before Taxation is theft. It presumes the government has a higher claim on our property than we do,” says Judge Andrew Napolitano.

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  1. I agree with you and Judge Napolitano, and for most of my life have been saying that taxation is theft….but nothing has or will ever change.

    We can make all the noise we want and even change the vocabulary but ain’t nothin going to happen no way, no how. The US government is addicted to our money and nothing apart from a revolution will change that. The best we can do, IMO, is hire representatives who will dig in their heels and keep the left from raising the rate and stealing more.

    1. Well done sceeminmeeme. Words are essential, words all have meanings and the amount of words used to dictate anything are key. The devil uses many words to confuse and distract then deceive. I too have always said that taxing is theft and it is. The mindset that it is “patriotic” to pay taxes is proof too many people are brainwashed or under the influence of brain manipulation. The FACT is: THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT MAKE MONEY IT TAKES MONEY. Period. Tax was created to enhance “we the peoples” lives by way of infrastructure and protection. Why is it considered fair to tax the “rich” more just because they have it? Did the “rich” create the debt? Did the “rich” create the deficit? Did the “rich” give billions & trillions to our enemies? Did the “rich” create the 2007 crisis? Complete and utter lunacy is what it is. It is solving NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a fiscal cliff deal to raise ( punish ) the “rich” 400K or more, another 5% and brain dead people think this is a solution. It is laughable hypocrisy. BO gave all the federal employees a raise. Pretty much cuts out any extra income right there. So our dear representatives voted to increase tax’s on “rich” people so they could earn a cost of living raise????????? So insulting, I hope l all the “rich” people don’t pay! They have a hell of a nerve giving out raises on our dime. Friggin sick of this BS. My salary is going DOWN. Cost of living is going UP. So WE have to pay MORE so THEY can eat better then us? Folks better wake the hell up. I hope they all choke on their BS.

      1. There are millions of us that feel the same way my friend, and civil disobedience/ revolution is the only way to stop these basterds! It just seems that as a majority group that noone wants to throw the first blow from our side, fearing that we won’t be backed up by the rest of us (if that makes sense to you). All corporations, companies & employees need to stop paying taxes until we can get rid of these thieves in our govt. Wouldn’t take much to rid ourselves of the enemy except that when you have mob mentality, you’ve got alot of those you have to weed out too! No matter, something is going to happen because all this taxation & inflation is designed to create a huge distress on us to make people give up & give in! I’m not giving in to these Godless basterds!

        1. Me neither Ray! God Bless us & our once great country. We are living in a pool of lies lies lies. According to AP this a.m. things are fabulous! We got a fiscal cliff diversion deal so the rich will take care of all our debt, the housing market is kicking a$$, construction is just all over the place and Americans are cutting debt. So why are we still in an economic slug pool they ask? They are so demented it makes me want to scream!! FYI people: The housing market SUCKSSSSSSSS, there is only million dollar house’s being built and very few of them – NOT even making a dent in the pockets of those many many many who need construction work, and even the rich building being done is picking the LOWEST bidder for the work. The reason Americans are cutting debt is because NO ONE CAN AFFORD TO BUY ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Commie friggin liars they are. F- U, AP and all your lib dementia readers!

        1. Awesome link Richard. Really well done and you definitely did your home work, Bravo! I am on the same page as the link and I’m a Realtor. This needs more exposure, I shall give it some for you. – “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there would be a shortage of sand” – Milton said that too. Great to meet ya Richard! Thanks again, dshevlin :)

    2. The first, next, best step to fix the nation is to repeal ALL laws about EVERYTHING. ALL previous laws are void except the Constitution and Bill of Rights themselves. ALL else gets RENEGOTIATED. It CANNOT be worse morally than it already is. You cannot go deeper into the sewer. We cannot breathe already because it’s over our heads. And, I mean ALL the laws nationally. Now, that does not mean they cannot simple reinstate all those idiot laws. But, they’d be forced to at least take that step. The worriers will all want an immediate reinstatement sight-unseen of all laws. But, I hold that there are worsse things than a temporary bit of anarchy. Actually, I think even the left would get behind (they like that position) this sort of proposal. WHY do “lawmakers” feel they MUST pass these idiot laws upon the rest of us. I hope ALL their families give them a living H-ll over it. They should have to live like the rest of us.

      1. we could easily (and well) do without almost every Federal level law. State and locval government, far closer to the people, can manage just fine. It would have off with the bigget and ugliest head of the beast….. the money hole that Washington DC have become. They must be stupider than they think we are, to believe we LIKE being forced to support a bloated, inefficient, corrupt national government meddling with every detail of our lives… the toilets and lightbulbs and lawnmowers and bank accounts and…….. Stop it all and start over…. NO reinstating the laws tossed. Next, dismantle most of the FedGov alphabet soup agencies…. you know, like the EPA, Ed, Ag, FDA, DHS, DOT, NTHSA, ICC, DEA, restrict FBI to ONLY domestic issues, and CIA to ONLY international, end ALL the “czar” positions and offices, end the Unconstitutional FED, NOAA (put Weather service back under the Coast Guard, and NO MORE “climate change” nonsense, ever). Return ALL State guard units to their respective states. (they never were “national” guard….)

      2. I agree. Let’s have a big bonfire on the Washington Mall of all the paper in D.C. and empty the computers, and start over with our founding documents.

      3. The Constitution gives the federal government the right to tax in the 16th Amendment “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from
        whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States,
        and without regard to any census or enumeration.” And if you want to repeal all the Amendments then there goes the right to free speech and the right to bear arms. Excessive taxation is the problem and the unfair way it is implemented. Give the government no income then you have no government. And America will be as it was in the book of Judges, Every man did that which was right in his own eyes. And that didn’t work out all that well!

    3. The biggest “tax” is yet to be realized. With the Fed printing money as fast as it can, the inflation that comes with it will be astronomical. Inflation is government theft too.

    4. … it won’t change because unlike our forefathers, these sheeple have no fortitude to to what is required to stop this blatant tyranny and that is to REVOLT!

      1. does anyone know or even care to check, but not all that many yrs ago, our country had NO TAXES, none, zip and we were t5he most prosperist country in the world

        1. Even if philosophically, I agree with you, I must correct this. We had no *income* taxes. We certainly had taxes in the form of sales taxes, property taxes, corporate taxes, etc. The idea of a government without taxes is an absurdity.

    5. WEll done , friend. Let’s take a moment and recall the words of Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce: “The TRUTH doesn’t take that many words”

  2. George Washington and the founding fathers SUPPORTED taxation, with representation. Indeed Washington quashed the whiskey rebellion for this exact reason. The entire reason the articles of confederation were replaced by the Constitution of the United States of America was in large part in order TO GIVE the federal government the ability to levy taxes. This is a fact. If you disagree with the basic founding beliefs of our government that is OK, but you are always appealing to the traditional American way, the constitution and the founding fathers as the ideal guiding authority, and yet you directly contradict it here.

    1. They supported “lawful” taxes – the only way the “income” tax is lawful is if it is levied on “income” – which is clearly detailed in the code. Most Americans ARE NOT LIABLE TO THE “FEDERAL INCOME” TAX AND OWE NOTHING TO THE “INTERNAL” REVENUE SERVICE.
      If you choose to tell them that you DO have “taxable income” that’s your problem.

      1. The 16th Amendment ratified by Congress and 2/3 states in 1913 states: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from WHATEVER source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” (emphasis added)

        Thus, Americans became the FIRST people in the history of the world to voluntarily allow themselves to be taxes. Unfortunately, we did not place a limit. Congress could pass a 100% tax on all income. Boy, that would stimulate the economy!!!

        Therefore, taxes are NOT voluntary. We gave up that privilege. We would have to repeal the Constitutional amendment like we did with prohibition.

        1. Again, for the learning impaired – “income” is SPECIFICALLY DEFINED and most Americans do not have “income” as defined.
          Try reading Brushaber!

        2. Your reliance on Brushaber is misplaced and misguided. The Sup. Ct. Did not set a definition of “income” in that case as you argue. The court did not define income for purposes of taxation. Just the opposite. It affirmed previous decisions that had stated:

          Congress has “plenary” powers to tax income.

          “all-embracing taxing authority possessed by Congress, including necessarily therein the power to impose income taxes…”

          “That the authority conferred upon Congress by § 8 of Article I “to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises” is exhaustive and embraces every conceivable power of taxation has never been questioned….”

          The Court held: “The Sixteenth Amendment does not purport to confer power to levy income taxes in a generic sense, as that authority was already possessed, or to limit and distinguish between one kind of income tax and another, but its purpose is to relieve all income taxes when imposed from apportionment from consideration of the source whence the income is derived.”

          You are uninformed and are “learning impaired”.

    2. The Constitution allowed apportoined taxation. In their understanding of “fairness” that means if $310,000,000 is needed for a legitimate function of federal power then each person in the US would pay 1 dollar not, some will pay $1000 and some will get cash back from the government. Big difference. When everyone has to pay to fund the government then everyone cares what the government costs. You seem to forget, in your devotion to the Constitution, that it also includes severe limits on the role of the federal government.

      1. You are wrong on the point about the founding fathers believing that fairness meant everyone should chip in the same dollar value (or even the same percentage of their income/wealth). Jefferson, the most anti-federalist of the founding fathers, discussed a progressive taxation where the poor would pay none and you would have an increasing rate with income

  3. When language is corrupted, we lose.

    We have been losing on the “rich” paying their FAIR share when FAIR has never been defined. We have lost on tax cuts, called by racists to be code, and we have a compliant media that accepts the Pee-C BS as if it is gospel, because the low information voters don’t see or understand.

      1. Of course you are correct. However, when may I ask has it ever been possible to get that many people to take part in any action outside except maybe war? Ever? No, absolutely no! Therefore, get back to reality.

        All taxation is thievery, so is printing money for the reason given. However, government has increased its power to a point that this is no longer a Republic. We the people are no longer in control of our government it is controlling us. It will surely get much worse before it gets better under this administration. Our founding fathers warned us about what is happening but Americans fell asleep and we are still sleeping. Oh, of course not all just enough to control everything and destroy everything that made this nation great. Consequently, there are two options left. Accept it and forget about it or fight it and at least attempt to get this once great country back on track. I vote to fight!!! Not in a war unless that becomes necessary but accepting what is going on can only make things worse. Believe me worse is possible, that’s Obama’s goal. Who among us is willing to accept that? One final question for everyone. Although Obama claims to be a citizen, he does not deny he has lived in other countries, right? Of course not. Now is any of those nations truly solvent? Again a resounding NO. So who really thinks he has the ability to lead this country back to solvently. That no just keeps repeating itself.

  4. While I agree that under the current state of affairs, the tax burden is onerous and because of that unfair, I can’t agree that taxation, in and of itself is theft. We expect and need certain shared services, an army, a police force etc. The key is that taxation is voluntary and agreed upon by our elected representatives. In 1776, our collective cry was no No Taxation, it was No Taxation without Representation. Well, we have elected representation, but we still can’t agree. The problem is more with the fact that the public is split on this issue than with the concept of taxation itself. IMHO!

    1. Read the Constitution, and determine the VERY FEW specifically named areas of function of the Federal Government. Policing is NOT in there. That is for the local and state level. Nor are a pile of other things FedGov have taken upon themselves..and WE have allowed them. IF FedGov were to limit their activities to ONLY those fourteen or so enumerated areas of responsibility taxes at the Federal level would be almost nonexistent. No wonder these clowns are trying to convince us the COnstitution is “old and out of date”. As long as that is still around and even considered, their hands are, at least in theory, somewhat tied. Now, what would be REALLY fine is if we could somehow manage to MAKE THEM uphold that document.

        1. In China they EXECUTE corrupt politicians. Remember their equivalent of Commerce Secretary that allowed lead paint on children’s toys? Executed!
          We would need electric bleachers…

  5. Everything wrong with the country goes back to the IRS nut under the shell game. How can ANYTHING be FAIR when it takes a degree and six lawyers to file your taxes.

  6. As the new year rings in – Obama [Obamawonkenobe – who knows what’s best and fair for all – the great “compromiser”] continues to “move forward” with his reign of economic tyranny and class warfare upon American citizens who are now incrementally being made to live “in the shadow” of immigration reform and accomodation to illegal immigration amnesty – while We The People are trying to eek out a living of less prosperity, less personal freedom, and less liberties under forced government control and dependency…

  7. The US Government is the biggest whorehouse in the world————————–they screw taxpayers every day of the week!!!

    1. And the biggest whorehouse madame is Obama. He has wasted more money in four years than the last two Presidents. On top of that he is the supreme racist. Now that in itself is AMAZING seeing that his whore mother was White. The people that voted for this Muslim communist should be totally ashamed.

  8. Great so we have yet another complaint and no way to resolve it
    It takes action people and organization otherwise we become a bunch if whiners

    1. Amendment 28: “The sixteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed in its entirety.”
      Amendment 29: “The seventeenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed in its entirety.”
      Amendment 30: “No person shall be elected to the office of Representative or appointed as Senator more than twice, for each office. No person who has held said offices or acted in said offices, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected, shall be elected or appointed more than once. This Article shall not prevent any person who may be holding said office during the term within which the Article becomes operative from completing the remainder of such term. Pass it on to every Tea Party and Conservative group. Start petitions with your state government. We need 38 states and 2/3 congress to pass.

  9. I know its terrible. The Gov. has been stealing money from me to pay for those donut eatting cops, gorme cooking firefighters who have nothing better to do but detail fire engines all day long. How about those drunken soldiers and marines in Iraq,why should we pay for their booz. Its stealing. Not to mention my neighbor of 20 years who is getting food stmaps because his job went to China. Why should I have to buy him bread so he can feed his family. He should go and buy a farm ot someting. Why should I have to pay for all of this just because I have a job. Its called free(of taxes) dom, maening free of cost to the dom, meaning us who have jobs.

  10. Actually, the Constitution does not give the Federal Government the right to just print money. The Constitution gives it the power to “coin money”. Which is to say produce coins from metals to standardize the weight and guarantee the purity of the metal so that its value can be recognized and made uniform. It can declare its value, which is to say that it can define a “dollar” as being this particular weight of metal of this purity. I don’t really see that happening in this country. I see a group of banks [i.e., the Federal Reserve] using the power of Congress, which the Constitution DOES NOT PROVIDE THE AUTHORITY TO DELEGATE, to print money that has NO value, loan it out and have it repaid [the principle with interest that comes from other money that was also printed without value], and this is somehow called an economy. Actually, what it is is a criminal enterprise that uses federal law enforcement agents as muscle, and a judiciary that just wants its cut…..not pretty…..

    1. NO – NO – NO!
      The Constitution DOES NOT give the “federal government” the ability to either print or “coin” money – that is only within the provenance of CONGRESS.
      Besides, the “federal reserve” IS NOT PART OF THE GOVERNMENT – it is a PRIVATE bank that charges the country for the use of it’s assets.

  11. Absolutely correct, and we need more plain spoken people in our movement.

    A couple of other points I have been frustrated with since the election:

    1) Why can’t the massive election fraud which must have taken place be mentioned?

    2) Why are the talking heads and politicians (and even many in our movement) allowed to get away with claiming there were budget surpluses during the 90s? Look it up – the national debt increased every year of the 90s, therefore there were no surpluses. The only way the government reported surpluses was by taking over a hundred billion per year ‘off budget.’ What a scam.

    3) Why are the talking heads and politicians (and even many in our movement) allowed to get away with comparing today’s rigged unemployment numbers with pre-Clinton numbers? Discouraged workers and others were removed from the ‘headline rate’ during the 90’s, in order to make things look better than they really are.

    4) Why is the fact that Romney got about two million fewer votes than McCain not being discussed, and those responsible being held to accounts? My own personal view is that there are many religious bigots on the right who refused to vote for a Mormon. Why are those in our movement quick to rightfully call out intolerance on the left, but hesitant to do so when it comes from the right?

    5) How can we carry a consistent message, when we somehow accept and defend such obviously socialist and unconstitutional programs as Social, Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment ‘Insurance,’ etc?

    We have a massive project ahead of us, to attempt to re-educate a deliberately dumbed down electorate. We must teach first principles, natural law, and the real meaning of the founding documents. Undermining ourselves with the above noted items, and others, is not helping our cause.

  12. I personally don’t mind paying some taxes for programs that will help those in need, through circumstances beyond their control, etc., but what is going on now is just plain theft. Obama is determined to destroy the wealthy and wealth in this country. He sees it as unfair that some have more, because they work, and others don’t, because they don’t work. DUH, the democrats just do not make any sense. Do they not get that if they destroy the wealthy, who create the businesses and jobs, then where do they think people are going to get jobs and pay taxes or make a living? This continued spending is what has to stop. Unfortunately, with Obama in office, it will never stop. It is his agenda to destroy this country, I have no doubt about it. Everything he does brings us closer to financial destruction.

    1. Some of you still don’t get it completely! Obama could care less about the poor or if the rich are rich! Him & his wife are rich! It’s POWER that him & his kind are after and you guys are handing it over to him by not seeing the wickedness within! This guys a perfect frontman for the powers that are because he’s proficient at lying! You’ve heard of the anti-Christ? There are many anti-Christs! He’s been groomed for this dirty job he’s doing! Not a thing that you think you know about him is true! Yet people still insist on believing the lies & rhetoric he spews! He despises Americans because he sees how lazy & gullible half the Country has become, yet we talk like we’re still the greatest thing since 1776. This Country is ripe for the slaughter because most of us patriots are 60 & older!!! I mean no disrespect to anyone who is younger & has their head on straight, but people better wake up & join in on saving our Constitution & bill of rights that these basterds have been hacking apart for over 100 yrs.!!!

  13. What we have is “taxation without representation”. The spineless bozos in the house and senate only answer to the big money special interests that will get them reelected.

  14. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said “Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” I can understand why Gary DeMar considers taxes “theft”; he doesn’t want to pay them, and he hates government. I would suggest that DeMar, and all those who feel as he does, find another country more to their liking…and MOVE THERE! There’s one African nation in particular that hates gays as much as DeMar does, so that might be a good spot for him to live. But, wait! That’s a country of black people, and DeMar hates them about as much as he hates taxes….maybe more!

    1. So you’re happy about paying an effectual rate of 50% of everything you earn to the government that has a proven track record of over the top waste and mismanagement ? I can understand if your philosophy in life leans you towards paying more in taxes and if so, just add some more money to your tax return, it’s that simple. Why do you and others that think like you have to drag everyone else along to the lowest of depths by advocating for all others that make more than you to pay more ?

    2. Then let’s tax everybody at 100%, and we will be the most civilized society the world has ever known. Wendell Holmes was an idiot. Did we become ‘civilized’ in 1913?

    3. Of course, Holmes, despite his judicial reputation, was a government bureaucrat and could be defined in modern terms as a “taker” just watching his own rice bowl. As to the country, some of our families did move to another place (mine in the 1690’s) –here– to escape the kings and dictators that socialists seem to love, but those same socialists keep following us as we seem to make such nice, rich countries and then they proceed to tear them down. Since the socialists killed the space program to buy the votes of the indigent, I suppose our fleeing to Mars and starting again is out of the question, so we’ll just have to try and kick the freeloaders out of America. I hear Europe really falls into line with the takers dreams…might try there.

  15. Amen all around. Amen that taxation is legal theft! And also Amen to the concept that we have to educate the public, one-on-one before we can win any arguements in the polling booths of this nation!!! Everyone START TALKING to Everyone you know, and don’t stop until you’ve convinced them, are arrested, or are six feet under! THAT is how we DEFINE VICTORY; For this is a Battle that will NEVER END! This is a War that started all the way from the beginning!

  16. Calling it what it is hasn’t stopped it from happening. Under the “fiscal cliff bill” taxes go up $41 for every $1 in spending cuts. Reminds me of the old saying “What’s the difference between death and taxes? Death does not get worse every time congress meets.” What we need is a “Constitutional Government”, not this self serving bunch of idiots that call themselves politicians.

  17. Ron Paul said that and people scoffed at him……..They should have elected him President.Many articles espouse his views now that the election is over.Too little too late.

  18. Judge, of course the government has a right to taxes, even Jesus said so, what they don’t have is the right to waste them, mismanage them or use them for gifts.

    1. Yes, there were taxes in Jesus’ time but they were just as bad if not worst than it is being used here in the U.S.. Taxes and death are 2 of the sure things in life however when only a certain population is being taxed and they see it being wasted or being abused by people that don’t deserve the money taxes brings, then we have a big problem. I predict that Obama and the Democrats in reality want to tax everyone out of everything and create a Third World Country because they see the U.S. not as the most generous country but as the greediest country in the world. Obama is out to punish not because of slavery revenge but because he wants to destroy from within. In other words: Divide and Conquer and all those stupid people in the media are helping him to do that more than any other group in this country.

  19. This theft occurred in 1913 with the Federal Reserve and income tax.

    But they have not determined what “income” means through many Supreme Court cases at federal and State levels. Which means it is illegal till the court determines it.

    Also, taxation is the Raison d’être of governments. People must understand this. We were warned in Samuel that if you want a king (aka man-made government) he (the king) would do nothing but TAX YOU TO DEATH AND TAKE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING.

    Do we not see this occurring? The Lord knew the nature of man, and the beast in him when he rules.

    1. Yet they demanded a king anyway, when they had God as their king. That must be the most deranged act of all history, other than the sin of Adam.

  20. Okay, we agree: except for Biblical taxes, taxation is theft. Why then are you all voting thieves into office to steal from you?

    For a Biblical alternative whereby we end up with the best of the best of two or more Biblically qualified candidates rather than the evil of two lessers, see online Chapter 5 “Article 2: Executive Usurpation” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at Also, don’t miss our Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar.

  21. I sure am glad to see this in print. Of course, the income tax is theft, the 16th Amendment is clearly unconstitutional, in that it violates our right to property, and it is immoral for the same reason.

  22. Taxation to support legitimate functions of government is OK. But taxation to support a class of able bodied non-producers for the purpose of buying their votes is definitely theft.

  23. Fact the US Government is wholly owned and controlled by a group of international bankers that own and comprise the Federal Reserve Bank. This happened in 1913 with the signing into law of the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913 by the single worst thing that has ever happened to America then President Woodrow Wilson. Forwarded and expanded by the second worst thing that has ever happened to America then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1933 with the signing away of the authority of the US Government , the entire land mass that is referred to as the lower 48 states, the peoples physical beings (your person), the peoples labor and the peoples property (gold) because the Federal Reserve Bank had purposely bankrupted the United States Corporation. FDR then seals the deal with the signing of the Unconstitutional Social Security Act of 1935 making all people considered to be citizens of the United States Corporation sub corporations of the United States Corporation making them all wholly owned slaves of the Federal Reserve Bank. While Social Security in the beginning was a voluntary program it is no longer a voluntary program. You are now compelled by a tyrannical group of international bankers to participate in the fraud being perpetrated against oneself.

    Fact the United States of America Constitution states quite clearly the a persons individual labor is NOT TAXABLE however a corporation is. What does the 9 digit number you are told to protect with life make you? A corporation taxable by law. To learn the TRUTH of this entire 100 year old conspiracy (not theory) being perpetrated against you and every other person that has a nine digit number associated to their name pick up the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by Edward Griffin a non fiction fact filled novel that explains the forming of the Federal Reserve Bank as well as the diabolical plot devised in 1910 to bankrupt the United States Corporation and usurp the people of the United States of America by making them all slaves to the Federal Reserve Bank.

    The US Government today is nothing more than a dog and pony show meant to entertain and distract you from what is really taking place, the implementation of the One World Government to be headed by Anti-Christ. If you are a Christian person (my prayer is that you are) and you are paying attention to what is going on around you because Jesus Christ will be arriving in the clouds in the not so distant future and those that belong to him (Jesus Christ) will hear him say “Come up Here”. Are you prepared for this? If so I will see you at the Eastern Gate if not go here

  24. We need Reps who will turn down the proposed salary increase and demand a decrease…Let’s see that happen. Let’s see a raise for the seniors who really need one as well as the disabled…The fat cats eat cake, the needy don’t even get crumbs. Take from our representatives and give to the needy, for starters…Then keep on cutting government..Obama is throwing money everywhere he can….

    1. Mary Ann, one of the reasons we are in the mess we are now is that at some point we gave up our responsibility to care for those in need and gave it to the government. In doing this the healthy mistrust of government that our founders instilled has been replaced with a dependence at every level.

      1. We must change this…Obama is so much more arrogant after stealing this election..He is impossible to abide…Ah Nausea. His stench is covering this land..

  25. How about Obama completely breaks the American economy by his pursuit of American socialism [ runaway spending for social programs ] and after the collapse the only way out [ so they tell us ] is too increase the tax rate to 50-60% [ Canada/Europe ] because the other solution would be to eliminate or reduce entitlement programs and as you and I know, ain’t happening. I am a rationale, college educated , working and tax paying citizen and I find my theory most plausible and quite frankly, the only explanation for the obvious detrimental actions of Barak Obama.

  26. Un-controlled and un-limited taxation is a gun held to every citizens head by our government. It is clear that we, the people who pay the taxes, must have some protection from governments grasp. Otherwise we are living in a dictatorship. Taxes must be temporary, and justified by government, and varified by an absolute, independant, body that is also subject to varification by the people. Taxes must also be limited, and equalized. Everyone should pay taxes, not just those the government requires to pay. If all they have is a dime, the government should take a penny. A reasonable tax celing must be codified in law, and government must be limited in size and spending. Today’s government is totally, out of all control, ignoring the constitution, and liable to do anything.

    1. I disagree completely. If you take a penny from a person that only has a dime then that person will go hungry and someone who can afford to throw that penny away will be left with it.

      We both have a different vision of what government should be and we get to vote for the people that come closest to what our vision is.

  27. Gary ,great job of leaving the privately owned Federal Reserve System out of your article…the whole reason behind run-away taxation….It is not Federal..has no Reserves and it’s share holders buy printed notes from the Treasury for pennies on the dollar and then charge the government interest on the peoples own money…reclaim the language,it is not economonics… it is theft…check the Congressional Record ,Lindbergh was calling it a HOAX in the 1920s

  28. The 5th and 14th amendments say all people must be treated equally before the law. If one person is taxed at the 10% rate and the next person at 39.6% is that equal treatment?

  29. In reality, the only service that the Federal government performes that is really necessary is defense. The states are formed and organized to take care of all others. How can we arrange to take from the feds all responsibility except defense?

  30. It is outright theft when they squander it on nonsense. Like Millions [$] to study algae growth to be turned into “Green” fuel.

  31. I know guys in jail who used to say the same thing. That dingbat organization known as the American Patriots Society. I think they became the Tea Party.

  32. the federal government HAS NO MONEY;; it is ours and yes they ARE STEALING IT. OBAMA THINKS THAT ALL MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL THINGS BELONG TO his regime;; not the way 48% of Americans see it however.

  33. We do need to regain control of the language. Let’s begin by never using the term “middle class” or any “class” for that matter. This is a classless country. If you don’t believe it, watch liberals contort themselves into pretzels trying to define our classes. And their definitions change all the time. That is because they are trying to define something that doesn’t exist here. No Republican politician should ever use the word “class” and when in the presence of a liberal trying to push the concept of classes in America, should take them to school.

  34. I say that income tax is theft. It is stealing from someone’s labour and is morally wrong. Taxes are still needed and the only fair tax is a tax on the sale of goods and services.

  35. I agree, what do we do is the question. The idiot in chief just got re-elected so we are now screwed unless someone Like Judge Moore declares him ineligible to be on the ticket. But until that happens we are SOL.

  36. Not according to Politicinas – with hidden and misterious backgrounds – product of the South Side of Chicago…
    It is never “their money”, it is always money from the victims, so idiots, that they believe their rethoric..
    Yet, must folks re-elected him, again, to keep his hands on your pockets… Do not complain or whine…

  37. Wow – what a load of idiots here. No taxation means no roads, no military, no standards, no water, no sewer, no social security, no pension. In other words it would be like living in Afghanistan or some other third world country.

  38. Face it.. fact is, is that our federal government are the mobsters that steal, murder, lie and do whatever it is THEY want to do including lining their pockets with bribes, self legislating income advantages, lifetime full pay retirement income and full medical…that’s it. Period.
    They are all stinkin’ lyin’ murdering criminals… ALL of ’em

  39. How could anybody logically disagree with the insight and intelligence of the Judge. It is just too bad that the Government decided to Censure the Judge and remove him and his show freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano weeknights on Fox Business News. I guess the Government hates criticism.

  40. [email protected] says:

    To be clear, folks, the constitution provides for certain taxes to be collected, therefore “those” taxes are NOT illegal or “theft”. The Founding Fathers made sure that taxes collected were to be EQUAL accross the board for EVERYONE. That’s why they allow EXCISE (sales) taxes, because “everyone” pays the same rate. Import duties and taxes are also part of LEGAL TAXATION.

    The ONLY TAX that is NOT ALLOWED by the Constitution is called a DIRECT TAX. That’s where they put their hand right on your paycheck, before you get any of it, and take a piece of it for themselves. Legal taxes have to be “indirect” taxes… sales taxes.

    The FEDERAL INCOME TAX (and State Income taxes) are DIRECT TAXES. They had to Amend the Constitution to make them “legal”. Because they KNOW the 16th Amendment, imposing the Federal Income Tax was never “legally ratified” by 36 states, they have called it a VOLUNTARY TAX and they “enforce” VOLUNTARY compliance. In gangster terms that’s called “shakin’ ’em down” or in legal terms, it’s called “extorsion”

    They LIED to the private CITIZENS of the nation when they told them the 16th Amendment had passed with 38 state ratifying and needing only 36. The VERIFYABLE TRUTH is, that FOUR (4) of the States they said ratified, had NOT ratified, leaving them, in truth, only 34 States having ratified the amendment.

    The FOUR that did NOT ratify, that were falsely reported to have ratified are:

    California: The legislature never recorded any vote on any proposal to adopt the amendment proposed by Congress.

    Kentucky: The Senate voted on the resolution, but rejected it by a vote of nine in favor and twenty-two opposed.

    Minnesota: The State sent nothing to the Secretary of State in Washington.

    Oklahoma: The Senate amended the language of the 16th Amendment to have a precisely opposite meaning.

    This information is from the webpage “The Law that Never” Look it up, it’s facinating AND TRUE.

    So the government has been STEALING, AT GUN POINT, the CITIZENS MONEY via a completely phoney and unconstitutional law, the 16th Amendment.

    IN THE OBAMA CARE BILL, when it goes into effect in 2014, will make it MANDATORY that EVERYONE give the government their BANK ACCOUNT numbers, AND PASS WORDS so they can DIRECTLY take payments out of your account.


    Once they have that power, to tap our accounts at will, it won’t matter that ALL of AMERICA finds out the income tax is illegal. A person used to be able to fight it by claiming 12 dependant deductions and thereby not have to have any income tax witheld. This will do away with that option.

    See all those NICE FOLKS in government positions?? And I REALLY DO MEAN NICE FOLKS. The MAJORITY of them haven’t got a CLUE what the constitution says and they haven’t got a CLUE that they are being paid with STOLEN and EXTORTED MONEY.

    What can we do to stop the “income tax”………….make sure OBAMACARE is NOT allowed to go into FULL EFFECT in 2014, and until then, those who receive paychecks, change your W-2 form to read 12 dependants. If only a few American CITIZENS do this, they will CRUSH YOU LIKE A BUG…….I know, they got me. It would only work if 50 MILLION or more would start doing it immediately. The chances of that are small, so my recommendation, for now, is just keep handing the money over until we elect a President who will abolish the IRS and throw out the 16th Amendment. It doesn’t have to go through the process of ratification to change it because it is THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS.

  41. We have to learn to command the microphone with articulate comments and facts. One reason Christie is so good is he is in charge when he speaks he has facts and knows how to present them and does so excellently. I can think of no Republicans who can do as well although they all have the same vocabulary and are bright enough I believe they simply do not think and plan prior to speaking, they shoot from the lip as, it were. If Romney had bombarded Obama with facts and not been such a gentleman he would have won.Giving up the second and third debates and refusing to confront Obama on Fast & Furious or Benghazi was his demise, and ours.

  42. WORDS MATTER. It is refreshing to read someone who knows that. Why do so many so-called conservatives adopt the language of the communist/liberal/progressives? We conceded the pro-life debate until we quit saying anti-abortion. We concede the economic debate when we puppet such baloney as “quantitative easing” and “fairness”. THEFT deserves to be known by its harsh reality – it is stealing. Thanks for your intelligent posts.

  43. When people stop believing the promises that government makes and stop taking the “benefits” it promises, then taxation and/or inflation will cease. Not before.There is only one way and it’s not easy–quit accepting what government offers, regardless of how tempting and delicious it appears.

    I’ve heard people say that, “The money’s there. If I don’t take it, someone else will.” The question is how badly you want to cut government spending, taxation, and inflation.
    How many reading this will actually take the step necessary to accomplish this? Not many, in my opinion, therefore not much will change.

  44. Property tax is an oxymoron. If it is taxed, it is not your property. The landlord receives income from his property. Baal (he who now letteth…until he be taken out of the way–2 Thess. 2: 7) is the landlord of this world. The law of the Jubilee (Leviticus 25: 10) ensures that rightful heirs eventually regain their inheritance, regardless of how much of a spendthrift Daddy or Grandaddy might have been. But America doesn’t esteem God’s law, at least not in the first place spot. The Constitution, according to Article 6, is considered the supreme law of the land. Is it any wonder that “Christian Constitutionalists” are unstable in all their ways?

  45. Everybody wants liberty (including me) but just about nobody knows where liberty comes from. We are mistaken if we think that any reformation of current politics will bring tax freedom. Revolution will not bring liberty either. We have to change our whole perception as to how liberty in taxation or anything else comes about. Jesus announced that He had come to set at liberty the captives, and the Bible refers to itself as the Perfect Law of Liberty. If we ever want to have a return to freedom we have to return to Christ and His law. that must be our push. All other directions will fail because they are founded on a wrong foundation of man and his sinful conceptions. Only in a national return to Biblical Christianity and law will we discover the liberty we seek. Pray for repentance. For current articles on taxation and liberty issues see my Christian Culture blog

  46. As we were trying to tell the Liberals all along that someone has to pay for their spending”’I hope their happy because EVERYBODYS taxes are going up. Remember MaoBama’s favorite term is “new revenue soures”.

    How tax increases will affect households.

    A temporary social security payroll tax reduction is expiring, hitting nearly every wage earner, and income taxes on the wealthy are going up, too.

    Annual income – Tax Increase

    $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 – $ 297

    $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 – $ 445

    $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 – $ 579

    $ 50,000 to $ 75,000 – $ 822

    $ 75,000 to $ 100,000 – $ 1,206

    $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 – $ 1,784

    $ 200,000 to $ 500,000 – $ 2,711

    $ 500,000 to $ 1 million- $ 14.812

    more than $ 1 million – $ 170.341

    Then when you feel the sting this year go here to rub salt into the wound….

    And then check out his Govt. wastebook……

  47. At last there is a recognition that the process of taxation is no different than the crook who tells you to give him you r money or else. The second recognition is that all transactions except government revenue gathering is voluntary. Government should also rely on voluntary contributions . they raise billions to campaign , why not to operate the government?

  48. It has been my contention for 3 decades that the dialectic has been stolen from us. We have allowed the hard left to set the tone and tenor of the rhetoric and assume that the press will honestly represent what is being said by both sides. This is and has been a mistake. The press has for more than 4 decades slanted the news to shape the color and tone against the conservatives. We always end up as heartless, thoughtless misogynist’s intent on keeping the poor under our thumbs. We must change the rhetoric if we hope to change the way we and our cause are perceived.

  49. I have said this for years and everyone looks at me as if I’m nuts. I have to explain it in great detail. I break it down for them to simple terms until they see how it really is. We should stop paying taxes. They can’t arrest us all.

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