Rich Liberals Attack Mitt Romney for Being Rich

The Democrats are making an issue of Mitt Romney’s wealth. For example, David Letterman, who makes $50 million per year, went on the attack last week. Letterman is worth $400 million while Forbes estimates that Mitt Romney is worth $230 million.

Bashing Romney for his wealth has not stopped President Obama from going to the multi-millionaire well to bolster his campaign coffers. George Clooney, who hosted a fund raiser right after President Obama said he supported “Gay Marriage,” is worth $160 million.

“On the same day his campaign launched an attack on Mitt Romney‘s record in private equity, President Obama” attended “a big-dollar fundraiser at the Manhattan home of Hamilton ‘Tony’ James. . . . Many in attendance . . . have ties to the private equity sector.”

Tom Hanks, a big Obama supporter, is worth $350 million. He and his liberal wife live in a $26 million Pacific Palisades mansion.

Where were the rich-money critics when John Kerry was running for President? Kerry married Teresa Heinz, the widow of Pennsylvania Senator H. John Heinz III. As far back as 2004, the Los Angeles Times put Teresa Heinz’s wealth at between $900 million and $3.2 billion. Even without his wife’s inherited money, Kerry is wealthy in his own name, being the beneficiary of at least four trusts inherited from Forbes family members, including his mother, who died in 2002. Kerry, a Democrat, is one of the wealthiest U.S. Senators.

Here’s a list of some of the richest Democrats in Congress and their ranking in terms of their maximum net worth:

3. Jane Harman (D-Calif): $493,604,000

4. Mark Warner (D-Va): $309,088,999

5. John Kerry (D-Mass): $281,976,067.

6. Herb Kohl (D-Wis): $258,847,994

7. Jared Polis (D-Colo): $228,492,998

9. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif): $196,299,990

10. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa): $136,482,003

12. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ): $116,071,021

13. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif): $93,707,020

14. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn): $91,183,450

I don’t resent or envy people who are rich, but I do resent the hypocrisy of liberal rich folks who denigrate prosperous conservatives and use their wealth as a campaign issue.

62 thoughts on “Rich Liberals Attack Mitt Romney for Being Rich

  1. This just continues to re-enforce the fact that liberal democrats are totally out of touch with reality and common sense and corrupt hypocrites. A lot of them have made their fortunes from insider trader deals and backdoor deals while in office. Only their way is the right way, which is laughable when you look at the failures of their actions, and everyone should do what they say. The sooner we get these goons out of the White House and government the better. I pray that Romney can withstand the relentless assault of the democratic party and the Obama administration.

    1. The only CERTAIN war to ensure the liberals lose their grip on the sheeple (Obama zombies) is to stop liberals giving them our money! The only other way is to hopefully educate these foolish sheeple that their problems are best solved by themselves, and with a hand-up, not a handout! However, so long as the liberals can convince the majority that they (the slugs, drug-hazed, and layabouts) can force the minority (the ‘RICH’, meaning anyone who works) to pay their way via welfare, despite the will of that minority, we are on a down-hill slippery slide to decadence and disaster! From that cesspool, and only when we hit THE absolute bottom,…. will it change!

  2. I am not rich but I do attack romney in not being rich but the way he got rich. Another example of the 1% taking the money from the 99%.

    1. If you were to list the individuals mentioned in these post, listing them according to the percentage of their income given to charitable causes, I would guess that Romney would be in the upper grouping if not at the top. Be it also known that while he was working at the likes of Bain Capital he also spent 10 to 20 hours a week providing ministerial pastoral services for 10 or 11 years. For said services he received no income.

      1. You convinced me, I just sent a dollar to mitt as he deserves all he can get and wow, what a church going guy! Only Sundays aren’t good enough to get to the promised land.

      2. Romney was not my first choice- but I think he is a decent guy- I have issues with the Mormon Faith – but I have deeper issues with Marxists -Lawyer’s & Liars – Liberal Progressives Finger Pointers- Finger Waggers – Attacks on Past Leadership -OVER & Over – Laughing at Shovel Ready Jobs- Campaigning that Raising the Debt Ceiling was Un Patrotic- Downright Irresponsible – -Telling us that jobs are his Number One Priority – But blocks Keystone that will bring at least 100K good paying jobs – OIL from Canada – or keep taking in from Chavez ? (Citgo) Why ? Dirty Dictator Oil – Friendly Neighbor Oil ? Why Fuel from Chavez that Supports IRAN -? Why is TIDES ditacting to Valerie Jarrett what to do- ? SOROS – Evil Doer Hates America – Pushes ACLU to destroy Anything that bears the Image of GOD – Soros supports Unions (Socialshits) They are training the OCCUPY movement – For more Distrust & Distaste of American Values- This is a Attack On All that is GOOD – Most of the Mormons I have known are decent folks- I don;t care- if they think they will end of on a moon or planet-I care if we have a middle class that isn’t destroyed – & I am tried of the Bollywood Crowd who live so lavishly they have no Concept what the Middle Class is going through- As Far As I am Concerned they Can tax the Heck out of the whole Hollywood Industry- 75% sounds good to me – let them see what Will Smith Discovered in his Interview in France ! God Bless America — Let me hear that not Rev Wrights GDAmerica — One Term & Done ! Take your Fan Club- Ship down South of FL – Cuba – & try the little Progressive Movement there- I ‘m sure you will enjoy the ONE TV Station- The ONE RADIO Station- The ONE Castro Empire- but hey you’ll get Free Healthcare !!!!

    1. I saw a saying that says “I’m supposed to get upset about how Romney spends his money but yet not get upset about how Obama spends mine?”
      Look at Obama. Look at what he is doing. He is raping America by lavishes himself and his family with luxurious vacations courtesy of the American taxpayer…the same people he vilifies for being rich. Obama is a rapist and he’s a whore because he will do anything for a vote.

  3. It’s important to note that when Kerry was running for president, the media was mum on the issue of his wealth…but the attack on Romney’s wealth is going full bore. Another notch on the belt of hypocrisy worn by the left and used to hold up their little boy pants.

    1. They are using Romney’s wealth as a way of inciting this continued class warfare and jealousy. The fact they don’t disclose their wealth just shows their corruption and hypocrisy.

      1. They don’t want to spend there money – they want to explode the attack on the middle Class-Warren Buffet – he has lost my respect – he uses all the Tax cuts- & has even fought the IRS – but Claims we need to TAX the Rich – Because its Fair- How about getting someone who is not a Rookie- Who cares about ALL the Citizens – Like the OATH he took- & Stop the Attacks on the Catholics- JOBS- the Coal Industry- JOBS= The Nation of Isarel -JOBS-The Middle Class – JOBS – KEYSTONE- jobs- Raising the Debt Limit after Campaigning that it is UN-Patrotic- Down Right “irresponsible” …..Blocking Keystone- Blocking JOBS- Giving away Billions to Energy Loans to Green Donors that Are a Epic FAIL – Ka Ching- The Catholics were lied too- The Voters were lied too- The Dem’s tied up Congress for the first 2 years on the Healthcare Takeover- that they couldn;t even get 60 Votes for- So as Good = Bad Lawyers -Do they found a UnEthical Way to pass it the Nuclear Option- that Previously was offered only for Budget moves . Liar Liar Pants on Fire – The Progressives need to go ! (Cuba- or any of the Many Places that already support there Failed Ideology )

      1. Yes- Democrats are famous for being CHEAP – even when Loaded– Joe Biden gave like $300 in Donations – Crazy Joe- thinks that is being Generous ! They are great at skirting the truth — most of them have legal backgrounds – so they know what they can get away with !Not because they want to pratice law—or abide by it !

    2. Soros wasn’t as “exposed” as he is now due to Glenn Beck- but he Spend alot of MAD $$ trying to Kerry Elected- he has spend tons of Money on Far Left Liberals – & Has ties to the TIDES – the FAR LEft Think Tank- that crafted the Great American Stim- Useless …..the one that was going to briong down the UNE to under 6% in less than 2 years -Before the Recession WAS Deeper than we thought— Duh .Tides is Boycotting KEystone. The POTUS is boycotting Keystone- & JOBS yet we continue to take Chavez’s Dirty Oil from Venz. (Citgo) So how Sick is that ? Venz is no Friend to us …they are PALS with IRAN – Yet we say No to Canada our Friendly Neighbor ? The Liberals are also doing Backdoor Policies for the Nation-because he couldn’t get CAP * & TRADE – We need Strong Conservative Do-ers = We need Progressives Out ! They killed California – and there “failed Policies” -Will kill the greatest Nation in the World- the USA – Go online – Progressive Caucus —(the New Word for Liberal Lefties) Fair Share- Here’s My Idea – All Memebers of the Screen & Actors Guild- New TAX – We’ll Call it the Clooney Looney Tax- Tax them the NEW Proposed French Tax of 75% All Incomes over 360K Lets See them Sqwack !! Also Great Idea for REality TV UnderCOVER Citizen- Send Sean Penn To Venezuela – without priveldges or Contact with his Buddy Chavez – he must live as a citizen Under Cover for 30 days — Send the Rest of the Brat Pack Clooney Damon-Affleck to Cuba – Let them & there Families live in the 800 SF Home with Free Health Care !!! (Take Michael Moore too !!!!) It will be hard to hide him – but please- take him ! Lets See what they Think about Capitalsim – & America once they Live 30 days in a not so desireable surroundings-

  4. The dems already made their money and want the rest of us not to have an honest opportunity to succeed, unlike them that they enriched themselves on the backs of us the taxpayers. Disgusting POS

  5. Just gotta love hypocrite satan worshipping celebrities.
    Satan Junior i.e. “ovomit” is their messiah.
    Calling evil good, they will not end well.
    Room mate with ovomit in Hell is not a horrible choice.

  6. Let us build the perfect world for me and thee but thee still makes me doubt you might fit….sounds almost like Pogo.
    If it were not for entitlements and pandering the libs would be unable to get a political job….

  7. The biggest reason they do it is because no matter their profession they feel that they know better than we do on how to run our lifes. Take a look at the biggest fraud Al Gore who has gone against every thing that he spouts off in a huge manison. They are the worse “entitlement” offenders of them all thinking because we know better we are entitled to do as we please not as we say

    1. Like I mentioned in above post- I suggest the Clooney Looney Left Tax- Since they are SO Willing to Give- Then lets TAX all Hollywood Guild Actors, Producers- Directors 75% of all Incomes over 360 K That is What France is Proposing – It should be good for them. Take 25% for the State they Live in – California – Lookie you have a Chance of digging right out of the Huge Whole you are in. Take the other 50% and put in Back in the Soc Sec Fund that the past POTUS have “stolen” From ! Good Idea Huh ?

  8. Typical of rich Democrats. Who do not want their wealth re-distributed, only your wealth however small it is. They are taking away your pension value, your social security, your medicare, your home equity’s, among other things, even your good paying jobs they are giving away to visa green card people who are not even Americans. What chance do college graduates have? They have open borders, to allow illegals in, they want no voter ID to allow illegals to vote. And I am suppose to respect people like this? When will the majority of Democrats, the working people, even the minorities who are loosing wake up? Take their party back? Get rid of George Sorros and the progressive Democrats? Vote in their own working people to repersent them. When will the real Republicns vote out the Rhino’s? The Republicans have a big problem also. The Rhinos and Progessive Democrats, should actually all be in one, third party by themselves. Neither repersent me, or the America I grew up in.

    1. Amen to that- So many people are still drinking the Green Kool-Aid- Buying into the Social Justice- Cap & Trade Scheeems – the Regulations the CZARS are passing- & the Secert Deals Obama & Hillary are making at the UN- SOROS is one Evil Dude – Hates what America Stands for- He & the Tides the Liberal Left Think tank that Are on the move with Killing the Middle Class – Passing a Stim-U-LESS that was promised to bring UNE down to 6% – Right – The Healthcare Bill Which We had to PASS to See it- Why Because Congress did Not Write it- TIDES did- The GOP have more Doctors on there Side – the Dems have Lawyers – Who do you want to write Healthcare ? Duh- The Bunch of Lies that came from Pelsoi – Reed- They all need to be sent home for Retirement – We need to Demand for Term Limits ! Gingerich tried to get it Passed back when he was Speaker- and everyone Argued over the Actual Term- (No Really ?) Time for a Shake Down- & We need to Demand it TERM Limits – !! UEm Over 8% for 40+ Straight Months- Under Em About 6-7% People who took anything- as they gave up everything ! there homes- there 6 figure salaries-Now taking Hourly jobs in Retail- or Anything- I lost a Good Job, Paid Vactins- Paid Ins-Bonuses- & Watching this Circus in the WH Watching the Lavish Parties w the Bollywood Idiots makes me Sick- We can’t afford the Mistake that America made in 2008 – The Progressive Party is one Sick Excuse of a BAD Idea. Compliments of George Soros -Peter Lewis – and The Whole Progressive Caucus – Pushed by th DSA in Chicago – Hand Picked by Ayers- Piven & the Radical Left discover the networks on the web- connect the liberal dots

  9. Such hypocrisy spewed by the left-wing Democrats about any American that is wealthy. It’s only rich Republicans that should be excoriated in public, not rich Democrats named in this article. Aren’t we tired yet of all the Democratic double standards and hypocrisy, lies, and deceit? Aren’t we tired of one scandal after another under the Obama administration costing taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars each year? Aren’t we tired of them all yet? What is Obama’s plan to fix the economy?? And this guy is running for president again? What is his flunky advisor David Axelrod saying as to how Obama will create jobs and the economy? What has Joe Biden said that is really important as to how the administration plans to fix the economy? Do the American people know the details? How will Pelosi and Harry Reid PROPOSE to fix the economy? Have they said? I have a feeling TAXMAGGEDDON is coming next year. I think Obama plans to tax the hell out of every American so he can spend more and NOT to reduce the $16 trillion debt this country owes. Big businesses will MERELY pass Obama’s tax increases to the consumer in terms of higher prices for FOOD, GAS, UTILITIES, CLOTHES, etc. You want that?

  10. OMG, Romney looks destitute in comparison. Those figures are only what Forbes knows about. How much do they have stashed in foreign bank accounts?

  11. rich liberals spitting in our face, Obama does it everyday, well I refuse to lick the hand of the one who spits in my face, if you liberals don’t mind it, then keep supporting Obama.

  12. THE RICH LEBERALS forget that they are part of the 1% they criticize! HYPOCRITES. If they care about all the issues they fight about, they should put the mouths where their money is and give it all to the poor, underprivileged, abused, etc., etc.

      1. And where ezactly & how did he go from a Senator- making just under 200K to POTUS making 500K to 8-10 ML ? Progressive Bonus es ? Can’t be the Book Sales -What the heck else has he done ? Golf Bets ? h a ha Daddy Bucks Soros left a Performance Bonus ?

    1. I guess you want to elect barack hussein obama again for a write-in for Ron Paul will be a vote for barack hussein obama and you know it, you’re probably a democrat obama zombie.

    2. Sounds like a ObamaBot anyway. I can’t remember the last time Ronnie supported the R candidate anyway with his delegates. So you are a lost cause anyway, living in Ronnie’s dream land where Iran deserves the bomb and drugs rule.

    3. Write in the Doctor who couldn’t even get Elected to Senate. ? The Career Politican who is just shy of 80 ???? Brillant . Tell me what Moving Legislation has he Authored & passed ? ? Check it out and get back to me. On the other hand- with all due respect- I already know. No need to write me back ! but Seriously – You would be Voting for Obama = Writing his name in is a lost Vote- Lost Cause- He has brought important ideas to the Table – Period. To be POTUS – we already had HAVE one Rookie- One Amatuer – Get of the MJ or whatever you are Drinking – it might be tainted – He had taken enough of the Texans $$$ and Produced Very Very Little – Great Pot stirrer- But I am looking for someone who will work to surround himself with strong like minded Conservatives- and get America -Back on Track It will not happen with a Bunch of Leftist CZARS & a SOROS Shill like Barry- The guy that Bill Clinton called the NON Citizen See Utube [We Will Not be Silenced ] Dem Workers Documented Fraud- Complaints about the O Campaign —

  13. I am so naive that I honestly believed that Jimmy Carter was the worst president imaginable. Barry overwhelmed him easily!

  14. You have to admit they hold the attention on others. With the Movies, TV, media news, many celebrities and liberal/leftist gangs, they have a stranglehold on pulling the wool over people’s eyes. From A to Z kids are hit with the BAD (select) RICH, and the POOR (other) PEOPLE. The trouble is, many Americans are misinformed of the truth. You never hear griping for what certain liberal movie starts get per movie, ballplayers get per year, politicians get for pay, benefits and making deals. You only hear about regular people that have a real year round job, that earned it.

  15. Same old crap from useless liberals. They have nothing else. If everything went off TV and only liberalman letterman was left, I’d trash my television.

  16. Does anybody know where Sen. John Kerry is berthing his multi-million dollar yacht? He got caught last time he tried to duck his home state taxes of Massachusetts by berthing it in Rhode Island. Anybody buy any grapes or wine from Pelosi’s palatial multi-million dollar vineyards lately? Who is sitting on the Kennedy fortune these days? Please – pigs in a sty have more morals than these lying liberal hypocrites! (By the way, in case it slipped your minds, Obama is a millionaire too.)

  17. When businesspeople break the
    law, they fudge on taxes, overcharge customers, cheat clients,
    compete with competitors unfairly, and sometimes flaunt environmental
    laws. When Hollywood breaks the law, they kill spouses, rape
    children, take drugs, convince young fans that drugs are desirable,
    commit adultery, get drunk in public, and act as though they are
    above the law and the courts often agree.

    Why are rich business people
    considered more immoral than rich show biz people?

  18. I’m thinking there are more super rich demos than super rich repubs. The demos are super hypocrites. They con unsuspecting people into believing they are supporters of the poor and downtrodden when they are the ones doing the most to keep the poor and downtrodden in that condition!!!


  19. And, for what little they do in congress, they should work for free. They don’t need the money, the don’t listen to the American people and they don’t accomplish anything, nothing worthwhile accomplished that’s for sure.

    1. I liked Rick Perrys idea of a Part time Congress with pay of $70 K — that would save a few ML-or so–& reduce there Operating- $ they get way too much – for way too little – no wonder none of them want to leave- A million Dollars ? I was shocked when I saw the Tea Party Candidates giving back $250K up to $500K from Rand Paul – Well Buckeroos that is why the Estb. doesn;t like the Tea Party Candidates – They Don’t Really want to give up there Very Spoiled Life – No Wonder they won;t Retire ! TERM LIMITS TIME FOR CHANGE & this Time Lets Specify GOOD Change –Now that will give me HOPE –

  20. Looks like all these Democrats were all doing the insider information they got on some bills to be passed in Congress. You can see which ones have been there the longest by looking at their worth. As for David Letterman, he is tremendously
    overpaid and all the gals he had in his back office should have been all he ever got. Throw the bums out and that includes Clooney, Hanks and all the liberals who make decisions for the rest of us as where our money goes!

  21. Romney’s Morman faith SHOULD be a concern for everyone.
    I will continue to endorse RON PAUL until someone “gets” the nomination. At that time I will cease mentioning Pauls name & will concentrate on the War Against Obama.

    1. Anyone is better than “O”. Its time you RonnieBots living in RonnieLand where Iran deserves the bomb and drugs rule come back to EARTH where the rest of us live.
      Realty is that Ronnie has NO CHANCE because of his INSANE foreign policy world and his equally insane DRUGS are good world.

  22. And I have to wonder if Obozo ever gave any thought to HOW all of his BIG DONORS got their money?

    Only in America could an anti-free market Marxist talk about the greed
    of the rich at a $40,000 a plate campaign fund raising event.

      1. Mary: Know exactly what you mean.

        I wouldn’t eat dinner or a boxed lunch with most libs, especially Obozo, if someone actually offered to PAY ME.

  23. Hypocrisy perhaps??? I had to laugh at Obama’s fund raiser in NYC hosted by a dreaded venture capitalist firm. I guess what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  24. These are the same people who “use obama to gain more wealth” than they already have. I don’t believe money is going to be that big of a factor in this election. Watch the star’s fall in hollywood.

  25. Mr. Demar, you have presented a perfect example of the type information we, as citizens, should all have easy access to. We, the people, should have this educational information in our faces each and every time a negative word passes from the media or a prominant politician. The problems our American Citizens are having is being treated like so many mushrooms (raised in the dark and constantly fed bull sh…). Since these United States represent the free Republic “for which we stand”, it is our duty to be aware. However, the great majority of us are not politically minded nor do we have access (via education or involvement) to true resourses. I thank the TEA Party and other grass roots movements for challenging the false rhetoric being slung at us much like the “water boarding” our leadership says they so much detest. We must swallow it or drown in it. NOT SO. It is amazing that since our nation was based on a free competitive society that the socialist dictators (to be) must squash that very thing they have grown strong (and mega-rich) because of. Thank you again sir.



  27. I missed the part in the article where rich liberals were bashing Romney for being rich. Feel free to provide quotes from rich liberals. I was on an internet search actually looking for quotes where liberals bashed Romney for being rich. Here is a quote from this article: “for example, David Letterman, who makes $50 million per year, went on the attack last week”. But there was no quote as to what Lettterman said. Also: “Bashing Romney for his wealth has not stopped President Obama from going to the multi-millionaire well to bolster his campaign coffers. George Clooney, who hosted a fund raiser right after President Obama said he supported “Gay Marriage,” is worth $160 million” What did George Clooney say to bash Romney’s wealth? I am not sure what is worse: This biased article which claims liberals are bashing Romney’s wealth or the brainwashed sheep who mind numbingly accept this article despite it’s void of any factual content or quotes. Again, what have liberals said specifically with regards to Romney’s wealth?

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