Stock Up on Bullets: EPA to Close Last U.S. Lead Smelting Plant

It seems virtually every federal government agency, at least under this president, is a rogue agency, and the EPA is no exception.

That’s not quite accurate. You see, when one hears the word rogue, it conjures up thoughts of abandoning one’s directive. “Oh, him. He went rogue. We can no longer control him.” That type of thing.

It appears that this administration’s prime directive is to allow these agencies to go rogue. Just look at the evidence of department after department’s involvement in one scandal after another.

Yet there is one agency that is head and shoulders above all in the “rogue” department. The EPA. This is the agency that, if left unchecked, can literally mean the end of our country.

Not that the IRS, or Homeland Security, or other federal departments aren’t also dangerous; they are. But none more than the EPA. It’s not even close.

What other single entity is capable of shutting down entire industries. They are in charge of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land on which we walk. That’s pretty much everything.

The latest industry to be quite literally driven into extinction by the EPA is the lead refining industry. The last lead refiner in America will close its doors forever on December 31, 2013. All do to stricter “regulation.” And gee, what is lead used in? Bullets. And is this the administration’s way around legislation to disarm the people? Without bullets, are guns pretty much useless? Yeah they are! Get it!

See, that’s what the EPA does. It tells industries that they are welcome to stay in business if they just adhere to these new standards. These standards are for our own good, you know.

“What do you mean adherence will bankrupt your company? What do you mean the new standards are ridiculous, unnecessary and can’t be met? Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to close down.” And that’s how it works, every time. And the consequences to this country will continue to mount as more and more industries are driven into extinction or at least out of the country.

Now, if the EPA were really concerned with curbing pollution in the air and water, shouldn’t it take a more worldly view? After all, we do share the air and water with the rest of the earth. It’s not just ours. And isn’t that the left’s mantra, to “save the planet,” not just save our country?

And knowing this, why wouldn’t EPA prefer to keep industries in this country where they can be reasonably regulated, rather than driving them to China or some third world hole with little to no air or water quality standards?

Well silly, that’s not the EPA’s job. The EPA is an agency full of loony environmentalist wackos and Communists whose mission is to rid us of the evil capitalist free market system. It’s that simple.

America’s industries are cleaner than they’ve ever been and certainly cleaner than the rest of the world, yet still, that’s not good enough. And why? Because they still exist in this country.

The leftists at the EPA won’t be satisfied until all the “dirty” industries have been driven out and replaced with windmills and unicorns.

Only then can they rest.

134 thoughts on “Stock Up on Bullets: EPA to Close Last U.S. Lead Smelting Plant

  1. Anytime a legitimate, law abiding business closes due to the EPA is cause for concern. The Environmental Police Agency, just like the Institutional Raping System (IRS) is run by lawyers paid to find business and write regulations that keeps lawyers employed. It’s only about money. Common sense and values be dammed.

    Thank goodness the closing of this plant, although a shame, is not as world ending as the article tries to project. This facility only smelts primary lead or lead ore.

    “There are many other primary lead smelters in the world and so the flow of primary lead will not be shut off. Where there is a need for primary lead, I am sure there will be a salesman more than happy to pick up the business. In short, we do not see any reason for alarm. We expect our supply to continue and keep feeding our production lines which are still running 24 hours per day to return our inventory levels to where they should be.” Quote: Sierra Bulletsmith.

    We can thank the EPA lawyers for doing their part to force companies to outsource, and for working to increase our unemployment. 85% of lead smelting has moved to Mexico and the majority of lead used in bullet production has not come from the US for a number of years.

    Just like most government departments managed by the Obummer administration, we can expect EPA to follow the administrations directive….Contain, Seize and Control,

    See: Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness.

    1. Anytime the governmant helps to shut down business and throw people out of work it’s world ending!These TRAITORS need to be EXECUTED!

      1. Yes. Our politicians are in fact traitors.

        Don’t look for any help to fix it…just more talk.

        Pictured here is the newly created government oversight committee who’s job it will be to recommend behavioral modification concepts to the President.

        The committee members were selected due to their remarkable success in raising the awareness of racism and discrimination throughout the US.

        The president felt that their unique “behavior modification” concepts could be incorporated against the racist who do not agree with his policy.

        The committee will be under the management of Homeland Security, FEMA and the IRS.

    2. It’s far more serious than imaginable. Monopolists control supply and price for unlimited power and wealth. Competition and freedom are their enemies!

      Why are we wringing our hands and doing nothing as elected officials ignore, mock, and use their elected powers to attack, forbid, and punish citizens who dare exercise Constitutional rights! Good things routinely injure and kill people every day from bleach, petroleum products, automobiles, aspirin, electricity, to etc. Lead isn’t #1! The worst thing is criminals stealing, maiming, and killing citizens! The only difference between a state of fear and a free state is citizens with guns and lead bullets. The 2nd Amendment recognizes that critical life and freedom fact!

      Amendment II: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the
      right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It’s one 27 simple word sentence of supreme law of the land that cannot be changed without amendments ratified
      by the states! Infringe means “disobey, disregard, and encroach”… untouchable!

      The Constitution Article VI Clauses 2 & 3 binds all government offices, and everyone within their organizations, to the Constitution! Clause 3: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution…” All including the president are bound to the Constitution’s words! None can create laws, agreements, or treaties affecting Constitutional protections, without criminally breaching oath and duty! Crimes aren’t enforceable!

      Progressives within government aggressively use their official powers to subvert and deny Civil Rights by executive order, legislation, agency regulations, and color of law. Their recent extreme ammunition purchases spiked demand and prices to deny 2nd Amendment rights. Now, they’re openly obstructing and shutting down US manufacturers to force key supply into global monopolists who can restrict military and civilian supply by moving production outside the USA, to establish predatory pricing and disarm the USA. Lead (bullets, national security, and sovereignty) is the conspirators’ target. Lead is a strategic national resource!

      Turn the pyramids of corrupt power into beehives of 315,000,000 angry citizens! Imagine 315,000,000 counts of criminal fraud, $7 trillion debt spending, and nothing to show for it! Demand local and state prosecution and jury trials, where crimes or damage occurs, where law is as written and juries determine facts regarding crimes and treason, from the bottom to the EPA, Holder, or a president! Progressives’ Achilles Heel is sedition and treason!

  2. Well . . . knowing Capitalism many small time recyclers and importers will fill the void of lead within 6 months. Also manufacturers will find new materials and shift their focus to other options.

    Better yet – – – look to China, lead should be about $ 00.09 a pound delivered, propped up by the AmeriKan Dollar of course!

    1. Automotive batteries are full of lead………….so, we shooters will find an unlimited supply. Btw, as an afterthought, if no lead will be produced in America, where will the battery manufacturers get theirs??? China???? We are being governed by a bunch of elitist no nothing sons of bi itches!!!!!! Vote against EVERY DEMOCRAT running in 2014 & show them the effing door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Poodle, I’m sure just like always, china will be much cleaner operation than that of the United States. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! What this is about is the lead that is made for bullets, ofoma wants to inflict as much price as possible to the American people, just like a kenyan muslim non-citizen would do,

  3. This article is atrocious. I doubt the cleanliness of the industry has anything to do with their being shut down. Instead, it probably has everything to do with lead’s negative impact on wildlife. Just like when there were human health concerns regarding lead based paint and it was shortly thereafter banned. Lead’s toxicity hasn’t changed, it’s just affecting a different spectrum of organisms – wildlife. There are plenty of alternative ammunition types that don’t have lead – I know, I have plenty. Ammunition should be used for two things, home/personal defense and hunting. Most hunters don’t use lead ammunition anyway because of the risk of eating lead shards and themselves too being poisoned with lead.

  4. Well I feel some bright industrious person will come up with a plastic that is adaptable to make bullets. Oh they already make frangible bullets from plastic. See I told you so.

    1. The range for those is EXTREMELY LIMITED and the “knock-down” power is negligible at anything past conversational distance. YES you can shoot this form of bullet and the military has used them for decades. But, I know from personal experience they’re near unto worthless for anything but, 25 meter target practice.

  5. Most processed lead is used in batteries…like what you have in your car. Still the EPA needs to go flush itself and dissolve in the nearest sewage treatment plant….say Blue Plains Municipal facility just outside DC.

      1. I plan to leave the biggest carbon footprint on this planet when I die. Give me a diesel lifted truck getting 10 miles to gallon please. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for solar power on my roof or backyard. But only as a money saver, not a government subsidy.

        1. I was actually looking into solar power. Not only can it be a money-saver, it can be a money-maker, too. There are a lot of things to recommend it.

          One of the neat ones being if you sell your house, you can retain ownership of the solar generation equipment and sell power to the new owners at some ridiculously cheap rate (2-3 cents/KW/h is what I’ve heard is about average), and then still make money running the meter backwards.

          If you can pony up for it, I highly recommend doing so.

  6. This article is just a bunch of
    bull to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I was concerned about it as I am
    sure are many shooting enthusiasts like myself would be. However, after five
    minutes of research revealed that 85% of US lead consumption comes for foreign
    sources and most bullet producers use recycled materials – mostly from
    batteries. Just hype to get traffic on
    the site.

    1. Dale, you are technically correct but philosophically wrong. The “green” agenda is being used as a weapon against this country. You will notice that the free world are the only ones who care about “green.” As the author asks, “If we are so concerned about green why would we drive industries off-shore where we cannot control them.”

      Yes there is logic behind taking care of our environment but there is no logic destroying the greatest government that is designed to champion freedom and give all the power to those who hate freedom and do not give a rip about the environment.

      At best those who bent our society backwards for global warming are stupid and incompetent. At worst they are crooked with criminal intentions.

  7. Stop and think where else lead is used! How about the battery that starts your car so you can get to work every day??? There is probably at least 20 pounds of lead in every car battery! How about those wheel weights that are used to balance the wheels on your car? Perhaps Obama wants us out of our cars or perhaps he wants to go back to the old hand crank so we can get more exercise. In all my days I never before seen anything as stupid as the envirnmentalists (and EPA )who are doing everything possible to wreck our economy! Perhaps they should move down to antarctica and sttart throwing insulation on the ice to keep it from melting! They could also herd penguins for a sideline!

    1. Your estimate for battery weight may be a bit off.

      Each regular 12-volt battery weighs 35-40 pounds.

      Water weighs roughly 8 pounds/gallon, there’s about a two cups of water in a full battery (about a pound).

      The case probably weighs about 2-3 pounds for the modern polypropylene case.

      I believe there are a couple of wires in the battery itself to conduct the current from the pool of electrolyte to the terminals, probably lead also.

      So, I’d say, you’re looking at about 30 pounds of lead, at a bare minimum.

      A hand-crank wouldn’t work on modern cars, too much compression. Perhaps a compressed-air-charge starter like big trucks and airplanes? (I know you were being a little tongue-in-cheek with that, but your point was loud and clear). Despite it not working, and the inherent dangers of recoil from the hand-crank starter, I’m sure some brain-dead fool in D.C. will try to mandate their return.

  8. There are a number of government agencies that need to be closed or have their wings clipped, the EPA is one such agency that has become a hazard to American industry, environment and freedoms in a big way, they are right up there with the police tactics of the IRS which also needs to be replaced with a ballot driven national sales tax….now if not sooner.

  9. Too bad so many conservatives sat on their hands last election rather than vote for Romney…Oreily 11/12/13 show “If conservatives had voted for Romney in the same numbers they voted for McCain, Romney would have won.” No bullets, blame conservatives.

    1. Maybe if the Repubics stopped nominating Northeast liberals, Conservatives would get excited. McCain, Dole, Ford and Romney – all moderates/liberals – all losers.
      And now they talk about Jeb Bush, Chris Christie – more liberals . . . .
      Conservatives win (Reagan), Libs lose (see above)
      Go TEA Party !!

      1. With that kind of attitude hope you like your Obama care and learn to shoot a sling shot. Reagan knew ,you run as ahrd as you can, and back the nominee. That is why he voted for Ford. Otherwise you are simply casting a shadow vote for the democrat candidate. Democrats have convinced the hard right to take this foolish position and like sheeple they all follow over the cliff. That is why the democrat party funds third party candidates, just like they did in VA governor race. But the hard right is too stupid to see they are being played for fools. So they hand the presidency to ultra liberal Obama and the VA governorship to ultra liberal Clinton right hand man. Then threaten the rest of the party with, “You either vote for the candidate WE want or we will keep handing the election to the hard left.” An attitude that more closely matches the Taliban.

    2. Please don’t put a conservative label on those who refused to vote. I am a conservative and I voted for Romney. The people who voted for no-one were the same kind of idiots who let Bill Clinton win his second term.

  10. How does it feel to have your freedom taken from you. In the old days the process of taking our freedom went at a much slower pace. Now the pace is so fast that it can be clearly seen by those who are awake and looking. Isn’t ignorance bliss?

  11. No blame people like you Michael you would vote for people like Chris Christie . I won’t if America fall it will be people who vote for people who don’t hold the Constitution as law . Christie have violated the Constitution in Jersey by attacking the 2nd Amendment . Democrats are the real problem people in America . Just look at the Government take over of our Healthcare with Obamacare . Liberals hate guns and will do anything to stop them . Obama is using the EPA to make laws he can’t pass through Congress . This is illegal too !

  12. So here’s the plan??? Obama (in concert with the recently-passed UN gun control law) stops all ammo importation and stops any US ammo production. What BETTER way to stop the 2nd Amendment. Additionally, Obama is already talking about transformation of gun laws by following the Australian model. Read: “Obama’s Obsession With Our Gun Rights”, pg.8, Dec. 2013 edition, NRA’s “America’s 1st Freedom” magazine.

  13. The next Conservative President should shut down the EPA ,because they have over step their authority . They have attacked Coal ,ammo ,and even land owners just to steal a person land from them. When the EPA was put together they was supposed to protect our waters .Now they are just making laws .This is Congress job ,not Obama, and not the EPA. They need to fire most of the people in the EPA ,IRS ,and the NSA.

    1. We will end up buying all our ammo from the Russians and that includes the military. Won’t that be a hoot? putting in an order to the russians for military ammo so we can have a stand-off with them over the Iranians? You think we will get live rounds?

      1. Then when you examine the bullet, the point will be off center so it won’t hit the target. Maybe that is what BO meant when he spoke, off mike of course, just wait until I’m reelected then we can do what we want.

  14. This has been the biggest disgrace in Obama reign of terror. Power to this group is the same as putting a gun in the hands of a child…no bullets however and that is cause for alarm. The EPA has done nothing that is in the best interests of our country and yet they continue to get away with their abusive misuse of their power. God help us, because this president and his followers are not going to.

  15. It’s time to go down the alphebet and start eliminating agencies.The EPA.IRS,DEA.DOE,DHS,and most important B.H.O!

  16. This means the military won’t be able to get lead for its ammo, either?

    What about a national defense exemption??

    Oh, wait, we’re dealing with the Obama administration. Nevermind…

  17. The congress has to provide funding for the EPA for them to continue trying to destroy this country. Start demanding that your congressman and woman refuse to fund the EPA. It is a terrorist department and deserves to die. Lets strangle it.

    1. Congress will defund the entire military before they defund the EPA. Once they defund the military, it will be easier for BO’s army to take over.

      1. what army… the queers and the untrained …our civilian army are all the old pros..they would not have a chance unless we give up peacefully and that’s not going to happen

    1. Very good point. I just had to put a new battery in my car, and the prices are already in low orbit. I just can’t wait for the next one I have to do (note dripping sarcasm…)

      Good thing I got an eight-year rated DieHard, I just hope it holds out that long.

    2. Some companies make lithium batteries for motorcycles which hold the charge longer and are much lighter in weight. Downfall is cranking in cold weather and a bit more money. I believe they make them for cars now too. Hope the cost is driven down and maybe these companies can start manufacturing them to save American jobs.

      1. Really? I’ve not heard mention of these. Do you have a manufacturer? I would seriously be interested in checking them out.

  18. These people never give up on their stupid neurotic ideas of gun control. These Liberals persist in their failed agenda of ideas such as this to prop up their fantasy world and visions, in spite of all the data that shows their visionary fantasies and asinine ideas are all failures. They persist in this agenda, despite its madness, and therefore fall under the old saying, insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. There is a mental disease problem in the US and the DemoRAT party is rife with them. Its time to wipe the slate clean of these vermin………Does a Soviet style purge come to mind?…It does to me

  19. Not to diminish the impact of this outrageous criminal act by the EPA and what it means to our freedom, but dam if it ain’t going to stop me from enjoying some shooting time on the range and some good old fashioned plinking. Just for comparison, I found a box of 50 Winchester .22 LR on my shelf that I bought back in the ’70s, it still had a .69 cent price tag on it.

  20. America has a communist invasion problem, that is all. Get rid of every communist, peacefully if possible, (it’s not), or violently if necessary and the country will feel the positive energy the next day, and within 5 years America will look back and wonder why they allowed such suffering needlessly. For the first time in my life I am ashamed of us.

  21. Next on the EPA list is removing all the lead piping in the older house, then the ground, then the junk yards, then the oh hell they will even come and get the battery from your car. Either that or make you sign a legal form so you have to bring in your old battery before you can get a new one.

  22. As bad as this is, that the EPA is getting out of hand, it is some consolation that 90% of our refined lead is imported. There will be no immediate shortage of lead for bullet manufacturing. Hopefully that will give us time until we get a republican in the White house with a possible majority in both houses, we can see about eliminating the EPA. Perhaps then we will see some improvement in the manufacturing sector.

    1. You actually think they will allow another election? Obama hasn’t signed all those executive orders for nothing. If some catastrophic event doesn’t happen, rest assured, they will manufacture one. Bottom line, the day Iran and Israel get into a conflict…that will trigger events of a biblical proportion (Gas prices will sky rocket, stock market crash, inner cities will collapse into chaos…). I really don’t believe this administration has ANY intention of allowing another election.

      1. Do a little research into the German Governments effort to build up forces and actually build factories in Libya to build Bradly like fighting vehicles to ship to Saudi Arabia. Not to mention the sale of dozens of Germany’s top of the line main battle and over 100 brand new Euro fighter jets. Make no mistake, Europe is preparing for a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran with Israel supporting Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s DO NOT LIKE Iran. And If Israel DOES attack Iran, they will do so with the full cooperation of the Saudi’s. Why so you think Iran is so intent on getting nuclear weapons? They KNOW their day is coming. A War in the Middle East will be short and brutal. It will not end up in a good place for Iran. As you say, economic instability will follow, but no worse than the Housing Market collapse. We recovered from that fairly quickly. Also remember the US gets only 11% of it’s oil from the middle east. We get most of our imported oil from Mexico and Canada, I’d say a fairly stable oil source. Gas prices may tick up some but not much and not for long.

    2. They’re not going to eliminate the EPA. How many Republican Presidents have there been since the EPA was created by Nixon? Hell, Bush II had a Republican Congress for years. Why didn’t they get rid of it then?

      And really, do you want to go back to the days without environmental regulations when acid rain killed entire forests and industrial waste and raw sewage went right into rivers and coastal areas? Do we want another Love Canal? Or how about when the Cuyahoga River used to catch on fire and large sections of Lake Erie were declared dead zones?

      Do you want to live in a country studded with toxic cesspits where people who live nearby get sick just from touching the water and breathing the air?

      1. There was never the extreme over regulation that exists now. It will probably exist in a very diluted form, maybe not entirely done away with, but, it is certainly ridiculous some of the asinine regulations that are coming out of the EPA today. EPA regulation cost estimates to individuals and business is in the Billions of dollars and many are unneeded nad/or out of date. When the EPA was formed there was no blogosphere. News get around fast via electronic media. If you honestly think that corporations are going to jeopardize their business by polluting in obvious ways, well, I am sorry, ain’t going to happen. Regulation by the EPA do not stop pollution, prosecution for doing so does. Individuals pollute all the time, breaking all kinds of regulations. Doesn’t stop them. Up roar from neighbors does. You can levy fines and make laws regarding pollution with out the EPA.

  23. Now we see why all of these agencies were buying up billions of rounds. First, to corner the market. Second, to outgun those of us who weren’t in on the scam.

    1. why do you suppose the Fed Govt / O regime has been buying up mass quantities of ammo ?The EPA is shutting down US production (odd that the production will just go to countries who don’t give 2 flips about mother earth and are not strong armed by the EPA) So how exactly does that help preserve mother earth oh leftist Gaiai worshippers? MORONS

  24. Appropriately, but unfortunately, the Republican Party will never get the lead out and do something meaningful for American liberty.

  25. they out to keep making lead… and teel the feds the kcuf off. And when they show up to do something about it, give them a product demonstration…..

  26. Back in the thirties, the gubmint outlawed hemp, then came WWII, the Philippines were overrun by the Japanese, and poof! No more rope to tie up the Navy with. Sure gave DuPont a lot of business!

  27. Shut down all US production of bullets and sign the UN Arms Export treaty…. leaves us no domestic production and no way any country sympathetic to a 2nd American Revolution can legally support us! Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm. this way they do not have to ban firearms….. they just eliminate ammunition ….. ours! Those Communists are tricky buggers!

  28. I predict that there will now be another mass buy up of all supplies and goods to cast your own bullets….get ’em while you can. Until they ban scrap yards from buying and selling scrap lead, you still have a source if you make your own.

  29. How is this NOT a National Security Threat? It is time to eliminate the EPA. Like Affirmative Action, the EPA has lived past its usefulness to the Nation.

  30. The tyrant, Obama and his minion of evildoers are hell bent on closing ALL industry down in the United States and, this action by the EPA… his diabolical way around the second amendment.

    He will go down in history as the president who brought America to her knees, turned her into a third world nation, made her vulnerable to attack from ALL her enemies and, for all intent and purposes, destroyed the greatest nation this world has ever known.
    Man this guy disgusts me……

  31. Mainly 3 countries had lead ore. Peru, China, US. WE would have to ship it to China, refine it, then ship it back. The cost will skyrocket. Our miitary will be getting their ammo from our friends in China. LOL.

    1. Years ago I read an article where they were going to make gun powder that would not be nearly as good as we had before and it would become completely worthless in a few months I never heard anything else about it. I would advise everyone that has boxes of bullets to fire one from each box periodically to check their power by firing at a dense target or if the gun you’re using has the kick that you’re used to.

      1. Wow gunpowder?? ROFLMAO what are you planning to make? Fireworks?
        Just another example of a “conservative” that doesn’t even know the true information about what they are saying. Just repeating urban legends that have no basis in fact.
        You and your type are the example of “fools” that the left loves to use to show how backwards and red-neck the “right wingers” are.

        1. Hey moron you’re the fool!!! I realize your beloved government is doing no wrong in your foolish mind, I can see that on all your replies when someone mentions one of the many oppressive government agencies such as the EPA who have destroyed many companies in this country.

  32. The EPA made the standards so high that nobody could meet them. It would have cost 100 million to meet. Thus they are shutting down. You know its part of his under the radar gun control.

  33. Just found out that all people that have houses in any kind of fllod zone willm have their flood insurance double or even triple. That will stop all house sales in many places. In new Orleans there will be no house sales.

    1. They want to shove all of us in rural areas into urban areas. That makes people more dependent on the Gov’t and easier to control. Welcome to the hunger games, for real.

    2. So how does the EPA affect the price of flood insurance? That is what you are offhandley inferring with your totally off the wall comment

  34. This is why the gov. stockpiled ammo. (before they implemented the ban).

    What do our allies think of this move? Don’t they realize that if our military is neutered, their own security is at risk? Seriously.

    1. That’s what is most scary. Now we know why they bought up so much ammunition, enough for decades of conflict. Now, instead of disarming us, they will attempt to control us by shutting off the ammo. Good luck with that!

      1. Well there are supposedly warehouses full of it so where are they? How about some actual coordinates and then the True Patriots (not the whining ninnies on here) can take the ammo back?
        So all you naysayers give us some GPS coordinates for the ammo stockpiles, the FEMA concentration camps, etc…. oh yeah you can’t all you can do is buy books from phonies like this site.

        1. I don’t think there was any debate about the federal government buying millions of rounds of hollow points. It was all over the papers, and the Feds said “tough luck.”

        2. He comes on here to show how intelligent he is, and to show us how ignorant we are. Like you told the moron there isn’t any debate on the government buying up hundreds of millions of rounds it was even posted on their web sites.

    2. America is experiencing the berth pains of the coming tribulation, The Great Tribulation that is going to come on the whole world, Scriptures clearly teach this coming event, but the False Prophets in most of the churches haven’t prepared their flock for this event, the Prosperity Gospel is about to blow up in their face. All the guns and bullets in the world wont do us any good if the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob isn’t with us, to the Dispensationalists amazement; Israel returned as a nation which the Prophets of the Old Testament foretold would happen long before they were disbursed into the world in 70 AD. Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. The reason I mentioned Israel is to show that God will not be Mocked.

      1. I totally agree. Perhaps we’ve even started into the horsemen. I believe we’re being setup for a culling (sort of like what the Egyptians were doing to the Hebrews, killing their males). If enough people are made dependant on the king, a small disturbance in the supply chain historically causes famine, the black horse.

  35. Hate that we are sending these jobs to China, but hope this backfires on obama and his stinking EPA and the lead out of China/overseas is cheaper to purchase.Time to rid ourselves of the useless job killing EPA.

    1. easier said than done my friend…until we get a Congress that that actually WANTS to fulfill its Constitutional duties, listen to its constituents and CUTS OFF ALL FUNDING to the EPA-we will continue in this downward spiral.

  36. We need to get rid of the EPA. These agencies circumvent the democratic process by ruling by regulation. There is no oversight, no input or citizen involvement in any of these regulatory agencies. Why an agency would want to destroy US companies is beyond me. And why they would want to out us at the mercy of our enemies (communist China) is mindboggling. Is this not treason?

    1. Why they want to destroy the U.S companies, the Scriptures tell us why; Satan is the temporary god of this world it should be clear now that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has judged America and found her wanting; we as a people have sat back at allowed this to happen to us. The mention of God or Jesus is now taboo now, while Islam is an acceptable alternative God says he would have healed us but we would not allow Him do that, most of the churches have sat back while these Evil Men and Women set up Satan’s One World Order, the Good News is that it wont last very long until God steps in.

      1. Amen and AMEN! Absolutely right! Only those who don’t read the Bible or consider the truth of God is confused as to what the future holds. There’s a whole lot of religion these days, but very little understanding of God’s Word. It’s ironic that even atheists shout, “Oh, my God!” when they’re in trouble, yet no one sees their need of God until truth slaps them in the face and they finally realize they can do nothing about it.

    1. This will make the price of brass bullets go sky high, their next step is to tamper with the powder that goes into making of these bullets for Joe citizen. We pretty much have a full blown Communist government in place with the exception of a few who cant do much.

      1. Hey Skippy, where do buy “brass bullets” I have never shot one in my 59 years of life. The ones I shoot are either lead, or have copper jackets. Lead had NO impact on the price of copper or brass.

        1. Well Skippy Lou, if they outlaw lead I imagine they will use brass or copper and it will make the price of bullets go up. You might try reading some scientific journals it would do you good but then again you would only want to argue to show how incredibly bright you are.

  37. I agree one hundred percent; I said years ago this agency was a strong arm of the Communists I have witnessed the destruction of these Communists/Fascists they have taken a toll on the family businesses in this country. This article is only one of many businesses they have shut down but you wouldn’t know it listening to the Marxist Media.

  38. After having read this article, I’m surprised that the EPA didn’t call in that whack job “Captain” Paul Wilson of the Sea “Shepherd” to close down all such industries/businesses as he deemed “environmentally unfriendly”. Hell, I’m suprised that the EPA didn’t take a page from his days with “Greenpeace” and start monkeywrenching those industries/businesses that they want closed down.

  39. So you must have some new books to sell or else why would you start some more smoke and mirrors witch hunt sky if falling scare.
    We have used bismuth shot in shotguns for decades and guess what? It works great. Any bullet can be made with other then a lead core and perform just as well. Besides do you really think the rest of the world will cease smelting lead? ROFLMAO…keep scaring the kiddies with no concrete proof for any of your allegations and keep selling those scare tactic books.
    The left loves your type of journalism and the ignorant response from the Alex Jones Kool-Aid drinkers that tend to hang on your every sentence. They use all of you as an example as to how out of touch and wacked out the “Far right wing Christians” are. All you do is play into their hands and make a mockery of true Conservatives.

    1. So now you’re saying bullets can be made with other things besides lead, yet when I said they would be using brass you called me a redneck fool. Are you by chance institutionalized? Or off your medications?

    2. Wow! You just became the best example of your own ranting. lol I’m guessing you’re not a hunter, because if you were, you’d know Pres. Oreo’s government is grabbing all the ammo (since the gun confiscation bill isn’t going his way) and trying to stop any other ammo being made and easily accessible by U.S. citizens. No, this is not a scare tactic. It’s true. So, I’d suggest you pull your head out of the sand and look at truth, because you and others like you who deny what’s going on right under your nose, are going to be the most shocked of anyone once everything is exposed. Then it’s YOU will be hearing, “We told you so!”

  40. The plant’s closing will only transfer the lead smelting process to a foreign plant that will more than likely be an order of magnitude more polluting. There go some more American jobs. GOOD JOB EPA! (sarcasm on the compliment)

      1. That won’t work since he keeps lying out of both sides of his mouth and changing whatever he thinks doesn’t fit his agenda at the time. That would be a bumpy ride; and don’t we all know it?!!

  41. Article 1, Section 1. All legislative powers are vested in Congress, which shall consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives. That’s apparently no longer the case, although I can’t find where that was legally changed through an Amendment.

    The Environmental Protection Agency believes it holds legislative power.

    There is no Constitutional authority for an EPA, nor is there Constitutional authority for Congress to cede its lawmaking powers to the EPA. Apparently, Congress doesn’t care.

    The EPA is just one of dozens of Federal agencies that have taken it upon themselves to regulate and control the lives of Americans while Congress sits by. Many of the bureaucrats who run these regulatory agencies are appointed by the President.

    The way to destroy the middle class is to grind them down between taxation and inflation.

  42. This is all much ado about nothing.

    1.) The smelter in question did not supply new lead to ammunition manufacturers.
    2.) Ammunition manufacturing makes up a miniscule part of the lead market.
    3.) Ammo manufacturers aren’t interested in new lead because it’s too soft and recycled lead is cheaper and fits their needs.
    4.) Approximately 90% of the lead used in the US is recycled. The low cost and efficiency of recycling lead drives down the price of new lead.
    5.) There are still many smelters reclaiming and recycling lead.
    6.) Lead is a byproduct of other mining operations such as silver, so lead is still being mined, just not as the primary product.
    7.) If the price of lead increases to the point where it’s profitable to mine under the new regulations, plants that meet those regulations will open.
    8.) The changes in the lead regulations were put in place in 2008 under the Bush administration.

    The smelter in question was a dirty operation and residents in the area have been fighting for over a decade to get the company to clean up their toxic mess. In 2001 the Missouri Department of Natural Resources tested dust collected from the streets nearby and found it was made up of 30% lead. Over half of the children living within half a mile of the site had high levels of lead in their blood. It was so bad, the company bought out residences in the worst areas.

    But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good scare job.

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