Robbery Victims Shooting Attackers Called ‘Alarming Trend’

There’s an alarming trend in Detroit that have some people worried.  In the span of a week, two separate robberies were thwarted when the victims, who both had conceal carry permits and a gun, managed to defend themselves by shooting their attackers.

In the first incidence, two teenagers thought it would be a good idea to rob the 70 year old coach of a girl’s high school basketball team at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School.  The coach was escorting two of the girls to their cars in the school parking lot when the teens, 15 and 16 years of age, confronted the coach, grabbing him by a chain necklace he wore and sticking something in his chest that he assumed was a gun.  The girls ran away as the coach was being attacked.

The boys failed to realize that the coach is a reserve police officer who was armed at the time.  He managed to get his gun and shoot both teens.  The 16 year old died from his wounds and the 15 year old was taken to the hospital in serious condition.   The police are still reviewing the shootings, but all indications say that it was a clear case of self-defense.

In the second incidence, two teenagers targeted a pair of utility workers in Detroit.  One of the workers also had a conceal carry permit and was legally armed.  Like the coach, he was able to pull out his handgun and shoot the two would-be robbers.  One was listed in serious condition and the second was reported to be in critical condition.

Some people in Detroit, including the one news person, are referring to the two incidences of self-defense as an alarming trend.  Alarming for who?

If anything it should be alarming for others contemplating robbing someone else in Detroit.  It’s also alarming for the Obama administration along with the rest of the anti-gun lobby as they can’t let the public think that there really is a good justification for people being armed and protecting themselves.  After all, what would that do their argument that everyone should be disarmed?

Personally, I think it’s great and would like to see more American’s defending themselves from robbers, rapists and other attackers.  In too many cases, the victims of these crimes are senselessly shot down so they can’t identify their attacker.  I would much rather be in a position to defend myself than to be the victim of a crime that could have been prevented.  Which would you rather be – victim or alive?

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  1. I pray that this is the beginning of a great trend of responsible citizens arming themselves, and availing themselves of the God-given right of self-defense employing deadly force when under attack. As a physician who has testified as expert witness at many trials over the last forty years, may I humbly advise that once you are under attack, and decide to defend yourself with deadly force, to always remember that dead adversaries can never hire lawyers, show up in courtrooms in wheelchairs for sympathy, and distort the truth about what happened. Kill. Do not maim. Pax vobiscum.

    1. Dead adversaries can not sue either. A Lt in the Anchorage police force advised a group of home owners in an area with a high number of break ins that “remember to empty the gun!!” Empty gun proves you were unaware of what you were doing, temporarily not in control of faculties or temporarily insane. Not responsible for action, death of bad guy.

        1. I’m not sure what the laws are in Alaska but I think you were given some bad information. You are under no duty to retreat from your own home.

      1. And why does this statement have so many dislikes??

        “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” Holds true even now.

        1. But think about it: Tish is saying it is moral to kill while defending yourself, but immoral to kill to get rid of the witnesses.

          What’s wrong with this? is my question.

        2. I think she might have “misread” what James wrote. The “witness” he is talking about is the “perp” committing the crime, the “adversary.” If a perp attacks someone, they deserve whatever they get, including becoming “worm food.”

          Now, if there are “other” witnesses to the crime (not perps), killing them would not be justified.

      2. Then the “bad guy” should have chosen to do something else. Everyone has choices to make each day, and if their “choice” gets them killed, who’s fault is it?

    2. At 70 years of age, I’m too old to fight, have arthritis and don’t move too fast. I go out for a walk at night with a 9mm on my side. Live in California, so no conceal carry for me. If I’m attacked, I will shoot and walk away. No police calls.

      1. Come to Texas – we’ve got conceal carry and ‘stand your ground.’ Us ol’ ones that can’t run or can’t hit hard enough to be effective have to be able to protect ourselves. If you’re in a place (like Chicago and others) where it’s not legal to carry or defend yourself and you do, you’ll at least live to go to jail but that’s a ridiculous outcome when we’ve got the 2nd Amendment!

  2. Great news! Chalk up 4 to the good guys.

    I remember an Oprah show on the subject of crime and violence and one’s right to defend themselves. There was a family who lived in a rural area whose home was invaded by a couple of young black men with guns. They knocked the family around, threatened to kill them, and took money and items from the house. After they ran out the door, the father grabbed his shotgun and opened fire, killing one and paralyzing the second.

    Oprah was ”appalled” at the act of defense (not so much, though, at the act of home invasion) and asked the man how he could do such a thing!

    The man whose pregnant wife and two children were threatened, didn’t blink an eye and said that he would do it again in a nanosecond…that both criminals would be alive and well today if they had not decided to break the law. He said there was no way of knowing if they would come back or not and he wanted to make sure they were stopped.

    She tried to make him feel sorry for the paralyzed robber, but the man said the he had no regrets whatsoever about defending his family.

    Of course the general tenor of the conversation was about the ‘bad’ white guy who shot the ‘poor black kids’.

      1. Oprah is a bloated black pig. Her devoted following are like the Jonestown sheeple, they listen to her drivel instead of the facts. Her buddy, Phil McGraw, is the same type of s h i t. Nearly every interview he does he tries to bring the guilt onto the victim instead of the aggressor. When the war starts, these self indulgent, socialist libturds need to be the first to go.

        1. Rattlerjake…Agree. They both have an agenda they are trying to push..and enjoy wielding their power and money

          I remember when ‘Dr Phil’ had a couple on……a cop and his abused, fearful wife. When the Doc asked the woman why she didn’t go to the police, she said she had, but that her husband’s buddies wouldn’t do anything about it. The Doc was shocked that she would say such thing, and are fine people who would never do such a thing. Sounded to me like Phil was in cahoots with the cops.

          The woman seemed to be not only in an inescapable hellhole of a marriage but was also subjected to Philly’s public castigation of her. It was sickening to watch.

          I was never a fan but that did it for me and I’ve never watched since.

        2. I won’t even refer to McGraw as a doctor; he’s about as much a doctor as Obuthead is a Christian. I dated a woman who watched this crap everyday (she recorded it). When I met her, I noticed she had all of Phil’s books, plus all of the other Man-hater books on the market. Everytime I watched a show where there was a marital problem, he ALWAYS blamed the husband. Didn’t matter that the wife was cheating, the wife was a spend-a-holic, the wife was a hoarder, the wife claimed abuse (when there was no evidence of it), etc., it was ALWAYS turned back on the man. All of these daytime “talk” shows cater to weak minded women (single mothers, lesbians, fat women, those that were abused and those that claim to be – like Oprah) and push nothing but socialist government dependency and feminist agendas. Oh, and the girlfriend is HISTORY!

        3. If I’m not mistaken, ‘Dr.’ Phil lost his license to practice in Texas, that’s how he ended up on a TV talk show. Hollywood will lend a hand to any castoff that stirs people up. Never trusted the ‘doc’. When he gets to the Pearly Gates, they just might remind him of how many good marriages he destroyed with his liberal mindset.
          How do you think bho and his ‘wife’ ended up in DC? They both lost their licenses to practice law in Illinois.

        4. How about when the d-bag came out and said that he had “evidence” that Natalie Halloway was sold into sex slavery. Now, if the man had evidence, why wouldn’t he present it to law enforcement? Of course, he had no evidence and merely stopped talking about it. He is nothing more than a parasite.

        5. Don’t worry, their liberal pacivism will make them the targets of the very scum they defend. All we need to do is stand back and watch………..maybe with a couple of beers.

      1. Did you know that Austria and Switzerland demand every home have a gun? I guess that is what surviving the nazis and WWII did to them…

        1. TalkDoc……Yep. And a lot of people see the Swiss are weak….but their policy of total armament of their citizens is smart and a strong incentive for any potential invaders to leave them alone.

          I saw one travel program that was showing Switzerland in all of its panoramic magnificence when the host came upon a cute little red shed with flowers painted its front doors. When he opened it, there was a cannon inside…shined up and ready to go. And then the host explained the Swiss policy that every citizen had to own a gun and maintain it and that the gov positioned these larger weapons throughout the country.

          Reminded me of the Japanese general who, after the war, was asked why Japan hadn’t attacked our mainland right after Pearl Harbor when America’s military was so crippled and we were vulnerable.

          He said, ”Because we knew that every American owned a gun. ”

          There ya go.

    1. The person that gave you the negative is either a criminal, a liberal, a politician or Oprah and there is not much difference in the home invaders to the latter

    2. I recently received an email from a friend which shared the following anonymous quote:
      “A gun is like a parachute; if you don’t have one when you need it, it is unlikely that you will EVER need one again.”

        1. I’ve no claim on it unfortunately, wish I were that smart. So until the guilty genius owns up I guess we’ll all be forced to palag…..peleg….palleg….
          $#!+….steal it.

      1. I had this printed on the back of my SpecOps SOT T-shirts for years. Of course my other favorite was SNIPER – Why bother to run, you’ll only die tired.

    3. As almost always, blacks will take the side of blacks. It doesn’t matter if they are bad or worse. In this particular case, where are the centerfolds – the darlings of liberals. Meaning the never-smiling reverends jesse jackson, sr., and allan sharpton? No protests and demonstrations this time?

    4. Probably one of the reasons Oprahs show went down the toilet. She sold herself as a caring conservative but when she backed Obama, worst president in our nations history and began to encourage a myraid of other things that are not protective of familys and their country her ratings went down the toilet. I never watch and won.t.

      1. retireme…The program I referred to was quite a long time ago but it was one of the main reasons I stopped watching back then. Another program around that same time was about racism and how, according to her definition, no black person can ever be a racist. Well, as someone who has been on the receiving end of black racism, she’s a liar. Anyway, her definition of racism was baloney and calculated to excuse the racist actions of blacks.

        1. And all the black people that voted for Obama because of his skin color were just as racist as any KKK member voting AGAINST Obama because of his skin color….. And saying black people can’t be racist is, by definition, a racist statement.

    5. I read on WND just today , that the 70 yr. old was still under Scrutiny of the law !Let,s All Hope that for Once , justice Prevails !!

        1. The jury is the last stop for our freedoms. People do not realize how much power a jury has. They can even tell a “Judge” to go pound sand in their own court room.

    6. but of course those white honkies shooting all those poor black thieves, rapists, murders, robbers, gangsters, dopers, liars, dealers … comon’ … the kids need some kind of job … right!?

    7. Just like the two blacks jumped a lone white man and began to beat on him (remember the ‘Knockout Game’?)… Unfortunately for them, the guy pulled out his knife & killed one attacked & cut the other one up pretty bad.
      To hear the blacks mothers talk, the white mans self defense made him a ‘monster’… I guess they didnt agree w/ the police, who called it legal self defense.

    8. Well, one dead, one paralyzed. I bet they wished they had made a better choice that day. It was the “last stupid thing” that one of them will ever do. I wonder if the other one “learned” anything?

    9. The statistics that politicians keep sweeping under the rug is the BLACK on BLACK crimes with GUNS and the use of illegally obtained guns form other robberies, the black market on the street in the US that sells guns like drugs. What is needed is an enforcement of over 600 existing gun laws that could be used in the prosecution of these criminals that liberals refuse to enforce but instead use the current chaos created by their non-enforcement of existing laws to push their doctrine of elimination of the second amendment. We already have enough laws start doing your JOB that were elected to do.

      The fact remains is the BLACK on BLACK crimes using GUNS is extremely higher than any other ethnic group. From the statistics these types of crimes have created a lot of the problem with guns that the liberal Marxists use to further their Marxist agenda of control of the masses. SO in essence they allow the BLACK people who are killed in this way to support their agenda, in essence they could care less, all the while putting on a faced that they care about the blacks. Because if they did really care there would not be a problem. The mass murders of people in schools, movie theaters etc., with guns are pale in comparison of the heart disease, diabetes and other health problems that have killed many more per day but go unnoticed in the US, especially the BLACK population.

      In my option politicians are the problem and most are cunning dodgers, weavers and schemers. They never had to work a day in their life and have gravitated to politics to get the most from doing the least with multiple perks that the working people of the US who pay taxes pay for.

      In so far as Oprah is concerned, she is like a lot of RICH people who have insulated with themselves with their money and being RICH their egos are inflated and have taken it upon themselves through this inflated ego, from their money, to push their opinion and conjecture as if it were fact and emotionalize issues to further their distorted viewpoints and causes for their own benefit. She needs to go to FAT camp for a long time.

    10. Yup, folks seem to forget how crime took a nosedive after Bernie Goetz shot a pack of scumbags in the subway. Liberals like to give cold blooded killers a way out by saying it was a “crime of passion”. When someone snaps, during a violent encounter, and puts a couple in each d-bag, he is branded a vigilante. We need to bring common sense back to America and stop trying to take away the absolute right of self defense. As a martial arts instructor once told me, “He got himself killed trying to attack me”. People, like Doprah, need to understand that these cretins put themselves in harms way with their own criminal ways.

      1. Dr Sique…Yep. I remember well the Bernie Goetz story and how the lefties had a ball crucifying him, calling him the ”subway vigilante”.

        He had been mugged before by 3 black teens and sustained permanent injuries but the perps got a slap on the wrist, Goetz applied for a CCW permit but was denied for ”ínsufficient need”’. So he decided to arm himself and carried the weapon with him most of the time. While on the subway he was approached by 4 black teens who demanded money from him so he opened fired, injuring 3 and paralyzing the 4th. He was charged with murder and illegal use of a firearm but was found not-guilty of the attempted murder charges, but found guilty of the gun charge, and served several months in jail for it.

        What happened to the four criminals?

        1. James Ramseur held the gun while an associate raped, sodomized and robbed a pregnant 18 year old woman. He served 25 years in prison, was released in 2010 and was found dead of drug overdose at the age of 45….on Dec 22, 2011, the 27th anniversary of the incident.

        2. Barry Allen committed two robberies after the shooting, served time and was released on parole in Dec 1995.

        3. Troy Canty went into a 18-month drug treatment program after several arrests for petty offenses. After completing the program, he was later charged with assault, robbery and resisting arrest with his common-law wife but was not convicted and did not serve time.

        4. Darrell Cabey, the paralyzed mugger who now has the IQ of an 8 year old, sued Goetz in a civil suit which went to trial eleven years after the crime. It was dominated by the theme of racism and a jury of mostly non-white jurors found Goetz guilty of acting recklessly and deliberately inflicting emotional distress on Cabey, awarding him $43 million for pain and suffering and $25 million in punitive damages, which have yet to be paid.

        Had Goetz lived 100 years ago and killed 4 guys who tried to rob him, he would have been lauded. What a difference a few decades of liberalism can make in how one perceives events.

    11. Yeah, we’re all “bad white guys”! I, for one, am getting sick of this schitt. Blame whitey for defending himself and family against “poor blackys” just out for a good time. You know, there for a while racism was starting to slow down a bit, even though it still existed. But since Obama has been in office and is dividing this country like never before, it is worse now than when desegregation started. I remember that well. A white guy/girl could fight a black bigger and stronger, as long as you kept getting up you earned that persons respect. And in most cases you never had anymore trouble.

      Not anymore. Now your azz just gets dead! It is a crying shame to see our once great country stoop this low. I fought for my country once, I’ll do it again!

    12. I feel sorry for them too,all that suffering they’ve gone through.might as well just finish them off so they won’t have an inferiority complex.painfully.

    13. Oprah was just doing what 99% of all nigroes do: She was showing racial solidarity with members of her race.

      Whites are the only race which does not practice this principle of coming to the defense of fellow whites, sometimes even when the latter are in the right…

  3. It’s alarming for all of those who think that once they decree that the public be disarmed that they might meet the same fate! And that’s where the smart money is, too.

  4. “ALARMING TREND”??? Dr. Kleck’s research shows that 2.5 MILLION such occurrences happen every year in the US, alone (citizen pulling weapon in self defense). Thankfully that majority don’t have to resort to pulling the trigger. (book source: POINT BLANK). But the crimes are STOPPED by people exercising GOD-GIVEN rights!

    1. It just isn’t important enough in the eyes of obummer and his press to talk about these cases. Some of the cases are never heard by anyone except probably the local news. I never heard about the those above until now. They don’t want the other side of the story to be heard because others may be swayed to believing that guns don’t pull their own trigger, guns aren’t bad, it’s the EVIL people with the guns! Wake up America. The “alarming trend,” is that the press doesn’t report those 2.5 million incidences.

      1. Kleck did his research during the Clinton years and they didn’t believe him. Even though he was pro gun-control prior to his study. His research changed his mind. The Clinton admin then decided to conduct their own research and found it to be “only” 1.5 MILLION crimes stopped by private citizens. So, even if you split the difference, 2 MILLION crimes are stopped by private citizens pulling a gun. Yet, how many deaths do we have per year? only approximately 10 – 11 thousand (most occurring in gun-controlled areas). That means there is an incredible amount of restraint in the American public. The left pulls on the emotional strings with, “we don’t want the wild west” (whatever the hell that means?) and ignores the REAL facts about how guns actually SAVE LIVES. Another book worth looking at: MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME by John Lott, Jr.

        1. “Firearm deaths” include ALL forms of death from a firearm, which may include justifiable homicide (self defense) or suicide. Firearm “murders” is a different statistic altogether.

        2. It has nothing to do with preventing crime or to protect your family. Obama and the anti gun lobby know that an armed citizenry will not easily subject themselves to dictators who will not submit themselves to our laws and constitution. Right now he is treading a fine line by his myriads of executive orders but there will come a time when the congress will be forced to impeach him if he continues the trend.

      2. Not getting such reports is exactly what Obama & his cronies want. Obama calls out Fox News (not the best in the world but head & shoulders above the OLD mainstream junk), & he attacks fair & balanced. Yeah, sure. I say, news are to report & WE are to decide, NOT some politician looking to push their personal social agenda on the rest of us. Attacking Fox shows this guy is against free speech. He is for speech that supports “his” agenda. Many totalitarian governments over the past five, perhaps more decades, also wanted citizens disarmed. In the end those governments one day ended up killing tens of millions of their own citizens. After they were disarmed of course!

  5. Message to those Obama supporters who make a living by robbing honest citizens!!!!!Your hero Barack will make up in increased welfare any income lost by not being able to rob someone who decided to use his or her rights by the Constitution, law of our land to protect themselves with a gun instead of letting you do the same to them. Your hero barach is behind your trying to make a living by not over working in a legal job and because of his lousy union run schools your lack of proper education makes you unskilled except for stealing and killing. Keep voting for Obama. Your place in his slave group is securel

  6. No to national gun registry, talk to Canandian citizens, Canada had a national gun registry, a few years later they started confiscating weapons.

    1. Canada’s registry was for “long” guns. Still, after years in place Canadians found that the law does not work & its costs a fortune to administer. It solved no crime, nor could they provide empirical evidence it stop any shootings. Its a farse. In the long run, Canadian legislators are working to overturn or repeal that law, if they have not already. Even the registry did not provide evidence it solved crimes, so even cops think its a multi-billion dollar (Canadian), waste!

    2. And after billions of dollars spent, they stopped this registration as it didn’t work and it was as expensive as hell. DO NOT REGISTER YOUR GUNS!! remember that Hitler removed guns as the first step in taking over his country!!

  7. The alarming trend is the lack of respect for others AND their property. There’s an old saying, “Mess with the bull, you get the horn!!” In these cases, the “horn” travels pretty fast, and can mess up a whole weekend!!!!

  8. The alarming trend is that people are forced into the situation to defend themselves against criminals. IF the criminals would change occupations they would be safe and alive. Getting killed while you are breaking the law and trying to injure and innocent is just one of the obstacles you have to face. I would definitely kill if that became necessary and if someone broke into my home for the purpose of causing harm to me or my family, case closed.

  9. Apparently this reporter who is alarmed at someone defending themselves should take advice from the late great mayor koch of Newyork City. Whle I lived there for a short time there were many muggings and robberies. the statistic was that you would be robbed once every 2 years on average. Some of those robberies resulted in serious beatings of the victims. Koch was mayor at the time. His advice ? ? ? ? Carry ten dollars or so to appease the robbers so maybe they won’t beat the $hit out of you. I think the response in detroit is much more difinitive and appropriate.

      1. .
        That era is still there . . . you voted for the owebomb and bloomberg, you are taxing the businesses out of existence and permitting them to take away your right to self defence, No the era is still in nyc it is the mentality that ny’ers are the elite and will remain until the ny’ers grow a pair.

  10. I live in the Detroit suburbs and work in Detroit. I would like to personally congratulate the shooters for their humanitarian service. The threat of such consequences is well known to deter criminals.Nothing else does. The criminals were most likely affiliated with the gangs of teens that run wild in the city. You will also find that crime is up in Detroit while arrests are down proving once again that you can’t rely on a police presence to deter or prevent crime.

  11. Here’s the story the leftist puppets in the lame steam media propaganda machine never tell the gullibles in their audinces:
    According to the statistics gathered, but hidden, by their beloved government, guns are used by law-abiding citizens in justifiable self-defense (to stop or prevent a crime) about 2.5 million times per year in the US.
    In the vast majority of cases, no shots are fired. The mere display of the means of self-defense prompts the criminal to turn tail and run.
    In the minority of cases where shots are fired, those citizens kill several times more criminals per year than the police.
    Despite the fact that citizens shoot and kill significantly more criminals than the police, you are approximately 5.5 times MORE likely to be accidentally/mistakenly shot by the police than by a citizen defending himself (unless, of course, you are actually the criminal).
    Lawful use of guns saves FAR more lives each year than the unlawful use of guns by criminals and psychopaths. (At least 65x more!)
    Every state that has enacted “shall issue” concealed carry laws, which allow citizens to carry after passing a background check, has seen crime in general, and violent crime in particular, drop dramatically.
    Places with the most prohibitions on self-defense (Chicago, LA, DC, etc.) have FAR more violent crime than areas where it’s known that citizens have the right to self-defense and the means to enforce that right.
    Those are the IRREFUTABLE FACTS that the government and its media propaganda machine don’t want the public to know.

    1. Many of those cases are never reported as the would be criminal runs away when a gun is exposed, And there is not much sense reporting this to the Police, as they will never find the Criminal.

      1. Agreed, many years ago I was at an ATM in Detroit. I was approached by 4 thugs who had their hands in their shirts, as if the were armed, and demanded my money. I drew my six shot S&W .38 revolver and pointed it at them. They disappeared in a flash. Now, if anyone is familiar with the City of Detoilet [sic], you would know that it would have been absolutely pointless to report this to the police. I went back to my car and got the hell out of there as fast as possible. (BTW, I was a suburban LEO at the time)

    2. I quoted some of those, from Dr Kleck, and was asked if I got my information from FNC. I was able to answer, no, from the college library! But you are right, they don’t want people to know that guns make them safer.

  12. Wonder what Oprah’s armed security team would of done to these two adult men no matter the skin color. Bet it would not of been pretty.

  13. Im 79 yrs old and have a ccp. I guarantee you that i will shoot to kill any one that trys to rob or hurt me or my family. In 1962 i was stabbed and almost killed during a robbery. Ive carried since then. I hope i never have to use my gun but wont hesitate if needed.

    1. I’m 80 and I carry. So far I have been lucky in that I have never been under attack.

      I partially attribute it to the fact that I am comfortable with the notion that the continuance of my life may be at the expense of another’s.

      1. I’m now 74 and have legally carried for 20+ years. I had to show, not draw my gun only once when I noticed a Black youth watching me over a car close to mine in a super market parking lot. A scratch that exposed the gun was enough to send him and TWO FRIENDS away before I continued on to my car. Those young men were poor, downtrodden, victims of a racist white society that refused to allow them to climb to a position of their full potential ——– but they weren’t stupid.

        1. Goodonya. I live in the rural West and even the small cities don’t have many of those downtrodden “yutes”, so my chances of even having to “scratch” :-) are slim – but I don’t let my guard down.

          I’ve recently picked a 2″ Judge that I keep in the car, loaded with .410 No.6 shot for face-in-the window encounters (don’t want to harm bystanders in the parking lot) and a .380 with hollow-points on my person.

          Message is: “Don’t mess with us Old Farts We’re too old to take a beating and too young to die.”

  14. I have a carry permit AND I CARRY. Don’t think i wont shoot you if your trying to do me or mine or a defenseless person harm. Then let the frigging bleeding hearts tell me i am in the wrong. Let them get robbed or beat then they would want to be armed. Frigging IDIOTS!!! God bless both people that stood up to the scum of the earth.

  15. Anyone else notice that someone (coward?) came through the comments and tagged “down” on most of the comments? Of course, they failed to offer any refutation of substance.

    1. Are these the same Good Guys who shot up 2 pickup trucks of Innocent people???
      I’ll keep my gun, and hope I don’t need those types of Good Guys..

      1. Wdcraftr, I doubt if these folk would shoot innocent folk since they had legal conceal carry permits and only used them in self defense after the attack occurred.

        You may not need any other Good Guy but I am sure the two girl’s parents were pleased with them. Yes, keep your gun and pray you will never have to use it.

  16. All guns owners should post a sign in their front yard that says “Gun Free Home”! Then set back and wait!!! Oh Happy Day…

  17. These “could have been” victims are candidates for my … Nobel Piece Prize
    This award is given when you shoot a “piece” of sh*t, while they are in the act of commiting a crime.
    You stop force with equal or greater force.

    Guns, in the hands of law abiding citizens, reduces crime. If you want some current and interesting data on this subject, check out the book, titled …

    More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, by John R Lott, Jr
    Paperback: 472 pages
    Publisher: University Of Chicago Press; Third Edition,
    Third Edition edition (May 24, 2010)
    ISBN-10: 0226493660, ISBN-13: 978-0226493664

  18. Folks, please read my response to “Screeminmeeme” @ “Great news!” It is one real gem of common sense that I recently received.

  19. “Alarming”? Well, It’s a good thing they’re letting us now they’re “alarmed”, but here’s a news flash…. If ANYONE comes into my home uninvited, I will react accordingly to save my life. Same goes for anyone accosting me in the street. It should not “alarm” them when I shoot them in their f’ing face.

  20. What’s ‘alarming’ is this could start a trend towards the media being forced into the position of reporting GOOD NEWS where the law Abiding Citizen lives through the ordeal.

    They much prefer to be able to report “another murder”, and more screeching for gun control.

    1. The libs think we should be victimized by the poor and oppressed minorities and then give the unionized police something to do after the criminals get away.

  21. Well now isn’t that something….the “alarming trend” is with dirt-bag criminals getting shot while trying to steel someone’s stuff (or do worse)…really? REALLY???

    One would think that people would be more concerned about dirt-bag criminals BEING CRIMINALS than whether they get shot or not.

    Here is a clue…you don’t want to get shot then DON’T BE A DIRT-BAG CRIMINAL.

  22. Great! The only one’s ‘alarmed’ are the criminals and the stupid liberals who want to disarm citizens so they’d have lots more shootings and killings to report. They need ‘news’ to survive, and there will be a lot less of what they report as the word gets out that no criminals are safe anymore- they could all choose the wrong victim and end up dead themselves. They’d rather ply their trade elsewhere.
    Meanwhile, how many gun crimes are committed daily/annually in Detroit, NYC, Chicago, SanFrancisco, and the like? Inquiring minds want to compare with the armed citizens cities.

  23. Knew this type of commentary was coming. It was predictable. They cannot villify gun owners fast enough, so, attack any who use a gun to defend themselves. After all, in their utopian world, self defense is not necessary. In the real world, despite the best efforts of police, those five seconds to five minutes to a half an hour before police arrive, we are on our own. And shooting when in defense of one’s life, is logical as well as justifiable. The gun grabbers want stand your ground laws revoked. The criminals think that idea is just fine. Those seeking to undermine America, the Constitution, and the people also want stand your ground repealed. Its up to those of us who love our country & believe we have the right, through God, to protect ourselves, to stand up for those rights.

  24. Somehow Senators Feinstein and Boxer and the Reverends Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton missed this., Maybe the coach and reserve officer forgot his “assault rifle.”

  25. Detroit needs a better class of criminals. Where were Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, The Rev. Al Sharpton, The Rev. Jesse Jackson? Mr. Rangel was filling out his tax return; he is excused.

  26. Can someone explain, in “logical, sensible” terms, exactly “what” is alarming about “defending yourself”?? Personally, I have NO sympathy for any “attacker” and I don’t care what color he/she might be; they choose to abuse/mis-use/threaten someone, they deserve what ever they get!

  27. Alarming trend, my A-s! Proper gun control, would be more like it. Actually hitting ones intended target. Now that’s ‘gun control’. Good job, guys!

  28. Of course the liberal media sees this as an ‘alarming trend’, VICTIMS are not supposed to fight back! Also, if this trend continues, the prison industry will start squawking about the loss in revenues from the state to keep these types locked up.

  29. The robbers should join a Democrap supporting union and then they could file for Worker’s Comp as well as their food stamps. Yea “victims!

  30. it’s about time we started acting like citizens not sheep. When a sheepdog get out of control you shoot him.Same with criminals. Bang!

  31. This is what needs to take place on every street corner until these “Barn Animal” thugs are put back in their place. My hats off to these citizens who stood their ground and fought back!

  32. OH MY ! They were just TEENAGERS ! Just because they were going to rob, maim, or possibly kill you was no excuse to shoot those poor, downtrodden, children of a single parent, welfare existing matriarchal home, where they would forever be “the poor baby”. Why, just like it says in the lyrics or “Down In The Ghetto”, “In desperation, a young man steals a car”, they were only trying to fight back “the only way they knew how”, or some other liberal drivel meant to exonerate them from all fault. And please don’t tell us they were Catholic, or Irish, or Lutheran, or Black or anything else that might identify them and put them in a “category or detract from their self image.
    And while you’re at it, if they are killed in the commission of their crime, call out the usual “reverends” to organize marches and get the other racial organizations to threaten and attempt to intimidate. And also the pandering, ambitious politicians to loudly take a stand for justice.
    There ! I think I covered all the usual bases. If missed any, please let me know.

    1. I think this just shows how so many people just give up too easily today. Growing up in a mostly white, suburban California community we thought life was okay as we were kids. We’d always heard people say it was a big shame if someone was “on the dole” or some form of assistance. This was true of the whites, but also the Hispanics and Blacks who predominately worked the canneries and rail shipping areas. We understood when someone’s husband died suddenly or a mother lost her baby and their income dropped. But that daily struggle to pay your own way meant something. It meant being able to hold your head up. You may barely have a roof over your head, you may sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag and eat only once a day… but you’re doing it yourself without taking money from someone else … like a childhood allowance. Where did we lose that idea of independence? When did being treated like a child on an allowance become acceptable in adult society?

  33. It’s alarming because it is interfering with the robbers lively hood! Jobs are just so darn hard to come by ya know! The victims with their unfair concealed carry permits are denying these hard working robbers from earning a living!

  34. Good, but make sure they are dead. Less paperwork for officers and dead men (women) tell no tales. It is a God given right to protect yourself and criminals will learn that if the socialist democrats don’t interfere with their whining. Color,and race have nothing to do with shooting a criminal and age is also moot, a number of GI’s have been killed by kid’s younger than 10. You threaten me or mine, you better shoot first and make it good because you will die. Everyone in this house knows how to shoot and not to wound. Too many bleeding hearts whining about saving everything, now about saving the poor misunderstood criminal, who cares what his age was, he died a criminal and did nit cost the tax payers a million dollars to defend the A__H_L_.

  35. Yeah, meeme, I’m with you. My idea of perfect gun control. Now if that became front page news, instead of being hidden somewhere on the last page, these guys might get the picture and take up a different line of work. The crime rate in Detroit would probably drop like a rock. For LSM though it is just teenagers letting off steam, it’s not crime, or a mugging, just good natured fun.

  36. Alarming? Yeah, alarming that it’s taken this long for the news to even report about the positive side of armed citizens defending themselves and alarming that more stories like this doesn’t get told because armed citizens defend themselves around this country everyday from vermin criminals. I have no sympathy for them, shoot them all. Any criminal takes his life in his own hands when breaking the law.

  37. What should they have done? Call a cop? Right, by the time one got there the victims would be dead or beaten and a report taken that would have sat on some fat ass sargents desk covered with donut crumbs.

  38. Aww, the poor “robbers” are getting “shot & killed?” Why don’t they do something “less dangerous,” like “getting a job” and contribute to society, instead of being a burden to it. Or, they can always become “worm food.” The choice is theirs to make.

  39. It’s time for a “reboot” of the republic. We’ve let the politicians become an elite class who believe the law doesn’t apply to them.

    The poster boy for this attitude is a Washington DC black politician who is a big gun control advocate. He fought the effort to restore 2nd amendment rights to DC residents tooth and nail, but when a young black teenager had the audacity to swim in his pool late one night, the politico shot him with a pistol his policeman son had illegally absconded with from a police evidence locker.

    Neither the offending politician nor his son was ever charged, and the son is still in uniform. Thankfully the injuries to the teenager were not life threatening, but this highlights the serious class warfare we are subject to. A normal citizen has to face court even when defending his family and his life, but a politician can get away with attempted murder.

    And Americans shouldn’t be considering violent overthrow of these people?

  40. Alarming trend???. It should be encouraging!!!. It’s time to start killing these criminals. Guns aren’t the problem, they are the solution. These criminals show no rights, mercy or empathy to their victims but if the table is turned OH MY GOD!!! How terrible!!! Give me a break!!!!! It time to start thinning and culling the herd of criminals that roam the streets creating the problem and the problem is NOT GUNS!!! . Save the taxpayers a lot of money instead of putting them up at 80k per prisoner in a prison built and paid for by the taxpayer. Kill em with a 1.00 hollow point round to the head. Then we have the liberals like Oprah come out to push their distorted viewpoints and their agenda of profiting off of issues like GUNS to line her pockets with $$$$. The politicians are the same same way, using the gun problems to further their Marxist agenda of control of the masses all the while attaching a solution to the problem that has nothing to do with the problem. They are all money grubbing Wh__res.

  41. What should be addressed by the talking heads is: what would have happened to the persons targeted by those young thugs had they NOT BEEN ARMED?????? BTW: as to the racial component that the lamestream media tries to attach to anything they can’t blame on “global warming” – – ALL of those involved apparently were black – victims & perps as well!!!!

  42. I guess the fact that they were acting in self-defense is a criminal activity to those nut cases that view it as an alarming trend . Just an aside , Maurice Renard , a Florida resident , was just murdered by two home invaders while trying to protect his 11 year old daughter in her own bedroom , he apparently did NOT have a gun . I guess that is okay with all those anti-gun , bleeding heart , liberal , progressive a–holes .

  43. alarming? Seems to me
    to be the best way to rid our streets of cockroaches and save money on our legal
    and prison system. Why house them when we can shoot and bury them?

  44. alarming? Seems to me
    to be the best way to rid our streets of cockroaches and save money on our legal
    and prison system. Why house them when we can shoot and bury them?

  45. We can fully understand why movie and TV celebrities, as well as reporters, are enraged when an average citizen protects himself or herself from a violent attack with a weapon. Employees of the mass media are super-rich, although they do nothing more than entertain people. Whether they are at home or travelling, they would never think of carrying a weapon. They are surrounded by burly bodyguards, armed to the teeth, and highly trained in hand to hand combat. They have people who check on the route before they travel, expert drivers, and maybe even bulletproof windows in their limosines. They cannot understand people who have to concern themselves with attacks by criminals. When a reporter in a foreigh country finds himself suddenly under fire, cries of indignation are heard on TV stations all over the world. The rival armies should have stopped shooting at each other to protect the safety of the reporter. Even when one of the reporter’s lackeys is killed while filming a battle, he is hailed as some kind of a hero on TV screens all over the world. After all, making the 6 o’clock news entertaining is a vital function of our civilization. It is a different matter when a member of our armed forces is killed. He is given no more consideration by our news media than a dog run over in the street, and when the surviving servicemen come home, our media ignore the fact that they are discriminated against when they seek jobs, or when their benefits are denied by the VA long enough for them to become destitute and die on the street. We can thank the sorry condition of our society in a large measure to our media and the people Americans make into celebrities.

  46. It is an alarming trend… for those who don’t want us to exercise or right to self-defense. The word gets out and no-one will listen to them any longer and they lose their power.

  47. Alarming trend? The victims should carry a little larger caliber and learn to shoot a little straighter then the tax payers would not have to foot the bill for the medical care or incarceration.

  48. Kudos to these victims. Gives me hope that the criminals will reconsider their robbing, raping and murdering if they think someone is armed. The bleeding liberals like Winfrey and that group in DC need to be a victim of these thugs just once and the will change their tune. But then many have armed escorts, so did give a rip about us.

  49. It’s alarming that media types think that shooting would be thieves, rapists, and car-jackers while they are committing their crimes is an alarming trend. It’s also alarming that teenagers have become so emboldened as to think that they can commit armed robbery and assaults with impunity. The little bastards are getting what’s coming to them for a change. It’s about time the public at large stopped being passive victims..

  50. The Lawyers and Judges don’t them killed because they can’t make any money of the little Bastards by running them through the BROKEN Judicial System, Time and Time again! Semper Fi.

  51. Seems like the concealed carry people could get a position showing NYPD how to shoot straight. They didn’t need 40 plus rounds to stop 4 people. Oddly enough, I am NOT alarmed. I am calmed by this news.

  52. Only if you’re one of the robbers. It seemed like a good trend in the good guys start standing up for themselves and blowing them out of their shoes. Every American should have the right to defend himself, his family and his property. Deadly force is in many cases the only alternative. My personal view is that if I put in a situation where I have to use deadly force is only one outcome for the bad guy. Remember the old saying” dead men tell no tales” and on top of that they can sue you for medical expenses.

  53. Here’s my proposal: if you shoot and kill (or permanently disable) a thug in the act of committing a crime, the state should owe you a full ride college scholarship. We need to get this scum off of our streets — I recommend killing as many of them as we can and permanently disabling the rest (no! they don’t get welfare — let them sell pencils).

  54. Both cases justify the concealed gun license laws and possibly make the next guy to think twice before attacking someone. Having a concealed gun license I do not go anywhere without my weapon. Hope I never have to use it but definitely would not hesitate to defend myself.

  55. The government wants a monopoly on violence.
    It wants us to all be disarmed victims.
    The only logical answer is so they can dominate and control us.
    A police chief in CA said the other day that the police don’t carry guns for defensive purposes, that they are not defensive weapons, that they are used to “intimidate and show power.”
    This is increasingly the mentality of our increasingly militarized and abusive law enforcement agencies, supplied with military weapons, armored vehicles, drones, and training by the feds through DHS, BATFE, and FBI.
    Are all cops bad? No.
    Are all departments bad? No.
    But the trend towards militarization, increased federal control, and an “us vs them” mentality towards the citizenry is VERY disturbing.

  56. How about this for a tee shirt . “If you head the the shot, then you weren’t my target” Love it and had it printed on a tee shirt by Hillbilly Holler

  57. This is what happens when the spawn of the “entitled” generation meet the reality of those who were brought up to respect the values that made this country what it was during the golden years after WWII, what is often referred to as the apex of American Society.
    Young potential predators who won’t pay attention and learn by hearing it stated that stealing is wrong and that there are real world consequences to bad behaviour have to learn it through experience. Sometimes the learning curve is terminally steep for these lessons. Too bad, the slow learners need to eliminated from the gene pool at the earliest opportunity.

  58. Oprah always has her armed security team always in arms reach. Her condo has armed security service. She don’t have to worry about a threat to her. But she is quick to look down her nose at normal citizens that can’t afford armed security, are live where there is security 24/7. Now if she wants to she can spread her billions around to hire security for housing projects were homicides are committed daily in Chicago.

  59. I for one American Patriot think that people should be armed and just maybe the crooks will think twice before they try to rob people. However, you know how obummer is pushing his ban on guns……that is because this is one of his wealth redistribution. The useless hoods/crooks rob from hard working people to fund their useless life!!!

  60. Gotta watch it in Detroit, if they are young black kids you shoot they might claim racism and start a riot. Just sayin…. don’t want the black community go all Trayvon Martin on your ass.

  61. Nigroes are subhuman, violent and predatory savages who are not Homo Sapiens in ANY meaningful sense of the word. (More like Homo Habilis…)

    That having been said, more power to those who are law-abiding (the few who are) and avail themselves of a lawful means of self-defense.

  62. This is the way it has to be —when criminals are are allowed to come freely over the un-guarded borders and allowed to TERRORIZE the common man. It is not only the best way to start to take care of business but until the states are allowed to do it and DO IT RIGHT-then whatever works is right. GO FOR IT!

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