Support ‘National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day’: July 25th

In response to attacks by the powerful and offensive homosexual lobby, friends of Chick-fil-A are promoting National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day on July 25th and August 1st. I’ll be there on both days. In fact, all the employees at our various businesses will be eating at Chick-fil-A the next two Wednesdays.

As is typical of the homosexual lobby, many angry messages were left on Chick-fil-A’s Facebook page, including:

“Hate mongers! Never again! Not another $ from me.”

“Goodbye Chikkk-fil-a! Your food was delicious, but I can no longer eat nuggets filled with hate!”

Of course, it’s not about hate. It’s about morality and common sense. No one is denied service at a Chick-fil-A restaurant. All types of sinners eat at Chick-fil-A as they do at other restaurants. No one asks what kind of sex they’re engaged in when an order is taken.

The folks at Chick-fil-A don’t support divorce, but they don’t refuse service to divorced couples. Divorced couples don’t boycott the restaurant because of the company’s views on biblical marriage and their support of biblical marriage seminars.

Support for Chik-fil-A is getting national attention:

“In response to the boycott threats against Chick-fil-A, Mike Huckabee, who was a 2008 presidential candidate, last week called on his radio show listeners to support the Cathy family by making July 25th National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day.

‘Imagine how clearly that message would be heard across the nation if Chick-fil-A reported record sales this Wednesday!’ said [National Organization for Marriage’s’ [Brian] Brown, who has joined Huckabee in supporting Chick-fil-A day. ‘Please join me this Wednesday in supporting this courageous company, while at the same time sending a powerful message of support to every individual and every company with the courage to stand for marriage.’”

It’s amazing how it’s OK to support liberal causes, but just try to support a conservative moral cause. “Too often, those on the left make corporate statements to show support for same sex marriage, abortion, or profanity, but if Christians affirm traditional values, we’re considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers, and intolerant,” Huckabee wrote.

I’ve started my diet to lose about ten pounds, but I’m going to break the diet on the next two Wednesdays with a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries. And I’m going to enjoy every Chick-fil-A calorie.

321 thoughts on “Support ‘National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day’: July 25th

  1. How is hate to not want diseased people wandering around??? Homosexuality is not only first against GOD it is also against man. Gay’s first are mentally ill they are likely to be pedophiles, psychotic. Then we have the health threat of aids and many other diseases that this “life style” brings including a very short life span. They need help not enablement

    1. Many gays are not diseased. Very few are truly mentally ill. Hardly any are psychotic. Painting them as typically pedophile psychotics is indeed hateful.

      Live and let live works both ways. You should refrain from slamming gays with false and harmful stereotyping, just as gays should refrain from inciting economic warfare against Chik-fil-A.

      1. All gays are mentally diseased and as for pedophilia look up the facts. False and harmful stereotyping?? hardly you refuse to look at these people for exactly what they are deluded or are you going to say there is a “gay” gene(LOL)

      2. It’s not false and harmful stereotyping to tell the truth. When a person’s obsession with how they use their private parts makes them chose a harmful, disease risking lifestyle, then that is a fairly clear indication of mental issues. They know they are doing wrong, but are so narcissistically obsessed with continuing that they would rather make society accept them than live with the common sense knowledge that they are choosing filthy, risky perversion over a safer lifestyle. Sick Sick people…

        1. smoking is a harmful disease risking lifestyle. Eating fatty food and not exercising is a harmful disease risking lifestyle. Continuing to do so is a clear indicator of mental issues. They would rather make society accept their fat asses and smelly breath than live a safer lifestyle.
          Being FAT is not something you can be ‘in the closet’ about. You disgust me you sick, sick people. I hope you all get heart disease and die you disgusting jerks. Smokers- I hope your cancer is long and painful.

          I’m going to have my business’ charitable donations go toward making sure you are not allowed on airplanes, movie theaters, or even out in public. No way should fat people be allowed to get married. ewwww. You should not have the rights us NORMALS have. I should be allowed to fire you if you get fat, and spit on you if you smoke. Please shop with me and you know your money will go toward these goals.

        2. Aside from being a whiner, I think you are projecting also. You can’t handle someone condemning a lifestyle that you know is evil, but want to take part in, so rather that try to live righteously, you throw blame at other people to assuage your own guilt. It’s a heavy burden, but if you lay it down and repent, the load you carry will be much lighter.

        3. I am simply agreeing with you that we need to control people’s behavior.

          Narcissists who only think of themselves and not how others view them should have legislation passed to make sure they do not make bad choices – or choices that are offensive to others. The banning of large sodas is a good first step. The fatties and smokers of America make us all look bad. They know they offend others but still shove deep fried chicken sandwiches down their throats and puff on their fags. This filthy, unhealthy lifestyle should not be accepted by the rest of us. Disgusting. All my charitable donations (and those of my business) will go toward making sure these ‘people’ never catch a break.

        4. you got a little bit of nazi facist going on there too, trying to control people’s behavior with legislation. That’s the difference between Chick Fil A supporters and the libturd facists; we don’t expect to use legislation to control people’s behavior. We are by choice going to buy from a business that supports traditional wholesome values. Libturd facists like yourself on the other hand want government to intervene to lesson your guilt for a filthy lifestyle choice. I’m sure Satan would agree with you entirely.

        5. That is simply not true. Chick-Fil-A spends millions of dollars every year to support organizations that actively lobby to pass laws to ensure Gays cannot marry. They also pass laws (or amend state constitutions) to also make civil unions illegal. They lobbied to not repeal Dont Ask Dont Tell, and are now lobbying to get it reinstated. They work toward laws denying gays the rights to adopt children, or even work around children. They want to pass laws to make it legal to discriminate against gays in the workforce, to get housing, employee benefits, and government programs. They want to make homosexuality itself illegal – with the punishment being stoned to death in a public forum. These are actual lobbyists – making actual appointments with legislators.

          Saying they are not controlling people’s behavior with legislation is inaccurate. It is the entire reason the controversy exists! If it was just a businessman that stated his personal opinion you would not be seeing this kind of push-back. But you said it right – Nazi Facists

        6. so your best argument is that what I say isn’t true but then you put up a bunch of dribble excuses that say a business shouldn’t donate to a moral and righteous cause because politically correct society thinks perversion should be lifted up as something to celebrate. That again is why liberals are so twisted and you’re one twisted puppy, although with your mentality, you’d probably fit very well into 1940’s Germany.

    2. The issue isn’t about diseased people, but the fact that the president of the company was asked a question and answered it truthfully. However, he never said that the company refuses service to anyone or that they refused to hire anyone based on their sexuality. Bottom line, it was the president’s opinion. But apparently the liberals don’t allow people to have opinions, especially if they are different from the liberal line.

      1. In essence it comes down to making a stand against something that is immoral and unethical not to mention diseased people that would love for every one to accept their disease as something good.

      2. Apparently, I missed the ‘question’ episode…will someone please tell me WHO asked the ‘question’, when and why? Thanks.

        1. Apparently, we’ve been had.
          CNN and other left-friendly media outlets are running full speed with an
          erroneous story that brands the president of the Chick-fil-A restaurant
          chain a homophobe because he allegedly told a reporter he is “guilty as
          charged” when it comes to his company being opposed to gay marriage,
          The Weekly Standard reported.

          But the Chick-fil-A president, Dan Cathy, did not condemn gay marriage.
          CNN and other liberal outlets made their own leap from Cathy expressing
          support of the traditional family and Christian growth and ministry to
          making Cathy appear to be condemning gay marriage.

          A review of the original interview shows he wasn’t even asked a question about gay marriage nor did he say he condemns it.

          Read more on Mainstream Media Invents Gay Marriage Chick-fil-A Controversy

          Looks like the MSM is using agitprop full time now.

      3. LIberals indeed do not think those of us on the right are entitled to our conservative opinions. It’s like a disease with them – all of us to be forced into a mold labeled Marxist Progressive. I for one am sick of the Left’s ideas, and I support the CEO of Chick-fil-a, but there are none here in the New England state where I live, so I will be sending this on to my large email list, most of whom live elsewhere. I say FIGHT BACK!

        1. I also live in one of the 10 states that do not have a Chick-fil-A and actually, I did email friends who live out of state and asked them to go to Chick-fil-A and they did.

    3. This is an unfair statement. I have gay friends and family who are NONE of those things. Please get your facts straight before you make these kinds of sweeping statements

      1. Getting over the denial is the first step. Enablement is not a good thing. And I do have my facts straight ever read a little book called the Bible??

        1. We use the napkin bible for our facts. We say it’s true because it’s written by the napkin lord.

          If you use that cop out, so can we.

        2. Obviously you are a shill. And as a liberal of course you like to down the Bible at every chance for the simple reason you can not dispute it. And only what you say or want is valid. I much prefer the word of GOD

        3. lol, you neo-cons are worse than liberals. How am I a liberal, you bible thumping drone? I believe in constitution and individual freedom, something neo-cons like you and Romney hate.

          In case you weren’t aware, you used your religious belief as a FACT to counter Grammyloch. That makes you an idiot. I didn’t slam the bible, I simply showed how moronic you were. If you used the bible for your FACTS than I case use my napkin bible for mine. Both are opinionated and both not facts.

          Why do you think this country was set as as republic. Based on liberty and limited, constricted powers divided between branches. Why do you think were not a democracy. It’s exactly because of people like you, who would legislate your versions of morality onto others.

          PERIOD drone.

      2. I hate living among pseudo
        intellectual uncivilized hooligans who call themselves educated. Then resort so
        easily to anti first amendment speech control for those of us who do not agree . Could be they lack could be they lack common sense.

        You do not have to like it but you have to give the speaker the right to say it That is fair not you statement

      1. Fasting is an interesting experience. I’ve gone without solid food for 3 and 4 days at a time but not recently. What would be awesome is if we had the national unity to pull off such a day. Thats what happens under multi culturalism. We couldn’t garner the unity to all fart on the same day…….

        1. I’ve had to resort to fasting myself these past few months only because Obama’s policies have reduced me to poverty and I’m not about to apply for foodstamps. If I can’t make my own way, then oh well…. But I’m not about to join the free-loaders who have turned living off the government’s (or taxpayer’s) teat into a profession.

        2. Actually, the average person farts about 14 times per day. Thus every day is National fart day.
          When mine stink badly, I know it is due to it having passed a fresh liberal on the way down.

  2. Thank you Chic-fil-A for standing up for the principles you have established! You can be sure that we are very supportive our your stance and will patronize your establishment more so in the future!! God Bless Chic-fil-A!!

    1. I was at a resturant twice after my grand kids games. The service is great! Folks are polite and very clean cut. Very impressed after my g/kids ate. Took their free toy back to counter, wanted to give them back to the kids in homes Chic-A Fil sponsers! They in turn were given a free ice cream cone. Teaches all adults and children to share. I have a gay son, not seen in years, stole all my jewery, coins and any other things worth value for his beliefs. Chic-a fil never said anything bad about this scum. The VERY minority should never have preferance over the majority. Do not try to enforce your misdirected beliefs on US!

  3. In the words of dear ol Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along?”…I’m so sick of everyone getting upset over every little thing…Isn’t it time we pick out battles WISELY and quit the trifling, petty, over-sensitive crapola?…there are BIGGER fish to fry and dog gone it, those folks at Chic-Fil-A have a right to ANY kind of bible study they want…Gays & Liberals, you do what you want, but don’t crap on good folks like this just because you’re sensitive about your choices….I say Go, Go Chic-Fil-A…I’ll BE THERE tomorrow and next week!

    1. Why do all Gays and Lesbians have to make such a big deal about their sexual choices ? Do you see heterosexuals going around parading and trying to get others to believe and accept them ?

      1. “Gay” and “Lesbian” are just politically correct terms for sexual deviants and they get their noses out of joint because they are trying to cover for the guilt they feel knowing their lifestyle choices are sinful. They think if they can get everyone to go along with their choices, that they will feel less filthy, but the fact is there is no cleanliness in the perversions they are wallowing in.

    1. Email friends who live in areas where there are some and ask them to go in your stead. There’s a restaurant locator on the Chick-fil-A site.

    1. There are no Chick-fil-As in our area, so I just emailed two friends who live where there are some and asked them to try to support the company.

  4. Funny how people scream that businesses have no sense of ethics, but when a business tries to adhere to strong ethics, they are slammed, criticized and boycotted. That’s because strong ethics are closely correlated to Christian beliefs. I have news for the dumb liberals. If you want ethics to return to society, you can’t destroy Christianity which is the basis for strong ethical behavior. And don’t tell me about liars and cheats that use Christianity for self serving purposes. They are not Christians, and not what I am talking about, and we all know it.

    1. May I ditto that. Liberals have really went off the Deep End. First they find this fake and make him president, then they want to take all the hard work our For-Fathers did and Our Constitution and through it away. What do they want? Another Germany, a Hitler for Dictator to lead us… I once was a Democrat, although I am ashamed that I was. Gob Bless everyone, we need Christianity to lead us on a straight and narrow path, and those who rather believe in killing and all that type of their so call religion let them be. Thank God we left all that in Europe and came to a free world to make a difference. Liberals go back to Europe and anyone who don’t like it.

    2. I didn’t know Christians enjoyed suing the crap out of companies, and small t-shirt guys in middle of no where because they use “Eat More” and finish it with kale, fish ect..

      Yeah, REAL christian. Strong ethics indeed!

  5. Unrotunately there are no Chick fil A’s anywhere near me in WA. If there were one I would join in. Go Chick fil A.

      1. It’s not always possible to go. However, if you have friends or family that live near a restaurant, email them and ask them to go in your stead. I just emailed two friends who live out of state, but near one of their restaurants.

  6. Well be there both days! J!m Hen$on can stick his muppets where the sum doesn’t shine! Check that; he would probably like it.

  7. I had a chicken salad sandwich from Chick-Fil-A today!!
    I will be there the next two wednesday. I told the cashier that everyone I know stands
    beside them.

  8. Boy if you Disagree with the Evil Homosexual bunch they call you bad names. I thought they were a loving bunch of Gay/Lesbian boys & girls. Evil, Evil, Evil and NO we do not accept your Evil Perverted lifestyle so quit trying to Indoctrinate our Children in your Evil/Sinful ways.

  9. I would in a minute if they had one in Southern Oregon. The homosexuals are forcing this issue and I don’t think they are going to be real happy about the results, just a JC Penny’s would like to back off, but they can’t and just as I predict that Sears will rue the day they announced their alignment with homosexuality.

    1. If you know of anyone that lives in an area where there are Chick-fil-As, email them and ask them to participate in your stead. I just emailed two friends that live near them because there aren’t any where I live.

    1. You should already be boycotting them because they are owned by Disney. Also make sure you are boycotting ABC, ESPN, A & E, Touchstone, Pixar, Hulu, Marvel, and the hundreds of other companies they own.

      1. Just a heads up…Office Depot has just come out with a new marketing campaign that they call “Born That Way” or something like that. They are aiming at elementary schools, to educate the children in “tolerance and acceptance”. The stated agenda is to “stop bullying” in schools and “educate children that different lifestyles are both heroic and should be accepted as normal.” Hogwash, with Lady GaGa as their spokesperson/model parents need to consider what the real agenda is. Bullying does not start at school, it starts at home–neither does victimization.

        1. @Roberta L Franklin: Roberta, I think you mean Home Depot, not Office Depot. I saw their promo and it’s just disgusting

        2. While I’m not anti-gay, I am anti oversensative and anti indoctrination. Therefore, I will go to Staples of OfficeMax from now on.

    2. That what I say boycott the muppets.And do you want your young son to join the boyscouts and go camping with homosexuals who may try to convert them!

  10. There is nothing more nonsensical than the looney hate filled lefties (especially gays) calling Chick-Fil-A hate mongers, when THEY are the ONLY ones spewing hate…Chick-Fil-A simply stated a fact everyone already knew…that they were a business run by a staunch Christian family…duh…

    1. If this was just a Christian business, like In-n-Out Burger, there would not be this kind of backlash. Chick-Fil-A gives millions of dollars each year to organizations that actively attack homosexuals and lobby to take away their rights. Including organizations that have been labeled “hate groups”.

      In-n-Out Burger on the other hand gives money to charities that help abused children. A noble cause and one that both Christians and non-believers alike can get behind. Plus their food is great.

      I don’t mind supporting a Christian business, but not this one.

        1. Not ‘up north’? Then why do I find Chick-Fil-A at shopping mall food courts in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut …?

        2. Well, I’m “Up North” and we don’t have any. I live near Grand Rapids Michigan, the nearest one is in Mishawaka, Indiana. Wish there was one close by, I’d sure stand by them, and support them. I’ve been married to the same woman for 47 years, and YES, I am a Man. Lou

      1. Hey, pasta….since you haven’t been paying attention…..we all have the same rights…..its called ‘equal protection under the law’. I didn’t know Chick-fil-a supported or financed anti homosexual agenda’s…..but I applaud them for it. Its time to oppose extremists that weaken our society, just because they’re confused about life. Also, speaking of extremists that weaken our society……I’m looking forward to having him drummed out of Washington when Mitt Romney takes the oath of office in January! He’s just an illegal alien that over stayed his foriegn student visa…..

        1. “groups that preach hatred and intolerance plant the seeds of terrorism here in our country.”

      2. Interesting that simply making a comment about the background of the story can receive, at this moment, 9 dislikes. It seems anyone that might cause you to have second thoughts about your protests needs to be put in their place. Thank you Pastafarian – comments like yours always encourage me to do my own homework to get to what’s behind all the vitriol we see here.

        1. Well let me see if I can help out with some facts here; 1 gays,drug users, and homeless people all have a higher risk of AIDS, and heppititus B & C.
          2.There are higher divorce rates, and abuse rates than straight couples.
          3 There are more psyciatric problem associated with gays than straight people. So there ya go..

      3. I wonder, as you eat at In-n-Out if you have truly identified just exactly whom they support in their efforts to garner positive public opinion. Please don’t make statements such as you did unless you have facts to back them up. ChikFilA is a Christian organization that attempts to fully live their faith. All you have said above is the same socialistic rhetoric that is so very popular in our poor country. Unless it is socially acceptable, it is fanatic and hateful. Whatever cause is the darling of the moment is permissable…unless it entails Judeao/Christian standards of morality and conviction that are unwavering. “Not minding” supporting “Christian business” says volumns about your own perspectives.

        1. The In-N-Out Burger
          Foundation (the “Foundation”) was established in March 1995 as a
          501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Foundation’s purpose is to assist
          children who have been victims of child abuse, and to prevent others
          from suffering a similar fate. The Foundation supports organizations
          that provide residential treatment, emergency shelter, foster care, and
          early intervention for children in need.
          The Foundation is supported primarily through donor
          contributions and internal fundraising activities sponsored by In-N-Out
          Burger. In addition, In-N-Out Burger pays all costs associated with
          the Foundation, so that every penny raised goes directly to help abused
          and neglected children!

      4. Check out your facts before you start making accusations. I checked out the donations and copied them to a document. Too much to put in here. It was an awful lot of money and not to antigay groups. The only donations they made were to oppose gay marriage.These were Christian organizations most of them. The accusation for these donations was made by a gay magazine, which would not give their name.
        As a Christian, the owner beliefs in the traditional form of marriage as between a man and a woman. I believe in the same thing, as well as the majority of Americans. If any of your want to find out the facts, type What does Chick-fl-a donate their money to.
        People. You can’t believe everything you see on the internet.

        1. Just because an organization is Christian, does not mean it is trustworthy. The Ku Klux Klan is a Christian organization. The PTL club (Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker) were complete frauds and convicted of conspiracy. The Catholic church itself put it’s own congregations in harms way by covering up the pedophilia scandals and moving known predators to a new batch of victims. Not very trustworthy.
          American Family Association, Family Research Council, Abiding Truth Ministries, American Vision, Chalcedon Foundation, Dove World Outreach Center, and Traditional Values Coalition are all examples of known Christian hate groups.
          how is it defined? Well the FBI defines a ‘hate group’ as a group whose: “primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against
          persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation,
          or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of
          the organization.” A ‘hate crime’ is defined as: “criminal offense against a person or
          property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a
          race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.”

          The FBI also says “groups that preach hatred and intolerance plant the seeds of terrorism here in our country.”

        2.  Chick fi-A belief in marriage between a man and a woman is nothing about a hate crime.
          You discount the evidence that I checked out where Chick=Fil-A donates its money as false.
          It seems that the agenda you have to make this be hate where there is no hate.
          This company is not about hate. Christianity is not about hate.
          Seems you would foster hate and you are guilty of the crime you try to accuse others of.

        1. You are entitled to your opinion.
          These organizations are labeled ‘hate groups’ by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League.
          You can support them if you like. You can also support the KKK, Neo-Nazi groups, white power skinheads and the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a free country.

  11. I’ll drive 30 miles out of my way to go to one tomorrow… and next week. Wish one was closer!! the intolerant gays have just unwittingly propped up Chick- fil- a with a new awareness of the restaurant’s morals. Glad to see their stupid agenda backfired. for every
    gay boycotting, their are probably a dozen new customers.

  12. I’ve never eaten at a Chick-Fil-A. In fact, I had never heard of them until recently. But I will be in Bakersfield, California for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Turns out there’s a Chick-Fil-A just a few blocks from the office. Guess who will be going out of his way to eat there tomorrow. I hope I will be making a small contribution to record sales for them.

  13. Americans all have a right to stand for what they value. They are not forcing their opinion on anyone or denying anyone. NO person or business should be punished for that. I like chick-fil-a and will continue to eat there. No actually I will make it a point to eat there!

      1. And there are plenty of organizations like Kraft and Home Depot that support the gay causes. You are free to patronize them or not.

      2. Who are these organizations?
        Personally, I haven’t heard that they fund HATE GLT organizations.
        Specify, please … who are these hate groups that you say Chick-Fil-A funds?


          Family Research Council: an anti-gay hate group that promotes the myths that LGBT people are unhealthy, likely to engage in pedophilia, and capable to being cured of their homosexuality
          Exodus International: an umbrella ministry that has repeatedly promoted the myth that same-sex attractions can be cured or reduced through “ex-gay” therapy
          Alliance Defense Fund: a legal organization that fights against protections for LGBT people, calling it the “principal threat to your religious freedom”
          Fellowship of Christian Athletes: an organization that has allegedly “freed” people from homosexuality and requires ministry leaders to pledge not participate in the “impure lifestyle” of homosexuality

        2. I read that they donate to Exodus, for one. They believe people can be “cured” from being gay. I think if you google it you could find out the others. i do NOT know whether this is true. I certainly don’t blindly accept what i read on the web as truth. Another is a family group, but i can”tthi k of the name. Same disclaimer.

  14. i Don’t support “HATE” in any form; BUT…. I’ve NEVER felt hate from Any Chic-fil-A restaurant or advertising! I’ll Continue to Support Chic-fil-A & enjoy it too… I’m a Spirit-Filled Believer & believe what the Bible says… i Don’t condone, but i don’t condemn… i Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when i speak, & just try to Exhibit Love to them… its Gods job to convict & correct… & He does!

  15. Unfortunately, I´m in Perú and there are no Chick Fil A´s here, but i will tell my niece to go to the nearest one and take all of the family with a doggy bag for Sugar the border collie !

  16. I ate at Chik-fil-a today! Very good as always. Funny how when the the gays call for a boycott of Chik-fil-a, the drive through is packed. Today it was out of the parking lot and 1/4 mile down the frontage road! Amazing! Why are the gays fighting so hard for approval? Is it because they can’t rationalize their own approval. Only if I am convicted about something, do I seek someone’s approval. Looks to me like the only one being intolerant is the gays.

    1. I am gonna go to Chick-fil-a and support them!! I live in Lafayette and going out to East 26! They are good Christian people and even close on Sunday to go to church.
      I think all the restaurants and businesses should close to go to Church on Sunday!

      1. When growing up the only businesses you would find open on Sundays were owned by mostly Jewish merchants and they would be so very respectful and polite ! It was a Southern city and has two of the oldest Synigoges in this country. The Jewish population is strong as is the Greek and we all got along well including the 50% Black population in the inner city ! The individual religions all respected their own rites and Sabboths and everyone else did too !

  17. The homosexual fascists raise their ugly heads. Just as no one can criticize Obama and Holder without being called “racist”, apparently no one is allowed to criticize homosexuals. Whatever happened to liberal “tolerance”? (snicker)

  18. All this is making me hungry. Guess what I am heading out to get. This will probably help their business. Free advertising!

  19. Chick-fil-a has my support. I’ll eat there too, and I usually don’t eat at fast food restaraunts. But I’ll eat there now in support. thanks, Rick Conn, US Navy Seabee Veteran, proud American and God Bless America……………AGAIN

  20. The more they attack moral keeping people the more they will be outcasted by the general public. They are outnumbered.

  21. I’m going to find the closest one up here in the Boston area and make it a point to support these guys.

  22. I agree with Gov. Huckabee ioo% and the founder of the best chicken anywhere, Chick-Fil-A. I’ll be there both days too.

  23. For me, let them lickety splits and pole licker’s have a good time, as for me I’m heading for Chick-fil-a to have a wholesome meal in a great environment and not in some restroom in the back of a truck stop.

  24. There ain’t nobody complainin’ bout Chic-fil-A’s belief except yankee queers. They are such a small group, Chic don’t need them. I wouldn’t mind bein’ a queer either, if I was a woman, but men, UGH!

  25. There is no Chick-Fil-A in my area. Do you think if I sent a donation they would throw in
    an extra side for a family dining there ? Would like to do my part.

    1. Try emailing friends and family who may live near one and ask them to go in your place. That’s what I did.

  26. Just came from lunch at Chick Fil A, Wonderful, respectful, courteous people work there! We will be there the next 2 wednesdays, and more, in-between! Thank you, Cathy Family!!

  27. I would gladly support Chick fil A if I was allowed to. Unfortunatly Boston mayor
    “Mumbles Menino” has vowed to do everything in his power to keep the resteraunt chain out of HIS city
    I will make it a point to seek out Chick fil A when traveling from now on.

    1. Check out their web site! They have a “Brake 4 Chikin” bumper sticker as well as other stuff for the car…and lots of other merchandise you can buy to support them. Enjoy those sandwiches!0)

  28. This is why normal people can’t stand left wingers. They can’t separate the fact that someone may disagree on matters of faith and morals, and hold nothing against anyone.
    I’m pretty sure no gays were ever discriminated against in any Chick-Fil-A’s. the nature of their business is to provide good food, and a family friendly environment, and they treat their customers the same way they are treated by their employer; with dignity and respect.The whole point of Christianity is charity and love. The fact that they hold fast to their stand on same-sex marriage doesn’t mean that they discriminate against anyone. They are entitled to their beliefs, just as are others who disagree. I know quite a few gay people, and I have yet to hear any of them complain that they were discriminated against, or badly treated at Chick-Fil-A. It is beyond the realm of possibility to those so far to the left, that people can be decent, loving and kind, and still have deeply held religious beliefs, which dictate how they conduct their lives. Too sad.

  29. Thank You Chick-fil-A for standing up to the real hate-mongers and for your moral beliefs!! If there was a Chick-fil-A near us we would certainly support you by going there often! Please continue to hold fast to your principles!

  30. The waffle fries are my favorite.
    It looks like somebody needs to check what happens to apostrophes and quote marks when they do a cut-n-paste.

  31. I also am sick of everyone complaining about every little comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Take vote on what the American people think of marriage between two people of the same sex. I still believe that the majority should rule.

  32. Hey, Chick-fil-A – if you are listening, PLEASE set up shop in Rochester, NY so we can feast on your chikn’ !!!

  33. I heard about all the fuss that the “gays” were stirring up on Sunday so on Monday I went to a Chick-Fil-A and purchased two sandwiches. They were very tasty and all the better because of the proposed boycot. GOD ordained marriage so HE gets to define it. HE says that “For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife(woman) and the two shall become one flesh.” I think I`ll have two more Chick-fil-A sandwiches again on Wed. :-)

  34. These gay’s are more like dictators than liberials.In fact the meaning of liberial these day is to tell you how much salt to use on your food.Or let’s say I don’t like eggs.Can anybody make me like eggs? (NO).Not short of holding a gun to one of my childrens head.That is what dictators and liberial do.And I still would’nt like eggs.

  35. Chick-Fil-A way to go, keep it up and Don’t let these Radical Groups persuade you into anything you DO NOT like or want….. They are the ones that are WRONG and if they DO NOT like it, then TOO BAD, let them go somewhere else, as we’re NOT going to miss them, nor are they going to be able to Enjoy your Products… who is the Loser here…..????
    Well, it sure is NOT me and all who support you !!!! We are behind you ALL THE WAY !!!!
    GOD BLESS YOU !!!!

    1. I saw a funny parody yesterday of the CFA cows and their signs said “GOD HATES FAGS” on bright neon backgrounds like the westboro baptist church protest signs are. Perfect. I think they actually DO support WBC’s efforts.

  36. We will be eating at Chick-Fil-A on both those days. We eat there often after Baseball. Our couches hand out free Chick-Fil-A coupons to the MVP player of the game. They have a great grilled chicken salad if you don’t want all the calories. But who can turn down those yummy waffle fries!!! We support Chick-Fil-A because they are closed on the Sabbath Day and don ‘t make their employees work on the Sabbath day.

  37. I’ll be there BY GOD!! I’m taking my whole crew to lunch @ Chic-fil-a for lunch tomorrow, my treat! Good for the Cathy family , someone has to stand up to these stinkin jack-asses, other companies have taken note as well. Remember when the moosluts boycotted Lowes for pullin there ads off that mooscum reality show? Well Lowe’s stood there ground as far as I know , and I have not heard a peep about that show since. Just goes to show that WE THE PEOPLE can push back against the P.C. bullies GOD BLESS & WAKE UP AMERICA!

  38. We’ll be enjoy a chicken sandwich both Wednesdays…liberals have declined the morals of this great country…kudos to Chic-Fil-A

  39. It isn’t enough that the liberal agenda over the past four years has decimated this country financially, their slogan “spend our way out of debt”, but now lets destroy private businesses and MORE JOBS by boycotting a company that has the right to conduct business and have an opinion different from theirs. Wake Up People. If you want respect you must give respect. In my opinion, the whole gay marriage thing is not about love, it is all about survivor benefits period!! Gay partners have been unable to receive the survivor benefits because they have not been able to be recognized as a legitimate legal partner. The only legal partnership in this country has been Marriage, between a man and woman. This legitimacy could have been established without name calling and hate mongering. But in a get even stance to shove it down everyone’s throat and to muster brainless political power this continues to be pure evil hiding behind political agenda to destroy our great freedoms. Thank you Mr. Cathy, for standing up for your rights. I have enjoyed your chick-fil-A’s while visiting in the south. Unfortunately, there are none of your franchises in my State or I would be there buying them, whether it was Wednesday or not.

  40. I will support you chick-fil we havent here where i live i hope you open a store here.Dont pay any attention to the mental cases call faggots.

  41. I don’t have a Chick-Fil-A near me but I support their policies. I do eat a daily chicken sandwich at Wendy’s and a value fry for lunch. Two bucks. You can’t beat it.

  42. Definitely count me in! Every Christian should take this opportunity to unite and let the enemy (demonic powers) know that no weapon formed against us will ever prosper!

  43. I don’t like chicken . . . I will, however, eat at Chick-fil-A the next two Wednesdays.

    My brother ‘was’ on the limp wrist side of the equation, I loved him dearly I did not love what he was, in fact I told him that and that I hated what he had become, however, in spite of that I did love him.

    Chick-fil-A is not about hating those of that lifestyle, it is about disliking their acceptance of that lifestyle.

  44. I will be eating at chic-a-fil on the next two Wednesdays to support their right to their beliefs. They live them.. they even close on Sundays to worship their creator.. they have not discriminated against anyone… they are simply going about their “business” the way they see fit and it hasn’t hurt their bottom line… Keep the faith, chic…. I am with you all the way..

  45. According to their locator, Chick-Fil-A apparently has only one franchise in Michigan. It’s in the Detroit metro area, which is over 200 miles from where I live. I’ll have to get there some other time.

  46. I just located the only Chick-fil-a in Michigan, over by Oakland University. Its about a half hour away…..but I’ll be there.

  47. I will be there and I hope there are protesting idiots there when I arrive! Cause I will go inside get an order to go and go outside and eat right in front of them and dare them to do something about it!

  48. I’ll have to go out of my way, but I’ll be there. And I’m smart enoigh to figure out their stance on homosexual marriage before the sound bite.

  49. Tomorrow, I intend to make a 30 mile round trip, to the nearest Chick-Fil-A.
    I’ll drive past hundreds of restaurants on my way. But, tomorrow, these guys are a destination and a statement …
    Note to GLT’s … I’m OK with you being gay. But, keep it to yourself. I don’t want to see you parading around flaunting your behavior. You do not deserve special treatment or set asides, in the workforce. I don’t want your way of life forced on my kids, who attend public school, as a part of the progressive’s agenda.
    Don’t ask Don’t tell (to me) means I WON’T ASK (cause I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom) and YOU WON’T TELL me that you’re special and deserve special treatment or consideration.

  50. I will be eating there on Wednesday and every single chance I get. This is a fine family operation that will sell food to anyone, so who is the ‘bigot’ now while homosexuals won’t buy food from ‘straights’ or ‘Christians”? Homosexuals are just self indulged phonies that should be ignored, but pray for them anyway.

  51. I have always respected Chick Fillet for not being open on Sunday and even so they have greater sales than those open on Sunday. This company has not caved in to the political correctness of the day and took a stand on what they believe in. They have the best chicken sandwich there is. I certainly will be going there and with gusto.

  52. If the muppets are banning Chick-fil-a & they are funded on PBS by the taxpayer, shouldn’t we be able to withhold funding to PBS as a bias non profit organization?

  53. Why do they always try to spoil everything? My grandkids loved the Teletubbies and some one with a perverted mind ruined that and now they are no more. There were cute and precious.

  54. Think they could build one in Connecticut by tommorrow? There are situations where they will not serve you…that would be on Sundays because they are closed because they still consider honoring the sabbath relavent and the right thing to do. My personal boycotts include: Starbucks; Target; J.C.Penney; Citgo; the Hartford Courant; ABC news; etc.

  55. HELL YES, count me in, if they did breakfast, I`d be there for that too. I will eat lunch and dinner there, and if I can I might even throw in a 3rd trip. KUDOS to the Cathy family, stay strong, and support Christian, and traditional family values, you will always have my support, both morally and financially, and the best part your food is esssssscccceeellleeennnnnttttt. GOD SPEED

  56. The Homosexuals are doing what the Church did 600 years ago and that is to FORCE people into believing something that is unnatural. The Church under the pain of death sometimes wanted people to believe the Earth is the center of the universe and it is flat, we know this is unnatural, just as it is unnatural for 2 men or women to copulate. This is the US and if these people want to copulate because it is their happiness, fine, but do not FORCE the rest of into the unnatural belief that it is normal because it is not! WE THE PEOPLE need to stand with Chic-fil-A and show the hatemongers we will not be silenced!

  57. I’m going to Chic-Fil-A tomorrow FOR SURE – AND, as an added SLAP in the face of NANNIES like Mayor Bloomberg, I’m going to order MORE than 16oz. of soda (even if I have to order TWO)!
    To all you homosexuals (except for you HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILES like Jerry Sandusky and the Pedophile Priests), if YOU want to engage in homosexual behavior, go right ahead – NO ONE is going to stop you – BUT, we DON’T have to condone your activities, or your lifestyle or your attempts to DEFINE marriage, and we SURE AS HELL don’t have to keep OUR opinions to ourselves!
    When was the last time WE (heterosexuals) had a “Straight Pride” parade (along the lines of YOUR “in your face” Gay Pride parades around the country)?

  58. Chic-fil-A thank you for standing by your morals. The people who try to force you into changing your stance are people you can do without as customers. I will be there July 25th and will bring friends and tell as many people as I can to be there that day showing support for your company and your morals.

  59. I’d never even heard of Chick-fil-A until I saw this article…. But if there was a Chick-fil-A anywhere within 100 miles of Payette, Idaho, I would certainly be there tomorrow enjoying a chicken sandwhich… and a 32 oz coke

    1. If you’re ever in or near Boise:

      Boise State University

      1910 University Dr
      Boise, ID 83725
      48.90 miles away

      Licensed Location

      Limited hours and/or accessibility – please call first

      Send Address To:

      E-mail | Mobile

      (208) 426-1437

  60. It’s amazing how it’s OK to support liberal causes, but just try to support a conservative moral cause.”

    That’s because most conservative “moral causes” are just thinly-veiled exercises in bigotry and intolerance.

      1. Yes. Last time I checked, they weren’t trying to prevent straight couples from getting married. Love that “gaystapo” thing, by the way. I see what you did there. Comparing a persecuted minority to an oppressive police force that oppressed and murdered other minorities, including the once you are comparing them to, under a brutal dictatorship famous for mass genocide. Very clever. Stick with that, I’m sure it’s working well for you.

  61. It’s such a joke that the homo’s that preach equality and THEIR right to choose (their lifestyle), then HYPOCRITICALLY trash those of us that don’t agree with them,,

    thus showing that they only support the right to choose, as long as your choice agrees with theirs…

  62. The homo’s aren’t powerful, sorry. Maybe in their mentally ill minds. I’m just glad that I can eat at a place that doesn’t condone child molester’s and men/women sodomizing each other. I don’t want to hear about the wonders of men pushing in each other’s sh|t while I’m eating. Thanks Christians!

  63. Chic-fil-a, your doing a great job! MORE businesses SHOULD hold Gods word, tell the truth and keep pushing on….
    When standing for ,God, (truth) there is NO FEAR…
    Go strong Chick-fil-a!!
    Let the sinners eat Cow!!!!
    After all did they Not Worship golden cows in gamora.
    You need to put PROVERBS AND OR REVELATIONs, on your plates or napkins!
    Be PROUD your father is watching..
    Talk is forgotten BUT Scripture out lasts them all..
    Ray LaMot
    Semper Fi …

  64. Just putting in my two cents here, even though I’ll probably get hit with a bunch of insults for doing so (so much for the tolerance Christ preached, huh?). The issue with Chick-fil-A is not that it’s a Christian company. That’s not what’s being protested. What is being protested is Chick-fil-A’s financial support of anti-gay-rights groups. And I’m sorry if you people don’t like this, but people have a right to protest something they don’t like just as much as Chick-fil-A has a right to support whoever they want. Freedom of speech cuts both ways.

  65. I have never heard of your store or product here in the Pacific Northwest. But rest assured, if I ever see a sign over one of your establishments I am stopping to eat. Regardless of conditions or time of day. Chic-fil-A means CHOW TIME! Great job, stay the course.

  66. The problem with conservative moral causes is that most of time the advocates violate the United States Constitution with their reprehensible talk and actions. I never liked Chik Fil A and I hope they get a drubbing they deserve and maybe they will act a little more like Jesus Christ instead of all the talk. I can imagine Jesus dressed in church pictures walking into one of their restaurants, 12 men, one leaning on his breast, a prostitute in tow and want a sandwich. They would call their Republican Political friends and TV Preacher thieves and film Jesus getting kicked out for being a Muslim. To hell with Chik Fil A and anybody else who hates and supports hate groups that have no basis to discriminate against other than religion. By the way, the United States Constitution guarantees freedom FROM religious nuts like these. I have only eaten there once in my lifetime and the owners or operators, if they are Christians should have kept their traps shut off gays and investigating employees personal love lives. I hope they go bankrupt.

  67. I am eating at Chick – Fil – A today. It’s not my usual diet but I support their right to stand by their beliefs. Doesn’t mean they are homophobes nor am I. Just believe God intended marriage for a man and a woman. I invite all my friends regardless of their sexual persuasion to join me at Chick – Fil – A for a salad and fellowship! I love you all and so does God.

  68. Go Chic-Fil-A!!! You are already my favorite “Chicken Shack”, and the fact that the company is not open on Sunday has me being a faithful and loyal customer. Besides haven’t they been voted the healthiest fast food joint for a few years running now??/

    It is not that they are courageous, but they are Christians. And Jesus tells us NOT TO be afraid because we have him and should fear nothing for there is a better life waiting for the believers… Stay Christian, continue having faith in our Lord (everyone’s on the planet whether you think so or not) and everything will eventually be OK>..

  69. Just had the original Chicken sandwich (bought 3 to show support) and its the most tender, tastiest chicken sandwich I ever had. Quality product. I support freedom of speech and conservative values and put my money where my mouth is by supporting Chick-Fil-A!

  70. My wife and I had lunch and intend on going back for dinner. We will also be doing lunch and dinner Wed. Aug !st. Thanks Dan!

  71. I just got back from Chick-fil-a, where I enjoyed a nice spicy chicken sandwich. I may go back again next Wednesday. However, I will continue to go at my leisure. I do not allow hate groups like the gay lobby to dictate what I eat. Yes, I consider the gay lobby a hate group. I never heard anything from Chick-fil-a that sounded remotely like hate, but I am hearing a great deal of hate coming from the other side.

  72. I went to our local Chick-fil-A for lunch today (7/25/12) and it was busy. I told the manager I was there to show my support and heard that other’s were doing so as well. Let’s hope it is a banner day for them! Even in liberal MA they were showing support and commenting about what a fool Boston Mayor Menino is.

  73. I’ll drive the 20 miles to my nearest Chick-Fil-A to eat there. And just an FYI because I did not know this until yesterday. At Office Depot there are signs on the wall that say “Be Brave”. If there are people out there who believe that that sign is in honor of our troops and veterans YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. This sign is in support of the homosexual agenda and they have given over $1,000,000 dollars so far to a homosexual program started by Lady Gaga. I can’t speak for the rest of you but Office Depot has seen the last dollar they will ever see from me. BOYCOTT OFFICE DEPOT!!!!

  74. I love Chic-fil-a & I support them 100%. Freedom of speach…….freedom of speech. The Leftists are the one’s that are alway’s hating. Chic-fil-a and other companies have a right to their own opinion with out the Liberals talking garbage. Hooray for Chic-Fil-A.

  75. Previously posted elsewhere but worth repeating here …
    Every few years our Boy Scout Troop hikes the Freedom Trail through Boston. Being we live five hours away this is always an extended weekend trip staying at a BSA camp west of Boston and going into the city by taking the MBTA trains. We have been planning to again hike the Freedom Trail this coming spring however due to Mayor Menino’s remarks we have decided to cancel and hike elsewhere. Just this past weekend I sent Mayor Menino a letter detailing how our Scouts enjoy coming to Boston and spend money on public transportation, food, and souvenirs. I wrote that in light of his comments and that the Boy Scouts of America is a private organization dedicated to traditional American values and character building we feel our boys will not be welcome nor safe on the streets of a city governed by narrow-minded and vitriolic bigots. We have therefore cancelled our plans to visit Boston and will instead travel elsewhere.
    Note: as Scoutmaster one of my ‘perks’ is to choose where the troop eats when we’re traveling, from now on we ONLY stop at Chick-Fil-A!

  76. I live in MA, so you know what our Moron of a Mayor said! BUT, they can open stores in other areas…I hope they do!

  77. I’ll be there, and thank you Mr. Cathy for having the intestional fortitude to make a statement that the increasingly sickening ‘PC’ crowd is afraid to voice, marriage is between a man and a woman, period!
    This whole homosexual debate has devolved into an epic embarrassment, among a number of others, for America!

  78. I had lived in Eastern Europe for 16 years and had not heard of Chic-fil-A. When we returned to the USA I had some friends share about this restaurant and about their traditional moral convictions. We headed right to the nearest Chic-fil-A and the food was great. Also, the atmosphere was great; clean and free. Thank you Chic-fil-A!!!!!

  79. [email protected] says:

    I’m going for a snack right now! Support businesses with guts!

  80. Dined there for lunch and happy to report that their parking lot, restaurant and drive-thru were all jammed! The staff were as courteous and smiling as ever and even claimed surprise at the large number of customers today.Keep it up America!!

  81. I am thankful for Chic-fil-A and His stand but one question I have, why just Him? Where are out Churches, Why are most preachers pulpits silent? Why don’t we stand up for righteousness? Love the sinner but hate the sin! Are we willing to pay the price for standing up for righteousness? Most people are not. We want our feel good sermons and fellowship times, But not willing to give everything to the cause of Christ. Jesus says count the cost. It cost Jesus His life what is it costing you and me?

  82. Any company/business that takes a stand against this vile plague in our country will have my business. Any that does not, I’ll take my business elsewhere. I will no longer buy a Ford, shop at Homo Depot, Office Depot, JC Penney, or Target. They have nothing I need.

  83. If we had a Chick-fil-A where I live you could bet your sweet bippy I’d be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner there today. Thank you CFA for taking a stand and the moral high ground on this issue. I only wish a lot more of Corporate America had your backbone.

  84. I usually don’t care for fast food chicken sandwiches. However, I went to Chick-fil-A today just to support them and I have to say it was pretty darn good. They will have a new regular customer from this day forward thanks to the idiot Mayor of Boston. I think it will happen a lot today.

  85. I’d help support them, but we don’t have a Chic-fil-A within a hundred miles1! We’ll eat chicken at home!!

    1. I personally don’t eat much meat, just a little fish occasionally, but I would eat some Chick-fil-A just to support their cause. It’s a GREAT one!!

    2. It takes great, but I don’t think they used lard. It’s some kind of vegetable oil. There website probably has information.

      But they do also have GRILLED chicken sandwiches. I just had one today.

  86. My husband and I just came back from eating lunch at Chick-fil-A, simply to show our support for this wonderful establishment. It was our first time there, but it sure won’t be our last.

  87. Know the Sr. Mr. Cathey and what he stands fore and support his decision to run his business as he sees fit !

  88. I wish I lived closer to a Chick-fil-A. I would eat thereon both Wednesdays as well as a lot of other times. I don’t even know where the closest Chick-fil-A is to where I live. I live in a rural area and I know there is not a Chick-fil-A in the towns on either side of my town. I urge everybody reading this to go to the nearest Chick-fil-A and buy something even if it is only an order of fries. We need to unify and show these hate mongers that all they are doing is giving positive press and support to the fine upstanding people and business they target. Good luck Mr Cathy and Chick-fil-A. I hope this causes Chick-fil-A to have a record setting day on both Wednesdays. I also hope this will create a permanent boost to their everyday sales. That would be a great way to show these minority groups they can’t intimidate their way to achieving their goals. GO CHICK-FIL-A!!!!!!!!! Eat More Chicken people!!!

  89. That’s pretty sad that a business is being slammed because of their own personal beliefs. But then, most of us realize that this is being manipulated by the progs to further their agenda.

  90. Homosexual hate groups are out of control…please refer to them as such as they refer to anyone who does not agree with their agenda as hate groups…sodomite hate groups is another possible title but let’s call it what it is, hatred of any group that doesn’t support it’s agenda.

  91. defeat the queers day, eat at chic-fil-a, sorry I don’t mix words, these immoral homo’s, fagots, queers, back door buddies or any other derogatory thing you wish to call them, have no place in society. I don’t want these sicko’s teaching my grand kids that their way of life has any place in this world, it is not God’s way and God will open their eyes in the final days. Amen to God bless chic-fil-a and GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. I’m with you. We should never try to sugarcoat this behavior or give it any kind of respect. Chick-fil-A is doing a good thing.

  92. I bought a bagel and cream cheese at Chick Fil A this morning, not because I was hungry, but because I wanted to support them. There was also a craving for the best Sweet Tea in my county, so of course I went to Chick Fil A!

  93. I ate a chicken sandwich at Chic-fil-a today and it was the best I have ever had!! Large very green lettuce, very red tomato, and nicely crunchy real chicken (not ground up with additives). And the service was great just like they say.

    You have my business,

    Ed Hand

  94. I was going to eat there this evening, and also on August 1st, but there isn’t a Chick-fil-A in Vegas… When I was doing a Google search for a location near me, I read someone asking if it were true that the reason there isn’t a Chick-fil-A in Vegas is because the owner doesn’t support “lifestyle”. I don’t know if this is true or not… I live in Vegas, I don’t gamble… I attend daily Mass Monday through Saturday… there’s about 200 of us at SEAS 8 AM Mass … and that’s only one Catholic Church… and there are many more Catholic Churches in Vegas, some of them even have two Masses daily…. I hope the “Vegas lifestyle” isn’t the reason there is no Chick-fil-A in Vegas….

    1. The owner thinks of people in groups. You have been lumped in a group of “sin city” heathens. This is how bigots think. It doesn’t matter if its not true.

  95. Lets let a miniscule percentage of the population tell anyone what is right or what is wrong. If the gay population does not want to support the Chick-Fil-A business, THEN DONT GO THERE. Leave the rest of us alone. I for one applaud the company and its honesty. Enough already. Stop pushing your agenda on everyone with these senseless attacks.

    1. You are forgetting the percentage of the population that is not gay, but supports their rights. You are forgetting the percentage of the population that will not support hate groups no matter what group they are attacking.

      not attacking – just boycotting.
      We won’t eat your hate sandwich, you won’t eat a gay Oreo.

      If you don’t like the way a company does business – don’t do business with them. pretty simple.

      1. But boycotting won’t be enough for homosexual activist. They must have extorted affirmation and will kick, scream, vandalize, attack, threaten and harass until they do.

        1. Nope. Just won’t eat there and make sure they will not easily open any new locations.

      2. Pastafarian, boycotting is attacking, just like your comment. Also, there is a significant difference in meaning between “supports” and “tolerates”

        1. boycotting is not attacking. Are you attacking the Muppets? Or Oreos? or JCPenny? no. you simply will not spend your money with them.

          My sentence means the same thing if I substitute your word:
          “You are forgetting the percentage of the population that will not TOLERATE hate groups no matter what group they are attacking”

        2. Pasta….., We are not communicating. Attacking takes many forms; verbally, physically, hacking one’s computer, telling lies, and yes, boycotting, which by the way is a very effective “attack”, as it hits “them” in the pocketbook. The readers are not interested in our one-on-one verbal jousting—let us get back to the issues at hand. I am sure both of us have the same goals in mind. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Support ‘National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day’: July 25th

  96. My family and I will be enjoying Chick-fil-a tonight and next Wednesday. God bless you Cathy family and Chick-fil-a!

  97. Don’t believe all the boycott stuff. Almost everyone loves CFA, even homo-leftists. They’ll still go, but “closeted.”

  98. I went there today and it was great!! I had a late lunch, about 1:45 and the place was packed! I am not sure they were all there to show support for them because they are ALWAYS busy like that, at least in Mobile, Alabama. But, for it to be packed on Wednesday at that time of day was great! They have great food (I love the raisin/carrot salad) and the employees are the friendliest in fast food. I’ll be there next Wednesday as well!

  99. This is a great idea. i wished i had a thousand dollars to spend because I wouls use it to buy anyone who walked in a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. These are good Christian people and like the comment in the story said they don’t discriminate against anyone that walks through their doors. How can anyone with a brain see hate when they are following biblical traditions?

  100. I will be eating at Chick-fil-A a lot more. They deserve the patronage for sticking up for traditional marriage. The baffoons who are trying to make an issue of it deserve to eat dirt. The have only hate in their hearts. Maybe they should eat some crow.

  101. We do not have a Chick-fil-A in Grand Rapids, MI, but I certainly would support the chain and the message that Don Cathy is sending. Do not back down, the majority of America is with you !

  102. Just ordered 4 Chic-fil-A sandwiches and waffle fries. Be back on August 1st. Continue to drive past J. C. Penney and Home Depot to their competition. Love competition. God is still in charge and his word is final.

  103. I would participate in this except for the following problem that I expressed to Mr Cathy:

    following msg sent to Chick-fil-a on 07/22/12 re anti-gun policy:
    msg for Dan Cathy:Mr Cathy,After reading on Friday of your stand on homosexuality, I went miles out of my way to visit one of your stores to show my support. However, I was turned away at the door by the hoplophobic sign banning firearms. I could have ignored it and gone in anyway but I refuse to patronize establishments that think so little of their patrons and staff that they require them to be disarmed victims. Who do you think is going to comply with your sign: law-abiders or law-breakers? It is foolish to believe that law-breakers having the advantage over a disarmed victim pool is a good thing. Your anti-Christian, anti-American anti-self-defense policy means that should I patronize your store, I would not be able to protect myself, my family, other patrons or your staff. Therefore I will not be enjoying Chick-fil-a products.

  104. The “Chick” is clean and the food is great. The only problem is the crowds of patrons but I’m only too happy to wait.

  105. Another good thing about Chick Fil-A is that the person at the register can immediately print you a statement that tells you how many calories anything on the menu is. That is great to know! And it always stops me just for a minute to hear the person say, “My pleasure” after I say, “Thank you.” Courtesy begins in little ways, and truth-telling does, too.

  106. Funny, how everyone wants God’s protection in bad times but no one wants to obey His rules, I guess the old addage holds true “There are no athiests in fox holes.”

  107. I ate there today. They must have stopped discriminating since yesterday. They didnt even ask about my sexual orientation.

  108. I just had my deluxe Chick-Fil-A sandwich and waffle fries today. It was truly an amazingly satisfying dinner. God speed. :)

  109. Tolerance is just a one sided word with liberals so why play their game. Hold onto your values , forget the political correctness crowd, express your views and don’t let the liberals intimidate you. One way you can express your love for liberty is EAT MORE CHICKEN.
    The liberals in Boston should immediately check with the mayor to see how they should think and what they can say or their utilities might be cut off. Boston the city where freedom and liberty started and died. America wake up ……………………….

  110. I always liked Chic-Fil-A; good food, good value. Now I’ll go out of my way to eat there. Free speech is for EVERYONE, not just minorities; be they black, Hispanic or gay. I don’t recall Chic-fil-A ever saying it wouldn’t serve gays, only that the family that owns the company believes in traditional marriage. Oh, the humanity! Who are the real hate-mongers here?

  111. It’s time to fight back!!!
    Send letters to Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emaqnuel showing support for Chick-fil-A and enclose an advertisement item obtained at your local restaurant. Just visualize them receiving hundreds, hopefully, thousands of letters with enclosed Chick-fil-A logo items i.e., bumper stickers, decals, plush cows, license plates, caps, visors, T-Shirts, etc.
    Let’s start today!!

  112. Now if only a hundred thousand more or so businesses would stand up to this ungodly message being promoted by the homosexual agenda, they would go away. The more I live in this world, I see truly where hate comes from. John 16:3 says it all. These people do not know the Father or the Son. Yet, the Bible tells us also that there will come a time when we Christians will be killed and the world will think they are doing it for God. I would be in complete despair for this world, but then I remember that this world is nothing but a staging area for a world that will last a lot longer than this sin-cursed one ever will.

  113. There was an old guy who greeted us as we came in the door. He told us what to do (order, wait for your name to be called). The lady behind the counter laughed when I said we were BUYcotting. When she asked my name I said Miss Piggy. Another laugh. The Manager came by, said hello, asked for our business in the future. Told him we were headed to PCB in a couple of days and already scouted out for August 1st BUYcott.

  114. When these liberal a–holes stand before God on judgement day, God will say depart from me I know you not. Its one thing to be gay, but stop trying to push your agenda upon Christians.

  115. I have no quarrel with persons of the same sex wanting to be with each other. I do object however, to that relationship being being referred to by the time-honored word of “marriage”. That is analogous to a nurse’s aid wanting to be called “Doctor”, a Piper Cub pilot wanting to be called an “airline pilot” or a small town-marshal saying he was an FBI Agent. It is true that a gay relationship has some considerations that are similiar to marriage, they have many more issues that are not. Consequently, the gay community needs a seperate set of “ground rules” and guidelines.

      1. PT10, It is obvious that you have a very limited knowledge of the subject Also, I sense you did not get passed the first sentence of my comment. You and I, agreeing or not agreeing, is not going to make “it” go away. The medical profession has indicated that some people are genetically “predisposed” to being gay, others say it is environmental, still others say it is both and there is even significant differences of opinion withing the gay community itself. Congress needs to conduct another public hearing on the issue with representatives from all concerned, and then go back to their districts and discuss the issues with their constituents, and then return to Washington and draft some sensible legislation that will put this issue to rest. I believe a close examination of the issues will find that genetics, enviornment and your stated “perversion” will all come to light and each will have to have their own set of rules, conduct and penalties where appropriate. Equally important, the matter of children being raised within a gay environment, has to be addressed as they surely are being exposed to very conflicting concepts of life, i.e., will there be “environmental” considerations for a non-gay child that would encourage the child to become gay, even though not being genetically predisposed? Also, how does a non-gay child reconcile their at home lifestyle with that of the “outside world”. These are all serious issues and we don’t need criptic and callous comments, such as you have made. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Support ‘National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day’: July 25th

        1. Dondehoff,
          I know plenty about the subject as I do work in the medical field and find some of your comments way off the mark. The medical profession has indicated no such thing and, even if they do in the future, it would make no difference to me as God still tells us this is wrong regardless of why or how it comes about. If there are ever “rules” that state we have to accept, I’m sure I, and many others, will no doubt break that rule. There is no such thing as a homo child, only children who are influenced to act that way or who were molested by members of the same sex. I couldn’t care less if you think I shouldn’t make comments. So far, this is a free country and I will comment all I want about this vile behavior that is being foisted upon our children. I certainly take it very seriously as this behavior causes serious health issues and death and should never be considered a normal/natural option for our children. Callous behavior deserves callous comments. This is the most callous behavior on the planet and it deserves to be condemned and ridiculed. Cryptic?? Not hardly…I am quite open about my beliefs. Are you part of the Gaystapo?? Don’t try to tell me how I should believe or what I should say concerning this vile matter. It will fall on deaf ears.

  116. Want to bet these other fast food businesses will start flying “straight” when they lose business to Chick-fil-A?? Homos just scream the loudest. You only think there are many. ; )

  117. Noone has to explain jack to the Homo’s! We don’t need an excuse for our beliefs & we don’t want to hear an excuse of why you’re all homo’s! Keep it to yourselves, we know your dirty secrets!!!

  118. So if you don’t support something, you are filled with HATE??? ……Morons!

    Typical Leftist liberal twisted logic. Lay off the weed, dudes!

    1. “hate group” is defined by the FBI, Anti Defamation League, and Southern Poverty Law Center. They are supporting HATE GROUPS with donations. it is not that the mere concept of being against gay marriage is “hate” – that it is just an opinion.

  119. You can still stick close to your diet w their awesome salad topped w chicken strips and raspberry balsamic dressing! It’s awesome!!!

  120. We went to our local Chic-fil-A last week and we have been to the Arlington, TX Chic-fll-A twice this week (@Restoring Love). All three times the places were PACKED. I have always said “Be careful what you wish for”. I can’t wait to see the reaction from Patriots to Rahm’s Muslim Guard.

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