Sequester Means You’ll Die!

Never waste a good crisis, and if you can’t find a good crisis, make one up — Obama Administration Rule No. 1.

The current “crisis” is all the sequester nonsense flying around courtesy of the White House and the lapdog media.

You’re supposed to be scared of all the horrible things the White House says will happen if the sequester goes into effect, from defense layoffs to benefit cuts to a lack of olives in the back of Sen. Harry Reid’s limousine.

Recall we had the debt-ceiling crisis, then the fiscal cliff and we’re all still alive, and Washington hasn’t stopped spending money.

In fact, with the sequester approaching, amounting to a 2 percent cut in the federal budget, the feds are still hiring, adding jobs and funding new programs like there’s no national debt.

Considering that government can, with a wave of its wand, force American families to lose 2 percent from their household budgets, as happened to most people just a month ago, and we’re all expected to just go along, I’m feeling very little sympathy for whining politicians.

Janet Napolitano, for example, was squealing just the other day about the Department of Homeland Security, “I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security with sequester compared to without sequester.”

So you mean we might have to cut back on the TSA rape rooms at our nation’s airports, maybe not gas up so many drones to spy on Americans, or even reduce video rental fees at Border Patrol offices where the personnel aren’t allowed to go out and stop illegal border crossers?

That would be some big losses there.

This entire sequester business is Obama’s baby, of course. He signed it into law, and he refused to modify or eliminate it when people started worrying about turning down the money spigot.

All of which means the Administration will take every chance possible to blame Republicans.

Obama being Obama, though, the cuts will fall disproportionately on the armed forces, just so the president can fulfill his party’s anti-military goals while being able to say Republicans allowed it to happen.

Personally, I’m over it already. There just isn’t that much we get from the federal government for our taxes anyway. I hope the sequester does happen and the cuts start with presidential million-dollar golf weekends.


184 thoughts on “Sequester Means You’ll Die!

  1. So the jerks aren’t really cutting anything except that they won’t get as much as THEY WANT! And, I don’t understand how they can classify that as a cut, I guess I’m just plain stupid. Now, day after day, it’s scare the American people and tell them to contact their representatives and tell them to give the lying, arrogant JA want he wants!! Not me, how about you. Remember their trying to scare us about the Republicans pushing granny over the cliff. Just take a good look at obummercare, who is pushing granny over the cliff????? The world will not stand still just because they won’t get all the money they want to spend, Spend, SPEND. I hope Boehner meant it when he said they won’t get any more, I sure hope they won’t cave to this incompetent, lying JA again. I hope they will stand up to him everytime he tells a lie and I hope they ground Airforce One at $180,000 and hour and tell the jerk and moocherelle to stay home!


    1. OHHH MY M SURE IF THEY ALL go to washington…mr pres will give them jobs and $$$$$$ go there people…knock on his door…say…you let us out now what??? you gonna help us??? duhhhhhh….. if not just ransack the w.h,,,,that should wake him up !!!!!! hey maybe they can get jobs working for biden….as brain surgeons….

      1. after the battle of San Jacinto we should have gone into Mexico and waisted the whole country. That little pissant Santa Anna should have been hung and drug through the streets in Mexico.

      1. Let ’em come. In my town…..we are all waiting. Knock,knock,,…..whos there? Smith & Wesson, Browning, Walther, 6 Shotguns, 2 rifles, and other unmentionables. Come & get it boys.

    2. And then this government of ours are trying to take our guns and leave us defenceless against these morons. The government officials need to be all taken out one by one and hung for treason against their own people.

    3. The Obama-suck-up media will do its best to cover all crime associated with the dirt and scum he just swept out of jail. What are the good American people waiting for? It is time to remove the filth that is running and ruining this country…

  3. Then maybe you can explain why the sequester was Obama’s idea? Your idea of keeping our borders safe was to leave them open so all your potential voters could swarm over this country like a bunch of locusts taking priority over American citizens. Since when did you ever care about Americans dying! I’m with the author of this article who stated: “I hope the sequester does happen and the cuts start with presidential million-dollar golf weekends.”

      1. Keep spewing the lib talking points and you will win Biggest Idiot on this site. Don’t you have any intelligent thoughts?

      2. Sure, but we also have more filthjy mexicans here and are allowing many additional filthy mexicans to enter illegally. Why is that? It is not because they will vote for the Republicans.

        1. It’s largely because Pres. Ronnie granted them blanket amnesty as a tactic to break Cesar Chavez’s attempts to unionize farm workers by flooding the market with super-cheap labor. Thanks a pile, Ronnie.

      3. The people of Arizona would like to see less, one man has a Ranch on the border, they pillage his crops, he has cameras to prove they are cutting across his property, I have female friends in Ariz. who are afraid to go out alone as the illegals rape women, steal food from houses as well as guns, ammo and clothes This is not in the papers, even here in Va. there are a lot of crimes committed by illegals, I read the Crime reports, let’s face it they DO NOT come here to obey our laws, they come to get what they can for nothing. They work under the table, taking jobs from house painters and other construction people and then send money back to their homeland, just check out Western Union in groceries and Bank of America.

      4. Ooohh. No security for Nancy….. No olives for Reid….. Sure thats not prunes….!!!! Lets get rid of the limo & let him keep his “prunes”. They should buy their own car and not ride in a gas guzzler. I for one am tired of buying them prunes & gas (the gas for Their free food in the WH should be taken away, along w/ their call-girls, one night stands, & their kept women. Those pleasures should be paid for out of their pockets. BOZO should have to pay for his pleasures out of his pocket instead of having the tax payers foot the bill for him & his family, along with the security guards, gas for AF #1, and pay for the guests he invites. Makes you want to withhold paying taxes dosen’t it.

        1. No. Everything they need comes FIRST! That is the way it has always been, and I NO FAITH at all that anything will change. We wound up with a POTUS who had only been in the Senate 173 days when he started running for the job, and only spent something like 30 days in chamber before that.

      5. Larry, what kind of Kool-aid are you on. Oh you must be waiting for the illegals to make it across the border so you can either sniff it, inject it, or smoke it. I will aide the BP or BG and wait for you and your friends to TRY & make it into the USA, but don’t stand to close to the illegals Larry, you might get shot.

      6. More illegals have come into this country in the last four years than in the previous ten and most of them are still here. Who would believe any of the drivel that comes from this thuggish administration?

      7. Sorry LArry, you are wrong. More illegals LEFT this country in the four years than any other president. Why? Because they couldn’t find work. Now that is a fact.

    1. The only good thing would be if bo died……but then we’d have to deal with the “Village Idiot”. Maybe that wouldnt be so bad after all !!!!

      1. I really believe that if obozo was to go (however that happens) then the liberals would not be so quick to try to force things on us that can only happen if they cry racism. Even as stupid as biden is, he is white, and therefore the liberals can’t get behind him. Altho, they might use his brainlessness to try to get things done…..

      2. It’s gonna get worse — MUCH worse! Hillary is already fueling up her PAC to run for POTUS in 2016, hiring staff, raising funds, etc .
        Ya’ ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!!

    2. Not only that but, right now it is very important to make it obvious to everyone just how big a fraud this President is. At the end of the month Barry “chicken little” Obama will ask for a increase in his allowance (debt ceiling) with all that he has been braying about gloom and doom with this sooner or later the majority will wake up to the boy that has been calling wolf.

    3. I think it was Joseph Goebbels (Hitlers right hand) who said
      “tell a lie so big no one will believe it!”
      this regime has used that tactic from day one- that’s what bad people do, they use “emotion not facts!”

      also if you read the congressional list in 1963 of communists agendas, its all right there approx 40 + of (propaganda techniques, lies, media on their side, wage riots, and so on……)

      1. You have done an excellent job of describing Rethuglicon tactics dating back to the mid 1880s. Nicely done. After all, where do you think the Nazis and Soviets got the idea?

        1. The answer is from the Woodrow Wilson administration. Goebbels thought the man was a genius and embraced his way of doing things for the Nazis. Glad you asked. BTW Wilson was a democrat progressive,

        2. Yeah. Now-former Rep. Allen West and self-described “comedian” Glenn Beck both said much the same thing a while ago. They were full of [crap] too.

        3. Didn’t think you studied history either and you just proved it. Suggest you go to the library they have a wonderful set of books there that should aleviate the problem.

        4. I have studied history. REAL history. Not the dreck that West, Beck D’Souza, and their ilk make up for rubes like you to believe.

          West said, “I think that if you would take the time to study the political spectrum of ideologies, you’d understand that at the turn of the century, American Communists renamed themselves as progressives. If you study the Woodrow Wilson administration, people referred to the Woodrow Wilson administration as a progressive administration.”

          So Wilson described himself as progressive, and progressive just means communist, therefore Wilson was a communist. This is, at best, fifth-grade logic.

          Wilson imprisoned and deported communists, socialists, and leftists for just generally holding views he found subversive. He threw American Socialist Party leader Eugene V. Debs, who had garnered nearly a million votes running against Wilson in 1912, in prison for speaking out against the imprisonment of anti-war leftists.

          Wilson sent American soldiers to support Czarist forces AGAINST Bolshevik revolutionaries during the Russian civil war in 1918. He appointed A. Mitchell Palmer as his Attorney General. The iconic 1920 Palmer Raids resulted in mass arrests and deportations of suspected leftists of ALL stripes.

          Here’s a question you probably can’t/won’t answer: How many communists do you have to kill and/or throw in prison to NOT be considered one? It’s not like Wilson lacks for actual flaws either, given that he was a HUGE racist and Confederate sympathizer, among other things.

          Suggest you go to the library they have a wonderful set of books there that should aleviate (sic) the problem.

          Nah. Probably not.

        5. Excuse me but don’t put words in my mouth. I am familiar with what he did and what he said. I also did not call him a communist either. Sop what you have attempted here is called calling the argument. It is the oldest of debate strategies used to divert an opponent so that one does not have to argue the merits or the lack thereof of their position. Citing the tossing of communists into prison does nothing for your argument. Unless I missed something what was Trotsky and what happened to him? Try again.

    4. The most important facts are being ignored. First off it is only about a 2.5% cut and it is a cut in this years increase NOT a cut in what already exists. Second the mad Marxist in the white house has the authority where to make the cuts. His objective though is to make them as devastating to the people as possible instead of making wise decisions to cut the fat.

  4. The chicken-little-sky-is-falling- Prez and his sycophant Napolitano are acting exactly according to plan. Expect more of their scare tactics and predictions of cataclysmic disaster.

  5. Tell departemnt of Homeland security to sell the 2 billion bullets they have stockpiled to shoot Americans that will pay for some of it

  6. The bounds of hypocrisy know no limits.
    With all the admin spokes-monkeys running around flinging feces and screaming about all the dangers that will befall us for not allowing the continued unlimited spending of the current administration on one side…and yet on the other, they continue the unconstitutional attempts to relieve law abiding citizens of the means to defend ourselves from the pending doom they are purposefully foisting upon us.
    Is it just me, or am I missing something here?

  7. Does anyone remember that there was an election last November? The stupid republinos voted for stupid republinos and now complain that they have stupid republinos blocking everything that America used to stand for: The American People.

  8. It is not a TAX CUT!!! The sequester mean there will not be an increase in last years spending of 2%. There is a decrease in the increase of spending of 2%. Everyone is paid the same as last year. This just means that Nobama cant increase spending 2% more…..again!!!!!

  9. I just hope republicans mean what they say this time. The only way to treat a spoiled baby is to spank its ass. Say no more and mean it. For once stand up to this admin. and give us something as republicans that we can rejoice in.

  10. I say “bring it on” with the sequester. I’m so ready for cuts and they have to start somewhere. So what, maybe the next cut can be the Senate/Condress payroll in Washington, that alone would probably balance the budget. NOTHING scary about it except the political fear they are beginning to feal in DC. Let’s say we all start notifying our politicians that the next $$$ to be cut should be their pay…and our new American slogan is “Sequester-Bring It On!!!”

  11. I will vote for tax increases as long as there are real cuts in spending not these fake cuts of 88 billion from a 115 billion Increase in the spending this is not a cut at all now if they cut 200 Billion that would at least be something but don’t increase the spending and then promote an 88 billion cut from an increase of 115 billion as any kind of spending cut it is an outright LIE

  12. Maybe DHS should stop buying so many “personal defense weapons” and “hollow point ammo” for target practice as a first cut back.

  13. Die, Oh don’t tease me so, There are only two people I’d like to see dead, the Kaffir in the white house, and the dyke in DHS. I’d give up sex and beer and anything else just to watch them die.

  14. Yea make funny jokes. Hope y are not flying or are disabled or a teacher whose school district used fed funds for her/his job. Or that pesky meat inspection. Yea just silly stuff. Who needs it. Go grow yiur own meat and shoot it with your AK-15. And that rape room is so unneeded for this non existent terrorist. I was recently in the what you call rape room and the ladies were so nice. Must have gotten a Rep. I wonder why the boy wonder, Paul Ryan, had that great photo op where he extolled the great bipartisan sequester. Must have been recovering g from an exercise od. Boehners just a regular cocktail hour. Yea they all so loved it. nd they all knew the cuts were across the board, not targeted. Boehner I traduced bills last year cutting SSI and privatizing Medicaire and giving tax custs to higher income. Somehow that didn’t fly. No new o es this year. House originates budgets. But hey on vacation.

    1. Larry..when you pull your head from your anal orifice we can talk..your LIBTARD talking points always leave out what the majority in the Senate did not do, what OBO did to create this…as usual..LIBATRDS only see what they want to see.

  15. We are going to die! Die! We are going to die!

    No money for multi-million dollar vacations for Michelle to fly out to Aspen, Barack to train with Tiger Woods, the family all to fly out to Hawaii, to Italy, and have more vacations at the tax-payer expense that any other president. No money to maintain the huge government expansion, overpay of government employees as compared to the same jobs in the private sector. Maybe the unions and hollywood will kick in some of their billions to help, to keep us from dying!

  16. Now Don’t we all think that it is about time We the People start taking a more active roll in all of this crap. sequester Is turd boys problem and belongs wholly and totally to the DEM’s

    The best way for this nation to solve this problem is to use one of the governments own tactics and defund them. and we do this by simply stop paying income tax and pass laws at the local level that require that the people must ratify by legal vote EVERY action passed upon the people by the government prior to it’s enactment or enforcement. If this is a government of the people by the people and for the people then why don’t we the people take it back from those worthless criminals in DC instead of just sitting at our keybords and whining about everything that is being done to us by those we elected to destroy this nation and our children’s future.

    1. I think many of us are caught in a Three Stooges skit! I can hear the words but, “I’ll lead; after you! Nya nya nya!”
      It’s way past time!

    2. Claim 10 dependants at work and that would keep billions out of the hands of these thieves. They would have to wait until April for the money. Then file an extension, that way we keep them from our money as long as possible.

  17. Sorry ass Obongo’s paycheck is not affected by the sequester nor is welfare. If the Defense Dept. has to furlough each civilian it employs for 22 days, why won’t the fraud president furlough his paycheck for 22 days and also cut 22 days from the welfare bums? By the way, my guns are now classified as undocumented guns to shoot undocument criminals, I will also apply for Govt. subsidies to get free ammo from the feds. Hey it’s working for the illegal aliens.

    1. Yes, the cuts to the military will be real; although WA will NOT stop spending, and sending money to our enemies, as well as arming them, leaving the borders porous, and doing whatever he can to increase the welfare, nanny state. We are in for a rough ride here, People.

  18. Odummernshidt is unraveling, finally! He’s like the little boy who has cried wolf one too many times; and now even the press is catching on (like it was hard to see…duh). I love it…this is better than watching British comedy.

  19. I say “bring it on” with the sequester. I’m so ready for cuts and they have to start somewhere. So what, maybe the next cut can be the Senate/Condress payroll in Washington, that alone would probably balance the budget. NOTHING scary about it except the political fear they are beginning to feal in DC. Let’s say we all start notifying our politicians that the next $$$ to be cut should be their pay…and our new American slogan is “Sequester-Bring It On!!!”

  20. The cut is 9.1 % not 2%. Approved by house majority..all but 1/3 of the Reps. Ditto for senate. Paul Ryan loved it in photo op, the cuts are across the board for on defense and exempt Tropps for defense. It’s not just next years I creass. reps supported … Really

  21. The WH budget is, of course, exempted … Can’t expect the tyrant in chief to give up anything, just us serfs.
    I wish we could get the congress to defund the vast majority of the federal government that isn’t authorized by the Constitution.
    Shut it down, pull the plug, send them home and let them find real jobs instead of being leeches on the productive people in society.
    Leave us the hell alone!

  22. She is an Idiot anyway. She only says and does exatly what her president tells her to do and say. She is the most worthless govt. paid employee – next to Obama.

  23. Like Chicken Little, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” and a funny line from Ghostbusters, “and it will rain cats and dogs…” They have to always make it a crisis when it isn’t. I hope the sequester goes into effect as it would finally be some spending cuts, albeit not nearly enough.

  24. I can solve this: Shutdown ALL Government Travel …Park Airforce 1 & 2 and disband Homeland Security / EPA / Dept Education / ICE … Defund ALL Foreign Aid-Foreign Loans-UN-World Bank!
    Cancel ALL WORK Visas-Greencards-Permits and CUT Immigration Quotas by 75%!
    Defund ALL Foreign Student Freebies!
    Cancel ALL Benefits for Elected Fed Officials and Immediate Pay CUT of 75%!!

    1. ves………..Excellent list. Too bad it won’t happen. I’ve been calling for the grounding of Air Force One until we are out of debt.

  25. die? who cares? i am already a dead man walking based upon my blogs here and elsewhere, as far as i am concerned, as many here may be as well.

    (btw, i don’t go into 2 story buildings, don’t drive a car, and don’t have health problems, so any report of my death will be premature, if ya catch my drif, lol!!) long live andrew breitbart. truth is more important than life, since God is truth.

  26. They are all a bunch of lunatic liars! They live is a make believe world like little kids playing in the playground and making up rules as they go along. This group in this regime are caricatures of despots who can’t even rule their own lives, much less the Country’s. They are criminal and should all be under investigation and thrown in jail to rot with their fellow Islamic terrorist and Mexican cartel buddies!

  27. the sky is falling,the sky is falling its true as Obummer has said so,he wont lie. This whole load of crap he started and now blamed the stupid Rubbercans is so much pure ol BS

  28. It’s all coming to a head and I am glad this house is armed. If invaded uninvited… by the criminals let loose….someone will die before I do.

  29. As they release these criminals give them the address of Big Butt Napalatino and Osocialist
    so they can come by and thank them personally for their release. As for the rest of us
    if any of these repeate offenders appear on your property remove them by any means
    necessary. maybe one of Slo-Jo’s two barrel shootgun filled with double 00 buckshot.
    then you can send them back to him stuffed and mounted or to Louisiana to feed the
    gators. Only problem is the gators are pretty paticular about what they eat and might
    come after you if you bring bad food to the swamp.

  30. we need to stop playing patty cakes with these useless jerks in washngton. Place all the congressmen and the president lock them in one chamber and they are not coming out until they have a budget with at least 10% cut Starting with a 1009% cut on funding to the UN what awaste of our Tax dollars for which we see no return and a lot of grief. Next cut the pay of all elected officials by 50% and once out of office they get NOTHING. They pay into and collect from the same insurance as every other american. they pay into and collect from social security like veryone else. And once out of office the president gets NOTHING including no Secret Service protection since onceout of office we don’t care if he lives or dies. Bring back the CCC’s and the WPA if these people want to collect public money they need to be doing public service work. Plant trees, clean parks, clean along roads, fix and mantain roads and bridges, and work on our infrastructure..

  31. I wonder how much money we could save if we abolished the TSA altogether? Seriously, why are the taxpayers, paying for security at the airports to begin with? They are a PRIVATE enterprise, let them foot their own bills. Next, we could save a bundle of money, by demanding Obama, and his Royal family, pay for their own vacations, including travel expenses to and from his destinations (ditto for his bodyguards). Congress and our Senators need to pay into Social Security, if they’re going to draw monies from it later. Our troops could be brought home (world wide) and placed on our own borders. A few million illegal aliens could be deported, and in the meantime, their social benefits could be nixed. Obama is actually sending people to Mexico to instruct them, how to come to America and sign up for Food stamps. We need to cut off ALL Foreign Aid. And the list goes on …. But, of course our non-American Government will threaten to cut Social Security and Medicare, and Veterans benefits to instill fear into the people, even though the majority of legitimate Americans have spent their lives paying into these programs. As for the Vets, how many have sacrificed arms, legs, eyes, and their sanity, only to be told ‘sorry Charlie’, we’re broke. What a frigging insult to us all.

    And finally get rid of the Federal Reserve. They are spending $85 Billion dollars (a week) buying back worthless paper, nobody else wants, to save face. The dollar is pretty much worthless. Why not admit it and put the power of coinage back where it belongs? If they did, and backed our currency with something ‘real’, Congress would have no choice, but to make a budget and stick to it.

  32. So Americans can live with 2% more taken out of their check each time, but the Federal Government can’t stand a 2% cut in spending. Actually, they should be cutting 10% per year until they reach a balanced budget. We need less government and everything will straighten up in the economy.

  33. Cutting Obama’s vacation would save millions each time the president goes off to some location the Air Force One and personal cost $250,000.oo per hour and that does not account for the weekend trips for Joe Biden to Delaware every weekend that racks up a $600,000.oo a weekend. Each Senator and Congress gets a allowance of about $350,000.oo a year to run their offices in their state add that by 535 + one president and one vice president plus their appointed cabinet people sense they only work a few months out of the year. Couldn’t their pay be cut. When the Congress shows they can live on less and still work to lower the taxes for the middle class then we can think about 2% loss each week out of our pay. There has not been a cut yet and Obama is sending criminals home to steal, kill and destroy. There is a lack of protection for the American people another reason to remove gun from the people. With the cuts to police forces and a response time of 23 minutes that should make you feel safe.

  34. The sequester was a bad bet by a bad poker player. Obama thought the weasels who are current leaders of the Republican party would fold. Maybe this time he was wrong. Or maybe it is all about distraction.
    There is indeed very little we get for the enormous wealth extracted from us by an unaccountable federal government. Their authority is constitutionally limited primarily to defense, diplomacy, and regulation of duties between states (original intent of the Commerce Clause). This means about 80% of the federal government of today is illegitimate. The left makes a big deal of a lousy 2% to keep us distracted from pressing for the 80%.
    Lets not play their game by arguing about “wedge” issues like this and abortion or religion (which are no business of the feds anyway) and go for the gold. Rise up and demand a return to Constructional government. Eliminating the 80% would also eliminate the thuggish IRS and income tax.

    1. An asteroid direct hit that takes out the WH, Congress and the SC would be excellent. 545 of the worst America has as Government. Start over with Real Patriots, one’s who follow the U.S. Constitution and the law.

  35. Over a period of eight tears, federal spending has increased from 2.7 Trillion to
    3.7 trillion dollars annually. Now we’re supposed to believe the sky is falling
    due to a small decrease in wasteful government spending.

  36. Boehner 1 202 225-0600. Cantor 1 202 225-4000 McCain 1 202 224-2235 mcconnell 1 202 224-2541 reid 1 202 224-3542 pelosi 1 202 225-4965 graham 1 202 224-5974 rubio 1 202 224-3041 switchboard senate 1 202 224-3121 shela jackson lee 1 202 225-3816
    This is a start so call this bunch of lying traitors and tell them what you really feel!

  37. The administration spews this crap and here we are reading it. What if they said it and nobody heard it? Then what would they do? I don’t think the low information voters watch any news on tv or read the paper so who would know besides those of us reading this crap. They can all go to heck along with that scumbag, Eric Cantor. He’s as bad as “O” with his threatning the conservatives to back V.A.W.A.

  38. Let it happen…it’s just a bunch of political scare tactics to get more spending and more of your tax dollars. Biggest bunch of crap there is. 2% is NOT going to make any difference and God knows there is way more than 2% of government WASTE spending that can be cut.

  39. This all stems from Saul Alinsky’s Playbook that the President, his mentors, and the majority of members of his Administration, past and present have all utilized and internalized. As David Webb has stated on his XM/Sirius Patriot radio show, Obama has not evolved from the teachings he received in his formative years, from the likes of Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers.

  40. doom and gloom, chaos, fear – that is the propaganda this administration has ran since 08′ at some point in time just maybe the zombies will snap out of it and decide they don’t want the free hand outs….not likely but maybe….buy more bullets you are going to need them when the zombies are cut off because there is no more freebies because this administration has devalued the dollar to no more than toilet paper

    1. Janet the shemale, “we will have to cut your Defense”. Seems like you are doing that on a good clip already. Threat threat threat. Yet how much money did you “our government” just give to Syria? to Terrorists. Got a twitter this am that O says sequester will cause infertility and erectile dysfunction. Its all such a joke. This is so surreal and ridiculous, when your own Government is threatening and taunting the people. Well, lets just say I didn’t put up with it on the playground, the workplace, and it ain’t gonna fly coming from “my government”. (using term loosely, as truly don’t accept these creatures as such) .

      1. hey that is bullying and if i remember right the queen herself is in on to stopping the bullying – maybe she needs a sit down time with the king

  41. Panic time in DC. The Repubs are showing signs of not caving. Which IS a sequester crisis. It would be devastating for a Presbo adminsitration that has been screaming from the rooftops about how devastating it is going to be, to then have it not be devastaing. If Americans are unscathed by the government having to shave 2.6% from their planned INCREASE in spending, it places this very govenment under the threat of not being taken seriously. Bad enough that they can no longer fill their venues. What if they have to endure catcalls when they do show their face? Call in the drones!

  42. The United States of America was founded by these united States who years afterward created the federal government via the Constitution. These States do not need Washington departments, agencies, and bureaucrats to function especially if the federal government will no longer adhere to the Constitution. The States have every right and authority to remove entirely the funding for every thing Washington does that is NOT specified and enumerated within the Constitution.

    What does the “Father of the Constitution” say on this matter? …

    “Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act. In this relation, then, the new Constitution will, if established, be a FEDERAL, and not a NATIONAL constitution”

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation and foreign commerce.”

    James Madison, 1787

  43. Adolph and his little weak knee anti-American appointtees, Like this idiot, who would jump off from a cliff if Obabler told her to do such a thing. (Napoliana who thinks she is a man.) They have resurrected joseph Goebbels propaganda team! Obabler is the author of ‘sequester’ Come congress make him responsibile for a change and prove him to be the pathological liar he is.

  44. This is just plain Bull Droppings. I certainly hope there is not a small crisis in the next few days. If there is. it will be blamed on sequester or high powered rifles for sure. I wouldn’t even put it past this administration manufacturing one.

  45. I wouldn’t joke about it as this Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler has no one to stand up to him to prevent him from finishing of Amerika and replacing it with AMERIKA, as he is just about there thanks to the chickensh^t (opposition?)!

  46. WRT the Article title… Personally, I consider death a reasonable alternative to the third world dictatorship the Kenyan fascist is trying to turn my country into. I just want to be sure to take some obamanoids with me when I go. Semper Fi!

  47. now that there is some room in the jail,we can now put obuma and the DNC in the jails where they belong, the treasonous lairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I don’t think Obama and company realize that the chicken little act is getting old and people are tired of it. They could fix the issues with the sequester if Obama had a meeting longer than seven minutes with GOP leaders, but he’s not untested. He wants to destroy the Republican Party to make way for a slam dunk in the 2014 elections. I sure hope he’s betting on the wrong horse and all his plans all go up in smoke.

  49. A real scare tactic but, I’m sure if it happens he will blame it on the Republican and if it doesn’t work, the only one’s to suffer are the miltitary which he and his party hates to begin with and maybe a few government union employee’s and that is a good thing. Cut the spending idiots in DC.

  50. he will not give up golf ,because were paying fot it ,he doesn’t care for any body ,or anything this country stands for,its about kneeling to him as king and socialism and nothing else

  51. The dems got their excessive entitlement spending , their tax increases on the wealthy and middle class and now cuts to national defense. Sounds like a socialist wet dream and they are complaining?

  52. Me too. I hope there are many more as 2% of growth is like a fly compared to the syrup. NO MORE TAXES. I will not vote for any candidate who voted for any tax period. Thank you for the article.

  53. Janet the Great, and her comment ““I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security with sequester compared to without sequester.” Yet, where did DHS find the money to accumulate the over 2 Billion rounds of hollow point ammo and the 7000 full automatic assault rifles that have been acquired?
    Question though, did all of this really happen, the buying and stockpiling, or is it just more of the Obama Bullsh*t Program to scare the people into going along with his corrupted ideas?
    I keep hoping that all of this crap will go away, that I will wake up, and find that it was all a
    ‘bad dream’. But, I pinch myself, and I can feel it, so, guess it is real.

  54. Obama created all this sequestration mess by coming up with it in the first place. Let it take place and let him and all of his freebie and hand-out buddies stew in a soup of their own making. Obama is just afraid that he won’t be able to control those who voted for him (some of them two or three times or more) if he isn’t able to keep giving them hand-outs at the same rate that he has been. I’ve always heard that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Well, Obama, YOU are now the gander! Soak it up and be happy in it. You created it!

  55. All released illegals should be bussed to and released in front of the White House fence.
    I bet millions of us would even ptch in on gas. That would make as strong a point as the States could.

  56. Three stages of being – BIRTH – LIFE – DEATH. This is an immutable law of nature.

    I was born – I have lived a good life (until 2009) – and I hope to die peacefully in sleep.

    For Obama – Born – Lived a life of lies, deception and destruction – And I hope that when you die (of natural causes) that it will be slowly, painfully and, maddeningly and return from whence you came.

    This is not a ‘death threat’ – It is a wish for your demise – and my prayer for you – My prayer for myself is that God forgive me for my great distaste for your very being.

  57. Bad people use “emotion” as scare tactics!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hitler used it too! then they also indicate they are the saviors-
    what should you do?
    Run like H*LL from these people – they never have good intentions in mind- they only have nefarious acts to commit to you, your family and your nation!!

  58. Obama and his goons will threaten to harm Americans as much as possible for political purposes. Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get any smaller, guess what? Just think of him as The Incredible Shrinking President.

  59. Wolf, wolf and the sky is falling ithe crisis management technique for the inept putz sitting in the oval office, the one WTP used to respect but are having difficulty with a uncredentialed liar using the chair. He is threatening this country with civil unrest and makes it known…
    Now the clown is using the office to show us all how he can make a US naval ACC do a about face and head for port, abandon station and cost the taxpayers more millions. This guy has squandered good money on cronyism, collusion and union payoffs and his silly use of fiat is another toy that should be taken from his sweaty hands, this Faker is dangerous and I daresay delusional…..Woodward has him pegged a man displaying the antics of a madman…

  60. We have one hell of a crisis going – – – OBAMA- – – and his administration………….
    And we can’t forget our number one low life – – – The schmuck Harry Reed…………

  61. dream on if you think it will effect the Obama,s in any way..he has made it so his salary, cannot be touched, he has lifetime secret service protection. Michelle was on Doctor Oz today, talking about her bucket list. she had never seen the Grand Canyon or other places, until she became first lady. in other words we are paying for all her elaborate vacations, and she plans on doing it up big, while she can

  62. The kingO is on his campaign trail! What the liberal socialist news media is reporting is not true! TRUTH! The sequester cuts compared to the additional spending is a negative wash. They have more spending to pass than they have sequester cuts.This administration does not have a spending or entitlement problem! Or so they say!

  63. I wander what all those who voted for this SOB are going to do when all of their freebies dry up and they are left out in the cold! I bet they’re going to start screaming bloody murder!

    1. We rich democrats will take care of them. So quit worrying. You will be in FEMA interment camps so we can seize yiur houses. Well be fine

  64. Here is Napo again, banging the “fobia and panic” drums, on behalf of her boss, King Obama I!
    Do we know who let the 30,000 Criminal Alliens out of jail???? Wait till one or two of them kill, rob , or rape someone…

    Then the sh…t is going to fly all over the White House… and it was George Bush fault!
    They have no shame to lie, and scare our Nation…


  65. Obama cares nothing about the American citizen, he hats the military and law enforcement, and stopped deportation of over 300,000 illegal aliens, including his own relatives who are here in this country illegally! He and Janet Napolitano have tied Border Patrol Agents hands behind their back and won’t allow them to do their job! Obama is a devout Black Muslim Communist, criminal offender, and a traitor who must be indicted, tried, convicted and executed for his crimes…

  66. Typical. Trying to “scare” us. That is Obama’s answer to everything, “raise taxes” Here is an idea, STOP getting on AIr Force One every other day, STOP golfing everyday, AND QUIT SPENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Release ILLEGALS, DEFUND the MILITARY to save money . Obama is so arrogant to think that we are all STUPID. How about stopping SPENDING , the ENTITLEMENT programs .and those FANCY VACATIONS .

  68. The sequester is a JOKE! What it really is, is a game! It boils down to this simple equation. This administrations plan was to raise SPENDING this year 1.7 trillion dollars. If and when the sequester happens, it will only spend 1.6 trillion dollars. It is smoke and mirrors once again. They are lying to us citizens! We need to take a stand and take OUR government back!

  69. The ghost of Saul Alinsky is running “the show” via his most attentive student – the most lying, anti-American president in U.S. history; Barack Hussein Obama, Left Winger Extraordinaire ! YECH !

  70. You mean we could die before HSA kills us with the ammo they are accumalating? We know that ammo is for us. We should empty our jails in advance to let prison voting blocks out, we should flood the streets with criminal “do it for free” assassins aiming at sheriff joe and gov. Jan Brewer? This is not sound reasoning and we need new leadership in HSA and the POTUS. SCOTUS could stand a reasoning/logic class or two.

  71. Well so long everyone I guess come midnight I will no longer be around.HA HA!!!!
    These people are FREAKING NUTS!!!!!!!!!!………

  72. Moneyed interests have been trying to force the merging of Mexico, USA, and Canada into one entity for many, many decades. We used to call it NAFTA, although its moniker has changed a few times to eliminate the stigma of NAFTA. I bring this up to illustrate why the Southern Border is still not secure from simply walking across the Rio Grande. Folks that make huge political donations to federal elected criminals do not want border lockdown. It is bad for their business.

  73. I agree, we took more than 2% in Jan. In SSA insurance and tax brackets alone. What about the price of gasolines impact on driving on the family and cost of goods and services at the cash register. Our leaders need to feel the pain “we the people feel”. They need to lead by example and govern and not calling each side as being in the wrong.

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