Supporting Jihadists and Destroying Christians as State Department Policy?

Assad is a tyrant and he personally deserves anything he gets. But what about the two million Christians who have been living in Syria peacefully until recently? Do they deserve persecution, exile, and or death?

But persecution, exile, and even death is what they are receiving at the hands of Jihadists, and ultimately at the hands of White House intervention.

Whatever the problems and tragedies that are endemic in Islamic culture, the fact remains that Syrian Muslims and Syrian Christians have dwelt side by side for centuries. It wasn’t a great situation by American democratic standards. It hasn’t been blissful. But it was more or less peaceful. Muslims, whatever they thought or said about Christianity in the abstract, knew and lived with their specific Christian neighbors.

With the so-called “civil war” now under way, that peace has been shattered. It is not just because Assad enforced religious tolerance. It is because the Syrian carnage is not simply a civil war. Many of the fighters are from outside the country. The ancient Christian communities mean nothing to these people. All they see is an infidel religion and a group that will tend to prefer the secular dictator to their religious vision of Sharia law.

The results are horrific.

Syria’s Christians, who make up less than 10 per cent of the estimated 23 million population, include Greek Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox, Maronite and Melkite Greek Catholic faithful. Already thousands have left, part of a larger tide of displaced Syrians escaping the conflict in which opposition groups say 27,000 people have died. In the Homs area 80,000 have fled as churches and community centers have been targeted, defaced, and their religious icons stolen.

So what will the West do? Will they pretend that it isn’t happening and overlook the persecution inflicted on Christian minorities in the region? Undoubtedly, some Christians will defend the Assad regime as the only hope that they might be preserved and protected from Jihadi enemies. One has to wonder if this will be used as an excuse for overlooking the persecutions they suffer.

The situation we find in Libya is not encouraging. Are we going to pretend we are making the Middle East a better place when we are actually making it worse? Are we going to allow thousands of Christians to be banished from their homelands in order to make ourselves feel better because we can boast that we overthrew a dictator and helped “liberate” a people? The White House and State Department are actively encouraging the forces of revolution in Syria. They don’t show any sign of being concerned about the treatment of Christians.

41 thoughts on “Supporting Jihadists and Destroying Christians as State Department Policy?

  1. For 13 centuries, Christians have been persecuted, enslaved, tortured and murdered by Muslims, who I don’t see changing any time soon.

    And Obama could care less.

    1. Obama is killing Muslims in a dozen countries or more. He is bloodthirsty in his attacks on Muslim nations we are not at war with. How many non-Muslilms do you think these drone strikes have killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, and Pakistan?

      1. obama hates to see muslims killed and when the murdering SOBs killed our Americans obama sympathize with these murdering SOBs. Not one American citizens death is worth all the muslims in the world.

        1. well not t worry, They will recieve what they give ,only with more force.
          starting with our Gay President and all his gay muslims will have to face the most important judge real soon.

        2. Obama loves killing Muslims. He has violated the Constitution and International law to do so. He has a KILL LIST of Muslims he wants droned and has appointed an Assassination Czar. You must not pay any attention to international news, we are on a rampage – bombing every country in that region.

          My question remains – How many non-Muslims do you think are being bombed in these attacks? (none)

      2. Sorry, you talking of muslims like they are a race and they are not, obama has kill many Arabs, who happen to be of different ideologies than muslims, very different thing, obama has promoted the brotherhood throughout riots in that region, because he’s a muslim, has been all his life and he’s doing what muslims does… why do you think that in the USA, muslims are getting ground while Christians are persecute here? and if you don’t believe that this is to be true, google it, it’s news every day of standing against a Christian over a muslim…if America no wake up, we’re going to find our selves in very ugly situation. For 14 centuries muslims are killing anyone and anything that don’t follow their ideology of cult, their sharia law, today in the USA, is 22 courts that make law through sharia law, totally illegal and against the Constitution, most people don’t even know, what happen in Dearborn, Michigan when a group of muslim were “stoning” American Christians and the police there did nothing? they are taking over little by little, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, by their complains and their changing things, if we keep allowing that, we’re to be like in Europe where the problem is huge and their laws are changing to appease this pieces of dirt.
        You talking political correctness, with muslims is a dangers talk, their ways has not change in 14 centuries, and will not change, the very thing this Nation and others are doing to not offend them, my people did many centuries go, and many of my people paid the consequences of that, kill in the middle of the night by the sword, took the Country I born, 400 years of wars to kick them out of the country, Persia (Iran today) didn’t have that luck, when they take over, nothing goes back to where a was, they are about destruction, terror and darkness. Wake up!

        1. oh please. You are saying that the thousands of people we have killed with these drone attacks and military actions have been non-Muslim Arabs? Do you think Al Qaeda is full of Hindus and Christians? 91% of the population is Muslim in this region. Have you ever spoken with someone who is in the military?


        1. I do. But there would be no way to convict him of it since we are at war with “terror”. It was carefully worded so we could not prosecute Rumsfeld for his war crimes.

        2. The constitution requires Congressional approval to go to war. Neither of the last two administrations have done so.

    2. muslims dont think like we do. they view non muslims as inhuman and therefore have no guilt when they commit genocide or rape,and plunder against the indigenous Christian peoples. this is a sad event in history. everything Islam touches turns into a hell hole. sad, America will soon be suffering the same fate as the Orthodox eastern Christians do.

      1. Next time it’s shown on TV how muslims live, don’t watch the people, take a look at the dwelling–there is virtually no furniture in the place. It’s an empty shell of a house.
        I’d rather live in a pup-tent in the mountains…

        1. We are afraid of people that live in mud huts with no electricity and do not have paved roads. They are not educated – and many can not even read. These people do not have the capacity to attack the United States. They bring rocks to throw at our predator drones. They do not stand a chance against our mighty technological war machine. Why are we so afraid of them?

          What is the benefit to the United States to fight these people? It’s certainly not defense. Is it worth the trillions of dollars a year we spend? Is it worth the thousands of American lives we lose? What is the benefit? Why are we so willing to add Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and North Korea into the mix? Who are we fighting for? Why are we the ones to do it? Why does it take ten years to train their Army when our boot camp is only six weeks?

        2. They don’t have the capacity to attack the United States? What took place on September 11, 2001? These “mud-huts” killed 3,000 innocent people and danced jigs of joy. As for training, we think of ourselves as Americans first – they think of themselves as (1) Family (2) village (3) religion (4) region first, and vaguely as nation much later. We have to break down 4,000 years of tribalism, then build up nationalism. A daunting job.

        3. We don’t. We need to protect our airports and mass transit systems, and our own infrastructure. We need to have trained intelligence agents that give us reliable information. We no not need hundreds of thousands of troops stationed in over 70 countries fighting people barely out of the bronze age. They can infight in their own countries all they want. Our mission has been completed. Stop spending American lives and tax dollars on this part of the world. It does not benefit us in any way.

        4. CARLjr….Exactly. I do NOT believe that WE can civilize these people. I do NOT believe that nation building ought to be America’s job. We should let people fight their own battles. It’s like getting involved with family fights…the cop always gets attacked by both sides.

          People must themselves desire to be free and be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that end….just as Americans did when we broke away from England and began this Great Experiment called America.

          The problem is this: early America consisted of diverse, imperfect people, seeking liberty, who were Christians, or non-Christians who still held to a Judeo/Christian ethic and that world view drove the Revolution……but these stone-age cultures believe in an ideology that is barbaric, brutal and does not allow them to divert from the hate-filled doctrine at the risk of spending eternity in hell.

          If nothing else, the Bible teaches that unless the heart of man is changed, he will always be at odds with his fellow man forever.

        5. CARLjr…..Speak for yourself. I am NOT afraid of people who live in mud huts….but its infuriating to me that those people from the mud huts are now wearing Afghan troop uniforms and are assassinating American troops who have worked closely with them for years.

          And why are they doing this? BECAUSE OF THEIR VILE BELIEF SYSTEM of Islam which is also driving thousands of young, educated and sometimes even wealthy Muslim men to attack non-Muslims all over the world…….and all done just so they can be drunk and screwing forever in their insane notion of Paradise.

          These people, in spite of their educations, have a stone-age mindset. I agree that NO AMERICAN LIFE should be lost dealing with them.

          I’ve told you before what I would do about Islamic terrorism but your keen sensibilities are too easily offended by the idea of a swift, decisive, over-whelming response against them. While those of us who feel that America actually has the right to defend itself are taking action, people like you can all join hands and sing Kumbaya.

          But remember, appeasement is the flawed notion that if you feed the crocodile, it will eat you last.

  2. Somehow, I am not at all surprised by this. What I DO find rather surprising, however, is the FACT that in this country (the United States) there are small segments of Muslims who would seek to do the same thing to the majority of Christian American population. While I was still at a local community college, one such “Muslim” (and I presume that his family had converted to Islam) had tried to lure me toward the Muslim Student Alliance’s booth during a “Club Rush” festivity and tried to have me “imprisoned” in a “cage” of cyclone fencing. If that be Islam’s definition of “tolerance”, then God help us all if they display their definition of “INtolerance”.

    1. But we are starting to see ,they don’t understand we are becoming intolerant of them.
      they are very common people that is why they try to make themselves so ignorant of the true facts. WE WILL NOT TOLARATE THEM ANY MORE from THIS DAY FORWARD they will not feel welcome.

    2. islam is evil. every where, Islam prevails turns into a hell hole of poverty, crime, intolerance, and incredible BOREDOM. this is nothing to do in muslim countries unless you like attacking Christians (who arent allowed to own weapons by the way.) cherish America, its the only place in the world where you can have fun, and the muslims want to take that away too, with the blessings of our gov’t.

    1. Hillary is in bed with the muslims. she’s a lefty and lefties love islam because its a religion of hate whose followers kill without guilt or remorse. the left is now building up its muslim army to destroy Christianity and bring a NWO that will become a islamic caliphate. We are so screwed.

  3. That is alright ,the day off RECONING IS SOON TO BE UPON THEM.
    There CULT will soon be ABOLISHED, and ALLAH will be among them.
    They cause more evil distruction where ever they go, and it is about to catch up with them.
    They have pushed there luck and it is runnung out.WE SAY LEAVE OR BE THROWN OUT.

  4. Nothing like a a civil war for the muslims to show their true colors! The Eastern Orthodox Christian community face annihilation at the hands of their muslim brethren. Islam has destroyed Christianity in the east and now are aiming for the US with the support of our govenment. Ironic, that the libs complain about the atrocities suffered by African americans and native Americans. yet they turn their backs on this horror unfolding right before our eyes. The Christians of Syria, North Africa and Turkey are the indigenous peoples of those areas. Why isnt the left taking up for these unfortunate people? Another trail of tears for the past 1400 hundred years and nobody cares.

    1. Let’s fight everyone’s battles for them. Keep bombing. Why bother to declare war? Why bother to get Congressional approval? We are good at war – let’s capitalize on it and fight the rest of the world.
      Does it matter that none of these countries actually pose a threat to
      the United States? Nah. It’s good for the economy to spend money on
      drones and submarines on the other side of the planet. We don’t have
      enough jobs here, so send our boys off to fight. At least they will be
      working. Kill, Kill, Kill. It’s the Christian thing to do.

  5. The Taliban is in the building! Islamic operatives are imbeded in our State Dept. and the Pentagon. They are removing all references of Jihad and Islamic terrorism from our lexicon. 80,000 more muslims have came here under Barrack Hussien Obama. Check for yourself.

  6. The Obama administration will do nothing, that’s all you can count on from him. He says that he’s a Christian, he sure hasn’t acted like it since he’s been in office. He seems to be acting more like a Muslim in all his policies toward the Middle East.

  7. This holocaust of Christians is occuring in every single arab spring land….Obama is responsible for all the deaths… He, being familar with Islam knew full well what would happen when he engineered and we financed the arab springs..I even knew the arab springs was only a trick when it first began….Those people are brainwashed heart, mind and soul….You cannot free them until they are free from the demonic lies that bind every one of them…. His current arab spring in the good old usa, one way or another… Obama and his cronies helped cause the revolutions in muslim lands via face book…..Speaking of facebook and the devil, is it coincidence that obama’s demons are calling for the death of Romney if he wins…on facebook no less. which appears to be Obama’s mouth worldwide.. .

  8. Obama doesn’t give a crap about the Christians who are being persecuted in Muslim countries, but he does care about Muslims in the USA; he wants their votes.

  9. If you think the last four years in this country were bad……just vote O’schmucko back in; he’ll finish the job in destroying this country.

  10. The Enemy of the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE destroys itself. Belivers in the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, THE ONE WHO NEVER CAME TO EARTH TO LET ANOTHER’S BLOOD flee the wicked blood letters.

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