Religious Freedom Voided by Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries

Oregon’s constitution states the following in Section 3 of Article 1 of the Bill of Rights:

“Freedom of religious opinion. No law shall in any case whatever control the free exercise, and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience.”

The above sounds ironclad. A person in Oregon can’t be required (forced) to act contrary to his or her religious beliefs unless you decide not to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage.

The owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused, on religious grounds, to create a cake for a homosexual wedding in the same way that an owner of a printing company owned by blacks or Jews (or anybody for that matter) would most likely refuse to print signs and brochures for a KKK march. The KKK has the right to march, but no one should be forced to give support for the march.

One has to wonder if homosexual owners of a baker would make a cake for anti-homosexual event. I wouldn’t try to force them to bake such a cake. I would take my business elsewhere.

The homosexual couple could have gone to another bakery just like the KKK marchers could have gone to another print shop.

But Oregon and other states have created a new class of people based on a certain type of sexual behavior and they want us to comply with that behavior or be forced to pay stiff penalties:

“Under Oregon law, Oregonians may not be denied service based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The law provides an exemption for religious organizations and schools, but does not allow private business owners to discriminate based on sexual orientation, just as they cannot legally deny service based on race, sex, age, disability or religion. The investigation concludes that the bakery is not a religious institution under law and that the business’ policy of refusing to make same-sex wedding cakes represents unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

So not only are business owners forced to serve people who engage in sexual practices that they find repugnant, but their religious beliefs are also infringed upon. The Oregon Constitution does not include the phrase “only for religious organizations and schools.” The law covers everybody in all situations.

The homosexuals who wanted a cake could have purchased any cake in the bakery. The owners only refused to supply a cake for what they believe is an immoral practice.

This is tyranny of the highest order. If a law can be rewritten in one case, it can be rewritten in other cases. No one is safe from the thought-crimes police that are running the highest levels of government.

616 thoughts on “Religious Freedom Voided by Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries

  1. Under Oregon law, Oregonians may not be denied service based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The law provides an exemption for religious organizations and schools, but does not allow private business owners to discriminate based on sexual orientation, just as they cannot legally deny service based on race, sex, age, disability or religion.

    The investigation concludes that the bakery is not a religious institution under law and that the business’ policy of refusing to make same-sex wedding cakes represents unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    1. Too bad if they do not want to bake a cake. They should not be forced to bake a cake. It really does not matter who you are if the bakery owners do not want to bake a cake then they do not have do it. Idiots out there grow up!!..

      1. Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” The Supreme law of the land as established by words within the Constitution trumps all other federal, state, or local law!

        This is a good opportunity to start civil rights suits for damages over $20 in local courts for “civil damages” & BY A JURY LOCKED INTO EXACT COPY AND WORDS of Amendments 1, 7, & 14, plus 5, 6, 8, 9, and Article 6, Clauses 2 & 3; plus both Oath and duty of offices! A huge element in this is “truth”, as in “…will bear true faith and
        allegiance…” and “…will well and faithfully discharge the duties of office…” etc. All mandates begin at the top of the food chain all the way to the bottom in all government offices throughout their organization charts.

        Focus on & name individual government employees in the suit, as in unlawful use of government office and power. JURY TRIAL & the written Constitution as supreme law (word by word) are the keys. There is no “wiggle room” for anything they’re doing – individually civil rights violations are felonies and collectively by progressives it’s unquestionable sedition and treason! Sue whomever’s names are on the complaint the judge and the state… oath bound or in the chain of oath-duty bound.

    2. they were not “denied service”. They had plenty of options to go elsewhere. Crybabies just wanting to stamp their feet and make someone else’s life as miserable as theirs is. Grow up. If MY God declares something an abominatioon, and I life by HIS words and commands, then I will NOT do what HE says is abhorrent. Put me in jail if you want, I still will not.

      Nor would I bake a cake to celebrate an abortion, or a divorce, or an
      “assisted suicide”, now legal in both Oregon and Washington……

    3. WRONG !!
      That is NOT what the STATE CONSTITUTION SAYS; That law is in contradiction to SUpreme law of the sate and is therefore INVALID.

  2. They could care less about their cake, they only care about shutting down a business that doesn’t support their life style. They are just getting started!

    1. Exactly right. They show a disdain for the straight community. Their militant attitude only widens the gap of disagreement of life styles, which you afore mentioned.

  3. So when does the lawsuit start to remind the state of its’ Article 1 Section 3 constitutional responsibilities? Seems like a lawsuit that someone should take up – PRONTO. And it seems to me that the state courts and the Ninth Circuit, bastions of liberalism that they are, will go along with this new law ….which means that this could go all the way to the Supremes.

  4. Screw Oregon & their “Have To Comply With QU**R Laws” ! They’ll be moving out of Oregon just as fast as they are from New York! I’m a DJ & Hell would freeze over before I would EVER play for a Queer or Lesbian wedding! AND I would NOT pay any dam fine for something that I strongly believe in AND is my Religious Freedom RIGHT! I would QUIT doing this before I would EVER play for these Sickos!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t give a $hit WHAT laws they implement. I have MY RIGHTS under The Constitution also!

  5. The conservatives of this country still have their head up their booty. In the eyes of the libs the law does not apply to them or their agendas; they simply don’t give a hoot in hell. Laws are only for the cowering cowardly conservatives because they abide by them and care. The sooner conservatives pull their heads into the light of day and get it figured out the sooner we can clean house and dispose of the trash.

  6. Suggestion – file a disclaimer at the bakery front counter “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Do not justify the refusal – just refuse. Then these legal problems do not surface. Objecting due to sexual preference/identity is not really a reasonable refusal as most law prohibits it. Just refuse as “too busy”, etc.

  7. I would have made the cake, filled it with saw dust and used white glue to cover it. Also I would have put the figures head down on top of the cake. If they complained, then I would have said it was a secret family recipe.

    1. Your idea is not bad, although a little too obvious… I am more covert…
      I would have made a wonderful chocolate cake using Ex-lax and mixed the icing with milk of magnesia….

    2. To scare them away place a sign in the store stating we use Holy Water in all our cakes and pastries! We believe in Christian morals and values!

  8. This foolishness by the homosexuals involved is complete absurdity and shows signs of meanness. They,[ the homosexuals], are only posturing a stubborn stance showing a militant behavior. Which is one of the main reasons why they polarize the straight community.

  9. The HOMOSEXUAL couple did that on purpose for spite and to teach the owner a lesson, instead of going someplace else .The GAYSTAPO is at it again.

    1. Homeseual couple.. Would that be the ones that shadow the White House. I read that moochele may have even been a man. That makes up for the uglyliest mrs pres.

    2. Rightly so – you seem to have a hard time getting the message that using made up religious views into justifying discrimination against your fellow citizens is wrong.

  10. Recall the judge and the Governor and any one in the legislature that doesn’t want to follow the bill of rights the state has approved

  11. SADs (Sexually aberrant deviants) now control Oregon, or at least those who sympathize (or take pleasure in them who do such things) with them. Reprobate minds Romans 1 calls them. So reprobates are running Oregon. A few percent of the population telling the rest what they should do, even if it is abhorrent to their God and the Word of God?

    Fight to change the regulations, and do not give up!

    1. It’s the left winger morons that are escaping Commiefornia and THEN spreading the SAME STUPIDITY to Oregon and Washington.

      1. You are right. They started that mass exodus about a generation ago. Even the left winger morons want less taxes on themselves, (though they want huge taxes on everyone else!) and a cheaper cost of living.

    1. Discrimination is NOT unlawful, laws restricting it ARE!!!! WE HAVE THE FREEDOM TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS!!!! If I want to discriminate then it’s MY perogative!!! READ THE US CONSTITUTION!!!!

      1. I was always under the impression that a discriminate dresser was a well dressed man or woman. To discriminate is to choose; only a nitwit does not choose…as does an unkempt dresser. Discrimination is necessary if we are to choose wisely in just about everything we do in life. These new PC definitions are getting sicker by the nanosecond!

        1. By God you’re right! I MISSED the part in article VI where it says “the supreme law of the land…EXCEPT for businesses”. But then again I don’t see the word EXCEPT ANYWHERE IN ARTICLE VI!!!! What about if I want to rent my house out and the government says I HAVE to rent whoever THEY say I have to? Oh but that’s different isn’t it? You know, I’ve been watching some of your posts. I believe YOU ARE A FRIKIN COMMIE! Why don’t you just go somewhere they don’t HAVE a Constitution that protects individual rights and save all of us REAL patriots a lot of trouble. Basically you are FULL of it! A business has JUST as much right to discriminate as any individual. Wake up and smell the pot you’ve been smoking and read the US Constitution before you shoot your mouth off.

        2. You will have to reverse that. The Constitution lays out the perimeters that the government has to operate within. However there is group in this country that wishes to grant freedoms of its citizens from the government. They are opposed by a group that wishes to tell the govrnment where its authority lies. Reading the different positions is interesting and involved.

        3. I’d have thought it would make sense not to have to face the Spanish Inquisition when buying a cake. Wouldn’t that be good at a supermarket – get to the checkout and find out it is some religious nut who says you cannot buy meat on a Friday – or some other nonsense made up rule?

        4. Sorry you were in an automobile accident, but this hospital does not serve “your kind”. Please exit the emergency room and go out to the sidewalk off of hospital property. You are getting blood all over the floor.

        5. Now did you read both sides? It has everything to do with your initial worldview. Do you want limits on your freedoms or do you want limits on the governments power? Simple huh?

        6. Is that right? I must have missed that one. Please quote to me exactly WHERE the US Constitution says even ONE word about equal rights OR equality? WHERE does the US Constitution say ANYTHING about GRANTING ANYTHING AT ALL? The US Constitution does NOT grant anything in any way shape or form. The US Constitution GUARANTEES you will NOT LOSE the rights you were BORN with stupid! ANY document that can GRANT rights can also take them away. You were BORN with rights. Show me ONE word in the US Constitution that grants rights OR where it says there is ANYTHING about discrimination other than for VOTING! I challenge you to READ THE DOCUMENT as you have CLEARLY NOT DONE SO. AND WHERE does is even MENTION discrimination? It is YOU who cannot read sir, I have read the US Constitution MANY MANY times and NOTHING you say is even CLOSE to right. IN FACT, exactly the opposite is true. IN THE PREAMBLE THE Constitution mentions liberty FOR us and our posterity. YOU UNDERSTAND THIS WORD? It is synonymous with FREEDOM. Included in the right to freedom is the right to discriminate. READ THE US CONSTITUTION SIR! You have NO idea what you’re talking about and if you do then it is your liberal crap that is convincing you otherwise.

        7. You are correct that it is not in the Constitution but one assumes that it does nothing to undo what was in the Declaration of Independence.

        8. See now that’s what libtards do, they quote things that are NOT there and like to use the part they agree with. The parts they do NOT agree with, like the 2nd amendment, are not valid. We ALL have the freedom to discriminate and that’s that. Or do you also assume since there is no dialog regarding such that it IS valid because you think it SHOULD be? You think the government has he authority to tell you HOW to think and act? Welcome to Russia comrade. We have the rights GIVEN to us by God (or the moon or whatever you think created us) and GUARANTEED by the US Constitution to be FREE individuals, free to think and act as we wish. Part of that freedom is that to discriminate. ALL people and ALL businesses. The US Constitution was written to LIMIT GOVERNMENT and PROTECT our rights from ALL, including other citizens. YOU need to get a grip sir, you’re just plain wrong. I HIGHLY recommend you read the preamble first to understand WHY the US Constitution was written and then read Article VI so you understand WHO it affects and then read the rest for the content. You might be surprised to know what it REALLY says. You’re not quoting it accurately.

        9. That’s your OPINION! You have the RIGHT to an opinion AND express it but that doesn’t make it right. I think discrimination is not only healthy but necessary. If I want to go to a bar or pub and listen to music I prefer on the juke box and it’s full of hip hop then I’ll go somewhere else. If I want to go to a restaurant where there are no screaming children then that’s where I’ll go. If I can’t accomplish either of those then I’ll stay home which is bad for BOTH businesses. I don’t want to hang out where there are gays. That’s MY business. You say discrimination is an abomination, I say homosexual activity is an abomination and I don’t want to watch it. AND if I were in my own business then I would decide who and when I want to serve ANYONE. That’s called freedom. and the government has NO business involved.

        10. By the way, exactly WHAT do you think the Declaration Independence has to do with the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND (as described in Article VI)? Even though the Declaration of Independence is still a valid document, it says NOTHING about being the law.

        1. Well, now we see not only is Chris a moron, but a total idiot also. OKAY you dimwitted Atheist, PROVE God DOES NOT Exist. Until then shut your pie hole, your breath smells like the other end of that channel.

        2. First you religious nuts have to agree on a description of this God, there are so many versions it’s difficult to tell which one I am supposed to disprove.

    2. you have no PROOF “religios are fiction”, and even if they were, we are still left to answer to the Creator God who made the universe from nothing, and has spoken about what He requires of us as HIS subjects.

      The most hated battle cry of the American War for Independence was “no king but King Jesus”. The Brits hated that one….. because they KNEW it to be true. Yet they persisted in subjugating the colonists. Now we have a different king attempting to demand fealty to itself… the king of “political correctness” and calling evil good, and good evil. Buggery is evil, no escaping that. But the kings now reigning over the State of Oregon have called it “good”. Lying tyrants always get deposed.

      1. Plenty of proof – after thousands of years you cannot agree on which religion is the right one. No physical proof of any god either. No mechanism for souls or going to heaven.

    3. You cannot use atheism as an excuse to discriminate. Atheism is fiction.

      See how that works? Now go upstairs, ask Mommy to explain that to you, and get back to us with what she said.

        1. HAHAHA!
          It’s a “non-belief”? What sort of inane pretzel logic is that? You believe in something. You believe that the world and life arose all on its own, with no outside or supernatural cause. That’s a BELIEF, Crispy. It’s not a “non-belief”.

          Try again. This time, ask a grown up for help, okay?

        2. Well – I won’t ask you since you have this childish belief in a magic God. I don’t “believe” anything about the Universe’s origins – I’ll wait til science figures it out. Certainly didn’t happen the way your silly fictional Bible said it did. Genesis doesn’t even agree with itself.

        3. Wait…you’ll “wait til science figures it out.”?? I thought you said evolution was a FACT. That means science HAS figured it out.

          All that complexity of DNA, etc., all came into being by itself. From nowhere. Right? Which is a BELIEF, Crispy.

        4. Evolution is not origins science. Your beliefs really are stupid – you think that a magic God dumped a pair of fully working humans on the planet. DNA clearly says that is stupid and wrong.

    4. Chris P. That is your opinion about religion and I respect that but again that is your opinion. My opinion differs from yours, but do not jam your opinions down my throat, then we have a problem. That is not just an opinion now, it is a fact! Your criticism can be taken in a negative way and then becomes a threat. Beware of your words! There can be consequences!

        1. You left winger morons spew it like you know what behind a manure spreader because you are so FULL of it. Your “criticism” is the same hate filled rant of “DO IT MY WAY” over and over and with out ANY shred of value OR TRUTH.
          Now back to your basement.

    5. Ok, forget about religion. What about protection of personal property rights? The bundle of rights attached to personal property will soon be empty.

        1. What’s the difference between a refridgerator and a homosexual?

          The fridge doesn’t fart when you pull the meat out!

  12. We the people….In order to establish domestic tranquility……and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America! DISCRIMINATION IS FREEDOM!!!! We ALL have the right to freedom and included in that right is the right to DISAGREE WITH ANYTHING OR ANYBODY!!!! NO GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT OR AUTHORITY TO TAKE THAT WAY FROM US!!!!! WHAT’STHE DAMN BIG DEAL ABOUT BEING BIGOTED OR RACIST????!!!! IT IS RIGHT WE ALL HAVE THAT OUR GOVRNMENT HAS TOLD US WE DO NOT!!!!!

  13. I think religion is BS, however I fully support the right to exercise it with the logical caveats – as with anything. Why gays are granted the ultimate power – is simply mystifying. I won’t even get into the race baiting nonsense these pathetic frauds embrace – as yet another special class.

    1. Your caution re: religions is understandable, since even the ideological passion evidenced by these very people in Oregon to legally impose tacit approval from others for actions that the latter disapprove is itself a form of distorted religious zealotry.

      In this case, it is an implicit totalitarian egalitarianism that would erase all liberty and discretion that is ultimately based in reality and real differences in nature.

      For me, it is not religion as such that is BS, but whether this or that use of the human’s religious inclinations are such. And whenever they are, liberty suffers and tyranny over others rears its ugly head.

  14. Could it be that homosexuals do these things so that in their minds, they are justifying their lifestyles, knowing that the government will make laws in their favor, despite what the laws of God are? Just maybe, right? God bless.

    1. Sorry to say this but the pope does not feel this way any more, check out this article at He said that pro-choice and homosexuals and even communist are welcomed in the new and improved catholic church. He said that the Bible is outdated, truth is not set in stone, and that the story of Adam & Eve is just a fable.

      1. The POOP has his head up his rectal opening and is a left leaning idiot. Remember the same crowd HELPED the SS Gestapo Nazi’s escape to South America.

      2. The Pope loves all people as Jesus does. However he does not love sin, just sinners. Please check out his own unedited reports on the Vatican website or National Catholic Register (NOT the Reporter- not accurate). The media is using his words, splicing them and taking them out of context for their agenda. Read the full documents for the full truth.

    1. I make mistakes too if I get stressed.
      This is going to bite them big someday soon. They are only arousing the hatred of this nation against them.

  15. Our government from the top down has become a politically correct cesspool. Just like the schools, but worse. All they know how to do is kill zeal and creativity and rights. They have been so unconstitutional for years and you dont hear not one of the so called conservatives in Washington calling them on using a “living document” instead of the constitution. Theyve rewritten it and all of Washington seems happy. Corrupt liars.

  16. Remember, the U.S. Constitution starts out with “We The People.” Not we the people under submission to Yahweh, is rules, His laws and His Lordship unlike the Mayflower Compact and the earlier Constitutions written in America by America’s Christians and Puritans. So we now, are exactly like it was the days of Solomon as we have told God that we want a King to rule over us, not Him and He is giving us exactly what we ask for.

  17. Typical liberal “stuff”. But, if you were to “force” a gay male to have sex with a straight woman [unless he is “bi”] you are interfering with his conscience and he will have your “butt” [no pun nor threat intended]! But it doesn’t work the other way around! This nation has reached that point where there is no return from the degradation brought on by the turning away from traditional morality. The direction is down and destruction is the end! It has happened before in other empires, and it is happening before our eyes, but many if not most don’t see it because they don’t want to see it! That certainly includes the leaders in both parties! Truth is simply not their strong suit!

  18. Is Oregon aware that Islam does not recognize homosexuality? Will this apply to muslim bakeries, also? Something tells me that the state and gay population does not have the backbone to stand up to a religion unless it is one that will turn the other cheek.

    1. No Muslim bakeries have refused a request like this. No Muslim photographers, flower arrangers, or catering companies either. In this situation, Muslims are more tolerant than the Christians.

  19. Freedoms are lost incrementally , one right at a time . Our constitution guarantees every American , individually , the right to act according to our conscience . The government can not force any American to violate his/her conscience in the way they operate their business . We can not leave the conscienc at home in our daily activities ; it takes no breaks !!!

  20. The Muzzies will not tolerate the gays or infidels in any form, their cult / religion makes killing the infidel a rewarded act. Killing infidels is encouraged in the koran. The same liberals that empower the muzzies will loose their heads, literally when the muzzies get power. This will be fun to watch. Christians need to stop tolerating this bigotry, Christophobia and general violation of their Civil Rights.

  21. Don’t look for this evil to stop – it won’t. We’re in the last days and Jesus said there would be a “great falling away” from God. This kind of abuse is only the beginning of the destruction of Christianity. Jesus went on to say that when we see these things coming to pass “look up for our redemption draweth nigh”. This is not defeat but rather the fulfillment of God’s plan – the end is near and all that Jesus told us would come is here.

    1. are so right. I too believe we are living in the last days. We will see worse than this before Jesus returns.

      1. Well on point 2, surely you’re right. But as to point 1? You can believe what you like, but in every day from then to now, there have been people who thought the same as you. All of them wrong.

  22. If the bakery refused to sell a wedding cake (which is part of their advertised business) to an interracial couple because their religious belief was against the mixing of the races, would that be OK? Would you stand up and support that?

    1. So…. A gay bakery should be forced to bake an anti-gay cake or a black owned printshop should be forced to print flyers for a Klan rally?

      Did you even read the article?

      While leftists play PC games…we are all losing our freedom of choice…..while people on the left ignore it.

      Like lobsters in a pot….you all won’t realize the water is too hot until it’s too late.


    2. And what for-real religion would that be? You can’t just make up your own private religion, new each day for whatever kind of discrimination you have in mind that day, and satisfy the requirements of the law.

    3. They also can’t refuse to bake a cake for someone in a wheelchair because they don’t like cripples. They can’t refuse to bake a cake for Hispanics because they hate Mexicans. They can’t refuse to bake a Bar Mitzvah cake because they are antisemitic. Keep your bigoted opinions to yourself and do your job.

    1. Sure sure. Be a racist as you are and like any liberal including Obama blame others for your problems.
      Can you tell me when the last time Obama took the blame for something?
      Of course not! he blames Bush or the Tea Party.
      Rcists they just blame each other no matter the color. As long as it is not their fault.

    2. The Klan has never been as bad as the media has written. Years ago out of curiosity, and against the advice of my friends, I went to a demonstration. David Duke was one of the speakers. He was intelligent, very charismatic and humorous. Even the black policemen were laughing at his funny comments. He’s been labeled everything bad but all he did was tell the truth.

      Have tou ever read the ” Clansman ” by Thomas Dixon, Jr. ? There is also a great movie, ” The Birth of a Nation.” by D.W. Griffith” Its a silent movie based on Dixon’s novel. It tells the truth about the Klan.

  23. Doesn’t the owner of this bakery have a sign about refusing to serve anyone? Where is his rights being upheld. He shouldn’t have to answer to anyone about his beliefs. Many people died for the right to believe the way you want. Its a sorry state that has vicious lawyers step in and try to take those rights away.

  24. I’d say they have a very interesting Constitutional case on their hands.

    Time to take it to the Oregon’s state supreme court and make it. If that law is read strictly, or even broadly, the Bureau is almost without question violating it.

    Even if clarification on what is and is not allowable is what results, we’ll all be better for it.

    In the meantime, a sign that says “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason” is still quite allowable and should be posted.

  25. The Government is basically forcing children to be molested
    Every time that the “gay” subject comes up in schools, is every time a kid is molest.
    Sex Ed is the LEGAL right for a stranger (teacher) to come up to your little boy and say,” little George, this is a VAGINA” and show him a picture. OR conversely, to your little girl , ” little Becky, this is a PENIS ” and show her a picture. Then, they talk about sex and the best position to do WHAT?

  26. This world is changing and not for the better! Our country is becoming an immoral cess pool and those who dare to speak truth are bullied into submission….remember sodom and that other place beggining with a G that I can t spell? That was gods punishment for the sinful acts being committed and those who said and did nothing!

  27. If I were the baker I would have made them a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and chocolate filling make from ExLAX. That would almost certainly insure a crappy reception, and honeymoon.

  28. The mentally deranged homosexuals could have gone to another bakery, but they had to force their insanity on other people, which is what leftist, Democratic liberalism is all about. The problem here is not the mentally deranged sexual deviants, but the government that gives them legitimacy through the enactment of “specialty laws” to protect the claims of the insane. The time has come to overthrow the politicians and kill them if need be, to reinstate our Constitutional Rights. And that is what our Second Ammendment is really about. Once again, do not hate or act against the mentally ill, act against the tyrannists/politicians that are destroying our Nation and Constitution.

      1. You should take your stand-up comedy routine to some gay bar in Portland. They can’t discriminate against you, it’s the law now!
        Let us know how it works out for you.

  29. I moved to Central Oregon from California 36 years ago and thought I was finally free of the blind, ignorant and controlling liberals I left behind. Not so! They followed me here in droves and now their numbers, especially on the west side of the Cascade mountains, allow them to drag us all down to the level (right below the cow pie) which California occupies today. The west side of Oregon, along with the western half of Washington, are now nothing more than the northern part of California. Time to move on and leave them to wallow in the cesspool they created. Swine, one and all.

      1. If I only could…. but too many people would rather have their promised free-bies instead of their guaranteed free-doms.

  30. How much more can “We the People” take of these Communist/Muslim/NWO Monsters…!!! Enough is Enough…!!! “We the People” have been preparing for the last 5 years now, purchased over 100 Million Weapons, Millions have been taking Gun Training and more, now is the time organize, like Major General Vallely’s operation coming on May 16th in D.C., but “We the People” also need and contingent plan if this dose not work this time (it didn’t work last Sept and Oct), and I am not talking about fighting with words/blogs or banana’s…!!! God help us, PLEASE…!!! Also the real labor (unemployment) numbers came out today and unemployment has reached 37%, not 6.7%, OB and his people lie about everything..!!!! America is going under on it last breath…PEOPLE DON’T YOU SEE IT, IT’S TIME TO GET OFF YOUR A*S…!!!!

      1. WHAT…Start a file on 100 Million Pis*ed off, ripped-off, unemployed Americans…!!!! CARLjr is and NSA spy…!!! Also CARLjr, I hold JD in LAW and no my rights very well and nothing I have written is illegal…Ever hear of the 1st Amendment…!!! Freaking Commie…!!!

        1. No I am advocating the U.S. Constitution…take time to read it…!!! Who is advocating a Government overthrow…sound like you are CARLjr, a Communist overthrow…!!! Communist don’t like it when a Free People stand up for their U.S. Constitutional Rights…!!! CARLjr, I have seen your Anti-American, Anti Constitution blogging on other sites as well…Anti-Americans like you make me SICK…!!! Your the one the NSA needs to open a file on…!!!

        2. I’ve read it.
          If your protest in May turns out to be violent. I will be on the side that shoots traitors. (going to drone school)

        3. Carl would traitors include those that have lied to the American people knowingly? Would that also include people that rush to get us to go to war on a country that was innocent and we knew it?
          I figure all of those actions I described cost lives wrongly and that they may be guilty in the minds of some.

        4. Aha!!! I could and would be talking about a lot of people. The idea is to be fair and honest. With all of the polarization going on politically anyone that says their side is innocent is lying. So that list could be expanded to include dems as well hypothetically.

        5. Now you see what I was talking about. Shooting traitors with or without drones will more than likely cause collateral damage.

      2. I can imagine the file that they got on you. There isn’t a government alive or in power that can make me like homosexuals.If I want to have one as a friend ,I will have one which I have a few but they dont try to sway me. the honor my space and I theirs.

    1. Vote there sympathizers out in the next election or recall them and throw them out of office. Egg them at there parades it’s an improvement on what they look like.

  31. Okay so were forced to make the cake. However it doesn’t have to be a good cake! Specialty cakes are piece of art and no one can force an artist to perform in a specific manner. I can sympathize with the bakery actually the Baker because they’re an artist. I’m an executive chef retired and one of my specialties was ice and tallow sculptures and centerpieces for special occasions. Including one year ice carvings for the Rose Festival in Portland. Long ago and far away.

    But my point is these perverts didn’t do this for principal they did it specifically to get notoriety and to rub their perversion in the faces of everybody else. So instead of giving them the chance to make their statement and get their notoriety a better tactic would’ve been to make the cake that is at best mediocre and preferably very amateurish. Maybe have your dishwasher decorated.

    They want a cake give them a cake but don’t give them a piece of art and a soapbox to further their cause.

    1. Why should this couple have to lower their standards to appease a couple whose action go against their moral beliefs? This disregard of our rights has to be fought straight forward! Why have we not seen any of these same sex coupes push their beliefs on Muslim busuness owners…because this is about attacking, undermining and eventual destruction of the Christian majority in this country!

      1. No it would have to be edible and conform to what the customer specified. There are plenty of ways to make the cake perfectly edible but everything else about it is crap.

        Do a very poor job with decorating and especially make the frosting without flavoring so it basically tastes like fat and sugar. After all you’re not looking for recommendations.

  32. The Homosexually Lobby has become a TYRANNICAL GROUP. Either you support US or We’ll destroy YOU. They tried these Tactics in Sacramento. When they found out who the Contributors were that supported the Marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN, They were so vocal on this one man who was a Director on a Community Theater Group, he resigned his Position. I wouldn’t have. They obtained the List of Donors ILLEGALLY and they went to Their Businesses and Harassed them.

    I HATE this LOBBY, they don’t have the right to get into our FACES and throw their Homosexually in it. I don’t throw my Heterosexually in their FACES.

        1. Yeah, it’s far more logical to believe that order and complexity are the result of random actions, than the actions of an intelligent Designer.

          MUCH more sensible, Crispy.

        2. Yes – since you’d have to be bonkers to design such a crappy planet that is mostly uninhabitable by humans, kills them off by the hundreds of thousands every year because of the crappy weather and stupid insects, bugs and viruses. Yes – let’s worship a designer that gave us crappy bodies that die off for random things at random times. Fire the IDiot.

      1. Tranny is when it is FORCED on People. So get your FACTS Straight, I don’t FORCE my Heterosexually on anyone.. I am surprised that you don’t KNOW THAT! That’s very Elementary, Maybe you should go back to SCHOOL!

        1. Why would you ask such a Horrible Question. You have a SICK MIND CARLjr. Are you of that Persuasion? Or are you trying to be FUNNY? Which you aren’t.

        2. Not really. They are only asking for the same treatment as others. No one is forcing you to agree with them.

        3. Personally, I don’t care if they want to be with someone of the same sex, What you do behind closed doors is your business. Just DON’T throw it in my FACE! I don’t and NEVER will agree with this Lobby or (PAC). And YES they ARE trying to FORCE US to AGREE with them.

          An saying used my Stalin and the Hitler during WWII: “Tell a LIE Often enough, it becomes TRUTH!” They are trying to sell the Public the LIE that Homosexual Sex is Normal. Sorry it’s not. I will NEVER believe that they are normal.

      2. Chris, the homosexual community or at least their activists are indeed going too far. The incidents that Fazio describes really have happened and some even worse. The AG has even tailored regulations to fit this group. The gay lobby wants and demands positive reinforcement of their lifestyle. Or Else! If you do not then they will go for a hostile workplace. Tyranny

        1. I think you have things backwards. The religious have already achieved tyranny in the work place. People being fired for being the wrong religion or going to the wrong church.

        2. And of course, there are examples of this, and citations that show this occurring in large numbers…

    1. And God pronounced his displeasure with the sodomisers and those who go against nature by calling them what they are. An ABOMINATION !,A perversion to the laws of nature.Screw the perverters of God and Nature. OH they would like that ,Sorry.

    2. Don’t judge the Director too quickly for quitting….none of us know what our response will be until we are faced with a situation! These people attack without regard for laws, morality, prosecution or any type of decency! Itvos not simple harassment or name calling; they seek to DESTROY their percieved ENEMY and their family and friends who dare to support them! We have to join together to fight – alone we are weak!

  33. The fear these small self-serving groups inflict on the majority is ridiculous. They should be laughed out of existence.

  34. It is a fight they didn’t have to be in. Just say you’re booked solid and don’t have time for the cake… end of discussion. No fighting necessary.

  35. This is what the queers want. They want the “gay card” that they can use a claim discrimination if you don’t hire them instead of someone that may be more qualified. They want to control you just as their Manifesto says. They said that they would do this in their manifesto along with sodomizing our kids.

  36. Since when does Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries make or enforce law? It would seem that the federal government isn’t the only entity that spits on it’s own Constitution.

    Hey Oregon! Good to know you can knuckle under to extremist organizations. Whats next, Al-Quida training camps in Eugene?

      1. Who said anything about the “religious right”? I’m talking strictly Oregon’s state Constitution. The only extremists I see are Godless minions of the left.

  37. And of course no one has the money to pay a lawyer to file suit against the state.

    He who has the money and is willing to spend it to buy power runs (rules) society.

    The lawyers and courts have the power, and the perverts have the money.

    Have a nice day.

      1. If the same standards are applied to all customers (subject to the same rules), then there is no discrimination.

        Here’s a scenario:
        I choose to determine that all of my customers are Christians, following the tenets of the Bible. I’m totally impartial, and apply the standards to everyone. How am I discriminating?

        1. I’m not discriminating. I’m deciding with whom I choose to do business. I apply the same standard equally, and allow anyone to meet the standards, or do business elsewhere.

        2. You cannot do that. You need to be a private club, not open to the public. If you are open to the public you must abide by the non-discrimination laws.

        3. And that’s why I have presented the idea which I’ve posted numerous times.

          Any Christian should run his business on the “club” model. Membership dues (1 cent per transaction should be good); posted by-laws, membership requirements (adherence to the Bible is good); membership subject to approval of business owner, etc.

          THAT would avoid this whole mess, and be legal as well.

        4. You can say it’s bigoted, but how about just stating that it’s someone who has beliefs, and would like the freedom (and “tolerance”?) to stick to them, without being forced to associate with those with whom he does not want?

          I don’t go to gay bars…Same reasons, same thing.

        5. The whole reason “country clubs” were invented was to keep out the blacks. They did not want to be forced to associate with them. It worked for about 50 years or so.

        6. Ah, yes…the gay/black thing…

          Being black is not a matter of choice, now, is it? Engaging in homosexuality, on the other hand? It IS a matter of choice.

          Kind of a big difference there.

        7. Being a Christian is a matter of choice, now, isn’t it? You are happy to discriminate based on choice.

        8. Yes, now you’ve got it! If THEIR choices run counter to MY choices, then we both go our separate ways, and leave each other alone…to our respective choices.

          Problem solved.

        9. So you would be OK if a company put up a sign and refused service to Christians? What if it was a grocery store? A hospital? The only internet service provider in town?

        10. As I want the same right, I would indeed be okay with someone stating that he didn’t wish to serve Christians, no matter the business. I can always take my business elsewhere.

        11. Thank goodness you are not in charge of it then. It’s not easy to take your business to a different hospital in many cases. Why not just keep your opinion to yourself and do your job?

        12. The problem with your supposition is that we are, with this article, dealing with an “owner/operator” business, not a large corporation.

          You can’t draw a parallel between the two, as the corporation will, more than likely, have many owners, dozens of employees (if not more), etc. The single owner business (as in this case) is guided by the desires, beliefs and goals of one person, the owner.

          Also, doctors also swear an oath, which is supposed to be binding:
          “I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity;

          I will give to my teachers the respect and gratitude that is their due;

          I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity;

          The health of my patient will be my first consideration;

          I will respect the secrets that are confided in me, even after the patient has died;

          I will maintain by all the means in my power, the honour and the noble traditions of the medical profession;

          My colleagues will be my sisters and brothers;

          I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability,
          creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race,
          sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene
          between my duty and my patient;

          I will maintain the utmost respect for human life;

          I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat;

          I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.”
          Notice that part about “sexual orientation”? Doctors can’t hold that against someone, it’s part of BEING a doctor. You care for the person’s health. Along the same lines, I might not want to do business with a homosexual, but, for example, if a building was on fire, and one was trapped in there, sure, I’d try to help. Even less dramatic, if the guy (or gal) was stuck by the side of the road with a flat tire, why shouldn’t I help? He’s a human being, and deserves to be treated as such. Doesn’t mean I want him in my store, nor will I invite him home to have dinner with my family. It’s MY choice, and I am free to make it.

          So…I call “Strawman” on your argument, if you don’t mind.

        13. Precedent. No discrimination. For any business. Not a mom and pop place, not a bigger company like Hobby Lobby, not a huge corporation like Apple, not the Government either. Everyone gets the same deal. It’s the American way.

        14. If I go to a place that does not provide a service I want — I go to a place that does! Novel concept, huh? Apparently that concept is beyond some people’s ability to think logically.
          IF, that is, we are to believe the intent was simply to request a service and not a blatant political statement. How dishonest!
          Are we to believe that the ONLY providers available for gay oriented demands are Christian? Are we to believe gays really can’t find ANYONE else to bake a gay oriented cake but are “forced” to go to a shop obviously known to be operated by Christians?
          Please! This is nothing less than dictator-like control.
          The gay lobby wants nothing more than to silence *any* different ideas/perspectives, pretty much in the same manner the NAACP, Rainbow Push, the ACLU and countless other liberal organizations have worked to accomplish for the past however many years.
          Conservatives have finally found their gumption to stand up to the liberals’ accusations of ‘racism’ every time a conservative disagrees with giving out more freebies to buy more votes.
          Now we have to find our voices to support our beliefs against folks who eschew religious beliefs altogether and demand the ‘right’ to disallow anyone’s beliefs.
          Destruction of America continues: the rising over one to destroy others will never come to “equality.”

        15. That may work in a large city where there are many options, but many people live in a smaller community that only has ONE hospital, ONE grocery store. It’s not that they don’t provide the service. They just won’t provide it to YOU. Whether you are black, gay, republican, German, Asian, over 60 years old, blind, left handed, Lutheran, Baptist, redheaded, overweight, have an accent or a stutter, have a beard, or a veteran. No one should be in the group that the store refuses service to. Who is next? When will YOU the one discriminated against?

        16. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and refusing them service. There is no law against disagreeing.

        17. Dear idiot ,you ARE discriminating against the baker,it is scary that you cannot recognize this fact.The law targets or in other words DISCRIMINATES against his freedom of expression,religion,private property ,pursuit of happiness,etc.It is the equivalent of a city ordinance banning smoking in
          all establishments within the city limits.Pfft ,you have a cigar bar,tough you have to close.The trouble with regressives it is the law of unintended consequences that always bites you in the a**.

        18. In an ideal world, yes. This country of ours is no longer an ideal world. In today’s politically correct world, only those who submit and fall in line appropriately are “allowed” to go their own way to their choices.

          In today’s “1984,” no one is “allowed” to go one’s own way with one’s own preferences and ideas and choices.

          That is today’s reality: do what we (The Liberals) say or else.

        19. Not wanting to bake a cake for someone is NOT discrimination.

          That, too, is a choice. The choice of deciding for whom one wants to expend one’s energy to create a product.

          Strange how liberals feel that only *they* have the “right” to choose, whenever they feel like it, but no one else does.

          Lord help our country!

        20. If you bake a cake for EVERYONE else, it is. That is what the courts have said. Over and over. You cannot use your own prejudices to discriminate against others in business. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t have a business. Go work for someone else.

        21. Suggesting that people are Marxist is EVIL. So much for Christians being an example of wonderfulness. Seem not to be too different from bunch of name calling teenagers.

        22. You aren’t well versed on your own constitution are you. I guess private property,personal choice and other quaint notions like “we reserve the right to refuse service to whomever we chose.” are lost on the bully pulpit of the state. Besides ,the stupidity of the law would not allow the baker to descriminate against a pedophile,necrophiliac, orgyist, bestialytist, transgender,transvestite .The sad thing is you ignore the equal protection under the law ,where the law is applied equally .Now the law protects discriminantly and “more ” equally for some .Using force to discriminate against one persons rights is no more than the statistically vapid notion of creating “hate ” crime laws.
          Take it to the US Supreme court ,the law is not only unconstitutional in Oregon ,but is unconstitutional and violates many guarantees in the Bill of Rights.

        23. Yeah, right, so ignored you replied to it and corrected the error in your post. LOL. You really are a hoot, pet. Your dishonesty, lying to yourself first, knows no boundaries, is without limit.

        24. This is the USA. We speak English here, petroskhan, petroskham, pet, Arek Petrosian, whatever your name is. Learn English or leave.
          As a matter of fact you need to leave, take your persecution of religion and religious people elsewhere. We enjoy Freedom of Religion here. It is in the US Constitution.
          There is no place here for your attacks on Christians,
          Christianity and certain groups you have selected like Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Seventh-Day Adventists.

        25. Petroskhan, I will shop at your establishment.but a liberal like our unbiased(sarcasm) friend Carljr. Apparently he wants us all to do as he wants and not have free will that the good Lord gave us. Well junior you can kiss my Irish Christian bible thumping BUTT.

        26. Nah, it just tells the homo’s they can’t file suit to force their agenda down someone else’s throat. In all these “cake” cases, I am sure the homo’s did their homework and picked these vendors, out of all possible vendors in the area, to accomplish exactly what they have accomplished. The end result is only going to create more division. In the end it is a political ploy, orchestrated by the highest levels of government, to accomplish precisely that.

        27. What an odd post by you who attacks certain denominations you have chosen to attack, all Christians and Christianity really, and do not follow the Bible yourself. You don’t even understand the Bible and have proven it in many of your silly posts.
          You club plan reveals you as a racist too.

        28. No, you didn’t ignore my post. You replied to it, and lots of readers have read my post and seen how ridiculous you behave.
          You’ve gone well past childish and stupid to idiotic. Your need for mental health intervention has now reached emergency crisis level.

        29. Again I tell you, idiot, This is the USA. We speak English here, petroskhan, petroskham, pet,
          Arek Petrosian, whatever your name is.
          Also the US Internet requires use of Standard English. Learn English or leave.
          As a matter of fact you need to leave, take your persecution of religion and religious people elsewhere. We enjoy Freedom of Religion here. It is in the US Constitution.
          There is no place here for your attacks on Christians,
          Christianity and certain groups you have selected like Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Seventh-Day Adventists.
          You were better off not ignoring my posts but replying to them stupidly with “Ignored.”
          Nothing you try though is going to work except stopping your attacks on religious people, the certain denominations you have selected and making posts as if you are really somebody.
          You prove by your posts that you are an ignorant blowhard, an idiot, not very bright, siding with atheists and other unbelievers in God, with an overblown opinion of yourself.
          Go away. Post online where I will never see you. Since you have failed to listen to my sound advice and persist in your idiotic behaviors I will not let up on showing others who and what you really are. You can think of it as my campaign like your campaign against Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Seventh-Day Adventist.
          Tell me, pet, how does if feel for You to be attacked for Your beliefs based on your inability to read and understand the Bible? Think about that question a bit and what you have been doing ever since I first saw you online, pet.

        30. Okay, Ron, since you’re obviously too stubborn and illiterate to get the simple message that you are, quite honestly, beneath me in every way that matters, I shall grant you your obvious wish, and communicate with you. Try to control your excitement, and sit down. We don’t want your ticker to give out from the arousal you’re undoubtedly feeling at the fact that I’m paying attention to you.

          First, don’t bother denying that you want me to communicate with you. Any sane and normal person who did not wish communication would have ceased long ago, and left it as “done” with my numerous “Ignored” comments. You, however, like some desperate crack addict, simply can’t seem to get enough of me demonstrating to the world what an odd, ignorant, arrogant homosexual curmudgeon you truly are.

          “Go away”…and deprive you of one of your major reasons for living? Deprive you of the joy of being humiliated, and mostly by your posts, when they are shown for the ignorant, hot air they are? Why on earth would I do that? That would be far too cruel to you, and I would never do that to you.

          “This is the USA. We speak English here…” Really? No other languages are spoken here? You really need to pull your head out of…well…you know. America being the melting pot it is, you might notice that a great many languages are spoken here, and English is but one of them. But then…you actually notice so little of the real world, don’t you? You poor, miserable senile old man. Tell me, do you change your own diapers, or does the nurse help you with that? Just wondering…

          “You prove by your posts that you are an ignorant blowhard, an idiot, not very bright…” Now, I find that quite amusing, as you have yet to disprove a single thing I’ve posted regarding the Bible, and my position on religious matters. In fact, you have to prove that you even know the contents of the Bible to a greater degree than that of an elementary school child raised by Buddhists. But by all means, prattle on, Ron. Do prattle on. Your hot air and pomposity provide me (and a great many others) with endless entertainment. I am actually thinking of collecting your posts and mine together and creating a website where all can read them. Maybe I could entitle it “Conversations with Ron the Savior” or something similarly grandiose. I’m sure you won’t mind, since you have yourself stated you don’t need humility.

          “Post online where I will never see you.” Hmm…and another amusing post from the depths of your senility. Since Disqus is one of the (if not THE) most widely used forum posting mediums, and you have elected to “Follow” me, that would be rather difficult, wouldn’t it, Ron? (As a side note, it should be pointed out that as amusing as I find you, I am not following you. Stalk much?) And anyway, even if I could post where you will never see me, and chose not to, all you have to do is not read my posts. But you choose to do so, and no one is forcing you to do otherwise. You have elected to read them, and respond to them. So quit with the lying, you pompous self-important speck of fecal matter. No one with a grain of sanity or intelligence believes anything you write. So, stop lying. It only makes you even more foolish…as if that were even possible.

          “…you have failed to listen to my sound advice…” When you learn enough, and climb down from your ivory tower long enough, to actually give sound advice, I will consider following it. Until then, I choose to ignore your rambling hot air, and give it all the serious consideration that I would to fly-covered pile of canine feces in someone else’s yard…in another country. So get over yourself…everyone else certainly has.

          “I will not let up on showing others who and what you really are.” Right back at ya, Ronnie-boy. Right. Back. You are a dolt. A truly evil, ignorant pagan who spreads lies and deceit under the cover of being a man of God, and you need to be shown for the pompous Satan worshiping ignoramus you truly are. More than anything else, I despise liars, and you are one of the worst I’ve ever encountered in my life. But despite that, I do pity you, for I know that you are simply lost and afraid of the truth.

          “how does if feel for You to be attacked for Your beliefs based on your inability to read and understand the Bible” I don’t know, you tell me. You’re the one who never actually disproved a thing I said, but decided to go rambling on about how qualified you are, and I’m not. You haven’t actually countered or refuted one single thing I’ve ever said, as desperately as you have tried. I’m not surprised, though. You really don’t know the Bible very well, and the simple skill of logic and debate is one that is, quite obviously, well beyond your feeble mental means.

          So…to sum it all for you, here’s what you’re showing everyone:

          1. You don’t want me to leave you alone. If you did, you would have ceased communicating with me. You would not be “following” me on Disqus. I tried to make it very plain that you were far too rude and self-absorbed to deal with, but like a child denied a favored toy, you have chosen to “Follow” me on Disqus, and insist on exchanging posts. You are clearly a liar, and want to feel like you are engaged in some sort of struggle against an enemy, where you can feel like you’re accomplishing something in your deluded fantasy of some sort of personal Crusade. Problem is, you’re the heathen, and I’m the Christian. Sort of ruins the fantasy. I guess you’ll have to call your struggle a “Jihad”, then, won’t you, you degenerate pagan?

          2. You are completely ignorant of the Bible and its contents, as you can’t even refute the simplest points I’ve raised with Scripture; you are forced to resort to your own ramblings and hot air, and then, laughably, claim that you’ve answered the issue raised. A perfect example is where I clearly show that the Bible condemns adding to God’ appointed Holy Days, yet you vehemently defend Christmas and Easter, pagan festivals added by men in obvious and clear violation of Scripture and the Will of God. You cannot support or defend this position, and so you instead attack me with your inane and childish attempts at insults. You avoid directly addressing the issues and then claim, after tedious hot air and insults, that you’ve “won”, by not actually answering anything. All you’ve won is first place in a Moron Contest, with the runner-up being anyone who would listen to your pagan rantings.

          3. You are pompous beyond belief. Even the most rudimentary study of the Bible shows that humility is a trait which Christians are to nurture and strive for, yet you have stated that you have no need for it. (Is your halo on straight?) Also, your self-love and belief in your own infallibility are your greatest weaknesses. You should really read the Bible, and learn what humility means; lose the arrogance. Learn to admit when you’re wrong…which you are with startling frequency, Your Not-So-Holy-ness.

          4. You are, at the very least, a closet homosexual. I don’t know you personally, so I don’t know if you’ve “com out” or not. For all I know, you are a proud and happy public cross-dresser who goes by the name Rhonda. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. No heterosexual man would actually prefer to use the term “pet” when talking to another man, yet it seems to be your favorite term when addressing me. Not enough gay bars where you live, Rhonda? Or are the other “boys” just not attracted to you? And if you think you’re coming off as clever, or that you’re bothering me, you’re not. You can’t. You’re simply not important enough to irritate me. You are just making yourself look like a geriatric homosexual stalker obsessed with what he can’t have.

          There ya go, Rhonda. Happy now? You caught me in a generous mood, and I’ve condescended to give you a modicum of attention. You have my permission to express your gratitude now.

        31. pet, you are too funny with your long, rambling, always wrong, nonsense posts trying to project your traits and behaviors onto me, thus proving again your insanity.
          I don’t want you to communicate with me or anyone else. I want you to shut up, listen, learn, then keep your idiotic mouth shut forever with your attacks on Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventists and other Christian faith belief groups.
          That is what all of this is about – your Satan-driven attacks on Christians and Christianity, your buddying up with other atheists and unbelievers in God of all kinds. Get it!?
          This is actionable as defamation of character in court. Thank you for more evidence to go in your file against you – “homosexual curmudgeon you truly are,” “you degenerate pagan,” “completely ignorant of the Bible,” “you’ve won’, (sic) first place in a Moron Contest with your pagan rantings,” “You are … homosexual … proud and happy public cross-dresser who goes by the name Rhonda,” “You … look like a geriatric homosexual stalker ….”
          FYI, America stopped being a melting pot long ago. It has been for many years now a nation divided against itself, fragmented really into oppositional groups refusing to become real Americans and clinging to their cultures that they fled for good reasons. You are so ignorant you are stupid, idiotic even.
          FYI, dummy, English is the International Language of aviation and other money-making enterprises worldwide. You are well advised to learn it and try to use it properly.
          I have disproven every thing you’ve posted regarding the Bible and your “reasons” for attacking Christians, especially women, and Christianity. You had a chance to cite support from the Bible for your Satan-driven behaviors, and you failed miserably at it, of course. You either did not post any Scripture at all, and when you did try you posted the wrong Scripture. That is on the record for all readers here to see, you pathetic liar and not a bright one at that :). LOL.
          Typical of idiots you are easily amused.
          You ramble on with lots of real “Christian” scatological obscenities there, Lucifer.
          You haven’t gotten over me. After trying your idiotic “Ignored” ploy you had to post this long bit of nonsense to me digging yourself deeper into the hole you put yourself in from the outset with your attacks on Christians, especially women, and Christianity.
          Remember, that’s what all this is about – your Satan-driven, mindless attacks.
          Tell all of us again what Church and church you left in a fit of childish rage over not getting your way after 30 years in the Church and church with “important jobs.” LOL. What church have you attended since then, are you attending now? You are studying and learning with what denomination? LOL.
          You challenged me on specific points of your choice, and you lost miserably in that debate on every point, and all the sub-points, and you know it but are not man enough to admit your defeat. You really defeated yourself.
          “You are pompous beyond belief. Even the most rudimentary study of the Bible shows that humility is a trait which Christians are to nurture and strive for … your self-love and belief in your own
          infallibility are your greatest weaknesses. You should really read the Bible, and learn what humility means; lose the arrogance. Learn to admit when you’re wrong…which you are with startling frequency” = your opening of your post to me – “Ron … you’re obviously … beneath me in every way that matters ….”
          Your name is pet – petroskhan, petroskham, Arek Petrosian; pet is an abbreviation of it, pet.
          “There ya go [pet]. Happy now?”
          You destroy yourself with your own words, pet, Satan-driven as you are.

        32. “I have disproven every thing you’ve posted regarding the Bible”
          HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Like WHAT?!?! You are so full of “stuff”, your eyes are probably brown. HAHAHAHAHA! You’ve never disproven a single thing I’ve stated, and you can’t, you pathetic heathen, because my source of information is the Inspired Word of God, while you kowtow to the man-made pagan festivals and the evils of religions that oppose the Bible. In short, you are pathetically delusional, and so ignorant on the subject of the Bible you don’t even realize how lost you are.

          “You had a chance to cite support from the Bible for your Satan-driven behaviors, and you failed miserably at it, of course.” LOLOLOLOLOL You are OUT there, Rhonda. Truly, way waaaaayyyy out there. I quoted Scripture, moron. I clearly showed where the Bible forbids paganism. I showed where we are ordered by God to not add to His Holy Days. What did you cite? NOTHING, you arrogant heathen. Not one thing but your own hot air and childish attempts at insults. You are a boorish, immature doddering old fool, too full of himself to accept the Holy Spirit, or follow the guidance of the Bible you claim to know so well. I pity you, pagan.

          “You challenged me on specific points of your choice, and you lost
          miserably in that debate on every point, and all the sub-points, and you
          know it but are not man enough to admit your defeat.” ROFLMAO!!! You actually believe that by spouting the gibberish you did, and not citing ONE Scripture to counter the numerous passages I quoted, that you proved anything? Well, wait…you did prove one thing. That you’re an idiot, and a pagan to boot.

          And just for giggles, let’s see you try once more, Rhonda. God has forbidden paganism. That’s beyond dispute. God has forbidden the addition to His Holy Days. Justify Christmas, Pagan. Show me from Scripture that this pagan festival is any way supported by God, if you can…you moronic Satan-worshiping heathen. And while you’re at it, dolt, illustrate for all of the world to see how me exhorting others to read and study the Bible, and stick to its commands, is “Satan-driven”. Two simple things. Let’s see if you can find both the manhood and the intellect to prove your point.

        33. pet, I wish you were able to see what a fool you make of yourself on worldwide-available, public sites with your ongoing attacks on certain denominations – Catholic, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Seventh-Day Adventists, Christians in general, particularly women, and all Christianity.
          You compound making yourself look like an idiot online by continuing to argue endlessly the same points although you have lost every time you have argued them.
          In a long dissertation trying to refute my devastating your arguments in support of your attacks on certain denominations you have chosen to attack as well as Christians and Christianity in general, you in fact “quoted [one verse of] Scripture, moron,” and you got that wrong. The 1 Timothy cite had nothing to do with the story at hand, the news forum thread, your argument and my defeating points against your silly argument.
          You are, as I have said already, delusional and prove it by continuing to argue over the one point endlessly, while trying to project our traits and behaviors onto me. You are Insane! Seek help local to you.
          You say, “I clearly showed where the Bible forbids paganism. I showed where we are ordered by God to not add to His Holy Days.” – Yes you did when you were asked to show where the Bible prohibits celebrations of the birth of Jesus the Christ and His resurrection. LOL.
          Also, you failed to know and understand the order “by God [not to] add to His Holy Days” was to the Jews, Hebrews, Israelites, specifically to the priests of the tribe of Levi. It did not have and still does not have anything to do with the celebrations of the birth of Jesus or His resurrection at Christmastime and Easter with all of the events, e.g., Lent, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, leading up to Easter as religious observances by faithful, believing Christians.
          How pathetically sad of you not to see these events tie direct to the events recorded and reported in the New Testament regarding the birth and the Passion of the Christ.
          I could cite multiple books, chapters and verses for you, but I will not waste my time on such an argumentative and useless critic as you.
          Thank you again for more evidence to use in the suit against you for defamation of character – “You are a boorish, immature doddering old fool, too full of himself to accept the Holy Spirit, or follow the guidance of the Bible you claim to know so well. I pity you, pagan.” Your pity is badly and sadly misplaced. Look in a mirror.
          Oh wow, another outburst of your “Christianity – “ROFLMAO!!!”
          You lost the debate, failed in the discussion, pet, on the celebration of the birth of Jesus – Christ Mass aka Christmas. It’s over. I will not continue to argue it with you endlessly or anything else on which you have defeated yourself already. I am not mad as a hatter, a raving lunatic as you are.
          LOL for you to speak of “manhood and intellect” are similar to the blasphemy of your speaking of the Bible, the Lord God, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit. You lack “manhood” and are of such limited “intellect” you cannot even get the very clear evidence against you and your awful behaviors against the Lord God, Jesus the Christ and Holy Spirit, Christians and Christianity.
          So you stay on the attack, pet, and try it again one last time when you stand before the Judge on your Judgment Day.
          I have no intention of debating any of it with you ever again. You have lost, are lost and will remain so until and if you change your own mind using the free will God gave you to do so.
          Here’s a suggestion that may be helpful for and to you: Don’t believe me. Show your post interchanges to someone you know and trust, a friend if you have one, maybe your daughter of whom you have posted online. Ask her or their opinions, even in detail about who won or lost the debate, who comes across more as the Christian and more as the godless, Satan-driven pagan.
          Do you have the manhood, the intellectual honesty to do that? If so let me know how it turns out for you. If you don’t do it all readers here and I will know who lacks manhood and intellect on these sites.

        34. “Also, you failed to know and understand the order “by God [not to] add
          to His Holy Days” was to the Jews, Hebrews, Israelites, specifically to
          the priests of the tribe of Levi.”

          Uh-huh…and we’re not supposed to bother with those old Laws and rules, since they were given to someone else, right? Same with those pesky Ten Commandments, right? I mean…they were given to the Jews, weren’t they? They shouldn’t apply to us, according to your “reasoning”.

          Oh, but wait…there is that tiny issue of us being Christians, which means following Christ’s example…and He followed those Laws, didn’t He? And then there is whole issue of Galatians 3:8, where it states, “…there is neither Jew nor Gentile…”, etc., and that we are all one in Christ. So, if we’re going to follow His example, that would sort of mean we had to follow those “Jewish” Laws. Darn. You’re wrong. AGAIN.

          You know, you demonstrating a rather lackadaisical attitude towards God’s Laws is getting to a habit, Rhonda. You might want to look into that.

          You see, you can try your pseudo-legalistic approach, and look for loopholes all you want. I prefer to err on the side of caution. If I follow a Law that I’m not required to follow, I’ve lost nothing, and gained everything. You, on the other hand, by avoiding following as many Laws as you can, are losing everything, and gaining nothing.

          Good luck with that.

        35. pet, please, we have already been over this.
          The order was to the Israelites, the Levitical priests. They have obeyed. They have not added Christmas and Easter to their Holy Days. Du-uh.
          “Uh-huh…and we’re not supposed to bother with those old Laws and rules, since they were given to someone else, right? Same with those
          pesky Ten Commandments, right? I mean…they were given to the Jews, weren’t they? They shouldn’t apply to us, according to your “reasoning”. – No, you are wrong. Your flaw in reasoning this time is you are trying to take a specific order to a specific people at a specific point in time and generalize it to things like the 10 Commandments, people and time it does not fit. The 10 Commandments clearly belong to all who follow God.
          “Oh, but wait ….” – Really, pet, did, do you expect Jesus the Christ to celebrate His own birth and resurrection anymore than He did?
          Lord, help me please. pet, Galatians 3:8 does not state,
          “‘…there is neither Jew nor Gentile…’, (sic) etc., and that we are all one in Christ.”
          Galatians 3:8 says, “And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed (KJV).”
          So as with your 1 Timothy misuse of the Bible, “Darn. you’re wrong. AGAIN.” And you prove beyond any doubt what I have been saying all along – you don’t know how to, can’t read the Bible with any understanding at all. You misuse, abuse and commit blasphemy against God by trying to do so. Also you are nasty, mean and ill-tempered toward me and others about it in your arrogance and ignorance.
          Then you go on another of your insanity-proving, projection rants:
          “You know, you demonstrating a rather lackadaisical attitude towards God’s Laws is getting to a habit [pet]. You might want to look into that.
          “You see, you can try your pseudo-legalistic approach, and look for loopholes all you want. I prefer to err on the side of caution. If I follow a Law that I’m not required to follow, I’ve lost nothing, and gained everything. You, on the other hand, by avoiding following as many Laws as you can, are losing everything, and gaining nothing.
          “Good luck with that.”

        36. I’m going to start with the most glaringly idiotic part of your post. It was a tough contest, since so much of it is inane hot air, but…

          “And you prove beyond any doubt what I have been saying all along – you don’t know how to, can’t read the Bible with any understanding at all.”
          And you prove once again that you’re too stupid to deal with. You have heard of typos, right? You know the verse to which I’m referring, but you choose to “refute” the point by once again acting like a dull-witted child and avoid the direct issue. Fine, then answer the verse that we both know was the correct one, before patting yourself on the back for finding a typo, 3:28. Happy now, dipstick? Seriously, for someone who makes as many typos and grammatical errors as you do, and invents his own words, you seem awfully concerned with the accuracy of the posts of others. How ’bout you tend to that beam in your own eye, okay, Rhonda?

          “Your flaw in reasoning this time is you are trying to take a specific order to a specific people at a specific point in time and generalize it to things like the 10 Commandments, people and time it does not fit.”

          Wow, you are really reaching there, Rhonda. The 10 Commandments were given to the Israelites. Just like the command to not practice paganism. But, just for the fun of it, let’s go with your “thought”, for lack of a better word.

          The commandment to not practice paganism doesn’t apply to us, is what you’re saying. So, you believe that you are free to add whatever pagan observances you want to God’s Holy Days, because you’re not a Jew? That’s your position? Simple “yes” or “no” is all that is required.

        37. What another Christian post you have made – Not!
          I repeat for you:
          Never forget our disagreement is over your attacking certain groups professing belief in the Lord, God, Jesus the Christ and Holy Spirit you have chosen to attack – Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Seventh-Day Adventists – as well as other Christians, especially women, and Christianity in general.
          You cannot justify your attacks Biblically or any other way, though you have tired and failed at it.
          The facts are you got hurt by and angry at the SDA Church and church because like a petulant child you could not have your way. You left the Church and church after 30 years holding “important positions” according
          to you, and you have been unchurched since. No Christian church suits you. You are Satan-driven, a friend of atheists and other unbelievers in god.
          Don’t you ever forget any of that. As you have made your mission attacks on the faith believer groups, Christians and
          Christianity in general, I have made part of my mission exposing you for what you are, and I do have Biblical justification for it, an abundance of justification from the Bible against you – John 13:34-35, John 15:12, 17, Rom 12:9-11, 13:8-9, 2Cor 13:10-12, Gal 5:12-14, Eph 4:2-3,
          1Th 3:11-13, 1Th 4:8-10, 1Th 5:12-14, 2Th 1:2-4, Heb 10:23-25, 1Pe 1:21-23, 1Pe 3:8-9, 1Pe 4:8-9, 1Pe 5:14, 1Jo 3:1-3, 1Jo 3:10-12, 1Jo 3:14, 16, 23, 1Jo 4:6-8, 1Jo 4:10-12; Matt 5:24-26, Matt 7:1-3, Luke
          6:36-38, Luke 12:56-58, Joh 5:21-23, Joh 12:47-49; 1Ti 1:3-4, 2Ti 2:14-15, 2Pe 2:1-5, 2Pe 2:12-13, 2Pe 2:17-19, Jude 1:4-6, from the 10 Commandments – Exo 20:16, Deut 5:20 – and a multitude of other Scriptures that condemn you.
          In fact you condemn yourself by your attacks on the faith groups you have chosen to attack, Christians in general, women in particular, and Christianity.
          Keep those facts and Scriptures foremost in your mind, pet, when you consider posting to me and others trying to argue your futile case, or you post some of your
          boasting and lies, lies you tell first to yourself.
          Deal with all of those Scriptures and facts, pet.
          I pray you come to your senses some day, see the errors of your ways, repent, beg forgiveness of God in the name of Jesus the Christ and be saved.
          You have no idea what I am saying just as you have no idea what the Bible says. You cannot hear me or read what I am actually saying to you – deaf, blind and dumb as you insist on being.
          All of the foregoing is your “simple ‘yes or no.'”
          By the way, I asked, indeed urged you, to copy, paste and post the “many typos and grammatical errors” you assert I make in my posts. Prove your assertion, pet, or admit you are wrong and lying, the lies you tell yourself first and false assumptions you make habitually.
          You have failed again, pet, defeated yourself again.

        38. Wow, you figured out to Copy/Paste…I’m sure you Mommy is proud of you.

          See my reply to your other post, pagan.

        39. You ignorant, arrogant, disrespectful, unchristian, rude, crude,
          thoughtless clod, my mother went to her final resting place 6 1/2 years
          I hope and pray your mother is well and aware enough to know the shame of her son, pet, petroskhan, petroshkam, Arek Petrosian.
          You are godless, but even you likely have a mother, unless you are a direct spawn from Satan.

        40. Being forced to make A cake for someone you consider against your religion is discriminating against your religion. That being said I’d have closed be fore the judge could have ruled. All that would have been necessary to get to that end is changing the name of your store and putting up A sign saying opening soon. Judge rules on the old name and your free as A bird to bake cakes for who you want. Making the fags find another baker or delay their un-godly wedding for another year while they fill A new suit. Meaning you gotta buy A new sign or just put the name up with chalk.

        41. Now, how do you square that with the fact that Muslims require Sharia law as a part of what they call religion?

        42. In point of actual fact, Sharia Law is an integral part of Islam. At the very least, they will claim that, as they have in Canada, France, Britain, Denmark, and other places. Australia and Russia are not having ANY of this, though.

          I hope we don’t either.

        43. A Muslim or anyone from a different religion would be someone “against” your religion. If you would make a cake for them, you are a hypocrite.

          I mean, it is a given that you are a hypocrite, but here is a specific example.

        44. It says to kill followers of other religions.

          1) If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods, whom you and your fathers have not known, gods of any other nations, near at hand or far away, from one end of the earth to the other: do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him; the rest of the people shall join in with you. You shall stone him to death, because he sought to lead you astray from the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. And all Israel, hearing of this, shall fear and never do such evil as this in your midst. (Deuteronomy 13:7-12 NAB)

          2) Suppose a man or woman among you, in one of your towns that the LORD your God is giving you, has done evil in the sight of the LORD your God and has violated the covenant by serving other gods or by worshiping the sun, the moon, or any of the forces of heaven, which I have strictly forbidden. When you hear about it, investigate the matter thoroughly. If it is true that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, then that man or woman must be taken to the gates of the town and stoned to death. (Deuteronomy 17:2-5 NLT)

        45. While I am not A baker I do not do business with muslim’s. The reason for this is past history. Sunday Oct. 23rd 1983 I was stationed with the 8th Marines I was in our bericks in Lebanon. While stretching out for the first time in 3 months on my bed (I’m rather tall and don’t fit in navy racks) Some stinking muslim blew the hotel to kingdom come. Burring me and room mate under 60 tons of concrete. Two days later after they pulled me out I was shipped to Germany to the hospital. Six months of surgery’s another year learning to walk.after I got back to the US. I don’t tolerate muslims! If one set foot on my property he would be carried off with A rather large hole where his head used to be. Not all muslims are terrorist but 95% of terrorist are muslims. Since you can’t tell one from the other I have only one response..

        46. I really must work on my humor…it doesn’t seem to come through on forums too well

          That post was a joke. I suppose I could have ended it with a smiley or something. 😀

          Does that help?

          On the serious side, though, I do support the Kleins,and wish them well. I also think that business owner who wants to adhere to his faith should run his business as a private club, as I’ve stated and detailed elsewhere.

        47. Then help me out. What was the joke? I am being serious, I do not see a joke in your comment.

          Living in a civil society is sometimes not easy. But most people would agree that getting along with others is better than fighting with others.

          Now, if you as a Christian, are flying across the country, and the airline you have booked a ticket on is owned by someone of another religion, can they make you remove your cross before boarding the plane? Would it make sense to refuse and miss your flight, and perhaps miss the event you were traveling to, just to make a point?

          Perhaps you might say yes. Now, if you were traveling for business and you upset a major client, could your boss fire you? Based on your posts, I would think you would say yes.

          But what has any of this accomplished? Are you less of a Christian if you do not wear your cross for a few hours? If you re going to take a medical test and you must remove your cross before the test because the metal will mess up the test, are you being less of a Christian?

          My point is that people make accommodations all day long. How does it impact the baker to bake a cake? He is not attending the wedding and his name is not on the cake.

          Asking someone to do their job seems rather benign.

        48. The only way for your question to make sense would be if it was a private plane, flown by the owner of the plane. Anything larger, and you’re running into the realm of corporations, owned by stockholders, etc.

          So, going with your scenario, and the premise that it’s an owner/operator business, then yes, it would make sense for him to ask that, since it might offend his religious convictions. I would, of course, choose another plane and pilot with which to do business. It’s his plane, his rules. I respect that.

          Am I less a Christian for not wearing a cross? I don’t actually wear one anyway. I don’t personally see the need for it. I’m not required to by the Bible, nor do I feel the need to advertise my faith for all to see. When asked, I answer. Should the opportunity for dialog present itself, I take advantage. Other than that, I mind my own business, and expect others to do the same.

          Now, as for the cake…the couple was asking the Kleins to participate, to take an active, creative role in a ceremony that was against their religion. The Kleins asked the homosexual woman to take her business elsewhere, and she was free to do so. But in typical “in your face” hypocritical petulance, she wanted to get back at them, she wanted her revenge for the Kleins having the insufferable gall to actually have morals and standards (as she does not), and stick to them.

          “Asking someone to do their job seems rather benign.” Really? How about asking a devout, Christian minister to officiate over their “wedding”, when it specifically goes against the religion of the minister? After all, performing weddings is part of his job. You going to support suing him as well?

          The Kleins did nothing wrong. They simply declined to do business with someone. That’s it.

          The homosexual did do something wrong. She decided to force someone to accept her lifestyle choice over their religious convictions, and sought not justice, but revenge. She wanted nothing more than that.

          If you’re going to claim that she only wanted equality, she had it before she walked into the Kleins store – everyone has the option of shopping elsewhere. So did she. No one forced her to walk in to their shop, why should they be forced to accept her business?

      2. Fudgepackers are perverts, plain and simple., according to my religious beliefs. I really don’t care what you think about it, either.

        It will be a cold day in Hell before the queens get a cake out of me.

        1. Are you unaware that some women can only experience an orgasm from anal sex? Why would your god create that response in some women? Ignorance is no way to go thru life.

        2. Well, then do something about your ignorance. It sure as heck isn’t MY problem. Get some learning: Intake, Exhaust. Any mechanic knows that.

          Quit reading Linda Lovelace interviews in PLAYBOY from 1973.

          You’re doing it wrong.

          You’re as dippy as an outhouse mouse.

        3. I do much about my ignorance. I actually learn new information. Why are you wallowing in your ignorance.

          BTW, Linda Lovelace did not do a Playboy interview in 1973. You really need to brush up on your facts before you post.

        4. JJ, the anus is not a sex organ… the inside tissues of the anus are very delicately formed tissue which is for the purpose of reabsorbing water back into the bloodstream. Consider the slightest tear to the tissue. If that happens one — at best — will get septicemia, a serious infection in the blood from fecal matter. What if the feces carries other serious diseases… you know the rest.

        5. That does not change the reality that some women experience orgasms from anal sex. And some men experience orgasm from having their prostate rubbed.

          If a god created people and he did not want them to engage in anal sex, it seems odd that he created a method for people to experience orgasms by having anal sex.

  38. Oregon Law
    § 659A.403¹
    Discrimination in place of public accommodation prohibited

    (1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, all persons within the jurisdiction of this state are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation, without any distinction, discrimination or restriction on account of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status or age if the individual is 18 years of age or older.
    (2) Subsection (1) of this section does not prohibit:
    (a) The enforcement of laws governing the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors and the frequenting by minors of places of public accommodation where alcoholic beverages are served; or
    (b) The offering of special rates or services to persons 50 years of age or older.
    (3) It is an unlawful practice for any person to deny full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation in violation of this section.

  39. I have seen signs on stores where it states the merchant has a right to refuse service… and i take it as to their own discretion….

    1. I’m afraid that won’t work, when in perceived conflict with laws to the contrary. In fact, that seems to be what this conflict is all about.

  40. Tyranny of the minority over the majority . . . and rubbing one’s opponents into the ground as much as possible.

    The gays are as vindictive in their “revenge” as the more liberal blacks in their goal to “punish” and crush those who they perceive as having persecuted them.

    Now, that they have “won,” there’s no holding back to their payback.

    We have almost years left of their dictatorship, just be ready for more of the same.

  41. So make the cake, but make sure it’s as dry as a popcorn far$ and the frosting is so full of sugar it crumbles when cut. Paybacks, there are always very sweet paybacks!!

    1. When in the military, there are several groups (specialties) of folks you DON’T want to pi*s off:

      1) The people who prepare your food, unless you want a snot sandwich.
      2) The medical folks, unless you want to get new shots each month, because you shot record inexplicably *got lost*
      3) The folks who process your pay, unless you want to get paid only once during each 6 month period.

      People usually find it important to get along, and avoid passive aggression.

  42. We are looking at this general issue the wrong way ’round.

    We act as if we are being forced under tyranny by government misbehaviour, thus the title “Religious Freedom Voided by Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries”.

    The real deal is that the tyrants are pushing us (like the bullies they are), to see what they can get away with and what new authority we will give them.

    So the title should read “Oregon’s BLI Violates 1st Amendment, Prosecution Imminent”. And the article should report the criminals’ names.

  43. Business owners need to get wise to these fools. (1)Take their order, but charge them a price they wont want to pay. (2) Tell them you’ll bake the cake but they’ll have to pick it up on Thursday morning. because you’re going out of town that weekend and will be closed Friday thru Sunday. (3) bake a cake that is just awful, perhaps come Friday, oops, plans changed at the last minute so we’re open after all.

    1. NEVADA –
      During the 1999 Legislative Session, the legislature added prohibition of discrimination based on a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation in public and private employment and public accommodations to state law. In the 2011 Legislative Session, Republican Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval approved and signed into law three bills, A.B. 211, S.B. 331, and S.B. 368 which prohibit discrimination in areas of employment, housing and public accommodation on the basis of “gender identity or expression.” S.B. 331 also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at public accommodations, and S.B. 368 also prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. All three laws took effect on October 1, 2011.

      TEXAS –
      The following Texas municipalities have ordinances prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity: Austin, Brownsville, Houston, Dallas, Dallas County, Fort Worth, and El Paso, San Antonio, and Walker County. The cities of Grand Prairie and Lubbock have ordinances prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation only.
      On May 11, 2001, Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 587, popularly but unofficially known as the James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Act, which strengthened penalties for certain crimes motivated by a victim’s race, color, disability, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, gender, or sexual preference.

        1. Those laws are Unconstitutional, since they impinge on freedom of association, private property, and religious conscience.

          The blowback’s coming, Mary.


  44. Jut wondering if this couple made visits to other bakeries in the surrounding area. My personal feeling is the owners should have baked the cake, and avoid all the confusion. I respect their strong religious belief’s,, but also, as a former all business owner, I would have baked the cake and avoided the issue. Imagine if business owners had ethnicity issues.? No cake for Italians,Irish, Jewish,Polish,Etc. A little common sense is in order.

    1. We should all have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. It’s their business! If they can make enough money to stay in business without some customers, that is fine…if not, they’ll go out of business. It is the business owner’s choice.

  45. Frankly I would not eat a cake baked by an unwilling baker to satisfy a customer who I very much disapproved of and was immoral in his eyes……

        1. You think it is legal to serve food that will make people sick on purpose? If you do, then you are an idiot.

        2. Legal? Your brain is quagmired in a virtual pool of sht if you think that legality under Obama’s tyranny has a leverage in creating equal opportunity within reason and in vision of future human improvement.

        3. The laws against serving edible food have existed long before Obama became president. And BTW, I think Obama is a terrible president too. So, your comment is nonsense.

  46. Americans have not been divided not treated so tyrannically in all our history as a nation. When governments continually overstep their bounds, tyrannizing and persecuting the people in the process, there is but one solution. This government has grown so corrupt that it’s way past the point of listening to the will of the people, in any sense of the term. Revolution is imminent and inevitable, s seen by by any but the most apathetic and ignorant. There is no other solution, no other process of reconciliation between Washington DC and the American people. They have grown communistic in nature and only force will be understood by them at this point.

  47. File a law suit against the judge for interfering with your religious beliefs. Judges are not immune from civil or criminal suits.

      1. Sorry about that but I am a paralegal and I know how to do it. So you go to the court house where all the records are kept and you do a search. You find a case where somebody sued somebody and you get a copy of that so you now have the format. They you do a little reading and you learn how to file a civil suit. It really is as simple as that.

        1. Good to know.

          So when are you and your paralegal friends going to ban together at start filing civil suits against all the criminal judges? Heaven knows an attorney won’t and most people are apathetic and removed. You can call yourselves, “Paralegals for Liberty and Justice.”

          I wouldn’t worry about keeping much less finding another job in your field after you file the first civil suit. You might also consider moving out of country if you want to live.

        2. Well, I am 75 years old. You should read my book, BLACK ROBES, which can be found on Amazon. Back in the early 90s I did file a civil suit (2) on judges, lawyers, representatives and Governor Tom Ridge along with the State Attorney General Ernie Preate. I also filed criminal charges on a couple judges along with a few lawyers and children and youth employees.
          One could say I lost however I got what I wanted. A few of those representatives lost elections and two of them went to jail along with the attorney general. (not sure what I did sent them there but it might have helped). The senator Pro Tem lost his bid for reelection. That all took place in PA. I now live in Florida and I go bass fishing, play golf, pitch horseshoes at our club (I am a national member) and I write books. I have had 6 published so far and I am writing 3 more.
          I figure it is time for the rest of the world to stand up and be counted. I also served 23 years in the US Army. I am a Ranger combat veteran Vietnam. I retired in 78. So, how much do I have to give to an ungrateful people? Just asking.
          And the sign in the picture is absolutely correct. Judges do destroy families because that is what they are supposed to do.
          Get my book. It is all in there and I name names.

        3. I’m impressed. Yes, you have done your duty and I wish more people had the balls to fight for freedom…people are very ungrateful and won’t get it until they are living in a FEMA camp.

          Paralegals know the game and can play from the sidelines….I wish there were a way to organize them to take on the system.

          Retire and enjoy life. Florida obviously is my favorite hang-out when I have the opportunity to visit. I used to play Doral all the time and now play Ocotillo in AZ along with any number of wet and miserable courses in Washington.

          I’ll get your book, but could not find “Black Robes” on Amazon…lot of other similar names however.

        4. I think this is it.

          I’ll read it. Amazon has a money back guarantee if I am unhappy with the content…HA.

          The review is great.

          Appears you’ve found your calling.

          I read part of it via Amazon….you’re right. It’s not justice but a scam perpetrated against the American family.

          I am a member of Fathers for Justice. They should know about your book if they don’t already.

        5. “NASA” is an idiot liar. He has shown repeatedly here that he cannot read, much less write. Have a look at the full metal jacket type insaity he has for Americans … some who still pay his bills.

  48. Have the list of services list the homosexual cake listed as “in development, not currently available”. Another option is to price it so high that they will take their business elsewhere. Nobody said the baker has to be reasonable.

  49. This is no more than a couple who could have just as easly gone to a different shop although through new found recognition decded to push it” it’s not the first time and sure as hell wont be the last !

  50. I always though you had the right to refuse service.I’ve seen many sing like this.If you have to a certain type of clothing on.

  51. Where is the homosexual “tolerance” they targeted that bakery. Is that the only bakery in the city, county, state? NOPE. They went AFTER that bakery with lawyer in tow. On purpose.

    1. You know what is funny? Most of you are bitching that the economy sucks. Which is does. So, here is an opportunity to expand your business.

  52. Unfortunately I think businesses are going to have to start finding creative (and fully legal, at least in places that have these sorts of contradictory laws) ways to dodge this sort of thing. One easy way is to simply be “too busy”. “Oh, so you’re wedding is next August? Oh. well, sorry, we are booked solid thru the end of 2106”
    Or, as someone else suggested – price them out – quote an impossibly high price that they could never hope to pay. I have heard of taxidermists doing this all of the time when they don’t want to mount someone’s pet – they just quote a crazy high price to get the person to go elsewhere. And as far as I know, there are no laws against this sort of thing unless it has to do with goods (not services) that are marked way up because they are scarce and there is some kind of crisis, like generators after a hurricane.

    A third way would be to take the deposit, and then have some kind of “emergency” that would prevent the service from being provided on time, but that is probably risky because people can sue if someone backs out of a contract in many cases.

    Probably the first two are the best options – good luck in suing to get around those! And it is probably easier for Christians (and others who don’t want to be involved in anyway) to avoid such issues then it is for businesses to avoid being forced to provide birth control to employees.

    But what I also think might happen is we may end up with “right to practice a business” states, sort of like there are “right to work” states. These would be states that legally protect people of faith from these kinds of attacks (and not just “religious institutions”, and then those people will flee the libtard trash states for the free states.

  53. Can there be any question Oregon is run by morons just like DC ? Especially on the I 5 corridor or left coast of the cascades. I hope these folks will get some support to take this to the higher courts. These people know how it works and use the system again common folks to their advantage in places like the left side of the state. I dealt with it for years and finally moved. What a mess we are in on every level !

    1. I think the left wing nuts have headed east out of California and Washington. Now they are infesting Oregon and other nearby low population states.

  54. What will likely have to be done is to have a simple easy to mass produce wedding cake that anyone can buy, a simple cut and paste white tier cake, perhaps. The couple may then accesorize it upon delivery themselves (little statues). Then have a wedding cake private club that is by invitation only which is for custom wedding cake consultation. You have to be invited to be a member. I am not certain but I think that would pass legal scrutiny.

      1. But how long before they have the Supreme Court dictating the recipe? Soon the Govt makes the cakes…. Follow the money, or the power. One will lead to depravity. Sorry to be so negative, but i’m 64 years old. Optimism deserted me decades ago.

        1. We have something to agree on, J.
          Religion has screwed things up for thousands of years all across the globe. That’s why Jesus came, to offer us a relationship through adoption into the family of God as Christians. If more people turned to Christ instead of getting ‘religious’ then things would be a whole lot better. :)

        2. Nonsense. Christianity offers the same absurd crap as all other religions. Believe in my religion or go to hell.

          Things will get better when people stop believing in myths.

        3. Well, since prayer has never been shown to actually work, I am sure that will accomplish absolutely nothing. But have fun trying it.

        4. You’re right.

          You’re not worth saving, but that’s just my bias opinion.

          Hopefully, just before you die, you’ll change your mind; however, just your luck, you’ll get hit by truck or “taped” so you won’t be able to make that decision.

          Eternity is a long-time to be wrong.

        5. Read chapter 17 in the Book of Revelation this Great Whore reigned for 1260 years murdering and torturing anyone who wouldn’t bow down to her, especially those Christians who kept the teachings of Jesus and his Apostles. Scriptures are clear this system will rise again with that same power (Satanic one world religion) as it had previously. This system is the cause of all the confusion in Christianity today, yet it is forming right before our eyes and seemingly very few are aware and the majority don’t even care, because they believe they will be gone by the time the bad stuff begins to happen. Someone will surely tell me this Great Whore is Islam, no way Islam never belonged to God in the first place so as to become a whore, Islam doesn’t have harlot daughters, the only thing Islam has in common with these prophecies is it is anti-Christ. The deniers will keep on denying and the Jew haters will blame it all on the Jews until it’s too late. If you want the truth read the history of the so-called Holy Roman Empire; how it came about, it’s Babylonian Doctrines, where it’s many rituals, relics originated. The Scriptures don’t tell us what role Islam will play in this endtime event, but Islam and this whore are merging, it’s name is Chritlam, their role might be to do the beheadings which is shown to happen and since they are pros at this already its possible they will be the ones providing this service for the Great Whore.

        6. That whore had her share of practice at beheadings as well, throughout history, even made a machine to increase the efficiency of it, if you recall: Madame Guillotine. And that whore is uniting with Islam, on several levels, so are the harlot daughters. As for being gone before the “bad stuff” starts happening, I’m not so sure, at least not all of it; I suspect we well be around for some of it, but shielded, and that many who believe they’ll be taken out WILL be in for a huge surprise all the way around; that they won’t be going at all. I also suspect Islam is going to give us the anti-Christ; that he will be the one the Muslims also call the 12th Imam, seeing as how Satan/Allah will be the source of both, and the characteristics are close enough to be one in the same. That they’re a tool God is using to chastise His children, both Christian and Hebrew, goes without saying; and that they’re being used by Satan as well is also clear.

        7. Tell you what; you don’t have to believe in MY religion; just don’t expect me to believe in yours! And don’t even try that you don’t have one; you do and you’ve publicized it here quite freely.

        8. Hmmmm.. it is unspoken… but I think you mean… “or else” … does sound like a threat to your audience here … so you continue to force your religion… in my religion you are the satanic one… I see you let the bible toting guy get off easy with the admission religion screws up everything, psycho nurse slut for the commentrr called NASA, sandraleesmith46. Also,I see your boyfriend has let up on posting nasty pictures of you… you know the so-called evangelical Christian who calls himself NASA with the cock tail picture, but continues to metaphorically assault others as he does me … you are the fascist nurse by the way… while he is constructing his lies to align me with your other Fascist counterpart Denise B , the true shill for Hitler much like you are the shill for the commenter calling himself NASA, in itself an insult to Americans.

        1. It should not be if you follow your bible.

          ◄ Hebrews 13:17 ►

          New International Version
          Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.

      1. While the founding of America was a somewhat liberal concept, it is historically inaccurate to call most of them “liberal”. I used to think as you do, but a moderate examination of America’s history has shown them to be depressingly conservative.

        To be fair, however, they were sufficiently pragmatic to ditch the Articles of Confederation and it’s failure of limited government as America was about to die a rather inglorious death were not the Constitutional Convention convened which gave us a much stronger, more centralized government; something FRWNJs HATE.

        1. Hey, when you don’t like the way history is written, just rewrite it to suit your belief system or ignore it completely. People do it all the time with the Bible and the non-science behind evolution.

          When you don’t have a leg to stand on, grow more legs.

        2. That is also humorous from someone who wants to re-write the history of the world to try and conform with his absurd biblical beliefs.

        3. A Conservative wants to keep things the same. A Liberal wants to change them. Therefore, the Founders were Liberals. Now, given that the USA has endured as a country, people who want to keep the this country the same are now called Conservatives.

          In the Soviet Union, the communists were called Conservatives since they did not want to change the Soviet Union.

        4. As I implied earlier, they were vaguely liberal in that they created a new nation and this, by necessity, requires change. However, they maintained the whole “landed aristocracy” thing by only allowing white landowners to vote. Additionally, various amount of wealth were required to run for various offices with the more powerful offices (say, Governor) requiring a greater level of personal wealth (than, say, mayor). The size of the township also had something to do with personal wealth requirements.

          Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States”, among others, refers to this sad fact.

        5. The revolution brought bold moves by a population of people who basically had no security to speak of. A breaking of traditions were bold moves though stressful to the fledgling new republic. Consider all the angst that was experienced by just the efforts of John Adams evidenced by the personal communications with his wife and Thomas Jefferson, his trips to Amsterdam to borrow money to pay for the war and to set up the new governments, about which he had intense reservations, etc., his meeting in Tripoli. While they did not do completely what is right as you point out, they did put it in writing to do the right thing. Read the U.S. Constitution.

        6. If by, “The revolution brought bold moves by a population of people who basically had no security to speak of.” you’re referring to the average person (read; non-landowner) then I’m afraid that’s not the case. Conscription was typically cognizant of wealth as had been the case with the British. If your family had enough money to get you out of it, then okay.

          There were even instances of its codification on both sides. Memories of the impressment riots against the British were still vivid when the American navy began pulling the same crap. The high level of class-consciousness remained.

          One significant effect of the war was to reduce (or delay a bit, sometimes) conflict between rich and poor, but sometimes things broke loose. Inflation sometimes ran rampant and the poor were driven to taking matters into their own hands more than once (such as lynching profiteers).

          While better off than slaves or indentured servants or Indians, the majority of white colonists could thus be wooed into the Revolutionary coalition. However, when the sacrifices of war became more bitter, the privileges and safety of the (upper-class) officers became increasingly hard to swallow. The war was generally a struggle for office and power between members of the two upper-classes: the new vs. the established.

          At the outset of the war general enthusiasm for it was not really there. Eventually much of the white male population fought but only a small fraction stayed. Historian John Shy estimated that only one-fifth of the population was actively treasonous and that they tired of local safety committees, corrupt supply officers, and, “ragged strangers with guns in their hands calling themselves soldiers of the Revolution”.

          Gen. Washington’s then-aide Alexander Hamilton dispair of his fellow countrymen’s desire for freedom caused him to write, “If we are to be saved, France and Spain must save us.”

          This is just the tip of the iceberg. The level of revolutionary fervor I remember being (at least) implied by me schoolteacher(s) was simply not there.

        7. There are descriptions in McCullough’s 1776 that indicate George Washington’s efforts and success to rile our forces… on the Hudson… if memory serves… to stunningly defeat a much better-equipped King’s forces. I really thought I was reading a valid account, but of course the book is not in great detail as one would find in a professiinal journal, although I hope .that the account, in essense, is real.

        8. McCullough’s “1776” is primarily from a military standpoint. I’d be surprised if there were more than even a passing reference to economic factors. Washington was a clearly more-than-competent leader and capable of inspiring his men.

          He could also be pretty canny. The War created a LOT of disaffection between lower and upper classes in the ranks; what with officers being promised half-pay for life for those who stuck it out, while the common soldier was typically ignored (suffering in the cold, dying of sickness, not getting paid, a pay scale so low that their pay was often eaten by inflation, watching private profiteers get rich, etc.).

          Things got so bad that on New Year’s Day, 1781, a group of (possibly rum-emboldened) Pennsylvania troops killed one of their captains, wounded others, and dispersed the lot. They then marched fully armed toward the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

          Worried that this rebelliousness might spread to his own troops, he ordered that no force be used. After requesting a list of their grievances and suggesting that Congress NOT leave the city, he then ordered Henry Knox to go get three months’ pay for the men; half of whom were subsequently furloughed and the other half discharged after successful negotiations.

          Shortly thereafter a smaller mutiny occurred in Hew Jersey and Washington was more prepared. This time he had 600 well-fed and -clothed men surround and disarm the 200 mutineers. Three ringleaders immediately went on trial in the field. One was pardoned. The other two were executed by firing squads made up of their friends who reportedly wept while pulling the triggers to set “an example”, according to Washington.

          Say what you will, the guy knew when and how to keep a tight leash .His abilities to use inspiration or to inspire fear were pretty successful.

        9. I had the impression he was a decisive, respected, and effective leader.. From your description, also beneficial in protecting the hard won republic from disintigration by drunk, lazy, armed people who were the opposite. I guess what I heard was true. Now I know anothrr reason why. My understanding is that the republice was broke but France was mad at us about not helping them with their Infian wars and refused us more aid… and we owed them lots alreday. Also we were paying huge ramsom to the Turks to let our ships by the pirates of Tripoli. We needed more money and John Adsms got some from Amstersam. Back then, we had residual aristocrats, those who had a sense of the big picture from their top tier education. We seem to be dealing with the same issues today.

        10. Indeed. He was all of these, if a bit brutal by our standards today. Additionally to what you pointed out, he was instrumental in preserving the country against the flaws of the Articles of Confederation.

          One of the HUGE issues facing a new America was repayment of out debt to France, among others. The Articles didn’t allow Congress the authority to actually do much of anything about anything including the debt, except to make a lot of noise. Requests from Congress to the states wentg (essentially), “Hey! Guys! We got this debt here! France would sure be keen on getting their money back!”

          The states were less than interested. They were too busy squabbling about things like exchange rates of currencies from state to state, how much my ounce will weigh vs. your ounce, where different states’ roads would meet, and other stuff like that.

          Had the states acted in their own enlightened self-interests, as expected, we likely would not have the constitution which gave broad, centralized power to the congress, and it’s quite possible that the French Revolution would not have happened sine the U.S. would have repaid the debt to France and the Napoleonic wars that devastated Europe would likely not have happened.

          All this helped pave the way to Hitler’s rise to power as well as possibly the Soviets. All because the states couldn’t/wouldn’t cooperate in the way the Founders intended.

        1. I did not call them Leftists. I called them Liberals. And they were Liberals in their time. The Conservatives would be the ones who wanted to stay with England. Do you not know the meaning of those terms?

  55. Religious freedom does not mean one can discriminate against others while conducting business. I am sorry if this pisses you off. Actually, I do not care if this pisses you off. Your biases are not the problem of society.

    1. The fact that you make such a statement shows that you yourself discriminate against those who are at odds with your ideology.
      The whole purpose of that law (based, I’m sure, on the federal model) was to allow the freedom of choice to EVERYONE, whether that choice is politically correct or not. Think about it.

      1. I have thought about it. Your view of life allows people to refuse service to blacks and Mexicans. Your view of life allows banks to refuse to make home loans to women. Your view of life allows the KKK to inform businesses that if they allow blacks or Jews to conduct business, they will be targeted.

        Your view of life allows people to be asses for no other reason than they dislike a certain group of people.

        1. It must be very painful to be as prejudiced as you are. You assume a lot in your statements. You don’t know me, have never talked to me and have no idea what my life outlook was, or is, about.
          To clarify for you, I am a Christian (not religious), and serve my Father to the best of my ability. My older Brother Jesus gives me wisdom and grace through the power of the Holy Spirit to daily do those things which please my Father. Things like living with love, honor, respect and compassion. I try to deal these out to everyone I meet, whether I personally agree with their lifestyle choices or not. Why do I do that? Because my Father (who LOVES you enough to warn you of the consequences of sin), wants me to show that same love.

          Please don’t confuse someone’s race (an inalterable fact of genetics) with perverse sexuality (a personal choice). I still pray for those who follow those lusts, as well as murders, adulterers, liars, etc., but I don’t have to associate ,myself with them. Sin is sin is sin, and unless someone repents their end will be the same.

          I suspect that you have had a lot of contact with plenty of RELGIOUS people, but not likely many CHRISTIAN people.

        2. My view on life is not painful at all. It is based on reality.

          I know you are a Christian. That was evident. Yes, you are religious. Christianity is a religion, whether you accept that or not.

          Sexuality is the same as race. Whether you accept that or not is meaningless. I do not care what your religious views are. I care what reality is.

        3. You assume this loser lives in reality. He doesn’t. He is a self proclaimed troll. He receives 5 times as many down votes as positive ones, so he is in the minority of the minority; therefore we should just pity him and give him special consideration; after all, he is in the mental minority.

          This relic is on other sites under various names, John being one. He lives alone in his mothers basement and since he can’t get a job, life or girl, he views these confrontations as his job; it gets him the attention only his cat can provide.

        4. Now that is humorous. Making up lies. Pretty sure your god frowns on that. Not that you really care anything about your mythical religion.

        5. So, defending oneself is actually admitting to a lie? You have an odd view of truth.

          Never posted under the name of John. Do not live in my mothers basement. Since she is dead, that would be difficult.

        6. The lie your propose to exist is not actually a defense but a exposition of truth, therefore the reaction to what your peabrain comprehends as a lie, is actually a conformation to the prior notion.
          Who’s John? Your fking slave?

        7. How brain dead are you? NASA stated I posted under the name of John. That was a lie.

          Can you actually try to re-post your comment in non babble terms?

        8. Really I could say the same thing about you and you are responding to a nasty thing I said to a freak. The thing is you do not realize that I have a good reason to treat him the way I do.

          The commenter who calls himself NASA is a freak and if you do not see that in the way he treats people — as the above — than I owe you no explanation. You obviously do not know him… try to trace him back a few weeks. Enjoy. Get a vomit bag ready, he is a sicko.

        9. You’re deluded. It’s not NASA who you speak of, but Obama. But as an Obama worshiper you’re in denial of the destructive tyrannical agenda that you support and give though to. Put away the Coke and Doritos before approaching the keyboard. Aspartame knows no bounds.


          Now don’t push too hard by asking her to be logical or intelligent. She’ll start calling you names and run off at the mouth like she just had an attack of PMS. She loves to rant and rave about NASA. I think she is in love.

          Small vocabulary=Small mind

        11. Since the AMA and APA both agree that sexuality is something one is born with, just like race, I will take their medical opinions over your biased opinion.

        12. A few things;
          1. I would love to see the scientific reports (plural, you will notice) that conclusively and scientifically ‘prove’ homosexuality is a genetic trait.
          2. The APA reference is absurd, having nothing to do with science. Those clowns seem to think that EVERYTHING is a complex, a neurosis, a disorder, etc., etc., etc. At least fully half of them are insane themselves.
          3. Since it is now fashionable and politically convenient to laud homosexuality, the AMA and the APA are (of course) only to willing to go along with the gag – no pun intended. They only want to impress those who hold the purse strings, and don’t really care much for true science.
          Have you ever worked with anyone involved with the AMA? Fortunately (or unfortunately – you choose) I do, and on a daily basis. It has LONG AGO stopped being a body seeking medical excellence and has devolved into the political apparatus it is now.

        13. Science never proves anything. It can show that nothing has refuted it , but that does not prove it. Surely, you with all your scientific knowledge already knew this?

          You can dismiss the APA if you want. You have any support for your opinion? Or is it just an opinion?

          So you think that medicine only goes with what is fashionable? Then why do they not go with all the diet pills? Those are fashionable.

          Nope, never worked with anyone in the AMA. I also never worked with anyone from NASA. However, until I am presented actual evidence and not opinion that they are not valid groups, I have no reason to believe you.

          So, what actual evidence do you have? Surely you have something?

        14. It’s true. Science is about observation and repeatability. the essence of the scientific method and what separates us from the ancient “sciences” of Yin and Yang of the Chinese.and the alchemy of the Egyptians. True science was developed in the West although alchemy (but not the earlier schemes) involved some experimentation only. Alchemy did profess some things that were spiritual in nature so — just like creationism — of course, although they are our contemporaries, they do not adhere to the scientific method. Alchemy and creationism are not pure science as we have developed it and we know it today.A caveat to Creationism: As long as the scientific method of experimentation, observation, hypothesis, repeatability and lastly theory are the particulars in finding truth, there will be people performing tasks incorporating these and finding truth. There is no stopping the human race from continuing the quest. Each new generation brings to the fore new ideas and as long as we are not stifled in teaching the young we will have more science, and no alchemy-like (creationist) occupations.

        15. “It’s true. Science is about observation and repeatability. the essence of the scientific method and what separates us from the ancient “sciences”……”

          Let’s see if I got this right. Evolution has never been observed, and has NEVER been replicated or repeated in a lab or any where in the world by any scientific observation or test data…EVER! It cannot be replicated or observed as ever happening then or now. FACT.

          So based on your definition, evolution must be a faith based religion. It does not meet any scientific criteria…only faith. So evolution meets the definition of a religion, and should not be taught in schools.

          Now we agree on something. I was wondering if you were ever going to come out of that coma and finally admit that evolution cannot be proven by any science methodology, observation and repeatability.

          I’ll spread the word that you have finally come around and accepted the fact that God created the heaven and earth all by Himself.

        16. Ignorant is the nice word for you.

          The fact you deny the specificity of chemical resctions is proof of your ignorance. That is a scientific observation. You are the mouse in the loony trap. You put yourself there.

        17. Molecules to man has never been observed; cannot be reproduced and could have never taken place.

          It is an impossibility. Much like your ability to comprehend reality.

        18. “Science never proves anything. It can show that nothing has refuted it , but that does not prove.”

          Yep. Science never proves evolution is a fact.

        19. What is actually more accurate is than nothing has been presented which has shown that evolution is wrong.

        20. “Sexuality is the same as race.”

          So now they have a race called “Sex?” When did that evolve? Do you have fossil evidence?

          You’re born male or female in the human race. Whatever sexual preference you desire (sheep, cars, boys, hamsters) is your choice. It has nothing to do with race…only personal behavior. Next you’ll tell me that alcoholism is a race.

          No one with half a brain would accept the fact that ones sexuality is classified as a race of people.

          You’re as dumb as a box of rocks.

        21. U R an Idiot …. ….. ….. ……. If you had children I sure do feel sorry for them. You are a ruination to children I am sure.

        22. I see that you still enjoy posting nonsense.

          Both race and sexuality is something you are born with. Ergo, they are the same. Dimwit.

        23. You SHOULD’VE said, “I know you are a ‘Christian’.” as he clearly is not. “Conservative Christians” are an anathema to everything the Christ stood for.

          As a Christian I wish to apologize for all the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative bull[pies] of those who seek to deny the fundamental rights and equality of so many in the name of God. Our hearts are with you.

          Do what you can to [urinate] them off.

          I do.

        24. Your avatar is interesting, and telling.

          If you claim the title you should also be aware of all the expectations that title confers. Your life outlook had better reflect the Word of God and not some convoluted interpretations. Please remember this, ‘brother’ –

          Heb 10:31
          It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

        25. Indeed. So long as your use of the word “fearful” is historically accurate and not based on it’s current usage.

        26. That would be interesting since there are thousands of different Christian sects, all of which think they are the real Christians and all the rest are wrong.

        27. You’ve made it abundantly clear over time that you have no interest in reasonable discourse.

        28. Well said Adolph!

          You identify as “Progressive Republican,” then use a GOP icon embedded with Nazi symbology.

          In all your rage and angst you managed to out yourself as a full-fledged brown shirt. Hilarious.

        29. JJ,do you realize what Progressive Republican uses as an avatar. Please have a close look at it. It is scary.

        30. Based on his comments, I assume it is tongue in cheek. If it is not, then he will revel himself at some point.

        31. Stop with your trashy ideas, idiot.

          So you think your fighting did something for us? Well, no it did not. What it did was awaken your idiocy we now have to encounter on a daily basis. You should have been taken away to the mental ward where your sluts could care for you, That is what we got back from the war… a real sicko who hasn’t the sense to leave people alone. We did not kill people so WE cannot emphasize with your sickness, understand? Of course I know you won’t. My forefathers went to war, but never were they the trash you brought back. They are the real fighters for liberty. I think you enjoyed the killing, a bit too much for all the attention you bring to it.

        32. Oh WOW, I disagree with you there when you come out and say sex is the same as race. If that were the case then all these kids who go back and forth between being straight and gay. and then are confused about their sexuality are what then? Please explain yourself if you can. As far as I can see it being gay is a matter of choice. I know this is a matter of fact and reality. Another reality is that their is only one race on this planet. It is the human race, which consists of many different people of different backgrounds and are of the two genders. Now, being a Christian or any other faith doesn’t necessarily mean one is religious. There are differences for instances I don’t go to this building called a church to worship God, I don’t talk to a priest in order to speak to God. As far as I am concern every day I rise up, get out of bed, and breath I am in church. If I want to speak to God, heck the almighty already knows what is on my mind before I do.

        33. Sexuality is not black and white. There are straight people and gay people and bi-sexual people. There are people who are born with both penises and vagina’s. Is a hermaphrodite a male or a female?

        34. Oh, but you did say sexuality was the same as race, which you were wrong to say. I refer to everyone one of us as humans and as one race. Sadly though there are those out there in the world who think otherwise. You do make a point about the hermaphrodites. I knew one in high school and did even know it until years later. I had heard that things like that happened, but rarely. Even my gay friend said so, but we both completely disagreed with you when it came down to gays being considered a race. C’mon, black and white people can not change the color of their skin. But homosexuals or heterosexuals can change their sexuality by choice. There is no denying that. If you want to make a case out of it then make it a case of discrimination over ones sex not race. And calling one racist or sexist for having a difference of opinion is not right either.

        35. It would help if you asked JJ for clarification. Usually it is a question of details that are misunderstood.

        36. A subject you’re well aware. For the most part you just make-up details, change your mind and attempt to interfere where you don’t belong regardless of the question so as to suit your atheistic and liberal perverted agenda.

          By the way, who is Jesus Christ and what does He mean to you? Inquiring minds want to know.

        37. So you do more of your military cr@p here coupled with your fake-Christianity and expect that I … who never gave you orders to kill … reap the consequences of your full metal jacket military-induced insanity. Expect something different, filth-monger on the page. Your obsessions are out of line with sanity. Give it some thought… an activity obviously foreign to you.

        38. Well, then tell me exactly how sexuality is the same as race? My one gay friend will be thrilled to hear your answer.

        39. Oh, but you did say sexuality was the same as race, which is a big fat lie. My gay friend and I agreed there when we read your one post. Here is a reality check black and white people can not change the color of their skin. This is a fact, yet we do have other different colored people in between, because of the different breeds, one might say, of people being able to intermingle. Another reality check, homosexuals and heterosexuals can willing change their sex by choice. It is a matter of choice and not a natural means of survival. My gay friend refers to this path as a preferred alternative for some people. Finally, yes there are bisexual people. They regardless of their deformity are human and should be treated as such. What they are is unfortunate and ultimately they must decide for themselves what they are.

        40. “homosexuals and heterosexuals can willing change their sex by choice.”

          You can’t change your genome. No matter implanting testicles and a penis on a woman or a vagina on a man, you’re still born a woman or man and brain wired as such.

          Homosexuality is a choice…you cannot be born “gay.”

          You are born male and female in the human race. Your choice of sexual preference is yours and yours alone.

        41. You actually like your own posts, pretty pathetic! Go give Soros his B J & leave the adults alone, little brainless troll.

        42. HAHA. Amen.

          He loves to see himself in print. It’s his life. He is graded (by himself of course), by the number of responses he receives…positive or negative.

          Most trolls actually are pretty fun to laugh at, and one or two are quite bright; however, this one and Isabella are simply hilarious. They are 13 year old’s in adult suits; the king and queen of stupidity, and hopelessly illogical…but it’s what they do, so just laugh at them. It’s cheap entertainment. Like a good video game.

        43. Race is real. So are sexual deviates.

          The removal of the classification of homosexuality as a mental illness (via a coup) was a huge mistake. Homos prove this EVERY day.

        44. It was not removed via a coup. It was removed because the medical community realized there was no basis for calling it a mental illness.

        45. You can say that again. She is rubbing elbows with some real anti-Semite and racists nut jobs most notably Victor M.

        46. You’re right!

          Up until 1973, homosexuality, aka perversion, was classified as a mental disease and being treated as such by health care professionals. Because the disease has been removed from the DSM ll, they can no longer teat the affliction much less have insurance pay for it….so it’s not treated.

          It’s a medical fact that homosexuality is and always will be a mental disease, no matter what the little deviants believe.

          Just come out about your mental illness…you’ll feel better about yourself…..others will just avoid you.

          Dr. Ronald Bayer explains how homosexual activists
          captured the APA for political gain.

        47. It is enough for me that you are buddies with the true creep… the commenter who calls him/her self NASA. You know full well his idiocy yet you attack the reasonable, humble man who respects people. That makes you on the same level as.the person calls him/her self NASA, on itself an insult to the United States.

        48. PRIVATE BUSINESS started with PRIVATE MONEY should be able to pick & choose who they want as customers. THEY are taking all the RISKS associated with running their business, if YOU do not like their business then go elsewhere.
          Chuck E Cheese would be kind of stupid to hire or pander to pedophiles because that would ruin their business & they would go broke.
          If YOU want to open a business that excludes all heterosexuals, women, kids, ect., that is your privilege since it is YOUR money & YOUR risk.
          Now toddle back to media matters & collect your $20, brain dead leftist troll.

        49. I choose to serve everbody because I am a Conservative Christian Capitalist. Baking a cake or opening a door for someone does not mean that you agree with what they are celebrating or thinking. My Christian family came from Turkey, where Islam has crypto-ruled for decades under the facade of secularism. That existence, made me thank God for America. I would have baked the best cannoli wedding cake in the world for that couple for 1/2 price knowing full well that all their wedding guests would pay top dollar to buy my stuff. Life sometimes hands you a lemon. A bad businessman sees a lemon, a good businessman sees, lemonade, lemon air fresheners, lemon cologne, lemon juice. lemon rind flavoring etc… All you posting that you wouldn’t serve somebody you do’t like, have never owned or operated a business. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart has two rules for the way you treat customers.
          1. The Cusomer is ALWAYS Right.
          2. In case you are sure that the Customer is wrong,
          refer to Rule # 1.

        50. Your view of life is that YOU get to tell people like me what is right and what is wrong. That is NOT freedom. You don’t want to discriminate then don’t. If I want to discriminate then I WILL MORON! The government has NO business being involved. The market ill take care of the rest. YOU do NOT get to tell me what is right and what is wrong. If I own a business (the definition of “own” is have sole care, control and responsibility for) then I’LL decide who and when I can do what I want with it. YOUR version is that the owner can be FORCED to do as told which is TYRANNY! I personally would rather die fighting tyranny than accept it. An for the record, YOU are the ass for trying to MAKE ME do YOUR BIDDING!

        51. I am not telling you to do anything. If you want to be a bigot, then be a bigot. However, there are laws on the books that make certain actions illegal. These laws have been passed because certain groups have been routinely discriminated against, most likely by people like you.

          In a civil society, people get along better when they are not being unfairly treated.

          And the ironic thing is, you know this. When you go out to dinner, I doubt you crap in the sink in the bathroom or toss your plate of food onto the people eating at the next table. Rude behavior is not accepted.

          Well, the same holds true in the workplace.

        52. It is ONE thing to be averse to serving a black, Mexican, or make loans to women. These are NOT against YOUR religion, just manifestations of YOUR personal prejudice!

          However, it is ANOTHER thing to be forced to provide an item, service, whatever, that is anathema to your own religion or upbringing. Say you own a plastics manufacturing company, and you and your employees are of a religion which requires NO display of nether regions of bodies. You are given an order for life-size penises to mold and manufacture…. would you? In another case, you are a Jewish cabinet maker, and someone wants one with SWASTIKAS chiseled into the door! This makes you literally vomit! Are you STILL supposed to do this, DESPITE your revulsion? Or, you are a Catholic company, and manufacture drugs, and someone orders a drug for euthanasia. Do you fill the order?

          Last, as someone has mentioned, would you expect a MUSLIM baker to bake a cake celebrating what in their religion is ALSO forbidden, as did the Christian baker? If you can honestly say yes, then go to the Muslim baker, and see what they say! By the way, I wouldn’t expect them to be very nice about it!

        53. There are many Christians who think that blacks descended from Cain and that the mark that god put on him was his black skin color. So, yes, one can be against black people and it can be against their religion.

          If Muslims want to discriminate, they can expect to see legal actions taken against them as well.

      2. JJABD is nothing more then a self serving, narcissistic racist and prejudiced baboon whose only agenda is himself. Tolerance, understanding and equal rights under the law are as foreign to him as science and creation…..delusions, complicated and lies.

        His entire mentality is one of entitlement and self service; the template of atheist and perverts throughout the nation. He actually believes in his importance and therefore we should all kneel down to his self serving selfish thinking and religion. He is the only one in his peanut brain that has the right to refuse an idea, belief, way of life, or what is fair….no one else. Just JJABD. The Self Made god.

        JJABD only believes in liberal political correctness, his rights of self entitlement, and any ruling the courts make….as long as it furthers his cause and self serving atheistic perverted agenda. He is a delusion in his own little sick mind…such as it is.

        I wouldn’t waste any more time with this low life. You will have more luck carrying on a conversation with a stray cat….he does.

        1. The only hypocrite is an Obama bot. Sold out your family and future for welfare checks and homofck vouchers. Pathetic drone.

    2. The 1st AMENDMENT GUARANTEES MY RIGHT to FREE SPEECH & FREEDOM of RELIGION. If I open a business with MY MONEY the state & federal government have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to DENY my first amendment rights & FORCE me to compromise my beliefs. SEX is a CHOICE, whether you have it, with whom, where, is a CHOICE. Sodomy, dil dos, blow up dolls, having sex with animals is NOT a CIVIL RIGHT & neither YOU, our fascist president nor Oregon’s leftist judges have a right to FORCE me or anyone else to accept sexual deviancy.
      Islam demands that homosexuals be killed, do YOU have enough BALLS to go after a MUSLIM owned business, you P O S HYPOCRITE?

        1. Yahoo is a private business to which the First Amendment does not apply. Yahoo’s deletion of your comments is not a violation of the First Amendment. We’re saying that it’s wrong for the government to force a bakery, a private entity, from doing business with people who behave in ways they don’t like- well, Yahoo is private property and thus can do what it wants with its property, including deleting messages off its servers. If the government were pressuring Yahoo, then it’s a different matter.

        2. My messages are direct answers or thoughts. In them I may include websites. Yahoo deletes them every time. I copy and paste my blog and put it all on facebook.

        3. Stop including links. Yahoo does not allow that. Yahoo is not singling out your posts- it filters links and won’t allow posts that include them. Someone might click on one and go to a non-Yahoo site.

      1. Then why does yahoo keep deleting a lot of my comments? Do not most businesses post a sign that can refuse you business for whatever their rules are??????

      2. Who the hell wants to order a babaganoush and baklava wedding cake from a Muslime (sic) baker named Ahmet??? Homosexuals can afford better than that; And conserative Christian wedding couples prefer not to buy from muslimes (sic).

      3. You do have the right to free speech and freedom of religion. That does not mean you have the right to break laws.

        If Muslims break the law, they will be prosecuted that same as all citizens.

    3. I guess the meaning of “…No law shall in any case whatever control the free exercise ..[of religious freedom]” escapes you.

      If would be prudent to remember that the sword of tyranny swings both ways. Supporting tyranny today means destruction tomorrow.

      1. Can you sacrifice virgins if your religion calls for it? No, of course not. It violates the law. Therefore, there are restrictions on religious freedom. You cannot also discriminate. There are laws against that as well.

        1. So you encourage promoting lies about people with brown shirts… ROFLMSS… I know your alligiance to America is suspect.

    4. Free speech means I have the right to offend you, Freedom of assembly means I have the right to be intolerant. Deal with it!

  56. This is what happens when you allow COMMUNIST to take over free private enterprises. The State does not own the business or hire employees to work in a private enterprise. So, how come the State will pass COMMUNIST laws? Because the PEOPLE will do nothing about it.

    1. It isn’t political correctness, it is tyranny & if the MAJORITY, homosexuals make up 2% of the population, don’t stand up & fight for their rights we will end up like every other Socialist, Communist & Fascist country.

      1. Majority or minority status makes zero difference in this case. Tyranny is boundless when the law is gerrymandered to suit the needs of a group elevated by the state.

        1. Back on my soap box.

          Judges, courts and lawyers run this country.

          The best example of legalized criminal activity is family court, and the judges and lawyers who profit from it.

        2. Arizona is a no fault state and the above is spot on. I found out that a divorce in AZ can cost $15 – 20 thousand. Talk about greed and graft!!!! People are getting married for wrong ideas i.e., if it doesn’t work out blah, blah, blah. Disgusting!!!!!

        3. Safari now is not letting me into the site.  Probably the homos are behind it, just a thought.  For such a small group they have huge powers.  See ya.

        4. You’re exactly right, and not the first person on the site to agree. Even the lawyers agree…but never in writing or public.

          We allow judges and lawyers to rule us, and just like drugs, until we remove the money connection, it won’t be about justice. This is nothing more then legalized robbery of society, government and industry.

          The kids suffer, the family suffers, and the parents suffer. The lawyers and judges are happy. What’s wrong with this picture?

          The $15-20K is cheap. I have friends who’ve paid, between the husband and wife attorney, over $100K. The more they delay, debate and stall, the more money they make and the less money and support goes to the kids. Divorce is a huge business. Notice I said business. It has nothing to do with justice….never has. It’s about billing hours.

          You’re right. Divorce is NOT the problem. It’s marriage.

          Imagine hiring a contractor to build you a house and pay him by the hour, and he gets to take however long he wants to build the house and is not responsible or accountable for the construction; so if the house falls down or breaks, he still gets paid. If you piss him off, he has the right to walk off the job taking your money and leaving the project unfinished…and for the most part he knows he can’t be sued as none of his butt buddies would ever sue a fellow butt buddy, and you couldn’t afford to sue anyway. By now you’re broke and living in the back of your car.

          If you want to defeat a country, you don’t need guns….you just need an army of lawyers and judges.

        5. True dat. 70% of Californians voted against gay marriage. That means a majority of black and Hispanic democrats said no.

          A judge told them their opinions don’t matter and the militant gays attacked conservatives for voting against it. Again liberals and math do not mix.

          There are not enough republicans or conservatives in California to stop gay marriage. It was the minorities who said no.

          Liberals ignored the facts on the ground as always and paid off a judge to get what they wanted.

  57. Haters got on Yelp and started slamming these people for saying no to the wedding cake. The gay community pushing their lifestyle down our throats is causing division that’s unnecessary. Oregon minority is so politically correct, they claim tolerance but they’re some of the most narrow minded people I’ve ever come across.

      1. My brother lives in Oregon. You wouldn’t believe how its changed over the past twenty yeas. He is sickened by the liberals that have taken over that beautiful state. I used to enjoy visiting but I don’t enjoy it much anymore.

    1. You are spot on. Many of liberal Hollywood crowd have moved to Oregon, Washington and Montana. I was raised in Montana, the people that have pioneer roots abhor these vile liberals that are buying up their state.

  58. Maybe someone should find a gay-owned bakery and request a cake for an ex-gay ministry event. Let’s see if the shoe fits on the other foot.

  59. I am a Oregon Native, imho they should loose their statehood over this. Oregon does not understand the basic concepts of religious freedoms or free speech.

    1. My Brother lives in Oregon. He moved there many years ago when he was young He is sickened by the liberals that have taken over that beautiful state.
      He would move but with three children all working at good jobs and his age, he’s stuck.

      1. I’m sickened by your phoney conservatism and your hatred of Jews. But go on pretending to be someone else here. Victurd…. Lol

        1. Joe: YOU will love Victurd Maggot’s sidekike.. Denny the Shill, he goes by Denise B. LOL.

          Re: Denny: She/he has enlisted the military, the commenter who calls himself NASA.

        2. You just gave yourself away. You are friends with Joe. Joe’s gay so more than likely you are too. Hahahahahahaha. You got caught.

        3. I am fully aware that this site is a world wide accessible one, retard Victurd Maggot and your shills: (for I know I will hear from out their asses) Denny (aka denise B), Marianne in Joisey, DDDuane, and some others who give you thumbs up for your criminal behavior. Have you set aside your Al Capone suit to keep it from getting all smokey in the bar joint you speak from, where you meet with your shills.? ROTFLMSS.
          cc, (just in case he is not reading your mail): JOE6PACK

        4. You must be one of Joe6packs multiple screen names. He’s dating a black guy named Jamal. Go to Ebony. He, lonsomedove, millionkeys, and some other gays post there all the time.

        5. Joe is a scumbag that lays sod for a landscaping company. They have to remind him daily, green side up Joe.

        6. You need to stay in your trailer house and enjoy life with your spouse Jamal. Did he every get rid of that reoccurring VD he had?

        7. Hi Joe: Just in case you did not see the one I sent to Victurd:

          Victor Magilke to Isabella• an hour ago
          You just gave yourself away. You are friends with Joe. Joe’s gay so more than likely you are too. Hahahahahahaha. You got caught.

          Post as Isabella

          Isabella to Victor Magilke • a few seconds ago
          I am fully aware that this site is a world wide accessible one, retard Victurd Maggot and your shills: (for I know I will hear from out their asses) Denny (aka denise B), Marianne in Joisey, DDDuane, and some others who give you thumbs up for your criminal behavior. Have you set aside your Al Capone suit to keep it from getting all smokey in the bar joint you speak from, where you meet with your shills.? ROTFLMSS.

          cc, (just in case he is not reading your mail): JOE6PACK

  60. Then bake them a cake they will never forget. Leave out certain ingredients and sub in horse turds and urine. I will would think that you would not get any repeat business from them.

    1. You don’t even have to go that far. Just leave out the salt and cut back on the baking powder, and trust me, it will be awful.

  61. EVERY baker in the Fullerton area should bake a cake and deliver it by tossing it into the wedding ceremony to ‘celebrate’ the finding of the court! No need to make the cakes tasty, it is for the ceremony, only!

  62. If I were the baker I would have just baked them a very special cake with special chocolate pudding and lemon flavoring in it.

  63. In Nevada, there are signs in the casinos that state “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”, and that is supposed to be the right of all businesses and people of the USA.

    1. Well, who is going to challenge the Mafia or a business with that much money?

      If you have power and enough money to hire a full time attorney, you can refuse service to anyone and get away with it for a long-time.

      If that doesn’t work……..

  64. “Freedom of religious opinion: No law shall in any case whatever control the free exercise, and enjoyment of religious opinions, or interfere with the rights of conscience.” Unless those thoughts are religious in nature. There’s a war against against common sense in America.

  65. I choose to serve everbody because I am a Conservative Christian Capitalist. Baking a cake or opening a door for someone does not mean that you agree with what they are celebrating or thinking. My Christian family came from Turkey, where Islam has crypto-ruled for decades under the facade of secularism. That existence, made me thank God for being in America. I would have baked the best cannoli wedding cake in the world for that couple for 1/2 price, knowing full well that all their wedding guests would pay top dollar to buy my stuff. Life sometimes hands you a lemon. A bad businessman sees a lemon, a good businessman sees, lemonade, lemon air fresheners, lemon cologne, lemon juice. lemon rind flavoring etc…

    1. Some people pray to the Almighty and others pray to the almighty dollar, it still should be a business choice not a government choice.

    2. A true Christian would never glorify vice and enable it. That is WHY we have a Constitution protecting our freedom of religion and association. Sodomizing others is always an evil Vice—nothing more–and we should NEVER glorify such evil, degrading use of the body. Knowingly making the cake—and what if you had children–that act would “teach” them that sodomy is “good” and a “Right from God” (which it is NOT)— that you do not stand by your beliefs and glorify evil—-or are ready to give up beliefs for money. It is evil.

        1. You “think” that people are not to use their minds to “discriminate”??????? They would not live for a day. You do realize that “Reason” makes us into the image of God and separates us from animals and that Reason is to RULE BASE INSTINCTS.

          You do realize that it is essential for “Wisdom” to discern between Good and Evil—and the Bible commands us to pursue the Truth/Good and Wisdom. You do not EVER embrace sin.

          Pastor Bonhoeffer who remarked on the “religionless” Christianity in Nazi Germany stated: “To be silent in the face of Evil, is itself, evil; to not speak, is to speak; to not act, is to act.”

          You NEVER “act” like evil is “good”—and you NEVER ENABLE the evil of sodomizing others, so you never “bake” a beautiful cake for the mocking of God and God’s Design of the human body!

        2. Susan, I will only say this in closing. Baking a “Wedding” cake is not evil. A cake is NOT part of any religious sacrament Christian or Judaic. So please run your own business, out of business and not mine.

        3. You are such a dummy!!!!! The GOVERNMENT shut down a person for exercising their Freedom of Association and Religion. It is unconstitutional to FORCE people to honor EVIL BEHAVIORS.

          It is evil to force humans to glorify people who use their bodies in dehumanizing, debasing, irrational ways. It is punishing people for being GOOD and this is government promoting VICE which JUSTICE SYSTEMS are NOT allowed to do—-that is IF they are “JUST LAW”.

          Justice is a ALWAYS A Virtue and Just Law can never be JUST and promote VICE, like the vile use of the body when people use organs in such degrading, insane ways.

  66. il’d baked them a cake but with the ingredients the wouldn’t have enjoyed their wedding night unless they liked to slip and slide in offal

      1. I think it’s NASA who empowers the pretend president. Not I. That’s one wrong answer. A shill??? for the fake president??? Lol. I campaigned and voted for WMR. I even had an extra job to send the Republicans’ Heritage Foundation money… they received every bit of it. You see.. evangelicals like the commenter called NASA destroyed WMR’s run. No one wanted to mention Benghazi.. I demanded we hold the fake president accountable, but the evagelicals shouted me down. You are batting zero so far. Oh wait, one more thing! Not one memberfof my family has EVER been on welfare… that’s three.. or… four strikes, Don.

    1. Typical flouridehead response. Give even the most demented Obama worshipers their welfare check, and all they have to do is flaunt Obama’s principles.

  67. This is proof that the homosexuals want to punish and destroy any of us who dare to disagree. I was stalked and threatened in another state, just because I stated my disagreement. I have friends who were harassed by having their photographs published on the internet, again because they disagreed with the special rights of the homosexuals.

    1. Read Fr. Oko’s Homoheresy Report about the homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church. (Bella Dodd also writes about the Marxist homosexuals who infiltrated the CC.

      The “Homomafia” destroys people that do not accept being raped or will not cover- up the acts even when it is used to molest boys. They are exactly like the homosexual Brownshirts of Hitler—-Fascists who raped the Hitler Youth–who are so evil and brutal that they kill anyone who dares to rebuke their Satanic behaviors.

      Sodomy is Vice—and vice breeds only vice.

  68. So what is the discussion about? The state’s constitution clearly makes the phoney law unconstitutional. It should be stripped from the books.

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