I Think I’ll Just Offer an Apology if I Get Audited by the IRS

It seems all you have to do these days is offer an apology for massive mistakes and lies when it comes to policy rollouts. President Obama apologized for the disaster that’s the Affordable Care Act. Liberals now want critics of ObamaCare to move on. What else do conservatives want Obama to do? Isn’t an apology […]

Secretary of Education Pushes to De-Value College Degrees

No matter what the item, product, or service is, the more people that have it, the less valuable it becomes individually. Collectibles are only really valuable when there is a limited quantity of them.  Some years back, baseball trading cards and Beanie Babies were all the rage, but once the market got flooded with them, […]

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder Play Race Card In Election Year At Expense of Black Students

Let me start by asking you a question.  What should teachers and school officials do with students that are disruptful in the classroom and interfering with the education of other students? Back when I went to school, such students were removed from the classroom and eventually removed from the school.  In today’s classrooms there is […]

Does Everyone Deserve or Even Need a College Education?

When I graduated high school some years back, the general consensus was that a college education would help you get a better paying job.  It was also generally accepted that not everyone could attend college nor did everyone deserve a college education. Neither of my parents had any college education and there was no way […]