AZ Prison Allows Inmate to Beat, Stab and Rape Female Teacher

A number of prisons in the US try to help inmates with their education by bringing in teachers to help them obtain their GEDs. They also provide access to prison libraries and online classes for prisoners with those privileges. Such is the case with the Arizona Department of Corrections. In January 2014, they brought in […]

Middle Eastern Illegals Carrying Stainless Steel Cylinders Caught 30 Miles Inside Arizona

For over a year, many sources have been reporting that members of ISIS have been working with Mexican drug cartels for their help to illegally enter the US. Since ISIS is making billions of dollars a year, they were eager to pay the drug cartels to show them some of their regular routes into the […]

14 Muslims Arrested Trying to Cross Arizona and Texas Borders

On Monday, members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force detained and arrested six men illegally crossing the border near Sonoita, Arizona. Five of the men were from Pakistan and the other from Afghanistan. US Customs and Border Patrol released the following statement about the arrests: “U.S. Border Patrol agents in Sonoita, Arizona, apprehended five Pakistani […]

Yuma, Arizona Proves Success of Border Fence with Mexico

Donald Trump made international headlines when he stated that America needs to build a fence along the entire US-Mexico border to stop the flood of illegal aliens. The liberal media crucified Trump for his comment and tried to make him out to be a Hispanic hating bigot. Democrats were ready with their hammers to nail […]

Federal Judge Upholds Arizona “Show Your Papers” Immigration Law

After seeing that Barack Obama was going to do absolutely nothing to protect Arizona citizens from the flood of illegals crossing into the state from Mexico, the Arizona legislature passed SB-1070 in 2010. The law contained a number of tough immigration policies that gave law enforcement more legal authority to identify and arrest illegal aliens […]

Sexually Laced Profanity Assignment Given to Middle School Students

Parents in Florence, Arizona became outraged when they learned that their 13 year old kids were given a poetry assignment laced with sexually explicit language and profanity. Most of you are parents and I’m curious how you would react to learn that you child or children were given an assignment that contained the lyrics to […]

Arizona Budget Cuts Include Limiting Welfare Benefits

On Monday I posted an article in which I asked the question: How Much Longer Can US Afford To Be a Welfare Nation? In that post I shared the welfare is costing over half a trillion dollars a year and that figures grows more and more every year and that we as a nation can’t […]

Arizona Banning Enforcement of Presidential Orders Not Approved By Congress

Arizona Republicans have been a thorn in Barack Obama’s behind ever since he first moved into the White House. Over two hundred residents of Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county, petitioned Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate Obama’s eligibility to run for or hold the office of president. Not wanting to use taxpayer dollars for the […]

Common Core Out the Door According to Arizona House

A growing number of state governors are realizing that they were duped, hoodwinked, conned or whatever you want to call it, by socialist educators into approving and implementing the Common Core Standards. In 2009, the National Governor’s Association (NGA) authorized a group of supposed educators to work together to establish a set of educational standards […]

Obama’s Henchmen Not Done Attacking Sheriff Arpaio for Questioning Birth Certificate

When most people decide to run for a political office, they are required to produce the necessary documentation to prove that they are legally eligible to hold the office sought after. However, in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, he never properly provided the required documentation. That alone should have told America that Obama thought […]

Could You Pass The Arizona Civics Test?

On Thursday, Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed new bill passed by Arizona legislators requiring students take and pass a civics test. All high school students will have to pass the exam before they can graduate. They must correctly answer 60 of 100 questions on government subjects. this means that a D is passing. These include current […]

John McCain Using Obama Donors to Purge Arizona Tea Party

John McCain has got to go. He’s up for reelection in 2016. The Tea Party needs to begin the process of ridding this political pariah from office. He’s a menace to good government and constitutional fidelity. McCain’s latest deed of political maleficence is working behind the scenes to lead a purge of Republican conservatives from […]