Atheists Push (Again) to Remove “In God We Trust” from Nation’s Currency

A group of atheists wants the courts to declare the phrase “In God We Trust” unconstitutional and removed from our nation’s currency. These atheists are the secular version of the Islamic State who go about destroying anything related to competing religions. And atheism is a religion. “Satellite images confirm that the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq has […]

City Hall Hosts Satanic Cross

It’s a well-rehearsed story that occurs annually like clockwork as soon as the Christmas trees, menorahs and nativity scenes start appearing across the country. Every holiday season, some atheists get their undies in a bunch because they can’t stand that everybody else is celebrating. So like the proverbial Grinch whose heart was two sizes too […]

Can Anyone ‘Be Good for Goodness’ Sake’?

The American Atheists organization has trotted out its anti-Christmas — actually anti-God — billboards again: “Go Ahead and Skip Church! Just be Good for Goodness’ Sake. Happy Holidays!” There’s so much that’s bad about this that I don’t know where to begin. First, the use of “Happy Holidays.” A holiday is a “holy day.” That’s […]

Atheist Murderer Was Big Fan of Rachel Maddow and Bill Nye the Science Guy

Was “Catcher in the Rye” to blame for Mark David Chapman killing John Lennon? How about video games being held responsible for the the deranged Newtown, Conn., shooter who loved them? There’s a good chance that some link to a motive can be found for every murder. Hillary Clinton and Co. said that a video […]

Using Alternative Media to Beat Back Leftist Propaganda

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, thousands marched in Indianapolis in favor of same-sex marriage rights. On Saturday, April 25, 2015, thousands marched in Washington, D.C. in opposition to same-sex marriage. Which story did the media cover? Let’s put it this way — which rally did you not see covered by the news? The answer is […]

Hillary Clinton is the First Candidate to Come Out Against the First Amendment!

Taking a deviously courageous role, Hillary Clinton became the first major Presidential candidate (ever) to come out against the First Amendment and our freedom of speech. I’m not sure this is actually what she meant to do… but from her comments, she does know exactly what she is saying. We need to fix our dysfunctional […]

Why Aren’t Muslim Business Owners Targeted by Gays?

Homosexuality in any form is not only a sin to Christians, but also to Jews and Muslims. In some Muslim nations, gays are imprisoned, tortured and executed. Homosexuality is less tolerated by Muslims than by Christians and Jews, so why aren’t gays targeting Muslim businesses? All we hear about is one Christian business owner after […]

New York Times: Homosexual Marriage Reason Your Religion Must Go

Liberals are in a hissy storm this week over Indiana passing its new religious freedom law, which would permit business owners and other individuals to refuse to participate in what they consider sinful behavior. Naturally the cries have gone up from the Left about segregated lunch counters and water fountains, etc. The New York Times, […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is a Bigot Who Does Not Believe in Religious Freedom

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple. He has sex with men. I’m not revealing anything about him that he has not revealed about himself. Here’s what he said: “While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and […]

Indiana Lambasted for Passing Law Protecting First Amendment Rights

When our Founding Fathers wrote the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they thought that they had insured that every American would have the freedom to live and worship according to their religious beliefs. This was done specifically to counter the religious discrimination that took place in England and other European countries where people […]

Liberals Outraged By Clean Reader App that Cleans Up Objectionable Language

Many adults go through a phase in their younger years where the use of foul language is cool. Up until about 15 or 20 years ago, maybe even more recently, foul language was called objectionable language. Yet in keeping with the overall coarsening of our society, language standards seem to be going the way of […]

‘God Bless America’ Student Vindicated

Nearly a month ago, I wrote about a student at Yulee High School in Florida getting in trouble for adding ‘God bless America, keep us safe’ at the end of making the morning announcements over the school’s PA system. Wouldn’t you know it that there were two intolerant atheist students at the school who reacted […]