Planned Parenthood Gets Raise from US Taxpayers for Providing Fewer Services

Over the past several years, state and federal Republicans have been working hard to defund Planned Parenthood. They don’t believe that a private organization that murders unborn children should be supported by taxpayers, many of which object to abortion. With a Republican controlled Congress, you would expect them to work towards either defunding Planned Parenthood […]

Iran’s Pastor Youcef Free – His Attorney in Prison

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah is an Iranian Muslim attorney who is well known for defending human rights issues in Iran.  Dadkhah, along with Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel laureate and others founded the Defenders of Human Rights Center.  Over the years he has defended a number of political and religious prisoners.  Perhaps his most famous client is […]

Nearly 80 Congressmen/Women Join Lawsuit to Challenge Contraception Mandate

There is no doubt that President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception mandate is an attack on the First Amendment right of freedom of religion.  Obama’s socialist agenda is doing its best to force progressive healthcare on an unwilling nation. Although there are waivers available for religious institutions, which have proven to be rather difficult to obtain, […]