Sandy Hook “Investigation” And “Reporting” Show We Are Mind-Controlled Zombies

The news report keeps circulating that the Medical Examiner is bringing in experts to see if Adam Lanza possessed “Mutant DNA” or an“‘evil’ gene.” This is nothing but junk science being used as filler while the medical examiner refuses to let the public see whether or not he is going to do his real job. Time is ticking away because the plan is to have Adam “cremated in secret.” Is anyone with influence going to break up this obvious deception going on before our eyes?

The media could only spread this lie if they were confident that the media consumers would go along with it. And as far as I can tell, they are. There is no real pushback against this insane disinformation campaign.

I realize that there are scientists who believe that all behavior can be explained by genes. Gary Demar has written about this. So it wouldn’t be that strange if story surfaced that Adam’s DNA was being preserved and cataloged along with the genetic material of many other mass killers and sociopaths whose DNA is available. Even after death it is possible to get DNA from a corpse, so it wouldn’t be that hard to get a wide ranging set of psychopaths to compare to a sample of normals. After years of expensive research, scientists can offer their conclusions about the data.

As I write this post, the Daily Beast is the first mainstream editorial to express skepticism—but not nearly enough about how this idea is being used right now in the investigation. The medical examiner is publicly pretending that his quest is a responsible part of a criminal investigation. That implied claim is false, transparently and stupidly false. It is absurd. It is a public joke that is being taken seriously. It is an abomination to our intelligence. It is insanity wrapped in pretense. Can I ever say enough bad things about the way this quest for a faulty gene is being proposed and carried out? I don’t see how.

It is not the job of a medical examiner to do breakthrough science. He is supposed to collect evidence and reveal it. Like, for example, a simple toxicology report. Or a test for gun residue.

Every single day I go online to see if the medical examiner has released the data about what drugs, if any, were in Adam Lanza’s system. Likewise, I look for investigative reporters (though I’m beginning to suspect that is like hunting for unicorns) to find out who Lanza’s physicians were, and get them to talk. Every day I find nothing.

Every day I go through Google News and I find out that people have guessed that he must have been on medication. A baby sitter or someone else makes such a claim. Others insist that the question of psychotropic drugs is merely a decoy to avoid submitting to gun control. But that only adds to the insanity. We are having a public debate about whether or not Adam Lanza was affected by psychotropic pharmaceuticals, and no one in the media is demanding an answer from the medical examiner.

Has the whole world lost its mind? I see reports on veterans who commit suicide and a full list of all their medications is included in the story—both those found in their systems and the rest that were prescribed to the person. How on earth can everyone be engaged in the pretense that this information vacuum, covered by some junk science nonsense, is responsible investigating or responsible reporting?

There are schools with classes with disarmed adults and small children meeting all over the country this year. Do we seriously not have the right to know everything possible about what might have turned Adam Lanza into a sociopath who plotted and carried out the murders of his mother and those school workers and school children?

Where is the investigation in the media? I can barely find any news because the search engines are mostly stuffed with material about the gun control debate. Does anyone do hard news anymore?

We need to know about Adam’s gun residue test, his tox screen, and why the medical examiner is distracting us with junk science rather than doing his job. We need to wake up and demand this rather than receiving whatever the media tells us.


(If you have seen a report that I missed, please let me know)

5 thoughts on “Sandy Hook “Investigation” And “Reporting” Show We Are Mind-Controlled Zombies

  1. Is this going the same way as the elusive Bin-Laden corpse? BHO’s photo shoot of his career missed because Bin was dumped in the ocean. A couple of fake corpse photo has surfaced via Internet. Conspiracy theory?

  2. This whole Sandy Hook tragedy was engineered by our govt in a Fast & Furious-type effort to demonstrate why guns are bad and to give them a reason to seize them from private citizens. Lanza was just a dupe.

  3. As a physician, I assert that the paltry state of human knowledge at this point in history makes it ridiculous to search for evil within the human genome.

    Roman General Varro employed a haruspex on August 1st, 215 BC, to reassure (from examining the sacrificed sheep’s liver) that his 86,000 legionaries could easily overcome Hannibal’s exhausted 45,000 Carthaginians, who had just completed the crossing of the Alps. Varro lost. The haruspex was beheaded.

    So will America lose, if public outcry and demand do not demand an accounting of truth on this brutal act. Heads need to roll if this charade continues.

  4. I put this up once and see that it was taken down. Hopefully by mistake or I will have to come to the conclusion that the RR is as spiteful as the ultra LEFT!!!

    I’m all for getting rid of Obama care as well as Obama. Interesting
    the only way people on the RR get really angry is over abortion!!!! Do
    you realize we would have two more seats voting our way in the senate if
    it wasn’t for those two IDIOTS coming out against a woman who had been
    raped wanting to abort??? The only way we are going to solve any of
    these horrible problems our country is facing is a third party, fiscally
    conservative but socially middle of the road and unattached to policies
    like gay marriage and abortion. If you think about it with a clear
    head, you will understand that these are two topics that nobody is going
    to change their minds on and to try and stuff it down their throats
    like the “zealots” always try to do is totally counter productive.

  5. Ban the laws on profiling so that nut cases are pointed out and brought to the attention of people to do something about them. As it is now you better keep you opinions to yourself as you watch some nut case do their thing without a care in the world and the ACLU will protect the nut case and scream bloody murder if you profile some nut case as needing some attention.

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