Police Faked 9-1-1 Calls to Gain Access to Homes

Giving police the authority and power to manipulate the law is a danger to all of us. What looks like a good and necessary tactic in one instance can be justified in its use in ways never anticipated or designed. Consider RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) legislation that was designed to combat racketeering. […]

Ethics Complaint Charges Harry Reid with Abuse of Power

Tea Party Patriots has taken the action that the rest of Congress seems incapable of doing. They have filed formal ethics charges against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). The complaint was filed with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. According to The Daily Signal: “The complaint, filed Monday with the Senate Select Committee on […]

County Board Calls Patriots Cop Killers

In Trinity County, California, a rural area with one traffic light, no freeways and less than 14,000 population according to the Census, the community may be small but the politics get just as nasty and underhanded as in any big city. A local group of Patriot activists has been wrestling with the County Board of […]

It’s Republican-Hunting Season

Large or small, Republicans and conservatives of all types are in Democrats’ sights as campaigns get under way. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who had fancied himself a GOP candidate for the presidency in 2016 is among the first to go, since presidential politics tend to follow a longer trail than congressional races. Not only […]