Houston LGBT Losers Resort to Economic Blackmail

The LGBT+ community and the Lesbian mayor of Houston got trounced in Tuesday’s election of a bill that would have allowed men who thought they were women to use women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. It was sold as an equal rights ordinance. Refusal to follow the law would have meant fines of up to […]

Fight is on in Houston’s ‘Bathroom Ordinance’ Where Men Could Use Women’s Bathrooms

This Missouri High School Senior boy claims to be a girl and demands that he be allowed to use the female locker room. This is what will happen in our local schools in Houston if we do not defeat Mayor Annise Parker’s Bathroom Ordinance. Watch this video. If this is not perverted behavior, then the word, […]

Judge Issues Order on Gender Identity Referendum Petition in Houston

We have more good news. Republican State District Judge Brent Gamble signed the Writ of Mandamus to compel the City of Houston Secretary to start counting the 22,173 signed petitions in order to qualify the petition to define “Gender Identity” for the November ballot. The referendum petition was initiated by Dave Wilson, Founder and President of Houstonians […]

Texas Supreme Court Slams Door on Houston’s Lesbian Mayor

One would think that a southern city with such ties to the financial and oil industries would be somewhat conservative, but that’s not the case with Houston, Texas. In 2009, the citizens of Houston elected Annise Parker, a lesbian and gay activist, to be their mayor. Then they re-elected her two more times since then. […]

Texas Protecting Constitutional & Religious Rights of Pastors & Churches

Gay activists have been targeting Christians for over a decade. They intentionally go to a business owned by a Christian and demand service, hoping the Christian refuses, just so they can file a lawsuit against the owners. Their goal is to force Christian business owners to cave into the perversions of the LGBT community. Some […]

An Appeal to Christians Who Plan Not to Vote This Election

In polite society, you’re not supposed to talk about politics, sex, or religion. Sorry, but this column will discuss all three, directly or indirectly. In America, we get the kind of government we deserve. Is this the best we can do? There certainly is a big divide in how we approach politics, even among well-meaning […]

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Lies About Daughter’s Driver’s License

Homosexuals have always portrayed themselves as victims. Sure, there is some violence against homosexuals as there is against blacks, Jews, rich people, poor people, the homeless, young people, women, and nearly every other group. Homosexuals, however, have turned it into political theater. When Matthew Shepard was beaten and murdered, it was because of his homosexuality, […]

Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Tries to Nullify Petition to Repeal Her Ordinance

The fight between Houston’s lesbian mayor, Annise Parker and the city’s Christians and conservatives continues. After ramming an ordinance through the city council that gave LGBT people special privileges, including allowing gender confused men to use women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms; she launched an attack against those who opposed her. A number of Christian […]

The ‘T’ in LGBT Stands for ‘Tyranny’

“Tranny-tyranny.” Strike that. “LGBT” tyranny. Lesbian, gay, bisexual tyranny. That, generally speaking, is what’s on display in Houston right now. But trust me: Unlike Vegas, what happens in Houston will, most definitely, not stay in Houston – not if Democrats continue to have their way. Houstonians elected themselves, as mayor, an extremist lesbian Democrat (but I repeat […]

The Real Goal in Houston is to Silence Churches

Todd Starnes writes, “Five Christian pastors will no longer have to turn their sermons over to attorneys for the city of Houston. Instead, they will be forced to turn over their speeches related to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).” Isn’t a sermon a “speech”? What are they actually looking for? Did the pastors misrepresent […]

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Responds to Houston Sermon Demand

One of the ways the Left has beaten constitutionalists is by having people in places of authority to control the narrative and the legislation. The homosexual movement, comprising 1.6 percent of the population, has dominated the narrative and worked tirelessly to get its people in positions of power. Consider the 1987 article “The Overhauling of […]

Houston Sermon Demand Really About Future Hate Crime Lawsuits

I have followed the Houston petition story for months. I’ve had numerous conversations with a person directly involved in the petition drive. I’ve known him for more than 25 years. He’s one of the most connected persons in Texas when it comes to politics. Long before this became a national story, he told me of […]