Oregon Preparing to Abandon Sexually Abused Children

Is there a difference between a man sexually abusing a girl; a woman sexually abusing a boy or a minor being sexually abused by an adult of the same sex? In most states, there is no difference as they are all a crime and the child generally seeks some sort of therapy to help them […]

Boehner Forcing House Conservatives to Abandon Campaign Promises Again

In 2010, Republicans won control of the House of Representatives and mistakenly elected Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) to be Speaker of the House. Republicans won control of House because they promised voters that they would stand up for their conservative values and not cave in to the tyrannical demands of Barack Obama and Senate Majority […]

Another Union Abandons Obama

For decades, most labor unions have sided with Democratic politicians. They believe the rhetoric that the Democratic Party is the party of the working class and the Republican Party is the party of the rich. They fail to realize that the Democrats were the ones that supported slavery and segregation more so than Republicans. They […]