Why Is Sanders Catching Clinton in Iowa Polls?

The past couple of days, several news outlets have been reporting that Bernie Sanders is rapidly gaining strength in Iowa polls and in some of the polls he is only a couple points behind Clinton. However, none of the news outlets are explaining why. I suggest that there are three main reasons why Sanders is […]

Hillary’s Private Email Server Used by Aide to Converse with Known Islamic Activist

As the investigation continues into Hillary Clinton’s alleged illegal use of her own private server for official State Department business, investigators have also been looking into the emails of some of her top aides that also used her private server. One of those aides is Huma Abedin who for most of Clinton’s time as Secretary […]

Anonymous Posts Names of Alleged KKK Members

The hackers activist group Anonymous has released names and numbers of several public officials it claims are members of the KKK, and it is apparently planning to release hundreds more in the next few days. In an online rant, Anonymous, which seems immune to the irony, says it is going to remove KKK members’ anonymity. So […]

Clinton Blames Dead Ambassador, Underlings for Benghazi

In a repeat appearance to testify in the Benghazi hearings, Hillary Clinton refrained from any screaming outbursts, but she was no more willing to accept any blame for the events that left four Americans dead in Libya. Despite a lecture from committee Chairman Trey Gowdy that the Benghazi investigation was about the deaths that occurred […]

No-Go Joe: Biden Won’t Run Against Hillary

The longest few months of phony drama of the presidential campaign so far are finally over after Vice President Joe Biden he’s not running for the presidency. Biden announced his “tortured” decision, as AP put it, on Wednesday in the Rose Garden. Biden mentioned the death in May of his son Beau, which is a perfectly […]

Hillary Clinton: Just Crazy?

We know Hillary Clinton is a liar. That is obvious. But as the email and Benghazi scandals continue, and she almost daily digs herself into a deeper hole, she continues to act publicly as if there is nothing going on that could possibly affect her. That seems unrealistic. The FBI is heavily involved in scrutinizing […]

University Students Feel Oppressed by Statue of Thomas Jefferson

Poor sensitive college students. They’re not upset about killing unborn babies, the shooting of self-professed Christians on a community college campus, increasing the power of the State, or the radicalization of Muslims who want to impose an Islamic Caliphate that would shut down every university in the United States. No, they are emotionally distraught over […]

Hillary Protected Her Email Server Like She Protected Ambassador Stevens In Benghazi

Many believe that cyber warfare is the most dangerous type of warfare of all. A growing list of countries, as well as businesses and individuals are working hard to hack into government servers, business computers and even personal computers. The US government spends millions of dollars every year securing government computers and servers. They probably […]

Jarrett Kicks Clinton When She’s Down

It’s no secret that Valerie Jarrett, the Obama Administration’s Rasputin, has no great love for Hillary Clinton. The White House adviser didn’t like Clinton from the start, as she presented a potential roadblock to Barack Obama’s path to the Oval Office before he was elected. Then there was the thing with Osama bin Laden, a […]

Richards: ‘Abortion is Health Care’

Planned Parenthood’s leader Cecile Richards was questioned by Congress, which is investigating the truth behind a series of videos that seem to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for body parts of aborted babies. As befits the leader of a group of people who make a living by killing unborn children, Richards demonstrated an unerring […]

Guess What the FBI Found on Clinton’s Server?

She shoulda gone with the ol’ “oops, it fell into the fireplace” excuse. Hillary Clinton has every reason to be popping painkillers as the latest developments in her email scandal have Bloomberg News reporting that a source in the FBI says that agency has recovered those “personal” emails Clinton had said were deleted. If the […]

EPA Negligence Allowing Destruction of Honeybee Industry

Most people react and even panic when they see a honeybee flying around. They swat the air and often run in fear of being stung. I’ve heard people curse at honeybees and say things like they wish they’d go away or disappear. If that happened, 1/3 of America’s agricultural harvest would also disappear. Honeybees don’t […]