Airport Police Shooter Strategy: Run, Hide

Protect and serve used to be the motto of police departments. But for Chicago airport police, that motto has been changed to “run and hide.” According to a recent CNN story, Chicago’s aviation department advises its police officers confronted with an active shooter to run away and find someplace to lock themselves in safely. An […]

Report: TSA Stops Only 1 in 20 ‘Bombs’ in Tests

So all that patting, pinching and probing you’ve put up with for years just to get on board what amounts to a transit bus with wings surely has made U.S. airlines ¬†among the safest in the world, right? Wrong. In fact, that statement is so wrong that the head of the TSA has been sent […]

TSA Wants Pat-Down of Passenger AFTER His Flight

One of the worst things about flying is going through security. My mother and sister-in-law flew from Houston to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. My mother is 92 years old. She walks with a cane. She had no problem going through security in Houston. On their flight back to Houston from Pittsburgh, she and my […]