Second American Revolution Declared Nov. 19, 2013 – Will You Join?

Earlier this week, Larry Klayman, an attorney who served in the Justice Department when Ronald Reagan was president, organized a gathering of The Reclaim America Now coalition which is composed of a number of organizations including 2 Million Bikers to D.C., Accuracy in Media, Freedom Watch, Gun Owners of America, Jihad Watch, Tea Party Patriots and the Western Center for Journalism.

Addressing the patriotic crowd of about 200 people that gathered at Lafayette Park, across from the White House, Klayman told the audience that Nov 19 should be known as the start of the Second American Revolution, saying:

“We the People have had enough of the corrupt and incompetent ways of the Obama administration and its bipartisan political enablers. It is time for action, not words.”

Klayman was not advocating violence, but a peaceful revolution that all Americans could participate in:

“In the style of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and others who have changed history and reclaimed freedom, Americans have no choice – as the three branches of government have completely abdicated their representation of citizens’ complaints.”

Also speaking at the gathering was former Sen. Gordon Humphrey (R-NH) who told the crowd that the Obama administration has more power than Hitler’s SS, the Stasi of the former East German government and the Russian KGB :

“We are on the doorstep of tyranny, and that is not an overstatement.”

“It is our goal to roll back this incipient tyranny and re-establish freedom for generations to come.”

“We want accountability, Mr. President, and, by God, sooner or later, we are going to get it.”

Probably the most popular speaker at the gathering across from the White House was Retired Navy Admiral James Lyons.  He spoke about the Rules of Engagement being used against our troops in Afghanistan and how the current administration is weakening our military and sending them to Afghanistan to be sacrificed and not to win.


Missing from the rally was Retired Army Major General Paul E. Vallely, who is busy speaking across the country calling for the immediate forced resignations of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

In an interview with WND, Vallely said he is calling for protests and rallies nationwide.  He also told them that peaceful civil uprisings are possible.  When asked about the impeachment of Obama, he said that due to partisan politics that it is not an option at this time.  In his interview, he said:

“Our federal government continues down the path of destroying America.  Americans must now stand up and put America back on the right track.”

“And we call to action all branches of government to do your constitutional duties and not be led astray in the cultural and moral decay of America. We have witnessed far too many lies, deception and the corruption of the republic.”

“The battle is on, and we shall not retreat.”

I totally agree with Klayman, Humphrey, Lyons and Vallely.  It is time for a Second American Revolution or American Revolution 2 where the people overthrow the tyranny of the federal government.  It has become an all-consuming entity that cares nothing for the US Constitution, law or the people.  It only thrives to feed its own greedy appetite and it’s time for the American people to lop of its head before it completely devours and ruin us.

We accomplish this through a variety of peaceful means, but it has to start with YOU the people who need to make YOUR voices heard loud and clear.  It’s time to make a decision of whether you are going to stand up and fight for the America we are losing or sit on your lazy butt while it is destroyed, never to return.

I want you to think about the words that John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail in a letter dated July 7, 1775.  Burn these words into your heart and mind because they are true and we are at that point of history of proving him right, if we sit by and do nothing:

“Our consolation must be this, my dear, that cities may be rebuilt, and a people, reduced to poverty, may acquire fresh property. But a constitution of government, once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost, is lost forever.”

“When the people once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their right of defending the limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.”

[John Adams, Letter to Abigail Adams, 7 July, 1775, Charles Francis Adams Ed., Letters of John Adams Addressed to his Wife, Charles Little and James Brown, Boston, MA, 1841, pp. 49-50.]

366 thoughts on “Second American Revolution Declared Nov. 19, 2013 – Will You Join?

  1. We are slipping into a Dictatorship. Change a few rules like Harry Reid did in the Senate yesterday, then declare martial law to quell the future health care riots/protests with a simple majority vote.

    Obama should have been impeached last year, pick your reason, Benghazi is mine.

    Maybe we need a 10 million person march on Washington to wake these fools up.

    1. I totally agree. If the 10 million person march don’t work (and it may not) it’s all over for anything nationwide. All we can do at that point is try to save our own state. Remember some states are quite happy the way they are…so be it. The rest of us will work in our own state and/or like minded states. Thus could get ugly, REAL ugly and probably will.

      1. The Constitution Article VI Clauses 2 & 3 binds all government offices, and everyone within their organizations, to the Constitution! “Clause 3: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution…” All including the president are bound to the Constitution’s words! None can create laws, agreements, or treaties affecting Constitutional protections, without criminally breaching oath and duty! Undeniably, ALL judges of the several states are further oath and duty bound to; “DEFEND… against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC… will bear true faith and allegiance… without any mental reservation…” (Wikipedia). Demand civil suits and/or criminal prosecution in the district where the offense occurred with a jury determining facts that “can’t be otherwise reexamined” (Amendment 6) and demand the applicable Constitutional law(s) be applied exactly as written in the Constitution!

        Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Those exact words can’t be changed by anyone without a ratified amendment! No law means NO LAW regulation or restriction under color of law regarding any of it.

        An organization of progressive officers and judges collectively are aggressively at war with Civil Rights. Their stated crusade to “fundamentally change America”
        ranges from throwing children out of government school for “exercising religious
        beliefs” and covenants in and out of government, to punishing speech and press,
        denying assembly, and arrest for petitioning government! 2nd Amendment rights are trampled in every manner imaginable, including regulating suppliers out of business! Amendments 4 and 14 are openly denied! No meaningful Amendment stands unmolested. The checks and balances of the executive-legislative-judicial offices are breached and lawlessness prevails. Refusal to enforce the law and Constitution equally violates oath and duty of office! The supreme laws of the land can’t be usurped by attorney generals, presidents, or any judge! The Constitution’s written law is concise and clear, as are the words sedition and treason.

        Progressives within both parties and all branches of government are lawlessly fundamentally changing the Constitution by statutes, regulatory actions, official order, criminal arrest, and punishment… without amendments ratified by the states. Progressives have obstructed federal Constitutional checks and balances by corrupting executive-legislative-judicial powers! Only the states and people can save the Constitution! If insurrectionists harm 300,000,000 people force them to answer to 300,000,000 people individually, in courts of the people, in every remote district of the land! Apply damages to individuals up the chain of command, not the country we may die for to save. Bury them in the dung they have heaped upon us! Charges begin with sedition and treason!

    2. I agree with the Benghazi, and if you add scandal after scandal circumventing the constitution you have some actions that require reaction. That reaction is not lets talk about it, its more like lets do something about it! Specifically we need accountability from our representatives and we need a leader who can leader. Obama cannot lead, and when it comes to accountability he’s to busy saying ‘I know nothing’ or passing the buck and blaming someone else for his failures. That same document that he’s been going around should be the one that is his undoing and finally holds him accountable.

    3. Benghazi and Fast and Furious are mine. Lots of other possibilities as well, including getting rid of all the non compliant flag officers and other servicemen and women and the unconstitutional activities (in nearly all it does) of the now misnamed Justice Department.

    4. Any use of force must be done effectively . That means , it must be done efficiently. That means it must be done without undue risk to those involved. Plenty of risk will exist but it needs to be measured and to be sure we need our opponents to know they risk more in any direct encounter .
      This means , we need professional leadership , and training as much as possible.
      And yes , we need our military , on board. This is a thumb sketch. Certain words were left out on purpose. Think about third world countries and politics when things go off track and all those words apply. Ours is well off the tracks already . We are slipping into tyranny full speed ahead.

  2. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the
    beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years,
    these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.

    The people have grown fat and lazy. not sure we can be saved!

    1. We won’t be saved if we don’t try to be. I know you weren’t necessarily suggesting that it is a waste of time trying, but it will be if we don’t.

    2. I don’t know if you are old enough to remember when you immigrate to the US, you had to have a sponsor. The purpose was that you wouldn’t become a ward of the State, your sponsor was responsible for your well being. We seemed to have gotten away from that so immigrants can come over and get on the dole right away. Hence the dependence.

  3. It just may be to late for the return of our Republic.IF the democrats get an bill thru to allow all illegals to remain in the U.S. and gain citizenship ; We and our offspring will forever be doomed .Why would God protect our country ? A country that murders His children and has no regard for human life .Perhaps God permits democrats to cheat and steal elections to show Christians just how bad it can get before He says :Enough is enough .
    We all will know in 2014 if democrats retain control. If so ; Kiss your butts goodbye.

    1. Let them pass whatever they want. Are we all that inept, cowardly and fearful of our government that we can’t get rid of them? By vote or by rope they have got to go and the undeniable fear of GOD ALMIGHTY must be instilled into our representatives that they stay the true and just course. Anything they say, do and pass can be overturned. Once a criminal always a criminal and illegals can never be legal without following the rules of due process which does not allow for nor include amnesty.

    2. Your Vote is gone…wake-up the ballot box has been stolen by the new Commie Party called the Demorats…!!! Your votes means nothing any longer!

    3. GWB signed the NAU Treaty in 2005, so don’t think it is JUST the Democrats who are to blame. The two party system has kept this Nation divided for way too long. It is time to wake up and realize that our leaders are either corrupt (which applies to the vast majority on both sides of the aisle), or they are not. We need to separate the good guys from the bad by their actions, not their party affiliations. Pay attention to the past actions and voting records of those you are voting for, not the party that they represent. Although admittedly, I can’t think of but one or two Democrats, I can give much credit to.

    4. That is the key, we MUST take back the Senate & increase our numbers in the House if we want to avoid bloodshed, for if we don’t, bloodshed will follow shortly! We must be as patient as we can be until then…………….

      1. Good point. I love the patriotic hyperbole and frankly, mostly PIPE DREAMS that I read in the Conservative blogs. But we must do this carefully. We cannot rush headlong into tragedy. The Liberals ALREADY KNOW who we are (YOU and I), what we stand for, and what we are starting to plan. They are powerless to stop us AT THIS POINT.

    5. WE need an action plan to split their vote . It is a totally legal tactic. We must do this . Why are conservatives so darned inept at tactics? The democratic party runs simply incompetent candidates but wins elections. They are better at tactics. Conservatives need to learn how to fight politically. No more Queensbury rules . Guerilla politics wins elections. It can be done legally .It needs to be done to save the republic.

    1. So did mine. Count me in, even though I am old, I can still shoot straght.
      Signed: Right Wing Conservative TEA Party Member of Central Texas

  4. Who is in command and what are the given orders?
    Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Conservatives and etc., best “fall in.”
    Undoubtedly though, in the end, it most assuredly will take arms to unseat these reprobates.

  5. I think force is necessary and you meet fire with fire. No mamby pamby side stepping allowed or FEMA camp volunteers. You want me to give up then you will have to make me with force and it better be deadly.

    1. It’s pretty obvious that our own government is gearing up to fight Americans with deadly force. The evil running this nation has no limits to their quest of power.
      Good luck with keeping it peaceful.

    1. count my 250 rifles pistols and shotguns with 5000 rounds for each one of them, as part of this as well. I have had military members in my family since the Revolutionary War and every one of my family is a crack shot.

  6. We have had march after march….2 Million Bikers, a Million Truck drives, Civilians and most importantly War Vets on October 13, 2013 and have those SOB in D.C. listened to one word “We the People” have said..NOOOOOOOO. Commie OBCare still going, Reid removing the 235 year filibuster in the Senate GONE, the DHS/TSA/FEMA still stocking up for a Civil War with “We the People”, the military Cops shooting-up and murdering families and people just sitting in the Vehicles and worst of all our VOTE no longer matters the Commies have stolen the ballot box…NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND IS JUST GETTING WORST…!!! Their Commie/Muslim/NWO Agenda is going forward at full speed…!!! I can’t see a non-violent Civil War at this point, can you?

    1. Yes, I agree and the sad part is that 90+% of the people in this country that many like me have served to protect have gone to their own little world or don’t care. It scares the jeebees out of me to where we are going and as history is repeating itself like Hitler, Mao, Castro and Cheves that we need to step up now or we will have served for nothing.

    2. I am praying fervently for a non violent resolution, and at the same time mentally and otherwise preparing as much as possible for the opposite. I think General Vallely hit just the right note, prepare and plan peaceful civil uprisings , and be prepared for backing them up with all necessary means (all) knowing ,knowing , knowing , we are within our rights by the Constitution of These United States , which usurps all other law.

  7. I am all for it and when do we get the cart rolling as we are going down awfully fast. I have been for this for a long time and I am ready if it even goes to an all out full revolution and ready to put myself back in the position to die for it as I did when I enlisted many years ago

    1. We must have organization in order to carry out the mission in a concerted effort. Where & with whom do we start???? I am not joking, I am as serious as a heart attack……we need to form a group of patriots ready to face what may surely need to occur…………

      1. There’s only one problem. They would call us terrorists and start taking people from their homes, as the NAZIs did, and we’d never be seen again. But I do agree with you.

  8. Yes sadly I think it has come to this, I’m in like my forefathers before in in evr battle before me sine we arrived on this continent sine 1609 and finally in 1620 at Plymouth

  9. We should have stood up against the Government when Billy Boy ratified NAFTA back in the early 90’s. Of Course back then, things weren’t as obvious as they are now. The dot com age had everyone sidetracked. Even now, some people still give credit to Bill Clinton for the boom of the 90’s, when in fact he had nothing to do with our technological gains. On the flip side of the coin, we’re still outsourcing our jobs, this time around through the TPP, although if I recall correctly, there has been some protest to our Governments latest wave of outsourcing.

    I find it amazing that our Forefathers could foresee the corruption in Government we’re seeing today, 230 + years ago, yet a good number of us still fail to see the demise of our Nation right under our own noses. If we go back and look and LISTEN, and heed their warnings, it becomes apparent that America COULD still be thriving if we heeded our Forefather’s advice and demanded that our ‘elected’ leaders uphold their oaths to our Constitution. It appears each passing Administration simply tramples on our founding papers a little bit more than the last.

    I hope we don’t wait until it is too late to take our Nation back.

  10. Of course the main fallacy of this is that we may be peacefull but, those against will not be. Keep your weapon handy and your powder dry until this is over.

    1. Old Dingy Harry has changed the Senate rules that have been in place and now watch them put in Supreme court types to cut into our liberties, starting with your guns. So if you want to keep your weapons handy watch the presidential appointees vote to take them.

        1. As I was growing up my mother said be careful who you pick for friends. You’ll be judged by the company you keep. Well looks like Dingy Harry’s company are all unAmerican scum They’re trying to take this country down one brick at a time. Save you’re ammo, you’re going to need it.

  11. I have a very deep gut feeling we, the people will be taking to the streets in short order!! We have got to stop this radical socialistic conversion of our Constitutional government!!!! Where is the House on going to the “Inherent contempt of Congress” implementation?????? Nowhere & it will remain so if we don’t pour it on our representatives & senators every day to stop this veritable invasion by the commie/lib/fag/fascist/socialist regime!!!!!!!!!!! WE MUST TAKE IT BACK NEXT NOVEMBER 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. For the first time in my life, I agree that WE need to take back our Government. Harry Reid and Senate, Obonzo and his Administration, Boehner and the House, and Roberts and the Supreme Court Jesters all need to go.

    I have never seen a government run a muck like this one. The New Socialist Party (which is the Democrats and the Progressive Republicans (aka, the Establishment Republicans, the RINOs) which just one PARTY. The Democrats are doing things that promote Government Tyranny while the WIMPY Republicans watch. I am sick of having a republican that says he’s going to make a change in Washington, only to turn his back on those promises (Good Example is John McCain).

    Either WE take back Washington with NEW BLOOD and pass a law against PACs and their Money! Which they (the PACs) are the ROOT to the Corruption in Washington. Then put TERM LIMITS on every Politician and JUDGES. Judges need term limits more than the Politicians.

  13. All you unpatriotic treasonous, seditious nut jobs belong, not in a FEMA camp but, in Leavenworth Federal Prison. That I can help you with.

    1. Wanna come and try and make me go Billy BOY? I will chew you up and spit you out on so many different places they will STILL be looking for you come the Quadcentennial! I served my country in the Military (101st Airborne 22nd Combat/160th SOAR) and I have had 22 surgeries on my service connected injuries and am looking at 12 more. and even as damaged as I am, I can still whip your liberal butt and not break a sweat. So anytime you want to come and try and make me go to prison because you say so, bring a battalion with you and make sure you have supplies for 90 days as this is not going to be the cakewalk you assume it is.

        1. Says the guy hiding behind the keyboard and wanting to put people in prison for their political beliefs. So anytime you want to come by Toledo Ohio chuckles, let me know. I will be more then happy to teach you all the hand to hand that the 101st Airborne 22nd Combat/160th SOAR taught me. It would be a pleasure…for me anyway

    2. If your saying you think that we are all criminals, maybe its just that you don’t see what is happening around you, becuase your head is either in the sand or stuck up someones (u know)

    3. You are referring to the scum in office who just destroyed 230 years of Senate tradition to force left wing azzholes onto the court.

      The left wing crazies like Reed and Obama belong in Arlington, not Leavenworth.

      1. WHY on Earth would you defile Arlington by burying those two there?

        I was thinking…most cities have a “pauper’s field” or “potter’s field,” where the poor or unknown are given at least some semblance of a decent burial, but very anonymously.

        Sounds like the better place for those two bums.

      2. Actually it’s the right wing extremists who made it all happen. There have been more filibusters in the Senate during the Obama Administration than in the 230 years of the Senate’s existence. The right will filibuster anything and everything for political hate reasons rather than think about the good of the country. They even filibuster republican ideas if proposed by a democrat or suggested by the President.

      1. The problem you people have is we have a Black president and you can’t stand it. Where were you when Bush was doing all his un legal wars, etc.?

        1. I could care less if the president is from Mars.

          Are you REALLY going to play the race-card? Wow, you’re really strecthing…and sooooo creative. I admire that.

          I was no Bush fan, either, but you’re still playing that fiddle, too, FIVE years after the man is out of office?? Really, seriously, really? You need some new music and instruments. Given your apparent attitude, The Volga Boatmen’s Song would be a good choice. If you need a refresher, as you appear about as un-cultured (germiness not withstanding) as they come, give a listen.

          The bottom line is that Barack Obama and his authortarian, over-arching administration, with all his “change” has been a disaster for this country, and the fools who continue to elect such cretins will end up destroying this country completely. That goes for far-left lunatics like you appear to be and big-government, military-industrial-complex conservatives that do nothing but join socialists and Marxists in inflating our currency to less than the paper it’s printed on and spending our country into oblivion on endless wars, bloated bureaucracies and freebies for everyone.

          Grow up. It won’t hurt, I promise.

        2. They chose an, apparently. Black man, who is also half White, to be President, so they could do exactly what you are doing, play the race card when we criticize his tyrannical policies and actions. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were authorized by Congress, nearly unanamously, in the patriotic fervor that united the country after 9/11. Almost everyone vowed to never forget what happened on 9/11/01, but vows don’t mean much to too many people, and nothing to some people, and the rest have short memories, or suffer from confused memories. You seem to have forgotten the Congressional authorizations that made those wars legal. Since you are deliberately playing the race card, I assume your faulty memory is deliberate, too.

        3. Sure! You need to come out for air or you will turn into a full blown kool aid drinking liberalbot! Oops too late.

        4. Don’t play the black b.s. I’d hate this sob if he was purple with chartuese balls. He’s a traitor and unAmerican..Open your eyes Raymond or you’ll be opening your ass for these Washington queers.

        5. I would like the word RACIST RACISM must be BANNED as absolutely POLITICALLY INCORRECT only then will we see what is what because these words are today being used by politicians like the F*** fowl word is used by teenagers It is a disgrace

    1. Really? And I guess the left wing wacko racist terrorists in the Senate that destroyed a 230+ year policy gets off scott free? If you think you had gridlock before…just wait till the Rep Senators start making dingy Harry and the rest of you leftists pukes go by the rules in the rule book of the Senate. And then see what happens when they get control of the Senate because you obamanuts wanted free health care. When this starts hitting employer covered health care next year as per the OMB and the CBO offices in DC say it will, you leftist pukes are going to have a hard time in being elected dog catcher in a liberal town.

        1. Scarlet, not sure whether that was directed at me or Raymond. If me, then please take a look at my other posts. You’d see that I am in line with many of yours. God bless.

    2. WOW, we have us a real, live Card Carring Member of the Coven of Useful Idiots here folks!
      They aren’t overly bright, but they do babble a lot!

    3. Yawn, another lefty parrot…Hey try something new little man, all you zombies do is repeat everything and anything you’ve been programmed to say by the media and by your lying lord and master, Obama. “racist this, terrorist that” FYI the KKK was a democratic movement and it’s you who are the terrorists because you support everything Obama does and he supplies REAL terrorists with weaponry on our dime, releases them into society, and defends them even though they’ve opened fire on our very own military bases, not to mention all that he let happen in Benghazi, and that’s what you support?! So you think we should all lay down and just let it happen? You are truly a sad little traitor. :-/

    4. You’ll find out how WHACKY one of these 200 guys is when you realize that the RED DOT moving around on your chest is a laser sight attached to his M-16.

        1. Absolutely NOT! Having to read your pathetic drivel on this blog is as close as I want to get to you and your type.

  14. “I truly believe that in these times with this administration swinging its unconstitutional sickle and hammer against an anvil trying to crush our very “Bill of Rights” which are the foundation protecting us against such treachery and tyranny, that even the most peaceful of men and women will think of and act on taking more extreme measures than just standing by and or talking to the enemy in order to rescue and secure our hard fought for liberties and God given freedoms.” One could only hope…DR

  15. We need leaders that have a vision and an action plan . The current leadership in the RNC and many of the House leaders and the Senate leaders are too comfortable acting as princes .
    General Vallely, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul are a start but conventional political means are to little to stop the power of the corrupt central government .
    I have written the letters, made the phone calls, attended the Tea Party gatherings to what end?
    The time for action is now as the Congress has feet of clay , the courts will not act saying that we have no standing or no damages and the administration and the bureaucracy are the unconstitutional opponent. What do we do next and where do we need to do it and what do we need to succeed?
    We are an Army without leadership and afraid to use the means to save the nation from the grasp of the fascist who control the agenda, the media and have the military. police and the courts.
    Help !

  16. This old Special Forces Staff Sgt is ready to reup for another tour if it will get dumbama out of the WH or at least make his arse a lame duck President that cannot do anything else to harm my beloved country.

    1. I have known many VETS that still wear them for that very reason even if they are just at work!. I have mine.
      LOCK & LOAD!!! nuff said qapla’

  17. God Bless The Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America. God Bless The Loyal, Patriotic Men and Women Of Our Nation. May God Be With Us, and Protect Us, and Be Our Strength and Guide. I ask this in the name of Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior.

    1. It should be perfectly obvious by now that if God does exist, he’s taken a decidedly noninterventionalist stand, seemingly about any activity on this planet! he clearly has no intention to aid theChristians in North Africa and the Middle East!
      If you intend to bring about any change you’ll need to quit waiting on any divine intervention and take whatever action you believe will make a difference! If God decides to show more’s the better!

        1. “if this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor,
          either we’ve got to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or
          we’ve got to acknowledge that he commanded us to love the poor and
          serve the needy without condition; and then admit that we just don’t
          want to do it.”

      1. Don’t worry God surly exists and has a plan of His own according to His word and if we know Him we Know He will carry it out (the important thing is to be on His side). This doesn’t mean He will do it our way, but those that are against Him (these imposters in DC) and His people Will be brought to justice in His time and in His way. Read Isaiah 24:5, 21 &22 This will bring some satisfaction! 😀

      2. Read the book of Habakkuk in the Bible. Our righteous God MUST punish sin. He MUST desert those who have been disobedient and who dishonor His Son. God does NOT do this, but he allows punishers to rise up against us. America was born and is based in Christian-Judeo principles, BUT we have so dishonored Jesus and been disobedient for so long (Sodom and Gomorroh had nothing on America, and we have allowed God to be pushed out of our schools, our government agencies) that we have forced God to allow punishment to descend upon us.

      3. I am sorry that you have never experienced the reality of the Almighty. For those with eyes to see we know that He is involved with and concerned with every part of our individual lives and our society at large, even if it feels like He is far away or may have even abandoned us. His times, seasons, intentions and purposes can be difficult to discern. The Hebrews suffered under Egyptian bondage for 400 years until there was a point when Jahweh declared, “… the cry of the children of Israel is come unto Me…” (Exodus 3) and He went into action with Moses as His representative. I do fear, however, that the Obama presidency is part of His judgment upon America. “…the Most High ruleth in the kingdoms of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the basest of men…” (Daniel 4:17) It could be argued that a country as immoral, sinful and ungodly as America has become deserves judgment and perhaps the “basest of men,” of whom Obama is chief, is part of that judgment. Am I saying to just sit back and accept this? Absolutely not, resist with all that is within you, as the battle lines are now being drawn. But to have faith and trust in our Lord will be a plus in helping and sustaining us and carrying us through the dark days that we surely face ahead.

      4. It’s more the pity that you are unaware of how dramatically He has already shown. He did all of His work in the First Six Days Of Creation, and He has been resting during this, The 7th Day. He AND His Work are Here With Us, if we but choose to place our focus there. I pray for you as Paul does for the lost, that you will receive a personal revelation of what Christ Jesus did for us on the altar of The Cross.

  18. I care nothing for a revolution “In the style of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.” King was a avid fornicator and Marxist, and there is no excuse for anyone using the man as an example of Constitutional liberty for political correctness. And if we are to have another “revolution”, it will have to be a third revolution. The second revolution was the righteous war for Southern independence, which was crushed by an ignorant northern population enabling tyranny.

    I am all in for another revolution for true liberty in accordance with God’s law. But as men like Lyons and Vallely must know, it will not be peaceful, though that should be our desire. And it must be based upon the moral law of God revealed in Scripture (the Qur’an and other frauds are not “Scripture”). Any other will be a massive failure. It is my opinion that it will need to occur soon while enough current and former military are around who took their oath to the Constitution seriously.

  19. The Obama administration has got to be stopped. I hope it isn’t too late to save America.What a
    terrible overtake of our government.

    1. MAVET is a PURE moron, with his sick idea the Jews are causing our problems! The SCUMBAG Obama isn’t even America’s problem! These CORRUPT COMMUNISTS within our Congress, who are letting this FRAUD/FOREIGNER Obama do as he pleases, is OUR REAL PROBLEM! The CORRUPT Congress has got to be REMOVED and we need to put REAL Americans in office who believe in GOD, our country and the American people! We need politicians that care about American and the American people, NOT themselves or how much power or money they can control!!!

    2. And you are a sick puppy like the muslim activists in the Obumbles administration who are out to destroy Israel by supporting the terrorist thugs like the muslim brotherhood

  20. We need to immediately develop well trained, well coordinated and professionally led militias on a community basis throughout the country. We need a flexible force structure which can fight them on all levels. Presently, we have no “muscle” nor do we have the organization to effectively fight the fascists who have taken over this government, if it comes to that. And while doing this we should follow General Vallely’s demand for the resignation of all of the key people in the government, without compromise. It is up to us to draw “the line in the sand” and then dare them to cross it.

    1. Partiots should organise and sit on the White House steps every weekend and and yell, “BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI”. This will drive Barry Soetoro and his crazy bunny media nuts.

        1. We will ride in like the “Charge Of the Light Brigade”. it will be fun. Did you know that Obama is a gay mama’s boy always looking for Valeri Jarrett?

      1. I have two combat tours in the Vietnam war, fighting a totalitarian system, and am always ready to contribute to my country to whatever extent I am needed.

    2. OathKeepers. . .org has already sent out a request for its ten’s of thousands of ex-military members that it is time to go operational!

    3. The framers of our Constitution , would like what you typed Vince,. I know I do.
      Someone said , walk softly but carry a big stick, and know how to use it.

  21. If you think slapping someone’s child is the way to get that parent’s blessing, you are a brain dead bigot. God is the one who chose the Jews as His own, and I suggest everyone should let God deal with them in His own way and time. As a parent I can tell you, if someone messes with my kids, that someone will get everything except my blessing. You got that? I am an American Veteran Patriot who will honor my oath to the Constitution, which includes fighting for my family. I am a follower of Jesus/Yeshua the Christ, who is a Jew. Any questions?

    1. Take it up with God at the Great White Throne judgment, because, unless you change and correct your Biblical understanding you will stand at that judgment and no one goes through that without eternal punishment in the lake of fire prepared for satan and his angels. If you disagree with what I am saying, do us both a favor and don’t answer back, unless you are willing to listen to the truth and learn. If your mind is made up we have nothing further to discuss.

  22. It’s sad to see so many glamorizing what is about to take place! When it happens, as I now believe it must, it will not be glamoris! It will be loud, confusing, odiferous, terrifying and heart breaking! Many who now declare themselves to be ready will find they weren’t at all ready and many will realize that they never will be! While I believe all this and that it will all be futile, I also believe that it must happen! Made necessary and inevitable by Petulant Idealism and Apathy!

  23. When I heard the remarks of General Vallely, a trusted and HONORABLE LEADER, my only question was (ATTENTION: VETERANS and all LIBERTY-LOVING PATRIOTS) where and when do we report for DUTY?)

  24. We need to have our top military Generals and FLAG Officers put back in-charge of our military! These men all have and will still HONOR their Oahts to PROTECT, SERVE and HONOR our Constitution, especially against all enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC! I firmly believe this LIAR FRAUD Obama is America’s MOST DANGEROUS FOREIGN and DOMESTIC ENEMY combined! I also believe this LIAR FRAUD/PHONY Obama has NEVER actually been the president of our nation! There isn’t one “legal” document that these CORRUPT politicians can produce, that will PROVE this PHONY MORON Obama is “legally” in our White House or our country! Therefore, I believe either the military or our U.S. Marshals should be directed to arrest this MORON Obama for “FRAUD, CONSPIRACY and TERRORISM” against the United States and the American people! Since there is absolutely “NO PROOF” of who this LYING FRAUD really is: Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama, he has NEVER been the legal president of the United States, therefore he shouldn’t have to be IMPEACHED! He should be arrested and then “DEPORTED” and sent back to where both this LIAR Obama and his wife call, “HIS HOME COUNTRY of KENYA”!

    1. I totally agree except for one thing. You left out one very critical word when you wrote “We need to have our top military Generals and FLAG Officers put back in-charge of our military! ”

      That critical word is “Constitutionalist”. Now read it as “We need to have our top Constitutionalist military Generals and FLAG Officers put back in-charge of our military!” We already have generals and flag officers who totally support the obozo, homos vs real people, the dismantaling of America, etc. Just look at the head man of the whole department and the heads of the various services. They also need to go.

      1. davnkatzr,

        I will accept that as a MORE correct statement! I get so damn mad, I do forget some of the more precise wording for these actions!

  25. I believe that there are tens of millions of Americans who agree with you and who understand that the time is short, but we must also realize that there is no unifying organization under which we can come together. Tens of millions of individuals are just that, easy to pick off “individual” targets. Obama is excellent at dividing and conquering (as his targeting of individual medical insurance policy holders today, group policy holders next year, and probably throwing the unions under the bus after that proves). He’s currently also purging the military of those strong and patriotic leaders who might have stood up against him or might refuse to obey evil, immoral and unlawful orders coming from him. He has set up via executive orders the framework for the establishment of an American police state, ready to be declared and implemented when some future “emergency situation” dictates. He’s also expressed his desire to have a “civilian security force” just as well funded, strong and powerful as the military. I see the urban street thugs possibly becoming the nucleus of Obama’s “brown shirted” security force. “United we stand, divided we fall.” Let me repeat, without some kind of unifying framework and organization we become but single voices in the wilderness, truthful but ultimately easily dispensed with.

    1. We need to immediately develop well trained, well coordinated and
      professionally led militias on a community basis throughout the
      country. We need a flexible force structure which can fight them on all
      levels. Presently, we have no “muscle” nor do we have the organization
      to effectively fight the fascists who have taken over this government,
      if it comes to that. And while doing this we should follow General
      Vallely’s demand for the resignation of all of the key people in the
      government, without compromise. It is up to us to draw “the line in the
      sand” and then dare them to cross it.

      1. THAT has been going on since day ONE!, BHO just hasn’t got the full picture YET!, but he will, and the object lesson is the last one he has the IQ to recognize!
        LOCK & LOAD!!!
        nuff said qapla’

  26. Well it’s about time !!! Far better a bit late, than never !! This will (can) be a revolution by doers. The insidious one that is, and has been going on, is being carried out by the takers. I’m in, as long as it involves an action plan, and not just another group, trying to raise $$$ with a lot of blah-blah designed to line pockets of a very few. I get at least a dozen requests per week to further empty my pockets and have seen ZERO results no matter where I look. The same names and faces, the same arguments, the same rallying cries and NO ACTION, none, just more blah-blah-blah an d another request to donate and keep the faith!! Nuts, lets see some results, then I’ll open my wallet again!

    1. I am at the bottom of ‘fixed income DISSABILITY’ so have not sent any $s as of this time, and if I have it to send, I’ll send it to ‘SHERRIF JOE’ !!! He has already shown his true colors out of his OWN pocket, and is the ‘1’ that Washington DC is going overboard to make go away, they have just one SMALL problem, if anything happens to him, the shot wrapping around the world will strangle ALL of those so desperately in need of it!.
      LOCK & LOAD !!!
      nuff said qapla’

  27. The single objective of taking back the main-stream-media from the pro-Marxism FASCISTS and the Hollywood perverts, and thereby restoring Unabridged Freedom of the Press, is the only battle the American People need to engage in and win!

    A massive boycott of ABC (Disney) CBS (Paramount) NBC (Comcast, GE) CNN (Time-Warner) and all the advertisers who pay money to these Marxist FASCISTS would deprive them of the money they are using to flood America with their communist propaganda.

    A boycott certainly is more Gandhi like.

    The second alternative is 100% destruction of the network & all the equipment, offices, buildings, vehicles & other resources used by ABC & Disney, CBS & Soros-Paramount-Viacom, etc., NBC & GE-Comcast-Vivendi, etc., CNN & Time-Warner – Warner Bros., etc.!

    The third alternative is make citizen arrests of all Federal politicians who votes for raising the debt ceiling or to continue Obamacare

    1. The current major media has no legitimacy whatsoever. People must understand that it is not about freedom of speech, but of the federal government’s self – assumed right to use propaganda as a weapon against them and against their liberties. It’s time we took away that “right”.

      1. Unfortunately, the citizenry has been so “dumbed down,” that they can’t even understand the concept of a “no bid contract,” for instance. They vote Obummer in, even though he gives “no bid government contracts” to his buddies, (or to his wife’s schoolmates, like the French Canadian dunce he paid to build the malfunctioning Obummercare website.) One thing we should demand is an intelligence test for voters. Only voters who understand certain concepts, like “What is a ‘no bid contract’?” should be allowed to vote.

    2. I am ready to do all 3 even more than I do at this time, but I am sure that as PEACEFULL as we attempt to make things, BLOODSHEAD! is inevitable!.
      LOCK & LOAD !!!
      nuff said qapla’

        1. If any group attacked the United States – they would be justified in using whatever means necessary to protect our citizens.

        2. Drones are easily taken out by waving a Microwave dish around, Iran did it and the rest is History!.
          LOCK & LOAD
          nuff said qapla’

    3. Their ratings are all ready in trouble at a lot of these broadcast companies. They know why to, but do nothing to change. To many people talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. They say they won’t or don’t support liberal yahoos then they go to i-tunes and download a springsteen song or go to the movies with looney Clooney staring in it. Then of to starducks for some over priced coffee, then some ben and jerry’s ice cream for dessert. The networks are propped up by george the nazi loving jew sorrows, the tide foundation and other liberal yahoo groups. So boycotts will only work if those talking the talk start walking the walk! Not easy for many or they would be doing it. It would be better to organize massive write in campaigns with clear messages of what you think of them. Picket all the stations you can at the same time, they will have to cover it and when they come to do the interviews of everyone make your selves heard. Get as many as you can to not watch any T.V. for a day or more. Do what ever it takes to make them lose money and make them know where your stand. Some of the stations where I live will no longer reply to my e-mails or most likely even read them, so I go to the next person in line there until the same thing happens. Every time they tell a lie about a story or about a Conservative group I demand an on air correction. I have actually had a few do that.

      1. Don’t write to the broadcasters. Write to the sponsors.
        The American Family Association had an ongoing campaign like this in the 1980s and 1990’s. They finally quit because too few Americans participated.

    1. I hope he runs for the presidency!!! If he does not awaken the sleepy true Americans in us I don’t know who would at this sorry point in our political history. .

      1. Great man. An example of an American success story and a humble man. Stood before God and the president and told the truth. I loved watching Obama squirm as he gave that speech at the breakfast meeting. If anyone here has not seen it , you must see it on Youtube. It will be an enjoyable ten or fifteen minutes I promise.

  28. A peaceful return to the Constitution is possible but unlikely. There are 35% who would fight to the death to have their Government handouts and they are blindly following this Administration. It is this 35% that literally would have to be cut out of society to move forward.
    You can try economically by boycotting union shops, any businesses run by lefties like Whole Foods and Starbucks, not spending on any Hollywood productions etc.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, it is those on the government teat that will turn uber violent and attack anyone they think has what they deserve or is owed them by society. Not only that, many of those on the teat have never taken the time to develop any tangible skills….other than procreation and violent behavior, so therefore they do not currently nor would they ever serve a purpose in a country brought back to it’s founding principals. FYI I believe the president and CEO of Whole foods is a registered Republican and is very conservative

      1. Let them! They are lazy and fat and most likely can not go for to long before they are worn out! Since the liberals are a mix of ideals they will also start to turn on each other. They are also less likely to be prepared since they rely on others so much so they know little of being self sufficient. They will riot in their own areas first and as usual burn down their own areas. Get yourselves organized now, not later.

        1. He was interviewed on a local syndicated radio talk show, just appeared to be a businessman, many of the lefties were apparently po’d when they learned his politics, I believe he just believes in paying his employees a bit better than most…but don’t quote me on that

        2. I will look up his biography, I do not like to insult fellow conservatives (unless they are RINO’s). I thought I remembered him from an interview on CNBC. A fair wage for fair productivity is how free markets work. I still do not believe in the minimum wage, it was never designed to be a living wage, thought the left sees it as a window to control prices and wages.

    2. Let’s use the ‘Knockout game’ as a weapon against those that play it, by making it their getting ‘HANDOUTS’ dependent on their NOT having any form of ‘CRIMINAL record as of TODAY !!!, and when they start to get hungry, we make them watch the videos of those playing that game and explain ‘THAT’!!! is why you have no food in you’re systems, and until you’re attitudes change, that feel of hunger WON’T!!!, and I recommend that we have a body of ‘SECURITY’ dressed in ‘tactical’ gear to better enforce that we mean what we say!!!, it might be a good idea to have pictures of the Black PUSSIES on the wall to point out that they will lose any attempt of a war of any force, as we have what, 70 to 1, the outcome is all too obvious!!!.
      LOCK & LOAD!!!
      nuff said qapla’

  29. I agree with the above remarks. To me O’Bama and is corrupt congress people or so called member are probably the greatest threat this country has had since Hitler in WWII. All they have done is lie to the people on everything he has been involved in. I am 73 years old and I never thought I would see so called Americans in congress going along with all the changes this enemy wants to make. The Reid’s, Pelosi’s, Holder’s in addition to many more democrats and many of the republicans have turned their backs on the American people. I agree, enough is enough and now is the time to start action. The congress should start impeachment proceedings on Pelosi, Reid, Holder and Treason charges against the so called president. I being a veteran and I also I might add I was lucky to have a real American as my commander in chief. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower. A great General and leader that loved his country and the Real Americans of our country.

  30. A general dissolution of the principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy…. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but once they lose their virtue, they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader…. If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security……………………….. Samuel Adams 1771

  31. “It is a tremendously important and never-ending problem for the self-governing American people to be not only adequately informed but ever alert and vigorously active in forestalling whenever possible, and combating whenever necessary, any and all threats to Individual Liberty and to its supporting system of constitutionally limited government.

    In this connection, it is essential to keep in mind that the greatest danger lies in the subtle and gradual, or piecemeal, approach of danger–by which the foundations are gradually eroded rather than by open and outright assault; accompanied by harsh attacks upon all who seek to alert the people to such danger whenever it threatens.”…………Samuel Adams 1771

  32. Re-programming the socialist media is just the first step in turning around the direction our nation is going… The NEA and our education system needs to be cleansed of the Marxist thugs they call teachers who are indoctrinating our children into socialism and removing any semblance of truth from their text books .. Then the political anti-American demigods need to be removed from their thrones… I can’t understand how stupid people in Nevada are to keep re-electing that self-serving moron Reid… or the gun-grabbing fa66et lovers in Californication and their goddess’s Piglosi, Feinstein, and Boxer, not to mention their socialist Governor Brown… And lets not forget the Nitwits in NY that think that Blooming idiot Bloomburg and the Communist Clown Cuomo are their saints…
    As the man said it is WE THE PEOPLE that have to change things and I for one am ready to march… I took an oath to defend this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic and my friends today we have some monstrous DOMESTIC ENEMIES that need to be removed by what ever means is necessary….

    1. I am not going to join obammy care. I do not watch any liberal yahoos movies, so I do not give any of my money to hollywierd. I do anything I can to avoid anything that puts money into any kind of liberal ran company, restaurant and so on. I know it is not enough to really have an impact on them, butt if more did the same it would! I know so many who say they are anti-liberal, yet they buy tickets to see bruce springsteen, even though they know he is a liberal jerk! If I go into a restaurant I try to find out what kind of people are regulars and what the owner is like. If I learn it is a liberal establishment I do not go there. It probably does not make much of a difference that I do that, but it’s a start!

      1. I commend you efforts, and you are correct, if everyone did what you are doing it would make a difference.. I do the same thing you are talking about. I will not shop at J.C. Penny’s, or McDonalds, I will not buy Pepsi products or Miller beer (I don’t drink anyway) but those are just a few that are totally liberal, the list goes much, much further….

        1. My brother laughed at me for refusing to use Heinze ketchup at a restaurant! I told him John Kerry and his commy wife don’t need any more of my money!

        2. Don, a list of fat cats should be compiled noting their ties to these companies, etc. It would not be difficult to then boycott them, Nationwide. Hurt them in the wallet, Nationwide.

        3. There are over 252 companies that support the homosexual lifestyle and gay marriage. Too many to list here, so do your own research.

          But here are a few biggies….


          APPAREL: J.C. Penney, The Gap, Levi Strauss, Macy’s, Banana Republic, Ray-Ban, Nike, Athleta, Old Navy, Piperlime, Marc Jacobs Int., Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

          AUTOMOTIVE; General Motors & Ford

          COMMUNICATIONS: Instagram, T-Mobile & AT&T

          FOOD: Starbuck’s, McDonalds, Campbell Soup, Mondelēz International makers of Oreos, General Mills, Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen Dazs, LARABAR, Betty Crocker, FoodShouldTasteGood, Pillsbury, Yoplait , Pepperidge Farm, & Heinz

          FINANCIAL: UBS. CITI group, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Moody’s, Master Card & Wells Fargo

          GAS: Chevron & Shell

          INSURANCE: AllState, Farmers & Progressive

          LIQUOR: Tanqueray, Smirnoff, Ciroc, Ketel One, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, Miller Brewing, & COORS

          MEDICAL: Johnson & Johnson

          RETAIL: Apple, E-Bay, Amazon, REI, CB2, Crate & Barrel, & Target

          SPORTSWEAR: Ray-Ban & Nike

          SHIPPING: UPS

          TRAVEL: American Airlines, Expedia, Marriott,, Orbitz, Jet Blue & Hotwire

          TECH: Zynga, Facebook, Google, eBay, Apple, CISCO, Apple,
          e-bay, Amazon, Microsoft & Yahoo!

          UTILTIES; PG&E (a Californication co.),

          NOW, here are 10 companies that DO NOT support the gay agenda;

          A-1 Self-Storage
          Auto Zone
          (distributes Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodkas, Herradura Tequila, Sonoma-Cutrer Wines, Fetzer Wines, Korbel Champagne, Bolla Wines, Bonterra Wines)

          (Operating also under the name Tinseltown, CineArts and Century Theaters)

          Domino’s Pizza
          Salvation Army
          Manchester Grand Resorts
          Urban Outfitters

        4. Great lists sgt.

          I believe I can find American Mom and Pop stores to spend my $. After all these are our family shops free of grubby fingers.

        5. Don’t forget Macy’s, which fired one of its employees for enforcing their own policy of not allowing men in the ladies’ dressing rooms. She was keeping a man dressed as a woman out. Macy’s changed its policy. Never shop Macy’s!

    1. Meir, you are correct, but we must begin somewhere. When Martial Law is declared, peaceful, will be mute. The country will then go dark and the blood of tyrants will cover the land.

      1. It’s “martial law.” And it will be declared by Obummer, causing the blood of patriots to cover the land.
        I fear the moment has passed for a takeover of this country by patriots. The military is now full of homosexuals, who are forcing the resignation of Christian military leaders. The military will soon be entirely in the hands of the godless.

        1. These replacement stooges will not hesitate ordering our sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters to open fire on their parents and kin.

          Question is, when standing face to face, will they pull trigger ?


          Excerpts from the above link:

          “…the Pentagon has a militant atheist like Mikey Weinstein heading up the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), with the sole purpose of separating the church and state from the military, Christians will be targeted directly, personally, and without exception.

          “In a September 7, 2007 interview with Information Clearing House, Weinstein said, “Let me make it clear. We are dealing with a Christian Taliban. They hate when I say that but that’s too bad. If you look at Chris Hedges Book “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America” you’ll see that the Christian Right is a fascistic organization.”

          “Weinstein has the Obama Administration’s ear in matters concerning religious proselytizing in the military. And he’s not the only one. But he is the undoubtedly the most vocal. Today, former fringe groups have found their power, like the homosexual lobby. And they are ready to make Christians pay. For simply being a Christian and not supporting homosexual marriage, military personnel are facing repercussions and punishment. They are being blacklisted. And soon they will be completely cast out.”
          The new recruits are from the public schools that teach the federal government has godlike powers and must be obeyed without question. In the USSR, the children were brainwashed to turn their God-believing parents in for electric shock brainwashing torture treatments.

          On July 9, 2013, the Religion News Service quoted retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council. “Political correctness has absolutely destroyed the whole concept of being able to live your faith, which is what religious liberty is.”
          Part of the solution is for Christians to join the military, and not leave it in the hands of the godless.


        3. Think of third world countries and how things work. How things work when the ballot box fails. It becomes a test of wills . We are there.

  33. My ancestors came to this country in the late 1600’s. We have fought in every major war for this nation since February 2nd 1777. Impeachment won’t work nor will forced resignation with this administration. Why? Because all the damage that they have done will remain in place. They have to be arrested, tried and convicted of High Crimes and Treason.. All of them. We need to get Soros also and throw him in prison for crimes against our Nation. In that way all the ex orders, bills, etc will become null and void. The Supreme Court will not act so WE THE CITIZENS must act. I am ready and will join the 2ndAmerican Revolution like my ancestor did for the First.

    1. AS a native American and Marine I will follow a true leader to hell but at this moment, I have heard of no leader for this action and nor has there been any solid plan laid out for meetings through out the nation, or coordination of an action plan to take the grievances to the government by law abiding citizens, in mass.

      1. Wamble One,
        What is your tribal affiliation? I spent 3 years on the Standing Rock (Hunkpaka Sioux..Sitting Bull) and have never met so many patriots. My best firend was Master Gunny Retired Bud (Conrad) Long Chase.

        I am with you on this one. Waiting for one of the fired generals to say
        “Follow ME!!” Won’t happen soon I am afraid. I am 72 and served 23 in the US Army Medical Corps. I think I could still lead a group of Militia. You are right. We need a solid plan, however look how long it took Washington to get the Army of 1775/76 organized. He had time and no airspace to worry about. We don’t.

  34. Good cause but communication within the groups needs to be better. Got notice of the rally for the first time at 7:00 P.M. 11/18/13 not leaving very much time to make plans to attend.

  35. Some of you don’t have a clue what is really going on. To destroy this enemy you have to destroy the leaders and their organizations. You will have to destroy the United Nations, non-federal reserve,
    the trilateral commission, the culture of foreign relations, Agenda 21, and Bilderberg group, foreign bankers, mafia, drug cartels. The people in Washington are just tools for these people!!!

    1. Randall, put your big mouth to work for the cause by closing it and silently take action to change the country’s plight.

      Remember Randall no one likes a blow hard.

  36. If they don’t have to enroll in Obammy not care. Then we don’t either. They work for us not the other way around. Stop acting like they are royalty. They are scum!!!

    1. Look Randall , a senator voted this down. Bet it hurt your feelings huh ? I’m with you Randall, we have a lot of scum in high places now. If it applies to us , it must apply to them. They are acting like royalty now , and we need to cut ’em down a few notches and let them know what we think about that .That royalty BS is not part of the American way , and they need to be reminded of that.

      1. All I would like to see is all the government (president included) to have ALL their belongings stripped away & forced to live the life of one of us.Working hard every day, struggling to pay bills or put food on the table. I would like to think that would wake some of them up from their fantasies, but my question is how to make that all happen?!

  37. I agree that we are embroiled in a 2nd revolution! Whether we want it or not it has been forced upon us by the tyrannical members of the Obama regime and it is time that our elected officials throughout the States come together and form a new government. Every State Governor needs to meet and agree upon a new constitution that is much like a replica of the one penned by the original framers, but one that includes specifically the phraseology that it cannot be circumvented by executive orders nor can it be interpreted in any manner other than it’s intended meaning and within the framework of the English language. When we the people allow our President to demand of us then we have already extended him too much power. There is never the slightest room for debate between right and wrong; there is no gray area, and there is no better excuse to rise up and bear arms if necessary to purge from government the madmen who would enslave us. We need to ‘walk quietly and carry a big stick.’

  38. There are two divisions of Jewry. There are the Zionists, who are our allies and want nothing more than to live peacefully in their ancesteral homeland. Then there are the international Jews who helped form the Communist Party and aspire to global government.

    1. Unfortunately your correct. My neighbor is a turn coat jew, His wife is a confirmed conservative. He was baptized Catholic but converted to marry. He works for a non profit organization, pulls in over $100K a year and backs everything Obobo spews because it furthers his financial situation by building low income housing in rural areas which also brings in the crime as well. They devalue the neighborhoods in which they are placed and incite racial tension.

      Talking to him is like talking to a wall. He claims it is all for the impoverished. I wonder how long he would do it if he had to live on their income level? Would he live in their neighborhoods? Would he drive a piece of crap car or take public transportation? Struggle to pay his bills? Replace his favorite wine or beer with a 40oz of OE or Billy beer? I am thinking NO to all the above.

      He is exactly like the progressive left, As long as he can dictate what the downtrodden eat, drink and how they live and he doesn’t have to do the same, he is happy. He has power.

      I’m not saying that there aren’t good people in those programs. I am saying that poverty breeds poverty and the same for entitlements. I can’t afford a mansion, it would be foolish for me to try. Yet, Obobo and my neighbor want to put people that cannot afford something into an area they cannot afford! I live where I can afford, I drive an 8 year old truck. My jeans are years old, I don’t ask for entitlements or demand them. I pay my taxes and watch illegals suck up everything I cannot get because I make too much money!

      Welcome to the next generation of slavery! The gap between the rich and the poor is ever widening never to close again. I don’t blame people on these sites for being pissed, talking revolution, secession, disobedience or anything short of violence. If it comes to that, my oath is sacred. I will stand against this tyranny to protect my family and this nation.

      Don’t wait to talk to like minded friends. Find out who is a patriot. Who is going to have your 6 when shtf. If your not prepared now, don’t depend on others to feed, clothe, house and protect you. They will not sacrifice their security because of your lack of responsibility.

      1. I believe we are still engaged in a cold war. It changed when the USSR collapsed but it did not end. For 70 years the Communist Party has been building it’s strength in this country. It finally gained control of the Democratic Party in the 1980s. We are fighting the final battles against Communism right here in this country.

        1. I absolutely agree with you. You can fashion it to the end of WWII when Germany was divided into two. We were warned about the ruskies by Eisenhower and Churchill.

          McCarthy was right, communism is alive and well right here in the U.S. Just look at Bollywood. It’s full of them! We should have continued with ostracizing them. Now we’ll have to do the same with the mussies. Although I believe that they are part of a ruse. Diverting attention from other problems and conspiracies like agenda 21, voting, the UN against legal immigration and OUR Constitution.

          We are inundated with desperate situation after desperate situation. This administration has been in nothing but turmoil since the inauguration. Crisis management has taken on a whole new name face and name. In order to deflect from one situation to another, a new crisis is started. One can hardly keep up anymore. American service members and the middle class are affected the most.

          Hopefully we can do something about it come 2014. A leader needs to be chosen for the tea party. Someone with the cajones to take a stand and the heat for setting the country right. 2016 will be a ferocious year. I don’t expect it to go well, for anyone.

          Reid has done his best damage to date. Doing away with a filibuster and having a simple majority vote… We are SCREWED! He has had 30 years in DC. Time for these squatters to be removed, one way or another,

        2. I am not as worried about foreign threats as I am about domestic threats. Google CPUSA and you will see what I mean.

        3. I’m a member of CPUSA. We are a threat to no one. You don’t see us threatening to kill conservatives like you guys always threaten us.

  39. We may be too late, our supreme leader has used the Constitution for toilet paper for too long, there is nothing to prevent him from becoming a lifetime president, dictator, or king. Who can stop this trend, there are too many fools in this nation who will not understand where we are headed.

    1. I disagree! If we can get the American people, as a whole, to understand that we need to REMOVE morons like Reid, McCain, McConnell, Graham, Boehner, Pelosi and others, I do believe we can and will take back our country! Then again, there is always the unfortunate possibility of an ALL-OUT Revolution! I pray that doesn’t happen; but I think the REAL American people will win the WAR! Simply because the military, the vast majority of them WILL SIDE with the American people! Even though this FRAUD MORON Obama is firing the majority of our GENERALS and ADMIRALS, simply because they don’t agree with his COMMUNIST agenda, I think most of the military will, again, support the REAL American people! Let’s pray it doesn’t come to that! Let’s hope these CORRUPT MORONS we call our so-called representatives realize what the hell they are doing to our country by blindly supporting this FRAUD MORON Obama, who absolutely CANNOT PROVE who the hell he REALLY is: Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama! In either case, neither one of these two SOBs, be they one-in-the-same, can PROVE his eligibility to be in in OUR White House! There isn’t one LEGAL document these CORRUPT politicians can produce, neither the COMMUNISTS (Ex-Democrats) or the GOP, that can PROVE this FRAUD MORONS eligibility to be in office! The truth is coming and when it does, these CORRUPTpoliticians that are blindly assisting this LIAR FRAUD Obama with his destruction of our country, should be put on trial for FRAUD and CONSPIRACY against the United States and the American people! PERIOD!

      1. If right wingers are shooting at other Americans, you better damn well believe the police and military will put the wingnuts 10 feet under in a heart beat.

    2. It is not too late, you forget about the hundreds of thousands of ex-military and militia groups out there who have plans but will not act until the time is right. Stand ready and prepare.

        1. Wow, you certainly know how to project…. You’re a big bada$$ aren’t you. You’ve been threatening people online for YEARS ..We’ve been watching your punk arse. You’re never going to do a damn thing, you’re just a slimy yellow coward. Grow up, punk.

  40. They say that if you cut off the head of the snake it will die so this snake has many many heads. Which one do we take out first. MConnell would be a good one so we can get some leadership in the Senate. Then Mc Cain would be a good one as he is a thorn in the temple of God.Shumer is a yes man and of course Harry Reid is just plain no effing good for this nation so must go immediately. Or we can ask all the Republican Governor’s to file secession papers and take the individual states out of the Republic and join together and start their own Republic made up of American Patriots that will not allow this TYRANNY to go any further

    1. I like that last one . But you know Obama would confront that with force ,hmm that might play directly to our benefit if he did.

  41. Easy Mr. Blake….racists such as yourself are a far more vile strain of vermin.
    When the lights go out you may find a tiny green dot on your forehead.

    Tac Tac, Down goes another racist.

      1. It doesn’t take much to be deemed a “traitor” by a scumbag like yourself. Hell, I could look at you the wrong way and be deemed one.

  42. @Winston Blake ,Right on the spot ,they are the first instigators of the looming tyranny ,and they will surely pay the price of their treason to this benevolent nation who accept all with good intentions,according to the Christian Faith,yeah the same Christ they crucified and continuously vilify with their Media and entertainment industry control.yeah “americanjoe” in fact a plant paid for by the illegal zionist entity.

  43. Tyranny isn’t just around the corner. It’s here. When the president can decide which parts of a law he likes and which parts he doesn’t, we have a dictator. If any of you believe otherwise, take note of the democrat Senate’s invocation of the “Nuclear Option”, with Obama’s blessing. This reduces the number of senate votes required for cloture from 60 to 50, a simple majority. That virtually guarantees that no democrat sponsored bill will make it out of the House, and no republican bill will get past the Senate for the rest of Obama’s term if the dems keep the Senate in 2014. The Nuclear Option is a most serious and consequential change for the following reason: Obama now has free reign to appoint the most liberal ideologues in the country to federal judgeships. There are currently about 3300 federal judges, and Obama will appoint several hundred next year and possibly several hundred more in 2015-2016. Obama will then rule by judicial activism rather than by the legislative process.

        1. Americans fired on other Americans at Fort Sumter in 1861. What followed resulted in roughly as many American deaths as all American deaths in other U.S. wars combined.

    1. You might try putting a muzzle on your national socialist face. Your drivel is hypocritical at least, an smells like treason at worst.

      Being an American NAZI is wrong you puke.

      Now go away. Visit your Osamacare site just for sh-ts and giggles.

    2. Carl, I do believe most everyone who has commented on this site would agree with you on the wrongness of violence toward other Americans, even a discussion of it.
      Perhaps you can let our president know that too. Violence comes in many forms sir and what he has been doing since taking office is reprehensible.

    3. We are well past the point of legal elections. Between all the fraud in each state, Soro’s owns the company that counts the votes. That must go before any talk of true elections.

  44. Some of you will rake me over the coals about this but I have been warning about this for quite a while. If you are talking about a civil war I wouldn’t be too eager. I have been reading a lot of comments in here and other blogs, over the past few months, calling to “Lock and load”, “Bring it on” or “If they want a Civil War then give it to them”. Sounds like many of you actually want this to happen. If that happens no one wins but our enemies. It will not just be black mobs or restricted to unruly gangs fighting each other in the streets and back alleys of the inner cities. The mobs will quickly run out of supplies and In no time it will move out to the suburbs and the rural areas. They will not knock on doors and ask. They will kick down doors and take what they want. Mostly armed mobs will be looking for food and ammunition. While all this is going on, do you think our enemies will just sit back and do nothing? Do you think North Korea would hesitate to attack south? If they do, we will be powerless to stop them. Do you think the Arab countries would hesitate to move on Israel? The bulk of our Armed Forces are serving overseas. Do you think they will be able to return home? They will most likely be stranded. Do you think our so called allies would be willing or able to help us? They will most likely have enough problems of their own. A civil war will grind our factories (or what is left of them) to a halt so we will not be able to replace our supplies. For us it will be a come as you are war. What we have on hand at the start is all we will have. The President could request assistance from the United nations. That could be the green light for China to invade us after we have been killing each other in the streets and are weaker. I would bet that a lot of other countries will be eager to join them. For the first time since the War of 1812, foreign troops will be fighting on our soil. It will be a bloodbath. Do you think The United Nations would not be pouring gas of encouragement on that fire? In the past people came to America to escape tyrannical governments. If this happens we Americans will have no place to go. I hope that cooler heads will prevail in the months to come and a civil war can be avoided. You can’t blame all this on Obama. This has been in the works long before he was even born. I’m not saying anything new here. I am saying the things that should be said over and over by more people. This is what Khrushchev meant when he said that they will defeat us from within. History has been forgotten or ignored so unless we wake up we will be condemned to repeat it. Wake up America. If Joseph McCarthy was still alive he would be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!”

        1. Agreed. It has to be the final option.

          Our Founders showed great patience and restraint, bent over backwards, and exhausted every option, but when confronted by the stark choice of tyranny or liberty they chose to live as free men.

          We are being confronted by that same choice by the marxist democrats.

    1. Wow! let’s hope it doesn’t come to that Sarge. I don’t want to overthrow the whole damn government, all I want to do is overthrow the Obama regime, keep the battle in DC where it belongs. I guess the question is, who will we have to fight to do that.
      I’m thinking, a large well planned operation, remove Obama, and install someone of our choice in the White House before they know what hit them. Then reinstate the Constitution as the law of the land, possibly martial law to ensure things don’t get out of control, then business as usual. Hopefully once everyone in the other two branches of government gets the message, they can either straighten up and fly right or go home.
      That’s the plan, state and local governments are unaffected, and the federal government continues but on a different course. Of course we know, in war, nothing goes as planned.

    2. Sarge- Keep an eye on states like Texas, there are 23 States now that signed state charters vowing to secede & form a new Republic the minute: Obamacare is force on them, or if Obozo declares Martial Law & attempts to arrest people or confiscate weapons. 23 States now have state sponsored Militias (equipped & ready) under the control of the Governor, not the Feds. Texas has also been hiring retired experienced Police Officers to put together a sp. ops unit to protect the state also & the Tx. Rangers have put together a sp. ops. unit working the border now. Az. has hired more Az. Rangers to do the same. People are & have been committing to go to Tx., Az. & Okla. to help defend the new Republic. Retired & forced out Military Generals have, along with retired Seals, put together a few sp. ops. units- plans are now being discussed to (possibly) over throw this Administration. Some Militias may even be planning to go to DC & eliminate the problem!

        1. Not sure of all 20, but some of them are- Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Maine. I have read a number of articles on line, in the papers, researched at the library, contacted various Militias & from Fox News. I am a retired Police Officer & retired Federal Police Officer, have also been in touch with various other L.E. Agencies & sources Nationwide.

    3. Sarge, thanks for your words of warning. Reason too. Anarchy is what you describe and that would be worse than who we have now.
      This article stresses non violence and I do hope we keep it nonviolent. Just keep cameras rolling when our president is talking and his cronies and you tube it! The people of this country are not stupid. They were lied too and deceived to get him elected. Eventually, all will see our want to be emperor is naked as a jaybird and common sense will actually be common again.

  45. No peaceful civil disobedience as a revolution will not do anything to stop Obozo! All it will accomplish is getting the protesters arrested for civil disobedience; once that happens all the protesters will get released & go back to their homes, where the local Police will be waiting for them. They have been arrested, the local Police will revoke their firearms permits because they were arrested & their guns will be confiscated. Thus when the real revolution starts you will have MORE people who will not be able to defend themselves, their families & their Republic. General Valley wants a “forced” peaceful resignations! Tell me how you “force” a Sociopath & Narcissist, (Obozo) to resign without “physical force”??? We the People are at an impasse! Unfortunately, I believe it will take a physical force, or an actual Revolution to take back America!!!

    1. I’m with you on that. The people General Valley mentions are some of the most self important arrogant people on the planet and he expects them to submit to the will of the people. Fat chance.
      I guess asking nicely is the first step, however when we ask, we need a whole bunch of pissed off people with some very large guns standing behind us. Otherwise we are just wasting our breath.

      1. I have a few spares, that I will give to my true friends, if they are in need. We are all in this together, and we must stand together.

    2. You can’t lose your guns for being arrested for civil disobedience! WTH are you talking about? The only crimes you can lose your guns over are FELONIES and DOMESTIC ASSAULTS. Seriously, stop talking on the internet about subjects you are absolutely clueless on.

      1. Donlark50- I am a retired Police Officer & retired Federal Police Officer in Massachusetts with over 25 yrs. of L.E. experience. In Massachusetts, the Massachusetts State Police issue the LTC-Concealed Weapons & forward the LTC back to the local P.D. where they issue it or do not issue it on the recommendation of the State Police. In Massachusetts YOU CAN BE DENIED A LTC OR DENIED RENEWAL OF YOUR LTC ON A CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ARREST! MASSACHUSETTS HAS BECOME A “MAY ISSUE” STATE; THEY USED TO BE A “SHALL ISSUE” STATE. DONLARK50 MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T BE SUCH A “SMART ASS”; MAYBE YOU SHOULD LEARN WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!

        1. I don’t know where I lost track of you because I have always enjoyed your comments, insight and wisdom. Glad I saw you here. Don’t know where I first started reading your posts…

        2. Kathie – Thank You. I try to direct people in the right direction & if I ever missed the mark, I am sorry. If there is something that I am not sure of, I will research it before I post it. Again, Thank You.

  46. I think it will take convincing vast numbers of people to march on Washington – so many that the MSM cannot ignore them – they must not be violent but they must be scary enough to interrupt the Senate for instance – make a issue out of this “nuclear option” of Reid – emphasize the fact that we are practically a dictatorship – the videos of Reid,Obama and other Democrats being horrified at this type of tactic when a Republican even thought of it during Bush’s term -the videos should go viral -we need to employ tactics similar to Acorn – camp out in front of Senator’s homes, get in their faces – do not take a break even for a second – hire people to do it if necessary – the pressure has to be so great that it is on the nightly news nightly – get in the faces of the MSM -email,letters, phone calls, demonstrations..we have to fight the way they do hopefully not damaging property. however.

  47. Is any state or any person ever going to stop pussyfooting and just say….”Pick up your weapon and follow me!” All we need is a leader.

    1. You are correct. Putin said that he wanted to defend Orthodox Christians in muslim lands. What is wrong with that?
      However,Obama is arming Al Quada Syrian relbels who shot up a Syrian Christain village and the left four Christian men dead in the street, just like in Benghazi. Thia Syrian village is so old they still speak the language of Jesus.
      Obama is a muslim and perhaps a communist.

      1. A Muslim would if he or she is trying to deceive infidels. In the Koran it is acceptable to lie if the lie is to deceive infidels in order to advance the cause of Islam.

        1. There are at least five Muslim judges that I know of in the United States and possibly more. When ever they can get away with it they will invoke Sharia Law in the cases they hear. There is also two Muslims in Congress. One from Indiana and one from Minnesota, Judge Sohail Mohammad from New Jersey was appointed by their RINO Governor Christie.

        2. Good for them. I am all for freedom and diversity. You cons will NEVER and I MEAN NEVER mistreat any citizen in America based on their religion.

      2. Obama is nothing but a deceitful, lying usurper would sell his own mother’s soul to the devil if he thought he could make a dollar doing it. What makes you think he wouldn’t do this?

        1. Hope you’ll be laughing when you wind up in a FEMA camp hoeing fields for the food you’re meagerly going to get. Be prepared for the firing squad if you don’t behave and bring in your quota. We aren’t conspiring, we’re inspiring.

        2. GLAD TO HEAR you leave your doors unlocked, keys in the ignition, let your kids walk to school alone, and eat GMO foods.

        3. except I don’t do any of those things. You just like to make things up out of thin air. Conservatives are such pathological liars. Did your parents never teach you better?

        4. apply those same presumptions to yourself you hypocritical idiotic jackwagon; it’s exactly what you did in your first comment. Liberals are such a-holes and you certainly didn’t disappoint!!

    2. He is the most powerful leader in the world, the most evil, dangerous and he has some in this country eating out of his hand. Vlad the impaler, Godfather, Fuerer. He’s got Barry Hussein exposed as a chump.

  48. All power comes from Wills and Means. If you have the physical might but not the will to use them or if you have the desire but not the capability to act then, in either case, you are powerless. You need both – the Will and the Means – to be taken serioulsy. The Will is growing, the Means need to be assembled.

  49. I say the only peaceful thing that would work is for everyone not to pay any income tax. You’d have to reduce your withholding down to as low as you can, then just don’t pay what you owe. Don’t file. The income tax amendment was not ratified properly, anyway, so there is nothing legal compelling payment.

    Start petitioning your state governments to ban federal withholding from your pay, and put in place a system where the state governments pay for only those things that are constitutionally allowed to be done by the feds. The government that is closest to you is the one over which you have the most control.

    Also disobey unconstitutional laws whenever possible. We’re all intelligent enough to understand it and see where the feds are overstepping.

    We are “the boss” in this country. Not obama.

    1. I still say an easy and effective protest woud be very simple and LEGAL. No tax returns filed UNTIL and ONLY on April 15th. It would destroy the IRS and the non existent BUDGET. No returns nothing for the IRS to do and no cash flow for the feds. Minor sacrifice to make. Your return would still come back but it would be later in the year, just in time for summer vacation. Totally legal and nothing they can do about it.. Best of all it would mean the layoffs of thousand if IRS temp employees, then none to draw from. They would all get other jobs.

        1. Your wrong. the effect of failing to file until apr.15th will cause the iIRS to layoff all their seasonal help by february there will be nothing for them to do . they are hired beginning in november to allow for training. By Feb. they expect them to be very busy entering returns and processing refunds. With no returns coming in they will be laid off and they will find other jobs. When all returns show up on apr. 16th there wil be nobody available to process them and no one willing to return to work there. You obviously don’t understand how the IRS schedules their work force.

        2. love the way you throw in a minor insult with your lecture. what a tool!~ the IRS could care less about filing refunds when they’ve already got your money.

    1. If they create violence then we must be prepared to respond, expose and persue those responsible by every means legally allowed

  50. Obama, Holder and DHS are hoping & praying for a reason even a one created by them to take down the TP, God loving, flag flying Constitutional Christian patriots. They are constantly spewing lies right out of Alinsky’s handbook, why they have us on the DHS and SPLC list of extremist. Why they are training law enforcement to be a civilian army

    1. obama and holder are just aching for a reason to declare martial law, disbankd the Constitution, Congress AND SCOTUS. this would do it

  51. I reside overseas, but believe me count on me for however I can be of help! I will forward this to others in the US! ]Thanks. WE must mobilize NOW!

  52. Be careful, the government has billions of hollow point slugs and the Commander in Chief has manage to retire 200 military men who wouldn’t fire on their own. Be careful some of his civilian military might spark the peaceful protests into a violent protest.

    1. Jude, it may come to violence, for sure. Not a reason to NOT do anything. Letter-writing and petitions only get us rhetoric from the pols. They certainly aren’t delivering action. Sometimes the only time people are convinced is at the business end of a firearm.

      1. I’m ready but I don’t post what I do for obvious reasons. I have a get-away packed and have it ready for the last two years.

  53. What are your ideas? Give people something concrete to do and they will do it — if you can get the word out. The latter is the most difficult part.

  54. Stop with all the petitions. They do nothing. These clowns in congress only understand power. Form the national TEA PARTY, and run our own candidates; not ones who will be stabbed in the back by RINO’s. you do this by closing down the GOP and reopening the next day as the TEA PARTY, If the RINOS’s don’t like it let them move to the left with the Commidcrats. I’ll just bet they stay with the TEA PARTY because they will see we have the backbone to fight for our Nation. Right now the GOP is losing a lot of $ support because they are not representing US, or representing the majority Conservative views. The TEA PART is getting a lot of support. So call it what it is, the old GOP goes out and is replaced by the TEA PARTY. Hell Lincoln did it in 1858 when he helped toss out the Whigs and replaced it with the Republicans.

    1. There are many Tea Party identified groups. How do they come together to form one party? And, even more importantly, why should they? One of their strengths is that they are local and under local control. Once you take that away you run the risk that the organization will be controlled by one person or just a few at the top who’ll be surrounded by the same corrupting influences that gave us the GOP as we know it today. But if we continue to elect Tea Party conservatives via the Republican ballot we’ll eventually have enough of them to neutralize the RINOS. Once we’re at that point we can change the name of the GOP to anything we want. I know that some are saying we can’t wait, that the country is slipping away from us and I agree. However, with the policies of the left coming to their disastrous conclusion right now more and more voters will be willing to vote conservative. Just wait until there are tens of millions left without medical insurance or with unaffordable coverage that leaves huge out of pocket costs. When the sick or injured can’t see a doctor or get the medications they need to live they will have to face the reality that the left has nothing to offer them but empty promises.

  55. There is already a process in place that squarly places the blame where it belongs – on the broken and corrupt system. It is called a Specific Federal Recall, using the constitutional authority given the people to revoke any delegated powers of the federal government (10th Amendment). The tyranny that has been taking place involves members of both parties, and it is an offense to say only one President is involved in the myriad of acts and laws Congress has come up with that erodes civil liberties since the Patriot Act! The Jan 14, 2014 Federal Recall is bypartisan – it recalls the President, and Vice President, while removing Speaker of the House, and ousts the Chief Justice, along with Senators and Representatives who have served more than 5 years. It enforces good government and additional checks and balances. Contact me on Facebook if you want real lasting change.

    1. That’s the way the professers explained it to me, Stephen! I am 75 YOA and they haven’t covered the bill of rights at all since the late 60’s in schools! So a lot of these younger folks have beliefs that the gov’t is a creator of jobs, guards our rights,(or comes from the gov’t), They have been taught that since then in the march to progressive marxism. Jimmie carters NEA is communist as they come! So I will help you explain the federal recall, spread the word, and you would be surprised how many of our reps. have no knowledge of the amendments! We had michelle Bauchman running a training school on the constitution, no one showed up, they thought they knew it! Wrong! Some of those are gone now,and we need to show others to the door, or just go ahead and initiate the Federal recall. Of course our reps. have to initiate it in lower house or in the senate! Thats a catch! The recall is of course based on popular votes of constituents! Right on!

      1. they did but only in private schools i guess. i learned about the Constitution AND the bill of rights throughout school and i graduated in the 70s

  56. Guess what – Gary DeMar is an FBI agent. This whole thing is designed to get you Christian patriot militia seceders to log in and identify yourselves.

    If you are looking for bomb making instructions – FBI agent.
    Kiddie porn – FBI agent.
    Hit man to kill your wife – FBI agent.
    Prescription for heavy duty painkillers – FBI agent.
    Plan how to assa51nate the president – FBI agent.
    You are now being monitored. Have a nice day.

    1. Why? Is life so dear or peace so sweet? Those unwilling to kill and die to preserve their rights, freedoms and property will surely and deservedly lose them. Semper Fi!

      1. I think we need not to take a forceful stand at first, only when they take forceful stand then we shall be ready to fight, l like to see how we do with winning the WH over in elections this next time… but l am willing and ready to fight if it came to that, but even mentioning this hear may land me in jail, with the spying and the trolls one need to be cautious….best sometimes to be more cautious then ever…

  57. We call ourselves conservatives, Patriots etc. He!! we won`t you even drop our face book site. The super rich — such as Mark Zuckerberg, want Amnesty for illegal’s “comprehensive immigration reform.”

    Only cowards and traitors would have a face book site knowing that traitor Mark Zuckerberg is pushing congress to give amnesty to illegal`s. Cowards willing to surrender to the super rich and traitors willing to surrender the rights of other Americans. I have dropped my face book site.

    Saverin is one of the founders of Face book. Eduardo Saverin has lived in Singapore since 2009 and renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2011.

    I say if Eduardo Saverin doesn`t want to be an American and live here then piss on his face book. I have dropped my face book site.

    The rest of us will overcome these individuals and resist the efforts of the corrupt super rich by refusing to support them.

    If the above isn`t enough for you to drop you face book site here is some more and if this isn`t enough then you need to really ask yourself if you are worthy enough to call yourself a conservative or a patriot.

    obama legacy will be immigration not obamaCare.

    obama is into immigration reform which is a socialist intervention into American society – he will turn 12 million poor illegal Latinos into US citizens-revolutionaries. They will get green cards, by 2016 they will get citizenship and bring here all their family members (grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, brides and grooms) – around 50-60 million unemployed poorly educated people. And that will be the death of America, the end of American Constitution and the birth of a totalitarian “Obama – forever ” Communist regime.

    Get the He!! of face book, and help stop Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin push for Amnesty for illegal’s “comprehensive immigration reform.” that will destroy America as we know it.

  58. If the election was held in November 2012, the candidate that didn’t sign a law requiring people to purchase a product beats Obama. Too bad the GOP didn’t figure that out.

  59. Adams was right then, and his words are right now! If we do stand for liberty and freedom now, there are evil men and women in D.C. poised to take what;s left away from us. My wife and I will NOT live as slaves to tyranny. We will die on our feet as patriots fighting for our freedom again, but we REFUSE to live on our knees as slaves! If you think that is being “overly dramatic” think about this…almost 68 years ago 54 MILLION human beings vanished from the face of the earth because evil attempted to enslave us. Look at those pictures of World War 2 and remember why!

  60. This site’s comments and commentary prove it’s time for the mass dispersal of strait jackets for the cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs residing here.

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