San Antonio Preparing to Persecute Christians Who Speak Out on the Bible

The San Antonio City Council is about to adopt an ordinance that will persecute any Christian for preaching the Bible or sharing their faith.  They are looking at passing some nondiscrimination ordinances that would make it a crime to exhibit or express any form of bias that could offend someone.  The proposed ordinance says:

“No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.”

Anyone found guilty of violating the new ordinance would be given a lifetime ban from being able to hold a city job, being involved with city government or even doing business with the city.

In other words, if a Christian works for the city as a garbage collector or street repair and they tell someone that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, they could lose their job for expressing their bias.  Or, if you contracted with the city to provide a service, say computer maintenance or repair and you quoted what the Bible says about homosexuality, you could lose your contract with the city.

Any pastor who stands in the pulpit and reads from Leviticus 18, 20 or Romans 1, could be found guilty of violating the nondiscriminatory ordinance and face the consequences.  In fact, the ordinance would make it impossible for any good conservative Bible believing person, minister, church leader or lay person, to work for the city or run for any city office including the city council.

Clearly the ordinance violates the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion.  Opponents of the ordinance also point out that it violates Article VI, paragraph 3 of the US Constitution that states:

“No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

They also claim that the nondiscriminatory ordinance violates the Texas Constitution and Texas Religious Freedom Act.  Charles Flowers, Pastor of Faith Outreach International commented, saying:

“The ordinance … says that if you have at any point demonstrate[d] a bias – without defining what a bias is or who will determine whether or not one has been exercised – that you cannot get a city contract.  Neither can any of your subcontractors [who have demonstrated a bias] sign on to the contract.”

Joe Conger of KHOU TV in Houston commented:

“Ever have a Paula Deen moment – make an off-color joke or hold a religious belief?  [Pastor Steve] Branson [of Village Parkway Baptist Church] says keep it to yourself if you’re involved with San Antonio city government. Proposed changes to the anti-discrimination ordinance could get you fired.”

Seems to me that the people of San Antonio need to seriously consider who has been elected or appointed to the city council.  If the council approves the ordinance, the citizens of San Antonio should launch recalls against all who voted for it.  Conservatives and Christians need to start standing up for their rights and for their state and nation and stop allowing left-wing agenda oriented liberals from taking control.

896 thoughts on “San Antonio Preparing to Persecute Christians Who Speak Out on the Bible

  1. Backing the moving vans up if you live in San Antonio and get hell out of Dodge. Satan and his cabal have taken over your town.

    1. Why. If you are a Christian you need to stand strong with Jesus as the ultimate judge. If we run every time we are challenged we will eventually run out of places to run. Stand your ground.

        1. Oh yeah!!! But we must not let “dust collect on our sandals,” or “cast our pearls before swine.” Hit San Antonio in their pocketbooks and let them go the way of Detroit. Why contribute through taxes to fund their agenda.

        2. Jesus knew when to leave because He knew when his hour was. Additionally, He is eternal God, which makes it impossible to get the jump on Him. Finally, Jesus didn’t attack, He laid down His life. The attack is still in the future sometime.

        3. Sorry, but what I meant was Jesus attacked sin by giving up His Life for us..and told St. Peter to put away his sword, after he cut the ear off the centurion, because, as you say, it wasn’t time. I should have been more clearer, and taken more time to clarify my comment. Thank You.

      1. Easier said than done, but you’re exactly right. The Bible never promised it would be easy being a Christian. In fact, just the opposite. Thanks for the uplifting reminder.

    2. Better yet, run for office and run those people out of town. We need to stop backing down and relenting. This is how towns like Detroit are made into cesspools.

  2. They have these types of laws already in the enlightened bastions of Canada and Europe. Christians have already been prosecuted for “hate speech” from these laws. It is sad that the religion that founded this nation is being attacked and driven from the public square by Godless people who benefited from the sacrifice of God fearing people.

  3. Jesus said we would be arrested and persecuted. “If they hate you, remember they hated Me first.” The Church will be out of here soon, for our Bridegroom is fast returning.

    1. Excellent reference. Can’t wait for Christ’s return. Hate to say “I told you so”, but that day is coming and those that don’t believe, will then.

      1. I can’t wait either. I have absolutely had enough of this cesspit of a world. Let the Godless keep it. There isn’t a single thing I own that tethers me to this world. I desire nothing but Christ and to be with Him. Maranatha!

        1. Good response. Just do all you can to make sure all you love have had the chance to accept Jesus as you had. Don’t stop speaking about Jesus to all you know.

        2. Amen. I would speak freely at work, and I didn’t care if people thought I was nuts. Their approval doesn’t matter. My Lord’s approval matters. I “speak” online as well. Been called all kinds of names. I don’t care. I have to remember that it is God they are hating, even though (in their minds) it is me they are hating. If Y’shua could be beaten beyond recognition, have His beard torn out by the roots, be spit on, and crucified for worthless me—who cares about name calling or disapproval?

          I have a family member who is beyond lost, but thinks they are saved. Please pray for this person. They will be left behind, and as heinous as their behavior is, I don’t want that to happen. Thanks, and God bless.

    2. The day it passes I would have all paperwork ready to go to take them to court all the way to the supreme court. The first amendment states that we have the right to practice our religion.
      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
      I guess some of the words have to many syllables for those idiots to understand what it means.

    3. A White Marine beaten, stabbed by 15-20 Blacks day after Zimmerman verdict.
      Police say it was not a hate crime. Once again the government is covering up
      for blacks who attack whites. Hate crime laws do not apply to blacks, only to whites
      and Christians. I don’t hear Obama talking about this obvious hate crime…

      Why is it that it’s always a group of blacks that attacks a lone white person.
      Cowardice is the obvious answer. (oops, I must be guilty of a so-called “hate crime”
      because I told the truth. Telling the truth is now called a hate crime.

      1. Yes, very true. It is happening all across the nation. That is why I am armed. I will gladly die for my Lord, but I will NOT be a victim of a group of Godless animals. God didn’t say we had to let people kill us for no reason.

        1. I live in a cesspool called Massachusetts.
          A few months ago I was run out of a town
          called Dorchester because I am white.
          Dorchester is made up of mostly blacks.

        2. Horrible. I’m sorry you had to leave. I’m in a mixed bag of lots of (illegal) Hispanics, some legal, muslims (oh hooray) and some whites/Europeans. I live near a major city I will not name, but I refuse to go downtown unless I have business there. I do carry two legal blade length, razor sharp, locking pocket knives. I will use them if I have to. Cut an artery, and they will lose interest in you real quick.
          I know where most of them are located.

  4. No San Antonio vacation for me.I am not a rabid Christian but for Freedom and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.Wonder if the QUORAN would be acceptable in that case I will bring one.Lets find out!

        1. I am tired of being the offender. ALL denominations, faiths and non-faiths, other fat people (I’m fat), other old people (that too), gays, lesbians, bi’s, tranny’s, atheists, …need I go on?…If you are not in lock-step with me, you offend me. Oops…NO ONE can be in government there.

        2. Once you set precedence for banning ANY religion in America, we can come after yours as well! Please do!

  5. How does that work? Your are diverse by not being diverse or allowing diversity. As God/Jesus is removed from our society the darker humanity gets. The light of Jesus shines brightest in the darkness.

    So as society get crazier and crazier because Christian moral are removed our society will become hell on earth (dark). I think the Bible says this will happen.

  6. The heck with San Antonio. Ever hear of the right to free speech? I bet if I was preaching the blessed virtues of the Koran, that would be okay, right? Forget the part in the Koran about how anyone that doesn’t follow their cult has to be killed as an infidel. It really is a “peaceful religion”. All the evidence proves it. You know, 9/11, for example. But let anyone talk about God and holy cow, let the bloodletting begin.

    1. Seems like the Quran is against homosexuality also. San Antonio’s law seems to be discriminatory against the Christian religion if the Muslims are not included in it.

  7. I have been looking at homes to re-locate in San Antonio Tx but this changes my
    opinion of that town, I think I’ll try Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    1. We have our share of this political correctness BS here in Ohio, but you people in San Antonio need to stand up against these elected putzies. Tell Governor Perry to quit inviting the liberals out of California to come to Texas would be a start. Just saying.

  8. But don’t worry about offending the VAST MAJORITY of San Antonio that are Christian. Too bad I don’t live there anymore because I would NOT go peacefully…I would be non-stop quoting scripture so they could add more charges. Then I would be preaching in the jail. I REFUSE to abide by ANY law that violates the Constitution..liberal scum

  9. and what are we “Christians” Doing about this? Nothing as Usual just setting on our hands and let it happen. wow, when are WE going to wake up and get Involved? We have seat on our hands for years and let a few dictate what and when every thing in Our America be/do and say nothing and look at the mess we are in. Wake Up America… It may too late already…

    1. Yep, and they’ll get away with it for exactly that reason, they know we don’t fight back, you won’t see them passing a law like this against the muslims…they are scared of them! We need a lot less Charles Stanley and a lot more Godfrey De Boullion …Deus Vult!

  10. So why all the anger? If the ordinance says that a Christian who works for the city as a garbage collector or street repair and they tell someone that the Bible is false and that homosexuality is not a “sin,” then could they not also lose their job for expressing their bias? I see nothing in this ordinance that says otherwise.

    1. Why all the anger? Are you serious? Don’t you see what this is? Yes, someone saying the Bible is false, under the wording of this ordinance, can also be fired – and THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!! It’s a massive violation of our right as American citizens to free speech! THAT’S why all the anger, genius! Both sides ought to be absolutely enraged at the self-appointed czars who are trying to dictate what we can and cannot say! Wake up, for crying out loud, and stop trying to be “intellectual” – you’ve just failed that test miserably.

      1. Dear Tears for America:

        First you missed my unintellectual point i.e if they can sling it, so can we using their same man made laws. But today Christians are so desperate to make the Constitution a Christian document that they never stop and ask themselves if this is so, then why is God’s name never mentioned at all in the Constitution but instead it’s “We the People” who are the sovereigns? You should ask yourself does the Constitution give you “rights” or, duties and responsibilities?

        The phrase “in the year of our Lord” does not make the Constitution a Christian document, nor does it exonerate the framers of the sedition and treason against Yahweh found throughout the document. What proves the Constitution is not a Christian but a secular, humanistic contract are its “laws,” not its terminology.

        The test of lordship is not found in mere words, but instead in
        doing the will (the law – Psalm 40:8) of the Heavenly Father and
        fulfilling the words of His Son; See (Luke 6:46-49).

        If the framers intended this statement as an acknowledgment of the God of the Bible, Jesus declared that, if their works proved otherwise, He would still reject them.

        I recommend a book by Dr. Gary DeMar titled The Conspiracy in Philadelphia as well as Ted Weilands book God’s Law verses the United States Constitution.

        1. I don’t disagree with a single thing you just posted. However, my point was from an entirely different perspective. Whether or not people believe the Constitution is a Christian or Bible-based document, the fact is, freedom of speech is being curtailed by this legislation. I don’t know why you’re turning my statement into a religious or Christian issue. Christianity had nothing at all to do with what I was saying. I was merely explaining why people are – or should be – angry about the law: a shut-down of free speech, which the Constitution enumerates with no religious bias whatsoever. Okay? Please read more carefully.

          Whether you personally respect the Constitution or not, whether you are a Christian or not, you can’t deny Americans have enjoyed the right to free speech regardless of who has granted it (and yes, it’s also a responsibility) from the Country’s founding, and these fools are trying to take that away. Why? Because they share your view of the disparities between the Word and the Constitution? Nope. For their own power at our expense. It’s a typical device used by those who would dictate – silence all who oppose their views so the sheep have no other frame of reference but the one given them by these overlords!

          Okay. Taking a deep breath…calming down…lol.

        2. Well I believe that we are in agreement as I can find no where in any of my correspondence where I said and, or implied that we should not be angry about what the top dogs (overlords) have been doing and will continue to do regardless of what “We the People” say or feel. I was saying that we can fight back using their own laws and, or rules against them.

          However, the founding of our nation as a Christian Nation under God has everything to do with our freedoms. Christianity (remember Plymouth Rock and William Bradford’s statement) was our founding not as some profess were those who signed the Deceleration of Independence and wrote the Constitution.

          How the Christians for the most part today have left their responsibilities and duty to our country and have allowed ourselves to become slaves is the real issue here which I hope we can agree on. In Ted Weiland’s book titled Christian Duty Under Corrupt Government…
          which is a phrase by phrase analysis of Romans 13:1-7 that completely dispels the standard arguments of theologians whose gross misinterpretations and skewed world view have turned these seven verses into a sword of oppression rather than a shield from tyranny.The scriptural and historical truths contained herein were a rallying cry in the American War for Independence. Had we not lost sight of these fundamental truths America would still be a free and independent nation. In this book, Mr. Weiland has brought forth scores of
          quotations from colonial preachers and patriots and coupled them with
          his own analysis to provide a logical, clear, and Scripturally accurate
          exegesis of this critically important passage in the Book of Romans. It would do well for every American who considers our once great nation to still be a “Christian Nation” to read it because if God is not in control then we will most definitely continue to be out of control.

    2. Yeah right, what kind of glue are you sniffing? this ordinance is targeted at Christians. You really think they are going to can some atheist or a faggot for making anti-christian comments?

      1. got to be them dems again they are the only ones that comes up with garbage like that. and only to get votes. gottcha number.

  11. The council is a little late. God has already established the alternatives of choice and the San Antonio City council can go to hell, literally. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    1. Let us not forget the Democratic Convention voting to take God out of their platform. (oh – I forgot, the chairman said the vote was to keep God in the platform but those of us who listened know the real story)!!!

  12. I must say one other thing about San Antonio, I lived there for 3 years and learned real quick what “Discrimination” really is all about (and I have many, many Hispanic Friends) but almost every part of City Government is run by a Mexican if if you are White you go to the Bottom of the List and I saw it with my own eyes.
    True Statement..

    1. and Rubio wants million’s moor in this country. it has got to the point whites are no longer welcome in own their country any more. and so many of the black are treated the same way.sad,sad,sad. no matter black or white we have got to take our country back.

      1. Betty, you are so right. The question is can we unite and do something about it? I am not sure because most Americans have had it so good for so long and they/we never get excited about things like this until we get our Own Toes Stepped on? Right?

  13. Looks as tho San Antonio wants to be the next Detroit.
    May the many lawsuits bankrupt them if they enforce such.

    1. I sure hope John Hagee does a surmon on this. How far are we going to let any goverment run our lives?

  14. We have reached the age of STUPIDITY. If what I say bothers you, I get fired? I think we need to tell these thin skinned people to get a life, suck it up. It is my opinion and if that bothers you your opinion bothers me so we both should be fired? I think not!!!!

  15. time to call a lawyer i’m headed there just to preach against illegal immigration

    and i want them to violate my first amendment rights

    this might just be the new redneck retirement program.

  16. Recalls hell!, start throwing ropes over tree limbs, stretch a few necks, otherwise they will have us wearing little yellow crosses on our clothes…for a start…

  17. I look forward to hearing the ACLU and the Texas AG weigh in on this ordinance, not to mention the many religious organizations that will be affected by it. The thought that such an ordinance could exist in America is repugnant and makes me question whether the Grsnd Republic will survive.

  18. i have just given myself a lifetime ban from entering the shitty of san antonio. I will spend my money elswhere , some place in America

  19. First amendment is first amendment. Period. We are turning into Nazi Germany and our country doesn’t seem to care. May the Lord Jesus help us. Ooops. I might get fired for that comment. Good thing I don’t live in TX. Ha, ha. Ridiculous.

  20. …wasn’t there a national youth gathering of Lutheran kids in San Antonio? The news said there were some 35,000 of them who arrived from all over the US…and that it was a huge benefit to the city. If so, then it would seem that the city council must be smoking crack. Here’s a recommendation: compare the city council and their beliefs implied by this soon-to-be statute, to the first city councils and the first US Congress as to the beliefs of those founders.

    Given the San Antonio city council agenda, the original founders of this country would be ineligible to serve on the San Antonio council. This ought to speak VOLUMES to these imbeciles.

  21. “supposed ordinance”, that is what it is, it, hasn’t happened yet, but if it does happen, SF will never see me or my family there, and I will boycott anything from SF including any sport games on TV if a SF team is playing.

  22. Add one more city to my ” DO NOT DROP ” list.
    Man this list is getting huge.!!!!
    Wait as sec, isn’t is discrimination and intimidation and a violation of the 1st amendment to even draw such ordinances???????

    1. The left in America has wagged the dog and will accept nothing but reprobate behavior. The break down of morality and freedom fits the Communist manifesto..

  23. The city council has the backing of the military commanders of the bases that are an important part of the San Antonio area. Washington’s war against Christians and Christianity is in the military as well as every democrat or a better description is they are really demoncrats and they have “useful idiots” across the nation. These people care for the Constitution and our our constitution is being attacked in every part of the nation where demoncrats are. A coup is underway if they can get away with it. Historically illiterate people many are willfully ignorant others are uneducated but thoroughly indoctrinated by the government run religious indoctrination system. It will be interesting to see how the citizens of San Antonio respond to this totalitarian attack on freedom of thought by this thought control piece of oppressive law that totally unconstitutional. Will the Nuremberg syndrome come into play here “I was only following orders” one can predict the police force will follow this line of reasoning. Citizens of San Antonio your city council is about to lay the first brick in imposing a totalitarian police state to control every thing you are entitled to think – jail awaits those who dare not conform to the states religious worldview belief system.

  24. this is sad. but they will let a muslim hate imiman stand and preach hate for AMERICA AND IT’S PEOPLE AND THE JEWS. satin will get you for this.

        1. Not a real problem. You real message is clear. I never looked up satin before. It was good reading. Of course I am a follower of Christ. He has more of the Power I like than does the adversary. :) .

  25. The ordinance, itself says that you cannot be biased against anyone for “religion” and then it is against people for religious beliefs in itself. It is contradictory. Any of the council member who vote for it should be banned from the city government by their vote!

    1. It is more than “Biased” law—it is unconstitutional because you can never have “Just Law” promoting irrational, dysfunctional, evil behavior like the Vice of sodomy. (Justice is a Virtue–and all Just Law has to promote Virtue). Homosexuality is irrational—not Reasoned–as all Just Law in USA has to be. All homosexual cultures practice pederasty and segregate women and reduce them to breeders—like the Saudis/Samurai/Ancient Greek—because it is a “learned” behavior—like the harems in Afghanistan (of boys) prove—and the twin studies in our research centers.

    1. Pederasty/sodomy is the norm in muslim countries—they are taught to despise women and have harems of boys to condition and teach the behavior. As Shoebat stated on a radio program—the Saudis prefer boys for sex. And just google Afghanistan/harem/boys. Very sick ugly world view—sodomy—like the Samurai–and the Ancient cultures like Greeks—where pederasty was the preferred recreation of men.

      1. The lamestream news will never broadcast such demeaning facts about their heroes. Look how they tried to blame the Boston bombing on any thing but radical muslim beliefs.

        1. No—but it is hard to keep “Truth” from the internet. This sodomy push in kindergarten/military/Boy Scouts is coming from the Saudis influence with the White House—they want it normalized in our children—because as W. Shoebat stated on the Michael Savage radio program—the Saudis prefer the boys for sex. All the elite Luciferneans (Alinskyites) practice the Rite of sodomy in their worship since it mocks the Judeo-Christian God and Natural Law–God’s Design of the human body/Truth.

    2. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Because we have a gay muslim president, they are fixing the gay, next comes rolling out the red carpet for the muslims. Don’t believe me? Just wait.

    1. Pedophiles are trying to get rights now, so put on your seatbelt. This ride through life is about to get even more bumpy that it did with gay rights.

  26. It would appear the writer has lied in the headline. While I agree the ordinance is unconstitutional, there is not one iota of anything about ARRESTING people! Your lie in the headline almost negates everything else. Please be honest and don’t exaggerate things like this – the truth is bad enough to get people worked up. You don’t have to lie.

  27. Trying to force sodomy on our little boys—more emasculation/brutality–and irrational “thinking”. Laws have to be Reasoned and promote Virtue—to be “Just Law”. Otherwise they cease to be “Law”—they are Null and Void–as John Marshall would say. Sodomy is a Vice—dysfunctional and dehumanizing and learned through child abuse—and pederasty—like in the harems of Afghanistan (of little boys). They are forcing our children into Satanic/Occult Religion where the sodomy/excrement Rite–is always tied to glorification of Lucifer—to mock God and his Design of the Human Body. It is unconstitutional to promote an evil Vice—into a “Just Law”—Justice is a Virtue—-can’t be done according to our jurisprudence where Law has to be “Right Reason according to Nature”.

    They are throwing out our Constitution—for Marxist (irrational) ideology and Satanic/pagan/occult Religion Rites.

    1. and I blame most of this on the last 3 presidents the 4th I don’t clam to be my president. don’t know about you. not because he claims to be black he is not an AMERICAN. he hates AMERICA AND AMERICAN PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU SKIN IS HE IS HULL OF HATE JUST LIKE THE MUSLIMS AND THEY WANT TO DESTROY US AT ANY COST.

  28. Time for the State to come in. In this case I am sure that Gov. Perry might have a few other ideas for these fools including not obeying the Consitution or their own rules by favoring homosexuality.

  29. Conservatives and Christians need to start standing up for their rights
    and for their state and nation and stop allowing left-wing agenda
    oriented liberals from taking control………..That last sentence above says it all, people ! Get rid of that type of city elected officials. They can hold their beliefs , but don’t tread on OURS !

    1. If the pastors and Christian leaders do not become more verbal on RIGHT and WRONG and stop all the mollycoddling, we shall all burn in HELL! Islam is the total opposite of goodness and mercy and peace! They are all about suffering, hatred, misery and killing! What they do in their cult is barbaric and inhuman! It is so gross that good people don’t want to even hear about it but we must make sure that others are made aware. HELL will be full of “ignorant” people whether they believe there is a HELL or not!

    2. that is like the gun deal. we are going to ban guns and soon take yours. but me and mine are going to keep ours and our body guards to. so I guess we should learn how to throw rocks like them muslims.

  30. Fine, let all the Christian contractors boycott the city and all Christian taxpayers decide not to pay their taxes until this stupid leftist influence disappear from the records.

    1. They can make fun of us and Jesus all they want, but if the same happens to a Muslim or Muhammad is mocked, they get a public apology.

  31. I told you so, even in John Hagee country They are forgetting the Constitution First Amendment I will go to Jail for Christ hey San Antonio remember the Alamo!

  32. Christians get held to the same standard as everyone else and your cry ‘Persecution’. What a bunch of whiners. Keep your superstition at home and in your church and stop pestering people.

    1. Amendment I
      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      Or are Constitutional Rights a burden for you?

    2. What are you talking about? It is Islam you should fear, not Christianity. I know that usually it is human nature to fear the truth though. Why fear something mystical? Why hate something mystical? People hate the truth. That’s why they never complain about Allah and all the rights the Muslims are gaining in the country while the Christians are losing theirs. The reason this is persecution to Christians is because we are the only ones that will be affected by this law. You don’t have one worry about all the rights the Muslims are gaining though, right? Muslims behead gays yet they can say whatever they want. Ignorant.

    3. Your full of obama BOY, you speak lies just like that illegal POS. Christians are denounced while filth spewed by the DEMONCRATS go on and on unatested.

    4. Christianity and real freedom has created the greatest nation, inventors, and the greatest economic revolution (the largest middle class in history – although beginning to shrink – hmmm?) that the world has ever seen. We are all recipients of those blessings God has given us. The path we’re on you will see what happens when God is tired of us no longer honoring Him.

    1. This is in San Antonio. While the Alamo is located there, I think they’ve forgotten what it stand for. The (word banned by my granny and the moderator) liberals have moved in there and tried to take over. We have to stop this and now!

    2. NOT my Texas! It’s like the United States is not my country because of the damned usurper in D C! The majority of U S citizens did NOT vote for him. He received multiple votes from thousands, votes from dead people, votes from illegal immigrants, end even animals…..not to mention all the rigged voting machines that switched votes cast for other candidates over to BHO! It used to be called “cheating”! All for an undocumented liar, thief, drug user, Muslim piece of excrement!

      1. You are so full of SHT carol, such a lying piece of sht!

        The ONLY people who tried to steal the election are republicans! Look up Roxanne Rubin on google — Republican who got arrested for voting more than once! .. Stop spreading lies you filthy person!

  33. So if gays. lesbians or prostitutes offend me, does that mean if they speak out about their sexual preference, they will be JAILED or EXECUTED? Oh, the nickel, dime and quarter I have in my pocket says “In GOD WE TRUST”. What if I’m an atheist (which I’m not) who gets thrown in jail. GET A LIFE!!!! Try working on making the WORLD a better place to live!

    1. Nope we are not. There are those in San Antonio but they are not the majority. I lived outside San Antonio when Castro was elected mayor, cannot imagine how someone with his LaRaza, antiAmerican outlook could be elected major of San Antonio, do not think he will win re election now that his background is more public knowledge. His mother was one of the founders of LaRaza, the group that claims Texas was stolen from Mexico and needs to be given its independence from the US. Now that people know that, from his presentation at the 2012 Democratic convention, I do not believe he has an icebergs chance in hell of being reelected.

  34. This ordinance is unconstitutional. Hard to believe a Texan, any Texan cannot read the short document, but one might start with the 1st Amendment. San Antonio of course is full of illegal alien Mexicans and the PC people who love them.

    “Nobody like Mexicans more than I do, but breaking the law is breaking the law.”

  35. This country has but a short time left. Everyday we move further and further away from God’s word. If we continue on our present path, I believe we will cease to exist as the United States in our current form within 2 decades. If Hillary Clinton is elected as president, it will be much shorter.

    1. I do not think we have two years, let alone two decades. I think the end times have started, the reason behind ordinances like this, and I think Christians need to be on the alert, the tribulation if not already started will start soon.

  36. Says a lot about the voters in San Antonia as well. If this is not their will, then they had better clean house.

    1. The city council, the mayor and all city appointees need to be replaced! They hate God, they hate truth and they seem to love BHO and his minions and their agendas!

  37. It comes to me that those who support this piece of crap have already shown a bias themselves. You know who is aiming the gun by seeing who the people are that are in the sights. The writers of this proposal are not law abiding people in any way shape or form. They demand tolerance by creating intolerance. Pure tripe and garbage. It shows the limits of the left wing minds. They have a minus IQ.

  38. DEMONCRATS are evil vile God hating POS and are corrupt and doing all they can to destroy America. obama started destroying America the day the lying illegal took the office.

    DEMONCRATS are anti God, anti America, anti our Constitution, and are even destroying their own grand children’s future, that’s idiots for you.

  39. America if God took Out Sodom, Greece, Rome and all other countries that practice this what makes you think he will not do this to Us, America Christians that seat on your Butts in the last two elections Have allowed this And will be held accountable, For letting evil people telling you to shut you’er mouths, Here is one Guy that is not going too, San Antonio Christians draw a Line in the sand Now!

    1. all Christians better be drawing a line and the churches need to get rid if the tax ex-empt cards. they make you a slave to the government.

        1. good we want wasting our time drawing them. and if we do cross them just what do you think you will do? nothing.

        2. Fire you from your government job in San Antonio? That’s what we’ll do… neener neener.

    2. I went to a men’s meeting on Tuesday and was watching the group dynamics. A caucasian male started out letting the whole group know how he was a staunch republican until obama came along. He claims his life has never been better. He’s got a new house, new truck, business is booming. He’d vote for him as often as he could. Not being one to bite my tounge, I politely asked him if he was a Christian and did he believe in the inerrant Word of God? He answered in the affirmative. Politely I then asked him with his own profession how he could vote for a person who stands boldly AGAINST God’s Word. His answer was really part and parcel for you Whining RINO or democrat. He told me the Bible said we are not to judge. Especially judging those in authority was forbidden. While he was working himself up to a coronary he screamed his son is a transvestite and if the president says its okay, anybody that says they’re a Christian and speaks against a person who has chosen this lifestyle is no more a Christian than Satan. WOW, let me say that backwards, WOW. Sadly, and I truly mean this, sadly the congregants agreed he was right on because that’s what the Bible states. Why is the USA falling apart so rapidly? I present to you, the churches in CA.

  40. Do you people actually read the story or just accept the headline? It never says ANYTHING about arresting anyone.

      1. If you can’t practice religion without engaging in discrimination then maybe you should rethink your religion. And if it is so dangerous then why does the headline have to be fabricated?

    1. True , you won’t be put in jail but ifit does say this:“No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds
      that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in
      discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any
      person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion,
      national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran
      status, age, or disability.” So if you happen ti say anything they don’t like or consider you to have broken this ordinance then you can’t hold an office in the government or do business with the city. That goes against your 1st amendment right to free speech. And yes you do have the right to say things that offend people. You just can’t form a lynch mob or do them bodily harm on the basis of race or anything else they were born with. Saying something is not discrimination. That starts when you put words into action. We as a society are guaranteed to say what we belive to be true. As many have told me you have the right to speak your mind but that doesn’t guarantee an audience.

  41. In effect they are banning Christianity. That violates the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Until Christians stand up and are counted these attacks will continue and get worse. Shameful. Let it be known San Antonio that if you pass this ordinance I will boycott everything San Antonio.

  42. Completely UN-constitutional! What commie has taken over San Antonio govt? These restrictions are UN-American and so HATE filled. Is San Antonio now a Satanist City? Where are the Christian populace? I grew up in South San. These BIASES did not exist back then. Who and what has happened there?

  43. So all the gay/bi etc. people who show bias against the bible, the Torah, and the quran simply by living their lives in violation and sin are also precluded from holding office.

    Good on San Antone for adopting a ordinance that treats everybody equally.

    IF the wording of that ordinance is applied under the Constitution – that is to say – ‘equal protection under the law” – it pretty much bars anybody from any public position in San Antonio. Smaller government by suicide!

  44. I live here! This does not sound like something that would take place in this city. Seattle; San Francisco, and maybe a few others but it’s hard for me to believe this would be allowed here. People fled England an came to America to get away from this kind of thing.

    1. Hey, I live in Calif….not all of us are flakes,nuts or fruit! Many (not enough) of us are fighting these crazy, evil ordinances so don’t sign us off yet!

      1. I know! My home is the PNW, just up I-5 bout 1,000 miles. I was born in Cal. I’m an outsider in my hometown anymore.

      2. Fortunately, many many californians a good conservative people, but democrats and loser celebrities have unfortunately taken the state over in somewhat of a mob rule.

  45. HELLO!!!!! This is the Bible people. Christ has been followed for over 2000 yrs! Why & HOW can anyone say we’re not allowed to speak from or on it???? We can NOT let this happen in America!

    1. It is Mayor Castro, the LaRaza mayor who is causing most of the problems, and the leftists who support him. Get rid of him and LaRaza and San Antonio will stop sinking into the sewer of communism.

  46. With all the stupid sheep popping up in red states maybe it is time to divide the nation into 2 halves. Let the left have the north and those of us who know we have a Republic with a Constitution stay in the South. They can even keep California but have to taken in all the illegals.

  47. Christians should not do business in the city.. Then the tax base would dry up.When 1000s of Christians protest peacefully and over load the jail with space clogg the court docket.. Bus in as many as you can. March… Have Christians run for city councle.

  48. I hope they do the same thing for any other religions that try to exhibit their faith, i.e. Jewish, Muslim, etc.

  49. Ummmmm, actually the story alludes very clearly to the possibility of arrests in the first paragraph. Do you yourself actually read the story or just read into it what you want it to say before scolding people you disagree with?

  50. The “progressive” left has been silencing the opposition for decades. They now are so brave that they seek to overturn the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
    This cannot be allowed to pass or to stand. In TEXAS of all places?

  51. Muslims will be protected, even if they state their beliefs, which involves the extermination of all who are not Muslim.

  52. San Antonio ought to return the millions of dollars spent by the LC-MS National Youth Gathering earlier this month, and the millions of mission work done by our youth there.

    1. “Come get me.”

      Why the hell would we care what you do? If you don’t work for the government, you are free to be as mean-spirited of a bigot as you want to be. You may be called out for being a bigot but no one is going to stop you from being disgusting.

      1. Just wondering Adamsbrew, when you call someone a bigot, are not you, yourself being quilty of being a bigot? Sounds mean-spirited to me.

  53. What is it going to take, Christians????….Sit in your pews and watch the country swallow you up….The church has failed us….We need a new direction of Christianity that will be effective…Pew sitting is not helpful.

    1. Amen, amen, and Amen! It is time for Christians to live out their faith not leave out their faith.

  54. San Antonio has elected a LaRaza, communist mayor, and although that is where I grew up, I would not live there under these rules if my life depended on it. People of San Antonio, for God’s sake, get rid of these people. The 2014 elections are where the city and county offices are up for election, get rid of these people who support this, go back to be the friendliest small big town in America. Are you all now trying to be left of Austin, who everyone in San Antonio used to mock for trying to be like Berkley? You will make yourselves even more of a disgrace to the State of Texas than Austin is. Do you want to become the butt of jokes to the rest of the country? You are making a big mistake. I worked in City Hall 30something years ago, this crap would not have gone down then. I would not even consider working for you if you had been like this. You have become not only a joke, but a disgrace.

    1. The problem is these darn mexicans haven’t learned a thing in the last 200 years. See the true Texans have a little saying that’s worked out pretty good for us, “Victory or Death”, the last time they tried this “takeover” bs, well we know how that went.

    2. We need to inundate them – the liberals always seem to give in to pressure when the outside world sees what they are doing. It appears from looking at the bios, that the majority are Hispanic although one is Asian-American. Here are their email addresses:

      Mayor: Julian Castro
      [email protected]

      Diego M. Bernal
      (District 1: email form on council webpage)

      Ivy R. Taylor
      [email protected]

      Rey Saldana
      [email protected]

      Rebecca J. Viagran
      [email protected]

      Shirley Gonzales
      [email protected]

      Ray Lopez
      [email protected]

      Cris Medina
      [email protected]

      Ron Nirenberg
      [email protected]

      Elisa Chan
      [email protected]

      [email protected]

      1. So much good all your ignorant letters did stopping the healthcare bill and all the other things you guys so angrily wrote congressmen about.

  55. Yup—this law is going to be struck down. I don’t see where it says arrests, but the law is already too vague to be enforceable. That’s even before you get to the religious aspect.

  56. This seems unbelievable, especially in Texas. How can this be? San Antonio of all places. What’s the matter with you people for implementing such a law. Fight this tooth and nail people.

    1. Aren’t most of the people in big cities liberal (especially the politicians)? For example, Austin, Texas is one of the most liberal cities in the nation.

    2. It appears to me that if any member of the City Council or the Mayor has been to church at any time or allowed a prayer to be said at a city council event, they would have to leave office if they pass this. That may be wrong but…

      The swearing in for the 2013-2015 council was held on Friday, June 21, 2013. The Ceremony begins with a Prayer/Interfaith service at 3:00 pm at San Fermando Cathedral with a 5:00 p.m. Official Swearing In Ceremony at 5:30 at the San Antonio City Council Chambers. (Facebook page – Shirley Gonzales District 5)

      The Agenda from the official San Antonio City Council website – it meets on August 1, 2013, at 9:00 a.m.
      Agenda: 9:00 AM Invocation and Approval of Minutes
      Invocation by Reverend Dave Felps, Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, guest of Councilmember Rey Saldaña, District 4.

  57. What people believe is their own business and they have no right pushing their views on others. I’ve been a Christian for 30 years and I have never told anyone what they are doing is wrong based upon what the Word of God says. Most people know the truth, and my faith is between me and my God only. PERIOD!

    1. You say you are a Christian, yet you believe the opposite of what Jesus taught, saying that your faith is between you and your God only. But Jesus commands us to share that faith: “Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

      Paul also told us how to approach non-believers: “Since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech.” We are commanded by
      Jesus and Paul to speak out boldly without regard to offending others.

      Twice Jesus told us that He did not come to please people, but to offend. “”Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” And “I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division.”

      1. I have won more people to Christ by living my life the way I do than most evangelical pastors do. That’s how I was won over. Only sometimes do we have to ‘snatch them from the lake of fire’. If we live our lives the way we are supposed to, we don’t have to do any work, because the unbelievers are drawn to me because they see something different in my life as opposed to the pious holier-than-thou idiots out there telling people to convert or go to hell.

  58. Here I thought Texas was so cool for some of the things I’ve read….and then this comes along…and they have gone as nuts as the rest of the country. God bless them for they know not what they do. Really.

  59. I lived and worked in San Antonio for years. The Castro brothers now run San Antonio, and they are staunch Obama supporters. San Antonio has a problem in that Hispanics there almost always vote for Democrats, and they will vote for ANY democrat with an Hispanic name! Even the Catholic hierarchy there leans heavily democrat. Many good Hispanics live in San Antonio, but they need to wake up and realize that voting for a democrat can be dangerous to your well being in a whole lot of ways.

    1. i’ll never understand how the Catholics who are many times by the media viewed as THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, how can they justify following the party of anti God anti Christ.

  60. The stupid ordinance author is discriminating against himself or herself by trying to enforce it. So San Antonio City Council can discriminate but not the people of San Antonio.

  61. This is the City of the Alamo? This is Texas?
    How were the residents of San Antonio, taken in by someone with this Mayor’s background?

    I was strongly considering a move to Texas after my Wife and I retired, but not now. It appears as though Utah, Idaho, the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana are the best bets, and I wonder how long they will last over the next three years. The way things are going in the United States, one of the Eastern European Countries that were under the thumb of the Soviets, might offer more freedoms and liberties than the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the brave.”

    1. Every effort is being made to turn TX into another Blue Failure. Too many from failed Blue Cities are invading our territory for jobs and trying to implement the same BS that forced them to leave their prior residence.
      And then Holder’s latest threat against TX is only one example of DC’s continued attacks.
      It is certainly possible that a reorganization of the USA may be required and result in a Constitutional States of America.

  62. Ever noticed that none of these problems occurred until Obama came along?
    America July 4, 1776 – January 20, 2009. RIP

  63. San antonioi land of fruits and nutz.

    BUT it’s aok to have wiener showing pervs, queers, pedophiles, unfaithful husbands, whoremongers etc CORRUPT and liars running our governments

    Again liberalism is a disease a mental illness. The hypocrisy is stunning.

    Since when does any new law TRUMP our Bill of Rights.

    I smell a lawsuit coming.

    1. It doesn’t trump your bill of rights. You have every right in the world to be a bigoted jerk. You just can’t work for that state government and be so. The bill of rights doesn’t guarantee you a job with the government no matter what you say or how you act.

  64. Geez its named SAN ANTONIO for a reason, our most prized possesion amd reason for Texas pride is a mission named the alamo smack dab in the middle of.the city!!!! Basically they don’t want any christian leaders only atheistic leaders, that’s censorship what they’re doing! Our city council has to be full of idiots who are probably cousins of that backstabbing racist piece of junk castro. And who votes them in? All those lazy free loading mexicans who don’t speak a lick of english. It’s not like we’ve been Americans for 200 years or anything learn the frickin language or get out of my country! All they do is sit around taking our money and neglecting their 15 kids who they are teaching to be losers just like them. Its disgusting and I can’t stand these psychotic people the democrats are forcing into our country because they destroyed theirs and now they come to destroy ours at OUR expense. And don’t even try to tell me anything about me being racist or hating people because half my family is from mexico and the other half is from spain and the only reason i’m not speaking spanish right now is because my family immigrated here and learned the darn language and culture like they’re supposed to!!

    1. I suppose you could always move somewhere where only people that agree with you on everything live. (good luck finding somewhere like that)

      1. no but I can continue to propose that a majority of people are NOT ANTI- CHRISTIANS IN MY IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT; WE ARE THE only religious/secular group that is being persecuted by muslims and atheists, MOST DISCRIMINATED part of America’s populous; [by liberals like yourself] are white Anglo-Saxon, conservative males ; check it out charlatan.

        1. Your immediate environment is your personal property (house, car) — to which you have every right to be as obnoxious as you please. Beyond that you are SHT OUT OF LUCK son., we surround you and aren’t going anywhere. I’m a “White Anglo-Saxon male” who wouldn’t welcome you in my house and wouldn’t ever want to step in yours…So what’s your point?

        2. you can rest assured I would not want to be around you either; why don’t you try getting the liberal chip off your shoulder.

        3. WE SURROUND YOU? ATHEIST/LIBERALISM IS A MINORITY; YOU COULD NOT SURROUND A HILL OF ANTS; legal/political zealots give you power ” we the people” will take from you.

  65. Today they want to limit speech, and the people go along with. Next month they will want to limit__________, and on and on.

    1. And the dam will burst.

      We are one accident, heart attack, or stroke away from tyranny of the left. If only one of the 5 conservative Supreme Court Justices has a fatal accident, heart failure, or fatal cancer in the next 3 years, Obama will appoint another moral relativist to the Supreme Court like Kagan or Sotomeyor, and then the first amendment will be toast. Along with the second. Then the oppression of free speech will be the law of the land.

      1. You are right. That is why the Office of the President carries weight. With the wrong or corupt President comes Judges that believe in a living Consitution (changing with whim) or international laws–and we are stuck with them for years. The checks and balances are gone.

      1. Nazi’s started out by making sure government workers couldn’t discriminate or say hateful things about people they disagree with? Really? What alternate reality are you from?

        1. This is true. Anyone who spoke against or stated hateful speech against Hitler or the Nazi Party were exteriminated or put into labor camps. My father told about how the family lost one of my uncles’ for speaking out against Hitler’s Nazi Party. The Nazis shot him in his own house. So dream on Adamsbrew. This is part of real history. My uncle was a postman in Germany 1942.

  66. weren’t San Antonio and the Alamo both started as Christian Missions in their early days? I find it ironic that places that started as missions would do this – if San Antonio wasn’t one, fine, but I know for a FACT that The Alamo is one of the most recognizable Christian Missions from the History of the U.S. and certainly the History of Texas……this is really sad. why don’t liberals just say what they’re really thinking? “if you’re a christian you might offend someone, so just sit down and shut up and let everyone else have the freedoms you used to enjoy.” so, it apparently is going to be a crime now, at least in S.A. to be opposed to gay/lesbian relations, or anything that goes against the “no rules” attitude of the Left. Anyone remember when we used to be able to express whatever we felt, and if someone was offended….well, TOO BAD! they’d just have to get over it?

  67. How dare they pass such an ordinanece. This is unheard of and Illegal according to the Constitution of the United States.

    1. How does it violate the constitution? Christians can be as bigoted as they want! You just can’t work for the government if you want to be a bigot.

      1. Question: Working for the Dept of Transportation and a unbeliever states to me ” I hear you believe in God, what are you, being stupid?” Does this qualifiy him for dismissal?

  68. What is next: throwing Christians in a dungeon, throwing them to the lions dens, or punishing the ultimate punishment : listening to old Obama’s speeches. What the heck is going on. aren’t there any Christians with any courage to push back to these people moving toward a Godless country.

    1. Listening to old Obama speeches? GAAAHHHHH!!!! Next you’ll have us listening to Nancy Pelosi’s CURRENT speeches. That is CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!!

  69. It’s easy to see that there is a double standard. For example even though Mexico professes to have catholic religious values, these values are disregarded by those involved in the illegal drug trade. This includes those who facilitate the sin involved in protecting the drug trade. So if you can reconcile the hypocracy of Illegal drug trade, and the murder that go’s along with it with Catholicism, it’s not a giant leap to see how they can also they support Obama. It is obvious that many who profess to be Catholic in San Antonio, do not actually practice these values when it comes to politics.

  70. Try being Texicans and American, quit whining and start taking action. 1. Get Politically active and start running constitutional conservatives for office. 2. Get your kids out of the public school systems that are doing nothing more than indoctrinating your kids in socialism and against you and everything you believe in. Home school them, send them to private school, or start a school in your church or whatever but get them out of the public school system. 3. Start storing food, water, and yes, ammo. Be prepared for any disaster natural or man made. 4. Organize your family first then friends and neighbors and congregation members. That would be a good start to avoid a fight and also be ready if one starts. Some of you may say that’s hard but so was Texas war of Independence and the civil war not to mention your forefathers coming across a continent on foot, covered wagon, horseback, and by old sailing ships. Stand up, get ready because we all have it to do. This is Arizona wishing you luck and standing with you as we are in the same boat.

    1. If you haven’t already stored ammo, then you’re in for a rude shock. The store shelves are bare. I was out at my local Walmart a few days ago, and they had one (1) box of .270 on the shelf. That was it. That was their total ammunition inventory. Search it out while you can, guys. Soon it will be currency.

  71. This story is strong enough to stand on it’s own without such a blatantly deceptive headline. Preparing to ARREST Christians?

    1. Good point. As it’s presented, the proposed ordinance is referring only to qualifications for “appointment.” If that’s all there is to the ordinance, then no arrests are called for. Just unconstitutional discrimination and violation of free speech rights. Someone definitely got carried away with the headline.

    2. Perhaps the author of the article was predicting NEXT WEEK’S headlines? Liberals and Atheists WOULD arrest and incarcerate Christians if they thought they could get through the barrage of lead they would meet while trying. But, the author has gotten you to read the article, which is probably the intent. Keep your powder dry, and NEVER register your firearms, EVER!

  72. 2 Timothy 3:1-7 (KJV)
    This know also, that in the LAST days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good. Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts. Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for
    light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for

    My fellow believers in Christ…hold-on tight, fasten your seat belt…we’re about to start the craziest ride!!! We already know who wins this battle! Start preparing & get yourself right with the Lord :] Pray, pray and pray some more!

    1. Yes indeed the times are dark, BUT did did not Christ himself say ” you shall not know the day nor the hour”?
      It’s time to pray alright, but it’s also time to FIGHT back! I seriously doubt there is any glory being fed to lions!

  73. This would not only violate the US Constitution, it would also violate the constitution of Texas: “Article 1, Sec. 4. RELIGIOUS TESTS. No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office, or public trust, in this State; nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being.”

  74. “Or, if you contracted with the city to provide a service, say computer
    maintenance or repair and you quoted what the Bible says about
    homosexuality, you could lose your contract with the city.”

    That seems so unfair…especially given the inescapable connection between computer maintenance and quoting scriptures.

  75. If this law is passed then there had better be no mention of ANY religion or religious functions, or celebrations!! Stop harrassing Christians!

      1. Islam could more correctly be called a hegemonic, misogynistic, totalitarian belief system camouflaged in the garb and rhetoric of religion, and it’s objective for 14 centuries has been world domination.

  76. “By word or deed…”

    The next phase of this leftist, PC legislation will make it illegal to have ‘thoughts’ that could be perceived as discriminatory.

    That’s what Cultural Marxists do.

    1. lol . You’re such a dork.

      If you want to discriminate or make bigotted comments, YOU CAN STILL DO SO – you just can’t work for the government if you do so.

      “Lock and load” ? LOL – you people are such a joke.

  77. … ever engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed,
    against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color,
    religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity,
    veteran status, age, or disability.

    By their own words, no homo or liberal should be allowed to hold an office. Everything they say offends me, most everything they say is biased against God and the church.

  78. Where is the part about being arrested for public preaching? I can see entire churches being disenfranchised from city services, but nothing about people being arrested..

  79. If I were in San Antonio, this law would be challenged verbally. We do not have to settle for this. No where in the first amendment does it exclude the cess -pool city of Houston.

  80. Does this mean if we donate, work for, or publically promote their campaign, we are guilty of discrimination. What you sew you will reap.

  81. Mr. Jolly:
    The ordinance says “no person shall be appointed”. I don’t see the word hired or fired or arrested anywhere? I agree this is an nonsense ordinance probably put forth by some nut job liberal progressive, but are you not suggesting a fire before anyone has seen or smelled any smoke? Is that not unlawful?
    The absolute intolerance being displayed by the atheists among us is sickening, disgusting, and flat out contrary to what American is, was, and hopefully always will be, but I wonder if you are not trying to make a mountain out of a proverbial molehill.
    Inciting a riot is a punishable offense, is it not? In a sense, isn’t that what you are doing?

    1. The mayor, Castro, is going to be running for a higher office and this is getting his name out there with national Democrats. He’s using whatever he can to make himself appeal to the big guys and their agenda. He’s a crook and a loser like the rest of the democrats/liberals who have been mayors of San Antonio – remember Henry Cisneros? Clinton appointed him to his cabinet as Secretary of HUD and he had to resign because of a scandal. Birds of a feather…..

    1. No it doesn’t! Christians can still be mean-spirited freaks, you just can’t work for the government and do so.

  82. Annie get your guns. shoot to kill. Ass holes in the government think they are going to take over and give this country to the Enemy. We are at war and we better wake up now

  83. how did idiots get control of Texas , the Govoner should arrest the idiots for treason or any thing else , they don’t belong around desent God fearing people .

    1. Idiots do not control Texas. You’re thinking of Washington, D.C., or Sacramento, California. This is an isolated pocket of leftist activists at work. The law can’t stand. It clearly violates the First Amendment to the Constitution. One appeal and it will be GONE!

      1. Well heck if that’s all , Texas is a dangeras place, things happen , wrecks , rattle snake bites , all sorts of things . They like to protect critters , the post office needs the money , get their address and send them a few , you will be helping them and the post office .

      2. One appeal and the law will be gone but the idiots that pushed it should be targeted for immediate removal from any political or other government position or office. Give them everything they sought to unload on Christians.

  84. So…..debate…and disagreement, compromise, what this country was founded upon, is to be outlawed? The end of complaint….

  85. PA already has one of these bills. They tried to enforce it once on a pastor in Phillie. Didn’t stick. But they’re biding their time waiting for another showcase to push this as the norm. So far, the bill is dormant since the left knows that the current citizens would repel any attempt to use it. I see a day coming soon, though….

  86. LOL My questions is…Who will be working for the city? You can not tell me that there will be enough people, to work for the city, who have NEVER said anything against any of these things? LOL Really? Or maybe they mean that they will not be allowed to work for or hold office for the city, if they do not do these things starting the day it passes…Then…well…they MIGHT have enough people left to run it. LOL This is about the DUMBEST City Ordinance I have EVER heard of…I KNOW there are smarter people than this is TX! LOL

  87. I guess the first amendment doesn’t apply in San Antonio. BY THE WAY San Antonio better drop the SAN if they don’t want trouble…

  88. So, you want to take away my Freedom of Speech ??
    Let me ask you this, are you ready to die ??
    I am. So, when you come for me, be sure to bring body bags. You are going to need them.

  89. The AntiChrist seems to be alive and well in America today. And I see he’s in San Antonio at the moment. Interesting, since their city is named after Saint Anthony, one of Christ’s Disciples. Perhaps they should rename the joint as “Saint Lucifer?

  90. Don’t you think that the city name should be changed?? Who was Antonio,to have a city named for him?? It is about time for the Pastors in this country to get off of their asses and start Preaching the WORD OF GOD as they where meant to do,or get out of GODS way. Preachers you are the ones who will answer and your punishment will be very harsh when you try to answer to the LORD for your mistakes by not standing up for HIM.

    1. The problem with an ordinance like this is that if you work for an private company that gets one dollar of business from the government they can go after that business. It is almost impossible to have a company that at some time doesn’t sell something to the government. This crap should be shutdown and every piece of trash that had anything to do with it should be forced out of office! Let them clean toilets at the corner gas station.

    2. Obama has taken out more terrorists (via drone strikes and special forces operations) than any president in history. Democrats support the president and his anti-terrorist agenda. Me thinks you like to lie.

      1. I’m afraid that Obama is losing his support from the Special Op veterans. They just delivered a 60 foot long scroll containing the signatures of over 1,000 Special Operation veterans calling for an end to what the petition calls a “Benghazi cover-up” and demanding Congress hold members of the administration accountable if they determine “high crimes and misdemeanors” were committed. I also feel that they will want to know why this administration has purged the Officers Corps when it come to Benghazi also, and why all the deaths to the Seal Team involved in the Ben Laden mission.

    1. The problem with an ordinance like this is that if you work for a
      private company that gets one dollar of business from the government
      they can go after that business. It is almost impossible to have a
      company that at some time doesn’t sell something to the government.
      This crap should be shutdown and every piece of trash that had anything
      to do with it should be forced out of office! Let them clean toilets at
      the corner gas station. This was originally posted under the wrong person.

      1. I own a small business and have never contracted with the state for any reason. I don’t even have a license or permit to operate my business because I am not required to.
        I stand by my comment. I don’t understand why any Christian would even send his kids to a public school, much less get in bed with government.

  91. I just removed San Antonio from my list of potential residences. I see things like this happening everywhere, but; can’t believe my eyes and ears.
    “Don’t Tread On Me” is a warning, not a request…..

    1. It’s a great city. Don’t let this idiot make you think otherwise. There will be a lot of opposition from the citizens. We have John Hagee and Max Lucado and a huge Catholic population here in SA. I expect that Castro will have a fight on his hands with this.

  92. Lets see; the ordinance says “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any
    person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.” Looks to me like they are in violation of their own ordinance when they attempt to control what Christians can say, believe or do and then discriminate against them based on their religious teachings! Notice that little thing about discrimination based on religion or do these weasels think that applies only to protect Muslims?

  93. And there shall be wars and rumors of wars…Christian’s will be persecuted for their faith in Christ…

    1. It began decades ago, you are just now catching up. Want to discriminate against people who don’t obey your bible, don’t work for the government.

  94. So it begins, bring it. I love to talk about Jesus. He is the only thing. Maybe this is the way to get the libs to talk religion. I hope so. Well, here’s praying.


  95. I’ve lived in San Antonio all of my life, and this is what happens when you get a minority democratic mayor with a mostly liberal city council. The man is running for higher office (state-wide and nationally) and he wants to prove his worth to the Democratic leaders (nuts) at the expense of San Antonio citizens’ religious freedoms. This will get him the attention he is wanting from the left. Totally disgusted with him!

    1. When you say “you people”….. do you by chance mean “you white people”? Your question sounds racist just in text alone. “You people” who are you trying to kid?

    2. Hey people! Canam means the people (excluding Adamsbrew) that are trying to have a discussion about this article. All Adamsbrew is doing is calling people names and stirring the pot. Hope he gets tired and goes home to his mommy or his computer crashes.

  96. I was under the impression that Texas was more of a conservative state but apparently San Antonio is not. Pathetic fools.

  97. Got a solution for Christians, If you don’t want to have your speech restricted by the government, don’t work for the government. Problem solved.

    1. That would be discrimination, you know that illegal thing that NO ONE is to be subjected to. Litmus tests for government employees?

      1. So you don’t think an employer has the right to restrict the activities of it’s employees, even if such activities would make the employer look bad?

        1. It goes both ways, you libs force employers to hire all kinds of people that they don’t want to employ. That is how we got the first male flight attendant.

        2. Yes, we force employers not to discriminate. We are also starting to force employees not to discriminate. You want to work for the government in San Antonio? Fine, just obey their restrictions on discrimination and bigoted comments.

        3. “engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.””

          I don’t see how that applies.

        4. There are obviously LOTS of things you don’t see. Hopefully, someday you will see the light.

        5. I’m too old to change. I’ll always resent and oppose conservatives. Maybe someday you’ll recognize that you’re on the wrong side of history and the future is leaving without you.

      2. It’s funny how you conservatives get all angry when businesses are forced to serve people they don’t like (blacks, gays, etc) — you say the employers should have a right to run their business any way they desire. So now the tables are flipped, you don’t think an employer (in this case, the government) should have a right to restrict it’s employees from negative speech that would reflect poorly on the employer. Ironic how you pick and choose what employer rights you support.

        1. So the conservative employers still have to abide by the rules that they don’t like, but now you want to go further and say the government can do whatever they want.

        2. Yes, I think the government should put restrictions on their employees like this article covers. If you want to be a bigoted jerk , JUST DON’T expect to have a job for the government. What’s so hard about that? If you value your bible more than your job, then quit your damned job. You aren’t forced to work there.

        3. If you can spout your non-belief, why is it “bigoted” to mention our belief – away from the workplace? Pedophilia is a sexual orientation, so if a person ever speaks against it, they can’t work, even as a subcontractor, for St. Anthony – oops, I mean San Antonio.

        4. What,exactly, is the negative speech? According to what I read, almost ANY speech could be disallowed. It’s called the Bill of Rights, 1st Amendment, you should read it.

        5. But you appear to think Christians have absolutely no rights. Your discrimination is just as bad as our “alleged discrimination. I am a conservative who recently spent two weeks in Moore OK. helping the F5 tornado victims. I worked for black people, Cherokees, Comanches, Hispanics, and had absolutely no thoughts about “discriminating” against them. Can you say the same?

    2. You sir, are an idiot, and you do NOT know what the word unalienable means! ALL of the Bill of Rights are God-Given.. Hands off of them. NO one has the authority to touch, give or take away those rights except the Lord Himself. You are uneducated..and a fool

        1. Why not? We already have. Watching you kick and scream over losing the country via the last few elections is the most I’d ever hope for , as far as “getting even” goes 😉

        2. Yes, all of us are losing the country via the last few elections. Unfortunately, some libs still haven’t figured it out.

      1. I recall a verse in the bible that says, “He who calls his brother a fool, is in dander of the fires of hell”.

        1. The only thing worse than going to hell would be to get there and find out your next door neighbor is Adamsbrew.

        2. The only thing bad about living in America is that there are so many mean-spirited conservative bigots like you here.

        3. That you’re upset that San Antonio won’t allow government workers to discriminate or demean people of different race, religion, sexuality, etc –

        4. There is a big difference between workers discriminating or demeaning, and someone, in their private life, stating that they believe that homosexual acts are a sin. Many of us also believe that an unmarried man and a woman having sex is a sin. I knew it years ago when I was living in sin, and people stating that fact didn’t ruin my life, or even offend me. Maybe you libs should just grow up.

    3. This probably won’t change anything, because it will just get rid of the few Christians that have government jobs. The gov. employees are usually democrat and atheist anyway.

        1. Democrat successes? You want to speak of democrat successes as opposed to republican failures? Do some internet web searches of “the most educated states in America” — Look at the political persuasion of said states… Then search for “the least educated states in America” and look at all the red states that make up the vast majority of that list. — Do the same search for “wealthiest states” and other factors that determine “success” or “failure” and see what you come up with.

        2. Adamshotair, you need to do a little more research. Nearly every
          city and state in the Union that is in financial trouble is controlled
          by Democrats. Also, the red states have the highest percentage of
          minorities… far (with the exception of California), which pulls
          education and wealth numbers down. A few years ago a study was done
          on the political affiliations of Federal Prisoners. Of those who
          claimed to have voted in the past and who had a political affiliation,
          nearly 97% said they were Democrats……………wow, what a
          surprise!!! Without the nearly monolithic black vote, you highly
          educated dems would not be in a position to ruin nearly everything you

    4. If this ordinance passes boycott San Antonio. San Antonio depends on tourism. Without it the city will go downhill quickly and severely.
      You don’t have to work for the government to have your freedoms and rights restricted by the government. You’re not smart, able to think straight, only to post smart mouth remarks based on what you have posted.

      1. I wish you conservatives would REALLY start boycotting ALL the businesses run by democrats/left leaning folk. It would be a dream come true if you’d actually follow through on that. (for it it happened, the rest of the internet would be spared from your ugly existence on here)

        I wish you guys would take it to the ultimate step and BOYCOTT AMERICA. One of these days you’re going to get it through your thick skull that there will ALWAYS be many people here who don’t respect you or your bigoted opinions. You’ll never be able to escape us unless you move away. That would be ideal!

        1. Democrats don’t run businesses (when they do, they soon become conservatives). Democrats almost always (if they work) are in a union, and have jobs where they get a check from government. Teachers, City, County, State, or Federal jobs, counselors, etc. The closest they get to a real job are the lawyers that become politicians. If you don’t believe that, check the biography of the politicians.

        2. “Democrats don’t run businesses”

          You are so clueless and intellectually dishonest! Many of the most successful companies in America are started and run by left-leaning people. Look up the political persuasion of leaders of Apple Computer, Microsoft, WordPress, Progressive insurance, Google, AOL, Yahoo, SUN microsystems, IBM, Amazon, etc .. You will likely deny what you find out (just as you deny everything else that is inconvenient to your alternate and dishonest view of reality.) ..

        3. I’m sorry, I didn’t clarify. “Democrats don’t run (THEIR OWN) businesses” Corp. executives don’t count, as you will see below.
          Democrats rarely have jobs where the amount of money they make hinges on the quantity and quality of the work they themselves do. We have seen how corporate executives run companies into the ground and reap huge amounts of “severance” pay.
          Small business owners put in long hours, and they have to do good work to stay in business. As the saying goes, “when you own a business you can work half days, whatever 12 hours you want.”

        4. Democrats and left-leaning people STARTED many of the most successful businesses and corporations in America. Without the left, America would not be on the cutting edge in the technology sector! Without the left and their major contributions, you conservatives wouldn’t have all the tools you use to spout your nonsense on the internet!

          Again, you are just playing a silly game of semantics. You make these absolutely ridiculous and dishonest claims then you backtrack as I predicted you would.

          From small business to large corporations, democrats are running successful businesses everywhere and without us America would fall. I run my own computer repair business, transitioning into a more profitable 3D printing antique restoration business. My parents run a very successful glass/window company –we all vote democrat. Our story is duplicated all over the country! You are an uneducated and clueless idiot.

        5. Dufus, I didn’t say ALL, I was talking majority, or in general. Of course in the past, many Democrats started and ran businesses. But with today’s regulations and restrictions on business, there are fewer and fewer Dems doing it. Like I said, look up the biographies of the State and Federal congress, and notice that the ones that had real jobs or businesses are Republican by a vast majority, and the teachers, attorneys, and “congressional aides” are Democrats.

        6. LOL. The U. S. military invented the internet. Then they gave it free to people to use. Now your pretend president is trying to control it and those people who who think are so great at developing it are helping him, Lol! … I think it is time for some conservative input. Ask Ron. He is military as well as a political analyst and counselor.

        7. What did the U.S. military have to do with the personal computer revolution and all the software, hardware companies’ tools you use to access the internet these days?

          The origins of the internet were DARPA, btw (And the left leaning scientists who ran the program) –

        8. Johnnygard: Don’t open links from DLOs. They are suspect. They destroy without conscience, their hearts are Saul Alinsky in full bloom.

        9. Why the hell are you here???Leave. No one is forcing you to read our true feelings like our Constitution says we can.
          Leave America too while you are at it.. Obviously, you do not appreciate what others are fighting to get in and enjoy the freedom. You don’t want it then go to another country that has no freedom..and leave our country as it supposed to be. You are the enemy..

        10. I will have to start marking your posts inappropriate. You have called good people who have some good American ideas some pretty awful names.

        11. Wow! Aren’t you the mature one! You really need to learn to be a better judge of character. Has Andrea told you what she does to earn a living?

          But she is actually immaterial to your current round of mindless assaults on the intelligence of the internet community. You claim that Adamsbrew’s posts are inappropriate because he used what you call “awful” names. Yet to date you have called individuals you hardly know “five-pointers,” “satanists,” compared them to Hitler, and worse. Grow up!

        12. Maturity was never your strong suit! Yet again you fail to answer a simple question. Have you asked Andrea what she does to make money?

        13. She is mature, far more so than you, lad. You are not anyone to be telling other people what they “need,” “should be doing,” or judging others in any way.
          What do you mean by “to earn a living?” Try to be a man, stop with the innuendos, vague statements and outright lies. Say exactly what you have to say, what you mean. You will be wrong as usual but look more like a man than a sissy, coward.
          “Intelligence of the internet community?” LOL. Now that really is a funny statement coming from you. “Intelligence?” LOL.
          I’m going to tell you how unintelligent you and your little buddy TS are. You imagine you are so clever hiding your Facebook, obscuring your and his Disqus file so the Disqus Follow feature is thwarted, blocking and banning from sites where no real Christian would be posting anyway, e.g., Zionica and ClashDaily.
          Tell me, smart guy, do you really believe a real Christian would be promoting cigars for profit? Reel out some of your Scriptures to support that act. Maybe this one will work for you: Genesis 26:64. It makes as much sense as your and petroskham’s Scripture pills have made and is just as appropriate.
          You have allied yourself with people who are self-declared atheists, revealed fake Christians, and weasels who have no regard for our God-given freedoms and rights in the US Constitution, cowards and weaklings who cannot compete on a level, fair playing field.
          But tell me please do you approve of and support the ordinance being considered in San Antonio under the guidance of the San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, pretty boy of the 2012 DNC in Charlotte, NC? Remember it took repeated phony voice votes to get God and Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem back into the Democrat Party platform at that convention.

        14. Our hero! Thank you, Colonel, sir! I hope to earn your high praise! And thank you for your service to our great country!

        15. “What do you mean by “to earn a living?” Try to be a man, stop with the innuendos, vague statements and outright lies.”

          It is really a simple question, but then again, the delusional really find the simple quite difficult. Have YOU asked Andrea what she does to get the money she uses to lease her horse? I know the answer. Do you?

          “Tell me, smart guy, do you really believe a real Christian would be promoting cigars for profit? Reel out some of your Scriptures to support that act.”

          You, Mary, and Andrea are far too concerned with outward appearances. Yet, you fail at almost every turn to correctly discern the deeper spiritual meanings of God’s Word. You believe that it is works and faith in Jesus which gains one entrance into Heaven. (Although you demonstrate neither.) Mary believes that all of God’s creations can one day be as He is. And Andrea believes she is the daughter of an archangel. Really? Neither of these three beliefs are in keeping with scripture.

          “You imagine you are so clever hiding your Facebook, obscuring your and his Disqus file so the Disqus Follow feature is thwarted, blocking and banning from sites where no real Christian would be posting anyway, e.g., Zionica and ClashDaily.”

          Compared to where you post? “Freedom Outpost”, “Thought Catalog”, “The Rant Board, “Real Fake Friends?” Oh, and again, privacy settings do exactly what they are designed to do – guard against stalkers like yourself. Get over it!

        16. Well, well, here you are again attacking a good Christian woman. off topic, making ad hominem attacks and being oh, so weak, childish, unmanly and so not like a Christian.

        17. As if your attacks on anyone who takes you to task for being stupid, rude, arrogant, and an all around bad communicator are indicators of your manhood.

          You are a lonely old man with nothing better to do.

        18. You could not be more wrong if you tried. There are many effective ways to deal with you small minority of Leftist, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Dem Libs – Progs for Progressive since Liberal became such a dirty word.

          You seem to be ignorant of the fact that only 20% or so of registered – legally or illegally – voters dare identify themselves as Liberal/Progressive. All others identify themselves as Conservative, Moderate, Independent, and my favorite category of weak-minded, confused losers, Don’t Know, Can’t or Won’t Say.
          Your kind are in ascendancy temporarily right now. You have been before and always turned back, defeated. Another thing among the many about which you are apparently ignorant is that good prevails over evil, always has, is doing so now, and will most certainly in the end.
          So your braggadocio is ill-founded. Your day is coming, that is certain.

        19. Why don’t you and your ilk, Adamsbrew, move to Cuba or some other socialist country if you think socialism is so great? Take Glen with ya. You left leaning libtards wrote the manual on being bigoted starting with your war on women. If you take you moniker from Samuel Adams you are pathetic because how dare you sully the fine name of one of our great Founding Fathers with your mindset.

  98. All the laws in the world can not prohibit an INDIVIDUAL human from being as biased or racist as they so desire. The laws only prevent that conduct in relation to the government and an individual. Just as the government can not create a state religion, I CAN require anything of anyone who enters my property that I desire. SO if I only allow Jews to enter my home, the government can not stop me or limit my requirements. I have the right to my opinion and my thoughts AND the freedom to speak about them in a public forum. No power on earth can stop me from doing as I wish. So your ordinance be damned. It is a violation of the First Amendment.

  99. It is a run-around on freedom of speech, thus unconstitutional.

    If Jane is living with her boyfriend, my OPINION may be that she is living in sin, but that does not necessitate that I will treat her differently than I would anyone else.

    1. It’s not a run-around. You still have freedom of speech to be as bigoted as you want to be. You just can’t work for that government if you want to be that way. Freedom of speech doesn’t GUARANTEE you employment with the government regardless of what you say or do. That’s not in the bill of rights or constitution.

      1. Since when is speaking about your faith being bigoted? This law would be bigoted against Christians and anyone else who cared to share their faith. So who is the bigot here?

        1. As long as you don’t use your faith as an excuse to demean other people, you can speak of it all you want as a San Antonio government worker. Once you step over the line and discriminate or demean other people, you are fired. Simple. — Then when you are out of work and have to go to the soup line, you can put up with all of your conservative brethren calling you names and demeaning you. Karma is going to be pretty rotten (but well deserved) for a lot of you in MANY MANY ways in the future.

      2. And, by calling people bigots, you have just demonstrated a bias, by word, on the basis of religion, so you’re out!

        If government is FOR the people, then it has to be for ALL the people. If it is BY the people, then it cannot discriminate based on religious beliefs. I hope this is challenged very soon. If it isn’t in and of itself “hate speech”, then there is no valid “hate speech”.

        If the San Antonio government denies employment based on religious views, then if has not, in essence, violated the First Amendment, it certainly has violated the Tenth Amendment by giving the decision to the council and not the citizens.

        I do agree with others that the article’s title is not reflected in what is presented.

      3. SINCE when does an Alinskyite DLO give a hoot about the U. S Constitution!!! Ha, you don’t even know what you are supporting.

      4. the Government works for the people and is in place because the people have allowed it be in place.. It is not some foreign entity .

        A government OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people.

        not a government that EXCLUDES the people.

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –

        That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

        1. The government is representing the people who elected them. As a divided country, you will NEVER have a government who represents both sides in all matters. It’s practically impossible.

  100. By voting for this ordinance does not each one who votes for it then disqualify themselves because by voting for it they are violating it. Stupid is as stupid does.

      1. I’ve been a Christian for over 60 years and I worked for Federal and County governments for over 30 years. Never had my speech restricted because I listen to the Lord before speaking. You apparently do not have a clue about that sort of thing, but then most Christians don’t either. I have written and enforced many ordinances. Currently work in the legal field, I know of what I speak. But your bias is obvious so who is the one actually acting ridiculous with stupid statements like “Got a solution for Christians, If you don’t want to have your speech
        restricted by the government, don’t work for the government. Problem
        solved.” I would agree however that the way this article is written does not address or make a case for the fear expressed in the title. That is why I pointed out that by passing the ordinance they are in violation of it.

  101. Given the fact that the San Antonio mayor’s name is Julian Castro this should not come as any surprise to anyone. He was one of the highlighted at the 2012 DNC in Charlotte, NC, upcoming stars of the Democrat Party. Remember it took repeated, rigged voice votes at the Convention to get God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel back into the Democrat Platform.

      1. Esther thinks she can stop the majority in America from electing a democrat again. Esther is delusional and quite possibly psychotic.

        1. Lol. Waste your time as you waste our money!!!! Typical DLO. You might get somewhere with Ron, though I doubt it, actually.

        2. I’ve never read any book from this “Alinsky” guy — I’ve heard the Koch Brothers gave out his “rules for radicals” to his tea party lemmings for them to learn from though. I hadn’t even heard of him until you conservatives repeated the name countless times since Obama has been elected, all the while practicing some of the same tactics you accuse others of! What a hypocritical moron you are!

        3. You are the worst nightmare of a conservative: You do not know what you are doing, supporting the DLO platform. Good luck, because there will be no Blessings for you. You are a true Alinskyite and you do not know it. Look up your Hillary Clinton college paper… oh, you do not know it already???? I suggested you question Ron. I may say I told you so sooner, rather than later.

        4. Hint: Your pretend president “taught” Alinsky as an assistant “professor” in University of Chicago Law School. My. My, you miss so much… making uninformed decisions can get your country in a lot of trouble or didn’t you know that already?

        5. “I’ve never read any book from this “Alinsky” guy”.
          That’s what happens when you get all the propaganda from the mainstream liberal media.

    1. Austin is pretty liberal as well. Before long Texas (and it’s MANY electoral votes) will be as blue as the sky. When that happens (and it WILL happen) Republicans will never again have even a slight chance at winning the White House. Thank goodness.

      1. Yikes! NOT if i can help it will “progressive”-Alinskyite-democrat-liberal-obamaniacs EVER occupy the WH ever again. Though I may or may not mean a person labeled as a “Republican,” I do mean a true U.S. Constitutional republican American. Note the small “r” … it means everything to the true Republican. That in no way implies all people who have an “R” by their names deserve it. I hope you understand what it means, I know smart people in Austin do. We ARE fed up with the RINOs who are in fact PADLOs!!!

        1. Not if YOU can help it? You certainly have delusions of grandeur if you think little old you can do anything to stop it. For every one of you who wants to stop it, there are two of me who will get in your way.

        2. Austin is a grass roots city. You DLOs will be history… and the full history WILL come out with your Weiner’s wifie.

        3. We are MAKING HISTORY by opposing ignorant rednecks like yourself. You conservatives lost the country and are absolutely delusional if you think you’re getting it back anytime soon. Even Rush Limbaugh admitted you guys are outnumbered, as he said after the 2012 election. Demographics are moving AWAY from white dominated republicans. GOP has lost the youth vote, the latino vote, the black vote, and every other segment of American society that you need to win elections. You are goners! OUT OF HERE! Now keep kicking and screaming, it’s only helping to further erode your own dying base! Conservatives are making themselves irrelevant in America!

        4. You libs finally have the country to the point where almost 50% of the voters receive a government check. Add to that the 10% that are insane, and you cannot out vote the people that see they can vote themselves free money. That is why you guys have the country, for what little time that it will survive without another “fundamental transformation”.

        5. You lose. I know exactly what you are saying… I am just too happy … as a lark … to count myself NO LONGER as a “DEMOCRAT,” responsible for all the “phony” scandals, LOL. I thank my heavenly Power for my educated decision to jump that sinking ship years ago!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!

        6. Yeah, like boxcars and concentration camps? Please do tell what needs to be done. I want you to show the true ugly dark heart of a conservative.

      2. What you say may be true if the millions ushered in with the immigration bill also go to vote. And then America will ‘fundamentally change’.

        Then, where’s America?

        Remember, Adamsbrew, that once America disappears, there can be no other. It is unique. The individual freedoms established can never again be recreated.

        Never again be recreated…

        1. “Never again be recreated…”

          The same can be said of the many nations of Native Americans that lived here before…yet life goes on.

          Life will continue. If you want to remain in the past, that’s your prerogative. You’re never going to hold people back though! Change is inevitable…the nature of our technological oriented human existence necessitates evolution and change.(some for better, some for worse) Conservatives, by their nature, resist change — you resist the inevitable and are having a very hard time coping with the ever-changing world around you. The world will leave you behind whether you like it or not – you can’t alter reality and stop time. It’s never going to happen!

        2. You are uninformed. I repeat you are uninformed. Start your homework, little boy. First, look up what your pretend president taught as a law “professor. ”

          Glad to see you are enjoying the internet, but you should learn of .. from whence it sprang!!!! Clue: It did not spring from Bill Gates or any of the many people you think … Let me know … I already told you… just acknowledge what I said after you confirm it independently… and don’t go to al gore’s website to get his answer!!!

        3. You are absolutely retarded. I never said anything about the origins of the internet! YOU DID. I know all about the DARPA program and the scientists who worked for it. I was talking about all the tools you use to access the internet now! (or do you use the warehouse sized computer mainframes they did in the early 60s) ? You keep showing your dishonesty and ignorance with each and every comment you make.

        4. Ha. Caught you. You want to believe there is a true current “ruling class who built it,” as though there is no basis. My, my, you are a dreamer. Dream on little boy. You obviously do not know that the very, very basis of it all is right under your finger tips AND IT IS NOT YOUR RULING CLASS. You are begging me to tell you I told you so. Guess what, here is another clue… in mid-1980s, I was the student secretary for a man who helped develop the very thing you are talking about… it was NOT, NOT, NOT the companies you are talking about. Without the public domain (I am sure you do not know the implication of that, for sure) of that information you would not be enjoying what is under your fingertips. Oh, the horror!!! Your lack of education is stupefying. I pray to my Power that is, that you recover.

        5. What the hell are you talking about? Be specific? You are sounding unhinged and unintelligible. I never even brought up the origins of the internet and you dishonestly claimed I did …I’ve studied it’s history, as my very business is in the computer field. You jumped in on another conversation and put words in my mouth. Why are conservatives such pathological liars?

        6. Heck no, I am not putting words in your mouth. I am being VERY SPECIFIC in my prior post. I can’t help you if you don’t know how to read. Read it again. Do sentence analysis, which I doubt you ever learned to do. You brought up the people who directly used the public domain basis of the internet to make their fortunes!!! As though we are owing to all these wealthy Democrats. Don’t you remember what you said? Do I have to copy/paste it?

          No, you brought up the issue of the people who used the very, very basis of what was invented by really smart people. Heavens to pete!!! You are truly uneducated. You did not get your money’s worth in your schooling. No surprise there since liberals are taking over they are likely teaching that al gore invented the internet. I am here to tell you Al Gore did not invent the internet. The internet was developed by the U. S. military. Everything they developed became public domain. Look it up! We are not owing to DEMOCRATS for the internet. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? The entire computer language is the exact one developed by the U.S. military. Just because the language is coded here and there by others, does not mean it is AT ALL changed. It has not changed. When you coded the original language, did your computer-history teacher tell you what I told you? If not, then they cheated you. Sorry. It is not too late to learn what really happened and how it happened. Ask most people who were educated in the 1980s about computers.

          I still say you should investigate what Ron knows about military politics and practices w.r.t. the Qu’ran.

        7. How pathetic you show you are in your posts, childishly foulmouthed, demanding, trying to project your traits, behaviors, weaknesses onto others. Why are Dem Lib Obamaniacs so willfully ignorant going to stupid, easily-duped fools, idiots really and so obnoxious?

          You have no idea to what an accomplished person you are babbling about “studying … history,” your “very business … in the computer field.” What specifically do you do “in the computer field?” Spit it out and be honest if you know how.

          FYI some of us made history that you may or may not have studied, may or may not have learned or know. Some of us are still making history. Have you? Are you? Do you ever hope to make history or only read about it from people who know little more than you do.

    2. Too bad for the fine people who are true Americans there. Your comment calls to mind the loss of a great American institution to affirmative action, Berkeley in San Francisco, as the way of many great U.S. universities and centers of true learning!!!

  102. It’s all ridiculous! Freedom of speech gone. But it is ok if the muslims carry around signs about beheading us…

    1. Where are they carrying signs like that in America? Please post links. I believe you are lying. You might find at most one or two isolated cases, which I wouldn’t be surprised. Your comment would be like me saying “Christians rape little boys in America” based on what a few Catholic priests have done. It’s an ignorant and dishonest condemnation.

      1. Read the Koran, or examinations of the thing. Then come back here. But next time, don’t start without knowledge. You embarrass yourself.

        1. I don’t care what the Koran says! The Bible has some pretty ugly parts too, which Christians used to use to justify all sorts of brutal acts. We’re talking about American citizens who happen to be Muslim: Where are “they” carrying signs “about beheading us” in America as nightingayle suggested???

        2. You, yourself mentioned one or two isolated cases…how many cases does it take? Four, six, a dozen? Grow up and smell the roses and take off those rose colored glasses you put on in the ’70’s.

        3. I didn’t say there were definitely “one or two” isolated cases, I said I wouldn’t be SURPRISED if there were. I still haven’t seen any evidence of ANY cases of muslims carrying signs like that in America. I believe there are plenty of religious nuts of all stripes though, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised.

          By your logic and standards, How many times do catholic priests need to rape little boys until we classify ALL Christians as pedophiles?

        4. You are the most uneducated DLO I have yet to encounter. You must be a teenager. No self-respecting older person knows so little about the mess they call “phony scandals” we are in due to the antics of the pretend president. Do you know about any “phony scandals?” Just curious.

        5. You specifically said ‘catholic priests’ which are all male. If you wanted to include females you should have said so.

        6. No I don’t believe that a true Christian female has ever abused a child. NOTICE: A true Christian female, not a female who has abused a child and has also called herself a Christian.

        7. You better care what the Qu’ran says little boy. You will reap its consequences and cause us to reap its consequences if we let you. Again, I told you already: Ask Ron.

      2. But wasn’t it you that said, “Conservatives are the most brainwashed, uneducated and dishonest citizens I’ve ever encountered.”? Talk about an ignorant and dishonest condemnation.

  103. Everyone that lives in San Antonio should get
    themselves busted for preaching and sharing the bible. Then sue the
    city until it has to declare bankruptcy. This is clearly

    1. Are you clueless? This doesn’t apply to “everyone who lives in San Antonio” — It just applies to government workers. You are NOT guaranteed a government job irregardless of how you act — that’s NOT in the bill of rights or constitution.

      1. Seriously? You mean “not guaranteed the right to equally pursue a government job?” Don’t you (I mean if you can read, that is obvious what you are agreeing with, they are saying that anyone who thinks anything is wrong with their pet behavior is disqualified simply because they have held an opinion! And by that aren’t you a two-faced liberal liar? If ANYONE said that someone who was gay, female, non-christian, non-white, etc.., etc… “was not guaranteed an equal chance at a government job” (or a private one for that matter), you would be all over them like the stupid on your post! Keep demonstrating your liberal idea of “equal and open” for all except conservatives.

  104. Why do you have “arrest” and “arrested” in the headline and article when the ordinance says nothing about arresting anyone? Not good journalism.

    1. Godfatherpolitics doesn’t have ANY journalists working for them. They are a propaganda organization and they prove this each and every day.

        1. So you disagree with MacDonald pointing out the dishonesty of this article? Please explain why they aren’t a propaganda outfit?

        1. You sound like a ridiculous loon. Conservatives are the most brainwashed, uneducated and dishonest citizens I’ve ever encountered.

        2. I really resent your statement, if you were near me I’d make you take it back, Talk about vindictive, undereducated ….. And where in the what’sit did you get the idea that conservative citizens are dishonest–I though it was Obama’s minions that were lying so fast no one can keep up with them. Eat cow pies!

        3. I do live near you … You couldn’t make me do diddly squat. You aren’t my master. I do as I please – this is a free country.

        4. A free country? Then why should our speech and beliefs be stifled, yet you can do what you want?

        5. Because I don’t work for the government? LOL…moron. If I worked for the San Antonio government I wouldn’t be able to be as biased against you as I am and still hold a government job (nor should I able to and nor should you)

          You’re so clueless you didn’t even read what this was all about! what a dork.

        6. “this is a free country”, but you libs are doing everything you can to change that, as this article alludes to.

        7. What freedoms have you lost? The freedom to discriminate against people who think different than you and still hold a job in San Antonio? Maybe.

        8. Health Care freedom.
          The freedom to express my opinion today, but not work for the San Antonio government in the future.
          The freedom to dig a trench on my own property, pay for pipe and wire for electricity to a building, fill in the trench (so there is no longer a trench), but before the power company will sell me electricity, I have to pay the Federal Government a 16.9% “trench tax”.
          The freedom to have PRIVATE phone conversations.

        9. Well enough is enough.
          To Godfather Politics and Disqus managers – please remove the poster with user name Adamsbrew from your sites. Adamsbrew’s posts are often off topic, usually ad hominem attacks on other posters and use offensive, childish, obscene words to which I don’t want my grandchildren and the children of other people exposed on the worldwide-available, public sites. Thank you.

      1. The obvious question therefore is why are you here? I suggest you go to some site you respect and where you are better suited to the site and vice-versa. You are accomplishing nothing here but making a fool of yourself on a worldwide-available, public site.
        You are looking more and more insane with your posts, e.g., in the one above projecting your traits and behaviors onto other posters and now onto Godfather Politics, since you are the propagandist in your posts, and also yelling in all caps online.

    2. No. You are not a good commentator if you don’t know that while being issued a citation you are effectively “arrested”. In other words, your progress has been arrested.

      1. Oh Good grief! You are such a dishonest bunch of lemmings! You know damn well that’s not what they were implying.

        1. More ad hominem attacks on other posters and more of your obscenity. You look as if you need psychiatric care to fit and function well in civil, decent society. You are unfit to be posting on worldwide-available, public sites like this, making an abject fool of yourself with practically every post you make.

      2. A. J. McDonald is correct, there is nothing about being arrested. Sandy, where in the ordinance is anything mentioned about a “citation”? In legal terms arrested has nothing to do with “your progress” being arrested. Wise up sir!

  105. This is what will happen if Perry and future governors allow California businesses and Katrina ‘refugees to remain in Texas. Border control NOW! Keep LIEberal scumbags from entering your state, by whatever means necessary. They are a plague. And against everything fundamentally American.

    1. “Keep LIEberal scumbags from entering your state”

      Lmao at you AZWarrior: .. We live here and aren’t going anywhere. We vote against your guy and you want to take away our freedoms? Explain how a little turd like you would like to accomplish that.

      1. More of your childish obscenity and ad hominem attack on another poster. It is offensive to me. Stop it please. You must not be aware that my grandchildren can access this site, or you are so corrupted you don’t care how vile you are or who you influence adversely.

      2. Did your LIEberal college professor tell you to say that as you sit naked on his lap with his hand up your ass, moving your mouth like his dummy?

  106. And what are the ppl of San Antonio going to do about the violation of Constitutional rights? Anyone going to the council and complaining? Anyone threatening to take the matter to court? What is the matter with people??? What do THEY care if someone mentions their faith to someone else? Are the non-religious afraid someone will “catch” it?

    1. You don’t have a constitutional right to a government job where you’re free to discriminate against or demean people! You are out of your mind!

        1. What the hell are you talking about? The restrictions are not against the “christian faith” — Did you even bother reading the ordinance San Antonio is putting in place?? I’ll do your homework for you:

          “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.””

          Where in that does it say ALL Christians are guilty of said offenses? Why are you so clueless?

        2. The military got rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell” about homosexuality, now the city is implementing “don’t ask, don’t tell” about beliefs, in government.

        3. I find your gratuitous, childish obscenity offensive and will appreciate your not posting it here.
          FYI, as I had to tell another poster ranting as you are, Christianity is a religion, the ordinance includes religion as you quoted it and in fact. Thus your questions, especially your closing smart mouth one, apply more to you than to other posters here.

        4. I find your ignorant comments equally offensive. I would appreciate YOU not posting here anymore.

        5. No you don’t, you can’t know how disgustingly offensive I find you to be. Your mind is so weak and corrupted you are living on false assumptions and lies you tell yourself first.
          Thanks though for proving the obvious:
          – huge differences between people like me and your kind
          – your willful ignorance going to stupidity, posting like an idiot, making a fool of yourself every time you post on a worldwide-available, public site as an embarrassment to yourself, your family, cohorts, the village you serve as an idiot, county and state.
          – your totally unwarranted arrogance in your ignorance
          – you want to impose your will and ways on me an others stop my freedom of speech, religion and other God-given rights guaranteed in the US Constitution that you do not get at all
          – your weak, wussy, girly-boy inability to play with the men and good women, even the little girls on an even playing field.
          You are free to post all you want but not to me. Your insisting on doing so is harassment, cyberstalking – a crime – and Internet troll behavior.
          So you post away boy to your heart’s content AYOR. I will ignore you and take any and all legal actions available to me to protect my freedoms and rights including of speech, religion, etc.
          Goodbye and good luck sweetie.

        6. To Godfather Politics and Disqus managers/moderators:

          Please block the user name Adamsbrew from posting to me with his harassing, cyberstalking and Internet troll posts. Thank you.

        7. “You are free to post all you want but not to me.”

          I’m trying to stop YOU from freedom of speech when you’re the one trying to get me to shut up? I wonder if your family reads this and knows what a two faced, arrogant hypocrite you are? You’re nothing but a blow hard, empty minded, dim witted fool. I’m GLAD you find me offensive, it means I’m right on target and I damn well am going to continue dropping bombs on ya … I’m not going anywhere — if you don’t want to see my posts, it’s YOU who are going to have to leave. Aidios amigos.

          btw: No where in America is it a crime for someone to reply to someone in a PUBLIC BLOG .. even if you don’t want to hear me … You can ignore me but you’re too much of a drama queen to do so. Keep making an ass of yourself making these absolutely ridiculous claims. Maybe you should call the cops , lmao — They’ll laugh their ass off at you as much as I am. I guarantee they’ll tell you that you’re full of sht.

        8. BTW, if you think you’re going to get me to shut up, you’re sorrily mistaken. You’re just going to inspire me to post MORE. Now as Jon Stewart fondly says to hypocrites like you, GO F_CK yourself. Does that chap your ass? SUE ME you arrogant , fascist pos.

          You don’t HAVE any religious rights’s all make believe. Now go enjoy your fantasy life and keep your arrogant, backwoods religious fundamentalism to yourself.

        9. So long as you Christians don’t accept islam as a religion, I and many others don’t accept Christianity as a religion. I think this country would be better of without the both of yas to be honest — maybe we can drive you away by publicly humiliating you and making sure you never have representation in government. Your hypocritical religion doesn’t belong anywhere near government anyway.

        10. Have you ever read the Bible..Just by sharing what is in the Bible Christians would be guilty of bias against sexual orientation and I am sure the council members are quite aware of that fact. The Bible says that it is a sin for man to lay with man and that homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes. So do you think the City of San Antonio wouldn’t consider the sharing of those biblical fact as a bias against sexual oreintation?

      1. ” demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization”
        San Antonio (Saint Anthony) demonstrates a bias against Jews and many other religions, so I guess the next step will be to change the name.

        1. Please prove your assertion, examples please from sources I can identify that “San Antonio … demonstrates a bias against Jews and many other religions ….”

        2. Some other religions don’t believe in Saints, so it might make them feel bad, or left out, or one of the many other reasons you libs give for not wanting God, or religion mentioned.

        3. You call me one of “you libs.” LOL. And say “San” might make people like libs “feel bad,” “left out.” Obviously you are not mentally well or able to engage in adult news forum threads.
          I’ll go slow and try to keep it simple, easy for you: California, the Left Coast, land of Fruits and Nuts, has lots of libs living there. Most live there by choice. California has about 50 city names that start with San or Santa = your Saint, not to mention untold counties, neighborhoods, road names, businesses, schools, parks, etc.
          Now get off the computer please. Go to your mommy or attendant and tell her you need your meds, pacifier and a nap. Sheesh!

        4. How does it feel to be falsely accused by a conservative! (It’s what you guys do best) Throwing each other under the bus! Haha, rich….

        5. The ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and atheists almost go apoplectic every time they see a cross on public property, so it has to really tweak them to know cities are named after Catholic saints.
          Don’t you care about their feelings?

        6. You’re changing subjects now, but prove that it “really tweak[s] to know cities are named after Catholic saints. Many of the San and Santa city and other names have nothing to do with Catholic saints.
          To answer your silly question, no, I “don’t … care [one bit] about [the] feelings of the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and atheists.” Do you? If so why? Do you imagine they care about my beliefs and practices as a Christian, let alone my feelings?

        7. “Santa”, as in Santa Barbara, or Santa Monica means female saint. “Santo” is shortened to San, as in San Francisco or San Jose, means male saint. The saints come from the Catholic religion and most got their names from Catholic missionaries. The groups I mentioned above have already started a movement to change the name of Las Cruces, NM, because it means “The Cross”. Is that enough proof that it tweaks or bothers them? If they succeed, will the City of Angels, Los Angeles be next?

          Luckily for you, everyone has left this site, so they won’t see your assertion that those cities “have nothing to do with Catholic saints.”

        8. Blah, blah, blah, enough of your childish foolishness. You have no idea to whom you are trying to talk down to with your claptrap, or what I have known for a long time. Please don’t post to or about me anymore. Your posts are a boring waste of time. Thank you. Goodbye.

        9. “Checkmate?” Hardly. You have lost, but this is not a game. Your greatest loss is yet to come.
          Go ahead now, kid, and have the last word. I really am through wasting time with you. I allot only so much of my time to one idiot at a time.

        10. I am curious. Just who are you? What political office do you hold? What seat on what board of what international conglomeration do you hold? Do you have a CMH? Are you a prophet? Just what makes you so special?

        11. Does this quote from your own post mean you are some kind of unimpeachable expert in all things: “experience, education, training, ordination and service as a minister”. Or is it just you pride showing through?

      2. Disagreeing with someone is not discriminating against them. Discrimination requires and action not words that express beliefs you don’t agree with. If I don’t promote you because of your beliefs then I have discriminated against you. If I don’t like the color of your tie thats just my opinion and not discrimination.

      3. Apparently you cannot post without making ad hominem attacks on other poster, engaging in childish name calling. FYI this is a site and thread for adults.

  107. Darkness will try to defeat LIGHT, but where the LIGHT is –Corner Stone Church– the darkness is shown the light & the light shines brighter. As the moon reflects the sun, Corner Stone reflects the SON

    1. I’d gladly accept God if you could provide evidence of his existence. The fact that we and this beautiful world EXIST doesn’t count. (for I could say the flying spaghetti monster is responsible and I’d have as much evidence as you do) Thousands of years and Christians still don’t have any more evidence than they did to begin with.

        1. Or it could be proof of survival of the fittest.

          Our very existence could be attributed to the EASTER BUNNY or SANTA CLAUSE– I have as much evidence for that as you do that “God” is responsible for it all.

        2. My beliefs of the creation is to MY satisfaction, if you have a doubt of yours———your on the rightn track

        3. I find wisdom in doubting and questioning everything. Christian Conservatives’ problem is lack of humility, intellectual curiosity and honesty.

        4. Curiosity????????????? I’m VERY curious,,,, Like I’m curious about how ANY TRUE American can accept a Muslim (if not active a “complicitant)) in the US WH

        5. “False witness against thy neighbor” is such a sin that it made it to God’s top ten list, yet you openly disrespect your own God time and time again. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of judgement to pass around for you.

        6. As an atheist you once again prove the point that without God you would not have an argument and, essentially, therefore, would not exist.

        7. Where is the “‘false witness against thy neighbor'” in dagriz’ post? Are you too cowardly to say what you really mean?

        8. What would you do without God? You would be no where. Look at you: With God you have all these interesting people to address and to give citations to, so you can plan to have more money. Just think how easy it will be for you to report a violation and that way you will be able to control who is known to be what religion or non-religion… with such information no telling what heights you can attain in the New Order of Society, NOOS.

        9. Any TRUE American would not question a persons religious beliefs as qualification for elected office. Why? Because a TRUE American upholds the Constitution no matter how distasteful it might be to his/her religious side.

          You spout all this crap about Christians being under attack in SA and that your God will bring divine judgement against the city causing it to fail yet you can not cite one word of the document that specifically targets Christians.

          From what I read it is an ordinance against discrimination of any kind giving the city the authority to terminate someone for cause and it includes contractors and others who accept money from the city for services rendered.

          Since you have been in the Navy for 20 years I am sure you have heard of the “catch all” article. If not, you were not very attentive, it is Article 134.

        10. Ever hear of slippery slopes? Ever been on one? You are advocating for one, after all. Do you really think we need such a “citation?” Oh, please, get real. You know it is a decree to control what you want to control, “out of control,” “free-speaking,” freedom-loving Americans! Can’t wait to collect more of their money for your “programs.” Btw, what programs are planned to be funded by these collections?

        11. We all stand on slippery slopes, it is our naturej.

          Yes things are out of control. When a particular brand of religion starts claiming discrimination because others not of that religion start standing up for THEIR rights not to be forced to adhere to the whiners religious tenants that are being written into LAWS all over the nation.

        12. Apparently you are assuming Islam is a religion rather than what it really is, a violent political power and control system with trappings of Paganism, Judaism and Christianity cobbled together badly by Mohammad to make Islam look like a religion and better than religions.
          FYI, if the ordinance passes in San Antonio, the city will start falling apart and in due time be close to looking like Detroit
          Based on your post you don’t read or think well at all. With few, carefully specified provisions the UCMJ does not apply to military separatees or retirees. The ordinance includes reference to religion. Christianity is a religion. Sheesh!

        13. I assumed nothing. I know what it is and you barely touched the surface. Christianity can be described with many of the same descriptors. BOTH are considered religions worldwide, not by me but by the believers in them.

          And when did I claim that the UCMJ had authority over anyone other than active duty military? Maybe you should reconsider who reads poorly and who has better cognitive abilities cuz’ yours are not shining very brightly.

          The ordinance does not specifically point out Christianity as the target. Just the mention of religion in an ordinance or law does not mean it is directed at a particular religion. Only someone who feels persecuted would even think that way.

          Maybe you should go back and read the ordinance again. This time pay particular attention to what it really says and don’t let your persecuted religious side substitute “Christianity” for religion. Maybe after you read it a few times you will get the message that it is an ordinance against discrimination, all types of discrimination past, present or future that someone might be guilty of as grounds for dismissal, or termination of contracts. It is the city’s “get out of jail free card”. A catch-all clause.

        14. Um, what does Article 134 have to do with this conversation? I am very well aware of this article…

        15. Read the ordinance. Read what I said before.

          I compared the ordinance to Article 134 because they are both “catch-all”. If something else doesn’t cover it, this one will.

        16. LOL. Before you say another word, read my other posts and try to get it right about conservatives. No self-respecting person would vote for a DLO.

        17. As a Dem Lib atheist, living on false assumptions and lying, first to yourself you have no clue about Christians or Conservatives and no credibility about them or on anything else that you have posted so far.

        18. “lack of humility ????”

          pot calling the kettle ,,really ,,incredible.
          Go home Obot .

        19. Broad brushing a whole group of people you don’t know is as arrogant, bigotted and intellectually dishonest as you are accusing us of. Now what were you saying about hypocrites? You could at least try to listen if you were TRULY intellectually curious… instead you rant and throw insults and accusations. I have a science degree… and am conservative and Christian. Gee, go figure…

        20. So you accept Dawkins, and let me guess, the plagiarist Darwin, as your sources of inspiration. Guess what! You too will be cited with citations if and when SA passes the rule against speaking out about your Church of Atheism. Remember the slippery slope analogy? When you get on that slope it won’t seem so ridiculous all the ruckus us real conservative (with a little c) Americans make over this today. I hope I never have to tell you I told you so. Really.

        21. What are you talking about “cited with citations” ? Did you even read what the San Antonio ordinance applies to? Only government workers! I don’t work for the government there dummy.

        22. I don’t think people in government positions (at all levels) should be allowed to discriminate or show bias or demeaning words against other individuals. It’s pretty simple..yet somehow too complicated for your simple-mind to comprehend.

        23. My mind is complex enough to know your nemesis: You avoid the TRUTH in so many ways, yet you blame Whites. Too funny.

        24. It’s an honor to have some lily white christian try to insult me. ty..shows that I’m right on target

        25. Being found out as an Alinshyite is not an honorable status for any American, by any means. Keep talking, you indict yourself as an anti-American, just in line with others of the similar tendencies.

        26. Anyone who disagrees with conservatives is “Anti-American” … It’s an honor to be held in such contempt by pathetic people like yourself. It shows that I’m right on target.

        27. So I am your target… you like targets Adamsbrew, just like Martin thought of the Whites in the neighborhood where he strolled from back door to back door. Did Martin also think those “Whites,” “pathetic” as you call us, owed him something? Too bad he found the opportunity to tangle with an Hispanic man smarter than him… and he thought he was up against a White conservative no doubt…. piece of cake for the experienced thug that he was. Is that you, Adamsbrew? Looking for targets.

        28. I was raised by southern white conservatives who served in WW2 and preached in old timey baptist churches …I saw first hand what type of people white conservatives are, racist, prejudiced, petty, ignorant, under-educated, hypocritical liars … Christian fundamentalists are the most dishonest, back stabbing, racist, self righteous people in the world. I don’t respect you guys and will be your political nemesis till the end of my days.

          Call me a turncoat. Call me a commie, call me anything you want. I’m proud that such disgusting people hate me.

        29. Ha. So we are your targets, when you should be the person teaching those so called hypocrites how to live. You are just plain ignorant.

        30. You are full of hypocrisy …. You have no idea who I am and how I live my life. You do not know what a dam* atheist fascist is … there is no such thing as a true follower of Christ being a fascist by the way, If you think you know Christianity I am here to tell you that you do not. I am reporting you dam*able post. Threaten me with your nonsense and you have a war. Guess what, my country is not lost. It is in the hands of an idiot who is demonstrating to the world his ineptitude. America is an experiment. Sometimes an experiment gone bad. It is just reality. Wake up to reality little boy, you might survive to become a good American one day.

        31. Report me??? bring your war on you fascist POS. Report away.. you don’t intimidate me.

        32. You pulled down a little menu?…..YOU PULLED DOWN A LITTLE MENU!?!?!…

          Oh no….You did it now! How could you!?!?


          As for the murderers of Jason Newsome and his Girlfriend, they are in prison for the rest of their life. What is your f-king point? You are so dense and naive.

          By the way, I just issued you a citation. You have the right to an attorney. if you can not afford one, one will be appointed for you. Just wait till the “little menu” cops come and get you! It’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

          I’ve flagged you into oblivion. Let the war games begin! (drum beating in the background)

        33. You’re telling Doug?? Oh no you didn’t! Well tell Doug to bring it on. I’ll have to introduce you and he to Sam. Sam is not someone to be messed with.

          I’m skeeeered btw. very skeeered.

          I flagged you as well. Now we’re even. I’m sure that’ll just ruin your day, as it has mine. lol

        34. “I would not be surprised if your teeth was falling out”

          I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t HAVE any teeth. You sound like an ignorant backwoods hick, the way you talk. It’s “*WERE* falling out, not WAS.

        35. I accept that from a dam* lib’ral. I am well educated enough, unlike you, to know when I don’t know everything. You did not say that you are not rude to your parents so I count my being right about that.

        36. Yes, you are pure white trash and will always be my target so long as you pollute the internet with your presence.

          Christian fundamentalists are ALL dishonest hypocrites from what I’ve seen first hand. They lack the ability of introspection or humility to change. They should be ridiculed, mocked, laughed at and humiliated out of the public square and back into the closet where they belong. You guys certainly don’t have ANY BUSINESS what-so-ever telling other people how to live when you are such flawed people yourself. All Christians do is peck at the splinter in other peoples eyes when they have a LOG in their own.

        37. No, you are the polluting element between the two of us. I clean up my mess as I go and have spent years helping others clean up theirs. You could not come close the amount of time I have spent doing so in your obviously pitiful life.

        38. 1. You are not trustworthy.
          2. My statement stands.
          3. Do not address me in personal terms.

        39. #1: Only to people who have no concept of truth or reality, like yourself
          #2. And I’m still honored such a pathetic POS holds me in contempt. It shows that I’m right on target.
          #3. I will address you in any manner that I please. You are beneath me.

        40. Esther, dear, do yourself a favor and ignore the trolls. It’s making you look very weak and thin-skinned that you feel a need to respond to every one of their comments. Surely you have more self discipline than that?

        41. Do not use personal notations to me. This is the second time I have asked you.

          Moderator: Please delete the comments where Adamsbrew has use personal salutations to me. I have asked him nicely twice to stop. Thank you.

      1. First you wanted “evidence” of his existence, which is bountiful. Then below you want proof. Why don’t you prove how the “big bang” came about. We say it was caused by God, who always was, always is, and always will be, but you guys have no explanation. There has to be an “uncaused, first cause”, which we believe is God. Why is it easier to believe your “religion”, which is also based on faith, not evidence or fact.

        1. What happened to the other Gods mentioned in the Bible? Did your God kill them?

          IF you call being an atheist a religion of faith and Christianity a religion of evidence or fact, where is Christianity’s evidence or facts? The Bible is not either, it is just a collection of stories so no use citing it as your proof.

          Christianity is a religion of faith. PERIOD.

          Being an atheist does not immediately make you a member of a religion even if you do have to have faith that your lack of belief in a God will someday be proven. The lack of proof is no more of a problem than a Christian’s lack of proof there is a God. Neither side gets a win in that area.

          IF you desire to make a religion out of that faith then you will have all the rights all other religions have in this country.

          Do you Christians really want to go there? Equality with an atheist religion. Probably end up just like Christianity, nothing but a bunch of whiners crying “I’m being discriminated against because of my religion.” Or the other major flaw, no one can decide on who has the RIGHT version of the religion. Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian, Later Day Saints, Baptist, Church of Christ, Lutheran, the list goes on and on and on and none of them can agree on what is and what isn’t a sin or how you get to Heaven.

          I know one law that will have to be struck down in this state the day that becomes fact. The law that states that ANY potential candidate for elected office must swear that he/she believes in God. (One error of that law, they didn’t specify WHICH God)

        2. What happened to your explanation of how the universe got started?
          The bible talks about other gods being false, man-made gods. No need for Him to destroy them.

        3. An understanding of the bible will let you know that many things are considered “false” gods. If you read Exodus 20, you will learn that he was talking about “idols”. There are other places that forbid worshipping other gods, such as money and other worldly things.

        4. And a true understanding of the Bible will let YOU know that in many places it is speaking about OTHER GODS besides the one that Christianity attempts to follow. But that would be the “Old” part of the Bible and Christians aren’t to concerned with that since only the “New” part concerns them. What’s a little historical record if not something to be ignored.

          Standard Christian pick and chose method of religion, if it doesn’t fit with how “your” version of Christianity believes then just ignore it or bend the terminology to fit.

          Maybe you should read the story of Moses and explain what Gods Moses’s God bested…..

        5. Please. You are an atheist. Please refrain from attempting to read, understand, interpret, ponder, critique, insult, explain or in any way relate to the Word of God. You have absolute no premise for opening the Book, seeking any information on the topic, whatsoever, unless you have prayed ahead of that event to ask God (even if you do not believe, just do it, ask Him, just in case He is there) in dead earnest to help you understand. Please, for heavens sake, do not open the pages or look it up on the internet unless you honestly seek truth about Him! Of course, if you don’t, it will be fruitless. Just try it with even the slightest intent to learn of Him. Please.

        6. YOU do not have the right to tell me what I am or am not. No where in my posts have I declared that I am an atheist, a priest, a preacher or a dead comedian come back to haunt you.

          I can and will seek knowledge from any source available to me and ANYONE who calls themselves a Christian would NEVER speak that way to ANYONE. Your DUTY is to provide guidance to others seeking answers and to tell them not to read YOUR Holiest Book is worse than prostituting yourself to an Angel.

          Your pride of self is so distorted that you need guidance.

        7. Lol. You insulted the Words of God obviously. I asked you please to not do so, but you are rude enough to continue in your tirade. You can obviously say anything you want. I issue you no citation, but you want to make a law to limit what I can say. You are beginning to look like a hypocrite.

          Btw, I told you what that book says. Shame on you. You pile insult upon insult. That book you so badly want to understand will never reveal itself to you unless you do what I told you it says. Re-read what I wrote.

        8. The pot calls the kettle black. You sound like an Islamic who can’t bear to have someone tell them that their book is just a book and their prophet was just a man. Next you will be putting a price on my head and causing riots.

          RE-Read what the ordinance says and tell me where it specifically is written in it that it targets religion, only religion and only the Christian religion.

          As for your history lesson it got boring because I already knew what you were going to say. You left a lot out but that is the ban of the arrogant, they only say what they want you to hear, not what the meat of the story is.

        9. You got a free lesson that you obviously think no one knows so you claim to have invented the internet with your peers. Lol. Your peers did not invent anything. My peers did. Btw, keep up your Alinskyite ways. True Americans know that your kind is ramming progessive agendas of Obama and his henchman down our throats.

        10. Rehashing old information is not a lesson. I made no claims of any sort.

          Please do not insult me by attempting to tie me to anything concerning Obama. I did not vote for him and do not support what he is doing.

          Someday you should take some classes on the Constitution, maybe then you will understand where I am coming from. Just remember to leave your religion at the door, it may be a good guide but it does not pertain to the next person and that is how the laws were written.

        11. “classes on the Constitution”? I thought the Founders said what they meant and meant what they said. Are you saying we should believe what some 90+% liberal college prof. has to say about it?

        12. Yes they were very explicit, unfortunately many people are so used to reading their own version of what the words say into what the actual text does say and mean that they need to take classes to learn how to read the document.

          That is a prime reason there are so many different versions of Christianity and they all claim to follow the same book.

        13. You insult yourself, family, acquaintances, village you must serve as the idiot, county, state and the USA if you are staying here as a US citizen.
          You are the one who needs to “take some classes on the Constitution,” but first remedial courses on reading with comprehension, and decent, civil behavior, logic and reasoning.
          It is obvious where you are “coming from” and where you are going unless you change your ways.
          Sorry smiley, but the US Constitution guarantees the God-given right to freedom of religion. If you don’t like it I suggest you go and stay in a country that does not have a Constitution or one with that guarantee.
          You like it or not I will exercise my freedom of religion and encourage others to do the same, moreover fight for them to have and use their freedom of religion. I have fought to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the US Constitution, still am, and you are coming across as one who wants a fight with me and the millions, billions really like me.
          Here is some info you may find useful if, when you learn to read with comprehension:
          Global Study: Atheists in Decline, Only 1.8% of World Population by 2020 | CNS News

        14. It also guarantees me the right not to have to follow your religion.

          Why would I want to fight with you? You can’t even read a simple ordinance and comprehend that it does not target “your” religion.

          Isn’t that your goal? To convert all the atheists to Christianity?

          If it is a “God” given right, why is it in a man made document?

        15. To compare Islam and Islamic(s) with a religion and religious people is the height of foolishness and reveals you have no understanding at all of Islam and other religions.
          Obviously the ordinance targets religion along with other things, and Christianity is a religion. I don’t know if your error there is due to your reading disability or basic ignorance.
          What does “ban of the arrogant” mean? If we could “ban the arrogant” you would be long gone.

        16. My bad, left off the “e” bane.

          Islam is not a religion? Please don’t tell the 1.5 billion people who follow it, they will be so disappointed.

          From what you just said I’m pretty sure which one of us is lacking in education and it isn’t me.

          Why are you answering for Esther? Did she retire to her sitting room? Or are you just so eager to insult me that you jumped in?

        17. After what you said in your first sentence, now YOU have the right to tell Esther what HER duties are.?? HELLOOOOO!

        18. Oh you got me. I phrased it wrong. Should have said “your duty as a Christian…..”

          She still doesn’t have the right NOR the knowledge to tell me what I am based on what little has been said here.

        19. Everyone has a right to their opinion. All US citizens, even some non-citizens have rights to freedom of speech, religion, to bear arms and others God-given and affirmed in the US Constitution.
          You have no clue what “a Christian” would or would not do. Christian means follower of Jesus the Christ-Messiah-Savior, one who does their best to imitate Him.
          FYI, among other things, Jesus the Christ called the religious and political leaders of His time a nest of vipers. He threw a temple tantrum, driving the money changers and sacrifices sellers out of the Temple with a cord He knotted, overturning their tables, scattering their money and goods. He so vexed the Jewish leaders of His time that they had the Romans crucify Him.
          Thank God, His Father, Jesus was resurrected, defeating death, and he rose into Heaven to prepare a place for those who believe on Him.
          In “I can and will seek knowledge from any source available to me,” you are not being honest, first with yourself.
          You have no idea what the “duty” of a Christian is. By saying “to tell them not to read [your] Holiest Book is worse than prostituting yourself to an Angel” you reveal your inability to read with comprehension, blaspheme against God’s Holy Word, and try to insult a good, Christian woman, typical of a Satan’s agent as your posts show you are.
          Your shouting in all caps online is rude, crude, inappropriate and silly of you. Yelling does not win discussions, it only makes you look like a childish idiot.
          Here you are trying to project your traits, behaviors and needs onto another – a sure sign of insanity – “Your pride of self is so distorted that you need guidance.”
          Your behaviors are so typical of an atheist that you are laughable in your denial.
          I suggest you seek professional help in your local area and be prepared to pay well for it unless you are one of the 47% who do not pay but rather take.
          If you want to discuss this further with me please call me at GFY-GFY-AYOR – F=Forgive. You imagine you are so smart, you can figure out the rest of the number.

        20. Obviously you didn’t read what Esther wrote, or maybe you didn’t comprehend what she said to me.

          Having been raised Church of Christ I think I have a good grasp on all you say I don’t. Add to that, living in a town that has a religious college and plenty of “Bible Thumpers” I think my exposure to the ways of Christians and what their duties to their fellow man are. What you think about my knowledge of that makes no difference to me.

          As for being an agent of an imaginary being, that just doesn’t work since atheists don’t believe in them. Or did you forget that atheists don’t believe in gods or angles or demons or any of those other imaginary beings?

          As for using capital letters for emphasis, that is not the same as typing in all caps. Since you don’t know the difference I suggest that you take some classes on how to communicate on the Internet.

          Once again a supposed Christian resorts to personal attacks when they don’t have anything constructive to add to the conversation.

          If I was smart I wouldn’t be talking to people who continuously insult me.

        21. If, when you learn how to read with comprehension please read Surprised By Faith and Josh McDowell’s works on evidence demanding a verdict.

        22. Why is it that people who claim to be Christians resort to insulting other people’s abilities? Since I could read the ordinance and comprehend that it does not “target” Christians and you supposedly read it and jumped on the “their persecuting Christians” bandwagon, I’d say you are the one lacking reading comprehension skills.

          But have no fears, my daughter has a BA in Education and that particular skill set is one that she majored in so if she feels my reading comprehension is lacking, she will tutor me. (she hasn’t yet so I think that means I’m in the clear).

          Shall I send her your way?

      2. Ah, you are a member of The Atheist Church of Dawkins. Thanks for the clarification. The atheocracy plans, divulged and thickened. Well, to clarify about us, we fought that war in 1776 and under the direction of General George (I love that name, don’t you?) Washington, we won that battle of the U. S. Constitutional republic. Furthermore, I have news for you, atheist, we have been winning battles against your kind since then and we do not intend to EVER lose a battle against your kind! In fact, Christians have been winning battles against the master whom you ultimately serve, the unmentionable one, far longer than I can say. You know of course to whom I refer!

        1. When you say “WE fought that war” and “WE won that battle”, just exactly who is the “WE” you are referring to?

        2. I suggest you re-read the post. Answer the following for your own benefit: Have you studied American History? Are you aware of monarchy and its meaning in early American history?

        3. The way the post was written did not immediately bring “Americans” to my mind. You have been and were writing from the standpoint of a Christian and the implication in your words was that Christians fought in the war and won the battle and have been winning battles “against your kind” (right after the pointed “news for you, atheist”) and so on. The entire post was written in a manner that indicates that you feel Christians were doing all the fighting and dying and that they should have the upper hand because of it.

          I’ve studied enough to know that Christianity wasn’t exactly a religion in the forefront of making this country what it is. Just ask the Baptist what they thought of being persecuted by other “so called” Christians. Or maybe you would like to review what religions the founding fathers actually followed…. Christianity wasn’t high on the list. A belief in Christ and the Bible was, but not the version of the religion of today.

          I am aware that we almost had one and that some politicians still want to install one.

        4. Our strength as Americans is Judeo-Christian. Try disproving that one. You can’t. However, the concept has been used and abused to the extent it is shunned by many as exemplified by yourself. Within the world view of Judeo-Christianity there is a great amount of diversity, so we have separate ideas about our worship and how we relate to our God, usually but not always with mutual respect, all of which is recognized in our fundamental American papers as written by our Founders.

          Now, Monarchists in 1775-6 lobbied against separation from the King of England. The King of England, as all kings in those days, was thought to be God’s representative on the Earth. God’s representative!!! Think about that and the meaning that had for all these very different religions that held to the Holy Bible (or not) and were prospering quite well, in separated regions of the very diverse colonies! In commerce they came together but in respect, staying out of the problem of demeaning each other’s non-beliefs, beliefs or faiths in God. This practice is NOT legislated. It should not be legislated. But it was and is recognized in so many ways as to be undeniable.

          At the time of 1775-6 the true Americans (not the Monarchists in America) fought for the freedom of the colonies to resist the high taxation of the British Monarch who believed himself to represent God the Father to the colonists, as they were known at the time. The Monarch actually cried when he was told the colonists wanted to self-govern. He could not understand why they resisted being well cared for by him. The rest is history. Real Americans resisted the Monarchists within their midst and when push came to shove, the Monarchists were smart to leave for England as they were caught between a rock and a hard place.

          So why now do we need a law to govern the outward religious tendencies of Americans, other than to control then in subversive ways, as in Is’lam. True Americans see the writings on the wall. Many people who see themselves as citizens of the world have not learned the lessons of liberty.

      3. Can you prove, with evidence, that He does not exist? For hundreds of years there was no “proof” of the atom… in your logic that would mean it did not exist.

        Using Scientific method, if you cannot rule something out empirically then you have to entertain the idea that it might exist. So in reality, the BEST you can be is an agnostic… Even your king, Dawkins, has admitted that!

      4. The universe is good evidence.. If you think it was created from a big bang. Show me any explosion that didn’t create chaos. The universe expands in an orderly manner by God made laws of physics that man kind still doesn’t fully understand. The study of botany, zoology, and psychology should reveal some marvels of God to you.. Isn’t it amazing that the origin of most languages originate and fan out from Ancient Babylon arena where God confused their tongue because of the constructionist of the Tower of Babel. The Euphrates-Tigris River Basin is where The Garden of Eden or Paradise existed, and historically the origin of man kind. Ponder on that for awhile.

      5. Adam, you’re the type that if God came down and stepped on your toe, you would STILL come up with some reason as to why it is an illusion, and demand more proof. Your type will never find proof even if it slapped you upside your head, you would still not believe it. You just need open your heart, but that might be too difficult. I could go on for hours as to how I know God exists, but nothing I would say would convince you, because you will NOT be convinced.

        1. You don’t know me Gina, yet you make these statements like you do…You’re nothing but a hate monger and hypocrite…

      6. “spaghetti monsters is responsible” – Remedial English, logic, reasoning, Constitutional law, and civil, decent behavior courses are available. Please enroll in some of those courses before continuing to post online and making a fool of yourself on a worldwide-available, public site. Your posts so far are an embarrassment to your family and acquaintances, the village you must be serving as the idiot, county, state, and the US if you are staying here and a US citizen.

  108. The City Council of San Antonio doesn’t know what it is doing. They are setting themselves up for some severe divine judgment. Their arrogance is shocking, but their foolishness is even more amazing. San Antonio will begin its decline and no matter what the Council does, the city will fail. There will be no peace in the city, there will be economic problems, and increasing interracial unrest. Watch! God is not mocked!

  109. When God gave dominion over the Earth, it didn’t mean He’d come help us out when needed. It meant we had RESPONSIBILITY for our ACTIONS. And mankind has proven time and again we’ve mucked it up

    1. If you take responsibility for your actions, then don’t go discriminating against other people if you work for the government in San Antonio and you won’t lose your f-king job! What’s so hard about that to accept? Jeez you people cry over nothing. Such childish cry-babies!

        1. That’s pure tomfoolery. Facts are Facts whether accompanied by an F bomb or not :) You wouldn’t accept facts and reality even if I spoke like the Virgin Mary. Be honest now.

        2. LOL 20 yrs in the Navy exposed me to MANY of worse comments that I would GLADLY unlesh, but to be CIVIL< I would just call you a f—ing liberal troll

        3. Not surprised. Conservatives are mostly all guilty of “crying wolf” and also having double standards. “Do as I say, not as I do” — The bible (which I’ve spent a lot of time reading) says a lot about hypocrites, which modern American conservatives are to a tee.

        4. You understand a hypocrite because you are one. You support discrimination by imposing discrimination. Duh!

        5. You are the last person here to say they have read the Bible, then comment on it to judge those who are saved believers. You don’t know God, you never knew Him, so you can’t pass judgment. If you knew Him, you would know His character, love, sacrifice, and everything else. But you don’t.
          So either get to know the One who loved you enough to die for you, or else stop attacking those who are His. It really makes you look beyond bad. Judgment day IS coming, whether you believe it or not. “Seek The Lord while He may be found”, because one day soon it will be too late for you.

        6. Just ignore him Kelly…he is an admitted paid troll. 10 years service United States Army(88-98)

        7. exactly right Dagriz…here is his admission to me a few minutes ago

          “I relish every moment of your misery and delight in every second of your anger. Yes, I’m trolling you twirps and doing a damn good job at it, I might add. All it takes is pointing out your sides dishonesty to get your blood boiling !”

      1. Under this new law, Adam would be fired because I am offended and feel this is a discriminating remark. I guess freedom of speech means nothing to Adam… only when HE is swearing at us.

        1. Communist, Muslim, Atheist, Marxist, Socialist. Get it right, A$$wipe. I’m all of the above. (to the paranoid delusional Christian)

        2. Just ignore Adamsbrew and spread it around to your friends…he is just an admitted paid troll trying to stir you guys up:

          “I relish every moment of your misery and delight in every second of your anger. Yes, I’m trolling you twirps and doing a damn good job at it, I might add. All it takes is pointing out your sides dishonesty to get your blood boiling !”

          Just ignore him

      2. Adam, people like you just don’t like what the bible says because you’re not able to understand it. So because you don’t understand it, or like it you want us to change what is written so you can make whatever you don’t like “OKay”. I don’t see groups of hookers jumping in there and trying to change anything. People have just as much right to feel and think as they do as you all do. I’m not employing violence in anyway, because that’s not a way to express yourself. But nonetheless, if you want freedoms, then you have to give freedoms. You guys want everything censored. If you want a communist country, move to Cuba. You’re in the wrong country. Stop imposing your marxism b.s. on this country.

        1. Just ignore Adamsbrew. He is just a troll trying to stir you up. Here is his admission that he sent to me moments ago:

          “I relish every moment of your misery and delight in every second of your anger. Yes, I’m trolling you twirps and doing a damn good job at it, I might add. All it takes is pointing out your sides dishonesty to get your blood boiling !”

          Don’t give him the time of day.

      3. Again…thanks for the help! You’ve been great!

        Adamsbrew says “I relish every moment of your misery and delight in every second of your anger. Yes, I’m trolling you twirps and doing a damn good job at it, I might add. All it takes is pointing out your sides dishonesty to get your blood boiling !”

  110. The doctrine of sameness (framed as “equality”) trumps free speech and any other component of the Constitution in the minds of Marxists.

  111. Conservatives an ALL Americans need to understand the threat is NOT just Republican?democrat but to our way of gov’t as a whole,,, the proclamation by Obama in 07 that he will change our way of life that has “never worked” even though we are the MOST liked country to Immigrate to???? The danger is from our leader “himself”

  112. It is time that we a Christians stand up and declare our faith and demand our Constitutional rights. It is also time for all preachers to start preaching the Second Coming of Christ and how short the time is.

    1. I believe in the coming again but am not counting on it———-God gave us the right , and responsibility to protect his word

  113. Of course the easiest way to combat this (other than throwing the city counsel out) is to just MOVE OUT of San Antonio.

    1. … until it comes to Your New Neighborhood or City. Have you got the money to keep moving… or have you got the stones to stand for the Constitution of the United States?

      1. I don’t know if you are the same person as RonMar, bit I answered his question first. In answer to your question, I might be a bit different, but I stay and fight always, even if I did have the money to cut and run.

    2. San Antonio has a population in excess of 1.3 million. How many of them do you want to move, to where? It is far better to get rid of the mayor and city council.
      On top of that a significant number of the people in San Antonio are military members and their families at the several bases, forts and other facilities in the area, and Federal, State and county employees who have their jobs there, plus retirees from the military, Federal, State, county, city and other jobs.
      Try to be serious please about serious matters. Engage your brain before you start clacking your fingers on the keyboard.

      1. Are you the same as Mark Robin? If you read what I said, “other than throwing the city counsel out,” then move out of San Antonio. I was stationed at Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio and I am well aware that with Lackland AFB there, it is the major industry of San Antonio, especially with all of the military retirees that use the base hospitals. Now unless the Mayor and counsel had a tremendous metamorphosis of idiocy,after the election, a whole bunch of you folks voted for those people. So in that regard, the ball is definitely in your court. I was merely proposing the obvious alternative, as the military today is preaching the same tune as is the city counsel and Mayor. Good luck.

  114. Any one think it is time for a REVOLUTION???? Our country did it once…it can do it again! Government needs to change!

      1. Let’s be legal, at all costs, and cautious. I agree completely, dagriz! Thank you!

        Trust but verify ~ President Reagan

    1. Heather, It is certain that another revolution is coming. That’s what the left wants. And obummer is against christians and is allowing the Muslims all rights in their so called religion. If you don’t accept their ways you may be terminated. That’s their law.

  115. This sounds appallingly like the speech laws in Europistan… Congrats, TX, you
    have your first blasphemy laws… waiting for the stoning laws next…

    New Texas state song:

    Texas, our Texas, we mourn the mighty state
    Oh Texas, our Texas, you used to be so great!
    Meekest and weakest, Withstanding no more tests;
    O Empire wide and glorious, You were supremely blest.

    God left you Texas! You used to be so strong,
    But you let stupid liberals in and now your days are done.

    Verse 2:
    Texas, O Texas! Your freeborn single star,
    Sent out its radiance to nations near and far.
    Muslims invaded, and set your laws ablaze
    The heroes of the Alamo are turning in their graves!

    God bless you Texas! You used to be so strong,
    But you let Californians in and now your days are done.

    Verse 3:
    Texas, dear Texas! In tyrant’s grip I see,
    Political Correctness is now your destiny!
    Mother of heroes are crying till they’re blue,
    Rememb’ing how it used to be with faith, and love for you.

    God bless you Texas! You used to be so strong,
    But if you don’t wake up real soon, your days will all be done.


  117. Where does it say in the ordinance that a pastor, speaking from the pulpit, could be arrested for speaking his views?

    It would seem to me that whoever wrote this article is imposing an interpretation upon it that lacks warrant. Unless one is employed by the city, then the ordinance does not apply to them.

    That said, this ordinance reeks of the U.N.’s HRC 16-L.18 resolution sponsored by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) which seeks to: Combat “intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence, and violence against persons based on religion or belief”.

    What is disturbing about the resolution is that (1) Hillary Clinton signed off on it, and (2) its main aim was to silence the critics of Islam under the guise of religious tolerance or something that Islamic history and doctrine has shown that Islam is incapable of.

    It would be interesting to know more about who is behind this S.A. ordinance and their motivations. Because if the Muslims are behind this in any way, then the City of San Antonio has just take one big step toward doing the very thing that this ordinance is supposed to prevent.

  118. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”—First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    I’d have thought that even the left wing filth would recognize free speech rights in Texas.

  119. Ok, I wish you’d also inform of the name/number of this Ordinance, and what date the Council is supposed to consider it. I looked the City of San Antonio’s website for up-coming meetings and Agenda’s and don’t see it listed for the August 1 meeting. Also folks could also search, and inundate their email with letters of opposition to this Ordinance. Also call and ask to speak to each of these Council Members of your opposition to this Ordinance as well. Even if you live outside the city limits, there are plenty of amusements in San Antonio, that they sure do want you to visit to increase their economy….BAN them and REFUSE to visit or spend money in that city is another way to attack them WHERE THEY LIVE. Money talks…this is no doubt some homosexual agenda from the get-go!

  120. Handgunnar I agree wiith you But our present government has thrown out the constitution our man in the white house is Indonesian Kenyan by birth and our country is being systematically turned into a 3rd world country. OUR bill of RIGHTS HAS BEEN TRASHED we have no rights except what the wh gives us.

  121. Basically, if Jesus applied for a job, he would be “unfit” to work in or lead San Antonio. Apparently the likes of Jesus would be unnaceptable to be on a city council amongst crooks, hypocrites and traitorous, elitist thugs.

  122. Who the fluck is running San Antonio? Does this ban include Muslims, Black Panthers, or flag burning dirt bags? I thought Texas was still part of America and would stand for Duty, Honor & Country.

    1. San Antonio, Houston, and Austin has been getting a steady flow of illegals and Californians looking for work. They’re here for work, but they’re trying to implement liberal laws that destroyed where they came from while doing so.

    2. The ordinance being considered in San Antonio is under the guidance of the San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, pretty boy of the 2012 DNC in Charlotte, NC. Remember it took repeated phony voice votes to get God and Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem back into the Democrat Party platform at that convention.
      Castro’s counterpart in LA, now former Mayor Villaraigosa had to be coached through that bogus voice vote 5 times or so to get it right as the sound crew monkeyed with the mikes where the naysayers were seated in a mob.
      What we’re seeing here is Liberalism – Progressivism since Liberal became such a dirty word – on steroids with Obama’s evil Marxist-Islamic regime in power. The best way to take care of a snake is to cut off its head, e.g., remove Obama, his handlers, the henchmen and women in his regime to put a stop or at least slow down and beat back again the specter of Marxism, with Obama plus Islam from taking over the USA.

      Obama is the greatest threat since WWII to the US, all US citizens, visitors, and by extension, the world. We must use any and all available legal means to get him and his regime out of power ASAP, well before the 2014 election if at all possible.

  123. Stumbled on this site inadvertently, and discovered a cesspool of ignorance. Read the proposed legislation before you make stupid accusations. 90% of the posters here are delusional and/or willfully idiotic.

    1. Ignorance?
      How does one ‘stumble’ upon something other then ‘inadvertently’??

      Check yourself before you check others…..

      1. Sure didn’t take you long to figure out that Afro hairball, the AZWhitey wannabe. That pic is from his “college” days. Want some laughs ask him about how he spent his time as an AA student in AZ.

  124. Even if these ridiculous infringements do not make it to vote, the sad fact is that they’re even considered and discussed.
    If it passes even as a watered down version, it sets a very specific and dangerous precedent.
    How do average citizens feel about these and other laws and considerations for laws? Well, that doesn’t seem to matter these days….but if we’re talking about Muslims, well that’s a different issue, isn’t it.

  125. It’s not just San Antonio they are trying to make quoting the bible a criminal offense at the same time the UN grabs our guns. Listen to The Haggman Report who, by the way, is giving away free bibles while it’s still legal to own one.

  126. This will come back to bite them. EVERYONE has at some time or other said things that others found offensive and/or discriminative. They will not be able to find a white who has never offended a black, a black who has never offended a white, a Christian who has never offended someone with their faith, a homosexual who has never said offensive things about Christians and/or Muslims. The very ones who are instrumental in passing the law will be struck down by it.

    1. I was just thinking how this ordinance has a “self-cleaning” feature …in other words… all who vote for it exercise discrimination at that point, and thus establish themselves as unemployable and unelectable to a municipal position by the very law they passed!

      They’re seeking retirement early? Oh the sly ones!

  127. Excuse me! But isn’t “discriminating” against my belief (Christian Faith – Religion) a DISCRIMINATION?

    “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.”

    What is more, according to this – NO ONE – would be eligible – but JESUS Himself… LOL.

    1. Worst of all they are discriminating against GOD and His Word! I have to tell them that He is Greater than all things! His rules and laws are the ones which are important to me. Their fighting against the Living God is pure insanity! Have the doors to the insane asylum really been thrown open and now the inmates have taken over?

      1. Yes the insane asylum is letting the inmates post to this site. Please tell me, what kind of computer do they let you use? How about Ester, does she get a bigger monitor than you? Or does she just have a faster cpu?

        I just kidding with you. Please read the ordinance and stop letting the article’s author and other posters tell you what it says. It is a very broad definition and covers all types of discrimination and bias and does not single out any one religion nor does it defame your God. But don’t let me tell you, read it for your self.

        1. sixholdens, you are not understanding what SHE is saying so you trying to correct her is a little insidious…

        2. How would she know? She knows nothing about me except the little I’ve said here and unless she is capable of snooping my computer remotely, she doesn’t even know what brand much less it’s CPU speed. So please tell me, what FACT was she stating. All she was doing was displaying her arrogance. She is a Christian so that makes her better than me? She doesn’t even know if I am one or if I am just playing devils advocate. Judging from her responses someone needs to play it more often to show people like her how biased and ignorant they are.

    2. The city is not discriminating against your religion, nor does this ordinance give them the power to. Read it, really read it. Where does it specify a particular religion?

  128. Are any of the officials in San Antonio Christian? Or are they just all heathen? That is what it sounds like to me! They are a lot of Obama boot lickers and Satan worshipers! Maybe they should grab their ankles and be ready to be kicked out!

  129. From the article:

    “No person shall be appointed to a position if the city council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.”

    Then he goes on to say this:

    “In other words, if a Christian works for the city as a garbage collector or street repair and they tell someone that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, they could lose their job for expressing their bias.”

    Back the truck up! Where did the garbageman express bias? Where did he discriminate? All he did in this hypothetical scenario was to quote the Bible, WHICH is not banned by the ordinance nor did he express any bias, he made a statement of fact, depending on how you interpret the Bible. By the authors own example he has failed to show bias or discrimination and yet he wants you to believe that this ordinance is written to target Christians?

    If you really read it and can really comprehend it, the ordinance targets ALL religions equally.

    I am tired of trying to show you people the light. Go back to your hovels and hide in your closets because you are about as Christian as the Prophet Mohamed. The chip on your shoulders is exceedingly large and a few hours of prayer should do you some good and you should throw in some Bible reading as well because you don’t seem to know much about being a true Christian.

    1. I see your point but here in San Antonio christianity Is definitly and obviosly the main one. We rarely have any muslims or jews or anything else. Texas ties to Mexico made it very catholic which is what some would call “christianity”.

    2. There is also that part that says a person can’t be deprived of life, liberty,or property without due process. Do the folks in San Antonio require a conviction for some sort of bias crime, or is an unanswered accusation in the newspaper enough to make a person unhireable?

      1. Without a conviction or admission of guilt in a court of law, there can be no adverse action taken against them. That’s just basic law.

  130. For any an all who cannot post without using foul language: These “rules” are very strong against anyone who has any real moral ideals. I would never comment to any gay person the words of Holy Bible because I know most of them already know them! If they do not. it is not my business. I just do not appreciate the “rainbow” coalition being forced upon anyone. I will never be “gay”, I will never be “Muslim” and I will never be another color so I shall not be something I am not.
    I am a 5th generation native Texan and just happen to be half Irish, an eighth Cherokee and the rest split into Dutch and German. But I am all TEXAN! Most important I a member of the HUMAN (and HUMANE) race! Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  131. If you’re going to try to do anything about the composition of the city government, plan on some serious campaigning in the Mexican-American neighborhoods of the city. If you get 60% of the Anglo vote while the powers that be get 90% of the Mexican vote, you lose. And be prepared to take on the “community leaders” and “community organizers”, who will be out in force to stop you. They will try to make it an Anglo/Latin thing in order to line up the ethnic vote to keep the present officeholders in place. You need 40% of the Mexican vote and 70% of the Anglo vote or it won’t even be worth the bother of political action. Action in the courts–and be prepared to take it to the Texas Supreme Court, because local Democratic judges won’t throw this ordinance out–is the only route.

  132. The headline says arrested. The ordinance says prohibited from holding public office, which is wrong, but I really wish you would take more care writing accurate headlines. The ordinance does not threaten arrest. You diminish my confidence in you when you hype things beyond the truth.

    1. God is real, Holy, and the Righteous Judge. Stop playing the fool, and “seek The Lord while He may be found.” If you don’t repent and believe, you will stand before Him without the Lord’s death as payment for your sins. Your eternal destination will then be hell, followed by the lake of fire. Since I don’t want that for you, even though you are quite rude and hateful, I have warned you. You are therefore not on my conscience.

      1. Say hello to the tooth fairy and santa claus, welcome to your group called “sheepeople”, gullible clowns easy lead

        1. 3 seconds after you die you will regret your whole life, all the opportunities to be forgiven, and the rejection and contempt you have shown. I did what my Lord said to do. The rest is up to you. All I know is that your blood is on your own head, not mine. Good day.

        2. All your foolish words will haunt you for eternity. Your choice. You can never tell God you didn’t know, or weren’t warned. You will have no excuse. That’s just sad.

  133. Glad I decided against moving to Texas. I was under the mistaken assumption that Texans had read and understood the constitution. Apparently Texans have a government that picks and chooses in this case the first amendment. I do hope that the next story I read is about real texans tarring and feathering the San Antonio city council and running them out of town for even thinking about this kind of crap. They sound like those San Francisco pansy asses. Hey Texans in nancy Pelosi now setting your agenda?

    1. Texas is quickly turning colors and moving left due to the illegal immigration issue here…. Obama is doing everything in his power to help that as well. Cities with large concentrations of these manipulated immigrants – and San Antonio is one – are this way. This doesn’t surprise me but it’s pathetic that they’ve taken over already. OH I guess that means I’d never be a candidate for city government work!

  134. What has happened to Liberty Loving Texas? How far can it fall? And most Mexicans are Catholic, does this make unemployable?

  135. While this is truly a dangerous precedent…the title to the article is misleading. The ordinance forbids a person form holding office or doing business with the City, but does not provide for a person to be arrested, unless there is more to it than what you printed…

    It is such laws as these that were the beginning of the persecution of the Jews in Germany, and led to the horrendous events of the Nazi regime. I think it is quite likely that soon any person who espouses true Christian doctrine will suffer persecution from the Federal Government and also some local governments.

    We should be prepared to be as self-reliant and self-sufficient as possible, because economic persecution can be very destructive, and is easily “justified” by laws purporting to prevent bias, while holding a clear bias against Christianity.

    Actually, many religions teach that homosexuality is a sin, not just Christian religions. But the bias will be exercised against the Christians who have a duty to witness for Him.

  136. I’d love to see the State Senate and House stand by their own legislation. If this passes and they abide by it, no law can ever again change without the majority of the senate being locked up…
    It’s unbelievable how people are convinced that this type of relativistic “tolerance” is anything more than condescending bigotry wrapped in gold foil.

  137. With such a vague law, that would mean Muslims could never hold a public position because they are bias towards anyone who isn’t Muslim. Actually, that might be a good thing.

    1. Ah but I think you err regarding Muslims. I mean, do you “really believe” that it would be used against Muslims without a major outcry? Let’s face it, this “ordinance” is for one purpose and one purpose only, to silence Christians and/or anyone who holds traditional moral values.

  138. I think it is a WONDERFUL idea. PLEASE pass this law and then you could have all the city council members removed for violating the law by having passed it. They are biased against bible believing Christians who lovingly share God’s word.

  139. This is one born and raised proud Texan that thinks the “normal” people in San Antonio should railroad their city council out of the State of Texas by what ever
    means it takes.

    1. One city council, one Texas Ranger. Job done, council members gone. San Antonio remains a great city in the great State of Texas.

  140. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press (if the matter is reduced to writing in a leaflet) from the Bill of Rights would all go by the wayside for this local ordinance. I don’t think that would stand…at least at present.

  141. Then perhaps we, believers in the GOD of Israel, should counter by being offended by the Muslims public call to prayer. There are a number of places in the US where this happens 5x a day.

  142. America was founded on Christian principles! As an American I will follow Jesus Christ not forces of darkness! Americans will never recognize any evil power under the sun! ” The greatest want of of the world is the want of men—-men who will not be bought or sold,men who in their inmost souls are true and honest,men who do not fear to call sin by its right name,men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole,men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall” = Education,P.57–Ellen G white
    God Bless America!!!

    1. HA! Ya right! so they can pronounce that no citizen in the country should be allowed to be involved in any sort of government because of their “bigotry”…. Guarantee 5-4 with Kennedy decimating the rights of the religious in his written opinion for the majority.

        1. I would encourage you to read justice Kennedy’s opinion speaking for the majority in the DOMA decision. Observe his statements about those who oppose the redefining and profaning of marriage.

  143. So….we are going to now discriminate against people that we think are discriminating against others…

    WOW! Liberal logic strikes again. >.< Ugh… Brilliant. Remind me, please, to avoid the public institutions and colleges at which these people were "educated".

  144. A Municipal Policeman told me that that I had no right to pray on the boardwalk at the beach because the US Constitution contains a provision requiring a “Separation of Church and State”. He explained that because the boardwalk is city property, the municipality is required, by the US Constitution to keep their boardwalk free of religious practices of any sort.

    I tried to explain to him that there is no such provision in the US Constitution and that it actually proscribes the enactment of laws that interfere with the right of a person to freely exercise their religion. He didn’t believe me and suggested that I needed to reread the Constitution, which he assured me was a document with which he was very familiar.

    It is very difficult to have a rational discussion with someone who firmly believes in wording that simply does not exist.

    1. My response: “That’s funny, because if you HAD actually read the constitution, you’d notice that it’s written to restrict the government, i.e. you as a representative of law enforcement, rather than me the citizen. Also I defy you to cite me, article and section, from the constitution the words ‘separation of church and state’, and after you find it, then I will gladly comply with the stated law since then it actually exists but I can assure you already that it does not and your searching will be in vain.”

    2. Depending on how you were going about your prayer, you were within your rights and he was wrong. IF you were disrupting foot or street traffic, blocking the boardwalk, or disrupting commerce or any number of actions that require a permit, then you would be in the wrong, but not because the Constitution prohibits it. On that point the MP was probably reciting what he was told to say, which was incorrect.

      Anyone can pray, anywhere they so desire as long as it does not interfere or disrupt any other citizens rights or cause a disruption of a school classroom or any number of other “infractions”.

      What many fail to understand is that any limitation placed upon their right to pray is not a limitation on praying, it is a limitation on the method.

      I wonder how this MP handled a Catholic priest or a Nun or any other person that uses prayer beads or a rosary and does it while walking on “his” boardwalk. That is a religious practice and according to him, it is his duty to stop it. I’m sure his tour of duty in that part of was short.

  145. They bringing this article around again? It’s been floating like a turd for weeks on this and other FRWNJ disinformation sites.

    At least pretend to look like you’re trying to be current, eh?

  146. The hidden hand of the talmudic judaists never rests. Jesus himself revealed them. The texts are easy to find & there are christian pastors such as Ted Pike that speak out against this. The Talmud is the holy book of the apartheid state of Israel. Google it while you can. We don’t know when these people will cause the seizure of the internet. Remember, they own our government, the media, & most important, our money. Uphold the internet reformation!

      1. or “sometimes” the author could have transparency and honesty by providing a link without being asked to because it gives them credibility. unless they made some of it up or are just showing their side of a story. not that i’m claiming the author did. i’m just saying i would prefer a direct link without someone making a comment like yours, which honestly, makes you sound like a ass

        1. By saying “ass” you sound like the ass. I suggest you try to get over your propensity for lying thus believing others are liars too. Learn to trust and believe. Your life will be better for you.

        2. um, yea. i gave a snarky response to a snarky response. except with me it was a bit on purpose and if i crossed a line i apologize. but i still find it dumb that i’m getting these kind of responses to what shouldn’t be a problem. asking for a source. anyone can get up on a soapbox and say something, all i was curious for was if anyone had direct links to any of this. plus, you don’t know me. period. i don’t have a propensity for lying. and “trust and believe”?! sir, have you forgotten that this is the internet? do you just believe everything you read on the internet at face value? minus sources? i’m sorry but that isn’t wise. now again, i’m not accusing the author of this article of being dishonest. but it is a common practice to say where you have acquired your info and i don’t see why i’m being given a hard time for asking if anyone knows any of those sources

  147. [email protected] says:

    As Christianity goes, it’s actually discriminatory to not share your Faith.

  148. Liars offend me…you do not see them making that an issue…….ban that! make that an ordinance. Saying the F bomb or cursing or half dressed ppl offend me….make it an ordinance!!

    1. So you are offended by full use of language. Few people are intelligent enough to use all the words of the language in the proper context so they pick words that are very descriptive in meaning and place them in a category and call them foul language and get offended if someone else uses them.

      Have no fear, weak minded citizens have already done as you desired and made ordinances against the use of words that everyone understands, fortunately for those of us who can use those words our right to speak them supersedes those ordinances.

      Grow up and learn to hear it, understand it and ignore it. Commenting on it only shows a way to “get your goat”.

      1. sixholdems said: “Few people are intelligent enough …”
        “… weak minded citizens have already done … ”

        Your context doesn’t matter sixholdens, you are a snob.

        1. Wishful thinking on your part. You miss many opportunities to learn important lessons. But I see it takes many years for you to absorb even the simple ones. I will keep you in my prayers. You need them. And never mind answering to that one, you do not even know your own needs..

        2. The only lesson being taught here are repetitions of lessons learned long ago. Those that cling too strongly to a religion of myths and lies are deluded into thinking they are superior to those who do not.

          You are a typically arrogant Bible pusher. You think that you know better than others what they need and all you offer is a book written by men and a religion that no two adherents can agree on even 1/10th of its dogma.

          You may be my equal but you will never be my better.

        3. Not at all. You really don’t know what I am talking about, no time to explain it, therefore I said a response was not needed.

        4. Anyone can talk in riddles and make hints that another person is missing the point. It is another characteristic of arrogance. You are so sure that your religion is the one true way that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

          You have had plenty of time to insult me and tell me how little I know and even that I am an atheist (even though I never said I was), but you don’t have time to share your big secret (that I have missed out on the joys of Christianity, that I have missed out on my chance to go to heaven, that I have missed out on the advantages of being a Christian and all the other important lessons you feel I have missed because I refuse to accept your version of religion) with me.

          To me you are a failed Christian. Given a challenge, you throw a few rocks and then run away without even trying to understand the opposition.

          Know thine enemy. You don’t even know that atheist don’t worship Satan, those people are called Satanist. Atheist don’t worship ANY god or fallen angel, they don’t have a “church”, hold meeting, have an agenda or even rules. They don’t believe in the existence of gods or angels so how could they worship something they don’t believe in?

        5. “I” do not. Maybe some other people have one but I do not. There is no need for one.

        6. I am just saying that Atheism is a faith and is in fact an institution just like Theism. If you google atheist in England you will find they are buying churches to congregate.

        7. I’m not even anti-Christian, why would I be anti-Atheist?

          For myself I am anti becoming religious, and if some group of Atheist want to meet in a building and call it a church, more power to them, I won’t be joining.

          Being non-religious is actually impossible according to a friend of mine, but I try. Straying from the topic…..

        8. Everyone needs a good role model. I cannot think of a better one than Jesus Christ. Do you know about the parables he taught?

        9. Too bad you don’t emulate Christ. You choose instead to emulate Ron, a man who demonstrates the extremes of hatred.

        10. Esther, one thing I really dislike is when talking with Christians and taking the opposite side is their condescending manor of asking you if you know of things like JC’s parables, or his miracles or even insulting your intelligence by suggesting that reading the Bible will help you. Do you really think I haven’t read the Bible? Do you really think I don’t know about JC and the good deeds he is supposed to have done? Do you really think at all?

          Considering things I’ve said on her to you and others, the very least you should understand is that I am not uneducated in the Christian religion, the Bible, the story of Jesus Christ and other religious beliefs and religions.

          Do you know that Christians drive more people away because they start out by insulting the intelligence of their potential victim.

        11. Esther, you needed the long windy version. You can’t seem to deduce much of what a person knows by the things they say. You might have noticed I didn’t ask you any questions about your knowledge of the Bible. It’s because I deduced that you know more than a 6th grader about it and didn’t need me to query you as to your knowledge level.

        12. Sixholdens: I am a supporter of conservative U.S. Constitutional republic values. I know the history of my country and I know that it is going to he11 in a hand basket due to the man and his cronies in the WH. My simple way of life is centered around Jesus Christ. I owe Him for many things but mainly I owe Him for the peace I have with my rather large family. I hope and pray that you feel that peace in your life. It’s been informative talking to you. As they say in Israel. Shalom.

        13. There are some people I have met on this comment board who are the kindest, gentlest people I have ever met in my life. One in particular is Lt. Col. Ron Marlar. In case he comes across this comment: Dear Ron: May God bless you for all the attention you have given to our country through your singular efforts in spreading the gospel in this crucial time in our country’s history. Shalom, Mary Esther

        14. I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for him but like everyone else have to put up with him till he is gone.

          I have found my peace and strength without looking outward for someone else to answer my needs. Others seek it in religion. I’ve been there, it didn’t work for me.

          Large families are nothing new to me. Most of mine is Christian, most are divorced and remarried multiple times, some never marry and have several children. This is year 33 of our one and only marriage. Four grown, seven grands and one on the way (grand that is).

          We may not agree on all things but we are Americans till death.

        15. Wow, Congratulations on the new addition. Babies are great especially when they are healthy and happy. I hope the very best for you with lots of smiling children!! They will have a tough future with the way things are going, :( though it sounds like you have a wonderful, typical American family. Shalom!

        16. As you said you have to put up with Obama and his despotic, evil Marxist-Islamic regime until he and they are gone. That does not mean anyone else has to do so. Some of us are strong and working hard to get him and his regime out of office by legal means. Most of us have choices not to live in the US during his dictatorship.
          It saddens me to hear that you are so weak and enslaved.
          Likewise you don’t understand religion, especially Christianity and the Bible at all based on your posts.
          It also saddens me to hear from you that you and most of your family are so FUBAR-F=Fouled.
          At this point independent, strong, self-sufficient people are “Americans” by choice and not trapped and enslaved as you apparently are.

        17. Weak? Enslaved?

          You read the weirdest things into what I say.

          Once again you fail to understand me.

          FUBAR doesn’t start with Fouled. Never has so when you use it you are violating your own prohibition against cursing.

          Maybe if my family had spent less time in church and less time doing the “Christian” thing they would have had more time to spend keeping their marriages together. But then, isn’t family part of being a Christian? Maybe they just didn’t understand the message.

          I have a very strong marriage and my family is very strong and helpful and loving, meaning MY immediate family. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins are the ones who wear religion on their shoulders and swap mates as fast as the judge will allow (or did until they got old enough to know better).

          You spout so much crap that it isn’t worth talking to you.

        18. Look, dummy, when I use FUBAR and say it starts with Fouled it starts with Fouled. It is incredible how stupid some people can be, and you are their poster child.
          So you’re from a broken marriage, home and dysfunctional family, hurt and angry about it. See a counselor.
          You have no idea what your wife is doing behind your back to keep herself happy and tolerate someone like you.
          No one is forcing you to talk to me, so you must love “crap.” See how easy it is to defeat you with your own words. LOL.Typical Lib, atheist nitwit.

        19. Are you trying to show how ignorant you are or what? You’re chances of making it to heaven are nil. There is not a Christian bone in your body as evidenced by your treatment of me (and others) on this web site. No I can’t judge you, I can only judge your actions and so far they are below standards of any Christian, even the one who have fallen by the wayside.

          My parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in January. Sound like a broken marriage? The wife and I celebrated our 33rd. No divorces. As for what my wife does behind my back…. After 33 years I’m not concerned.

          Have you checked on yours lately? Or does she not have a key to the handcuffs? Or is it you have all her clothes locked up and she can’t get to them?

          I feel so defeated,I must continue to goad you on to show the world what being a Christian is. You claimed to be high up in the Christian hierarchy and the more I can get you to prove how low and despicable Christians are the better for the world.

        20. An atheist imagines he decides who gets into heaven or not. LOL.
          Apparently you have no idea what it means to be a Christian. FYI Christian means follower of Jesus the Christ-Messiah-Savior. Remember the guy who called the leaders of His time a nest of vipers, threw a Temple Tantrum chasing the sacrifices sellers and money changers out of the temple with a cord He knotted, overturning their tables, scattering their goods and money, so vexed them they clamored for the Romans to crucify Him.
          You’re the one who criticized your family, dummy: “Maybe if my family had spent less time in church and less time doing the ‘Christian’ thing they would have had more time to spend keeping their marriages together.” You didn’t specify if that was your parents or not.
          You can’t possibly be concerned about what your wife does behind your back. You don’t know what she is doing. You have no idea if I have a wife or not. I haven’t brought my wife into the conversation like you did yours.
          All you’re showing is what an idiot an atheist is.
          “You claimed to be high up in the Christian hierarchy ….” Prove it by copying and pasting my saying I am “high up in the Christian hierarchy,” or admit you are a liar and apologize here publicly for your ad hominem attack on me and attempt to defame my character.
          It looks like you have nothing better to do than attack Christians and Christianity while your wife is out having her fun. LOL.

        21. Ron: Sixholdens’ wife is raising the kids or grandkids and probably going to church or at least working and living in a Christian setting. Oh yes, of course that is more fun than an atheist could imagine.

        22. Esther, you may have misunderstood me. The grandkids are living with their parents and being raised by them. They do stay here a day or two at a time but we “WE” do not raise them.

          The wife does attend church as she does not share all my views. The children and their children do attend church as well. Not radically. I believe in a well rounded education and that includes church. I do not discourage them in this but as they age I will not force them to chose one or the other, they will make their own choice, probably without ever knowing my beliefs other than my lack of participation in church or other religious gatherings.

          To do any different would be to brain wash them into believing in religion.

        23. Kids are going to be “brainwashed” by watching the Disney Channel or anything that they experience. I know what you mean about brain-washing. I don’t like it either, unless it is learning reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic!!! The three R’s. I also think the parable stories that Christ taught are the most important lessons children can learn with regard to life in general, in fact, practically every really good story you see or hear about has a basis in those parables. I do not consider those to be bad, but instead, just plain exceptionally good!!!

        24. The lessons from the Bible are good. Never said it wasn’t a good book and that JC wasn’t a good person, just don’t agree with the rest, especially when it results in someone like RonMar. GK’s have teachers for mothers and will get all the basics plus some in-depth learning about working on a farm and computer technology and how to use their hands to do things for themselves so not worried about how they will survive in the future.

          As for their religious choices… that is up to them once they are old enough to make them. They will be supported from all sides no matter what.

        25. Exactly what do you mean by this remark attacking a Christian and Christianity in your smart mouth but evasive, cowardly way? – “The lessons from the Bible are good. Never said it wasn’t … and that JC wasn’t a good person, just don’t agree … especially when it results in someone like RonMar.”
          Try to be a man. When you have something to say about or to me say it, spit it right out in plain English. Don’t be such a coward and idiot imagining you are talking behind my back.

        26. I was talking to a decent human being who happens to be a Christian, not you.

          I’ve already told you TO your face what I thought of you. More than once. Shall I say a third time so you will have another opportunity to rail at me for using plain language?

        27. Du-uh. You used my name. Now answer my question or admit you are a coward, not a man at all. Confession is said to be good for the soul.
          You must be so mentally ill you cannot keep from blatantly lying. You have never spoken to me face-to-face.

        28. Are you really that big a fool? Someone mentions you in a conversation and you go off the deep end?

          I called you an ass TO your face TWICE. If you can’t figure out how to do the research to find it then you shouldn’t even be allowed to play with the computer. Please tell your mommy and daddy that you need help using the simplest tools provided on your computer.

          What is it with you anyway. Everything has to be your way or you go ballistic? That is the way of trolls though. They search for web sites where people are discussing something reasonably and then they log in and act like a dog with a bone. Insulting everyone and acting all indignant when someone disagrees with them.

        29. You didn’t answer my question, thus proved you are a coward not even man enough to admit that you are.

          Your name calling is childish, even for an Internet troll.

          My parents have long since passed away, little boy or girl. GFY – G=God – for your disrespect.

          “What is it with you anyway” with your false assumptions, wrong judgments and opinions? You must be so arrogant you imagine people value your opinions. Are you a millennial – incompetent but self-important, 18-30-year-old?

          Nothing you said about me is me or what I do. You described yourself. That is called projection and is a sure sign of your insanity.

        30. RonMar. Most of your question are not worth answering and have no bearing on whether or not I might or might not be a coward. As to my manhood, I’ve already answered that or did you not read my post.

          So everything you post is unquestionable and everything I post is lies and fabrications? I hate to be the one to tell you but if you believe that, then you are a bigger fool than I’ve previously proved. YOUR word is no more authoritative on this blog than anyone else’s. You could be the fruitcake in cell 3 and no one would know the difference.

          I don’t need to be arrogant, if others desire my opinion (in real life not online life) they will and do ask for it. Online blogs are there for me to post my opinion and others to accept or reject it.

          How many 18 – 30 year old’s have as many grandkids as I do?

          If I am insane than you are a figment of my imagination.

          It is obvious that you don’t realize what you are putting down in print for all to see. What you say and how you say it and then you try to make out like I’m the one saying it which makes you look like a fool.

          All I can say is that if you are a representation of what a true Christian is then there is no hope for your religion.

        31. I repeat so you can show this to someone who can read with comprehension and ask them to read and explain it to you. Then maybe you might act like a man and answer my questions. That is not likely, however:
          “You didn’t answer my question, thus proved you are a coward not even man enough to admit that you are.
          “Your name calling is childish, even for an Internet troll.
          “My parents have long since passed away, little boy or girl. GFY – G=God – for your disrespect.
          “‘What is it with you anyway'” with your false assumptions, wrong judgments and opinions? You must be so arrogant you imagine people value your opinions. Are you a millennial – incompetent but self-important, 18-30-year-old?
          “Nothing you said about me is me or what I do. You described yourself. That is called projection and is a sure sign of your insanity.”
          BTW, I don’t know or care how “many grandkids” you imagine you have. I doubt you can prove they are yours or your children either. Having a bunch of kids is nothing about which anyone should be bragging. In the subculture of our society an 18-30-year-old could have 5 or so-18 or more spawn and more grandkids than I will bother trying to count.
          My hope is they are not as stupid as you show you are in your posts, and that they cannot reproduce. We have way more than enough people like you and your presumed kids and grandkids to support.
          I also do not care one whit about your opinion of me or judging me as a Christian. You have not given any reason in any of your posts to value your opinions or judgments on anything let alone Christians.
          A far better thing for you to do is worry about your own judgment by the Judge on your Judgment Day.
          And as my final reply to your nonsense I say to you again GFY. Try to remember now what the G means to me so you might be able to figure out the rest of it.

        32. Using my extended family as an example of how Christianity did not make them better people because they spent so much time doing Church stuff rather than family stuff was just an example of how your religion (and theirs) is not the answer to everyday life.

          “based on experience, education, training, ordination and service as a minister” Close enough to “high up in the Christian hierarchy”.

          You have already defamed the very religion you espouse to support by your very actions here on this web site.

          You have a very low threshold of what an attack is.

          I hope she is having fun, I wouldn’t want her to be bored while she is out doing whatever it is she does while I’m at home and she is out running around. It’s not like I keep a leash on her or deny her freedom to come and go as needed. Seems you have a lot to learn about how to have and keep a wife and a good marriage.

          As for whether or not a person who claims to be an atheist is also an idiot….. That would require a person to assume quite a bit.

          Why would a person who claims to be a Christian Minister attack another mans wife? Or even continually attack the man himself with personal insults. I’m beginning to feel that you have questions, questions about your own faith/religion and that you are attacking me as a way to vent your frustrations about your misgivings about your chosen path. Do you need counseling? I know a guy who is very religious (Christian) that could help you out. He would be willing to counsel you via email and maybe help you work through your problems so that instead of driving people away you might be able to bring them “into the fold”. Just let me know if you would like his help.

          And yes, he knows my position on this and many other issues and though we disagree on many, we do it civilly, something you are not apparently able to do.

        33. Unfortunately for you, the rest of the world doesn’t know that unless you preface it with your new word and will conside