Would Jesus Oppose Christians Challenging Supreme Court on Religious Freedom Issues?

Here we go again . . . another liberal trying to use the Bible to push an anti-Christian, pro-statist agenda. The latest attempt comes from Jay Michaelson who writes for the Daily Beast. A number of groups are challenging certain provisions of the Obamacare law that they believe are a violation of their religious rights. […]

Another False Antichrist Flag

Any time some new political figure comes on the scene, the prophecy pundits come out with their speculations on whether he might be the antichrist. Have these people learned nothing? The number of antichrist figures is legion. The latest antichrist candidate is the new Greek Prime Minister Alexios Tsipras: “Alexios Tsipras has been prime minister […]

Why Do ISIS Muslims Kill Children?

There have been numerous and sometimes contradictory stories and images of anti-Christian slaughter coming out of Iraq and Syria right now. They cannot all be confirmed. But there is a pattern emerging: Even children are not immune from the barbaric acts of radical Muslims. I saw a photograph that makes me sick. It is the […]

Killing Christians While Church and State Remain Silent

When I was a child, I somehow picked up the notion that persecution against the Christian church basically ended with the collapse of the Roman Empire. But it turns out that the last century was the worst century ever for the persecution of Christians and martyrdom. Dr. David Barrett, a leading church statistician, says there […]

Amanda Thatcher And St. Paul Remind Us The War Is Not Over

I don’t know much at all about Margaret Thatcher’s grand-daughter (other than some athletic accomplishments). Amanda Thatcher’s present character and future actions are a mystery to me. So my wish that she become an international antidote to Chelsea Clinton’s career ambitions is probably just an anarchist dream. But hearing her speaking the words of the […]

Will This be America’s Last July 4th?

On this date 236 years ago, 56 courageous men, most of who were devout Christians, placed their lives, their family’s lives and all of their worldly possessions on the line when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Their goal was to rid themselves of the oppressive tyranny of England and King George III.  These brave […]

About Time the Crystal Cathedral Comes Crashing Down

Nothing appalls me more than to hear people blaspheme the name of God and Jesus Christ and for over forty years, that’s exactly what’s been taking place at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Founded in 1955 by Robert Schuller as part of the Reformed Church in America denomination, the Crystal Cathedral has been […]