The Disastrous Effects of Economic Equality

The final result of economic equality makes everyone equally poor. What’s the best way to get wealth in the hands of people? There are several methods. The most popular (and destructive) is for the wealthy to be taxed so their “excess” wealth can be redistributed to the less fortunate. This works for a time until productive […]

Christian Business Owner Shuts Down Service to Accommodate “Gay Marriage” Law

There’s a trolley business based out of Annapolis, Maryland called Discover Annapolis Tours. The business used to accommodate newly weds as part of their service until recently when it became clear that if a business turned down a same-sex couple, that business could be sued and would lose based on discrimination charges. The owner of […]

Would Ayn Rand be Welcomed at a Tea Party?

Jim Wallis, one of President Obama’s spiritual advisers made this comment about the Tea Party: “I distrust a movement that lifts up a philandering, Russian, atheist.” Mr. Wallis is referring to Ayn Rand, a favorite writer of many Libertarian thinkers. While I disagree with Mr. Wallis on many things, his description of Ayn Rand is […]

Ayn Rand Did Not Understand Capitalism

On October, 1957, Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged first appeared. It was greeted by one reviewer with what I regard as the supreme put-down in the history of literary criticism: “This is the worst American novel since The Fountainhead.” It is a conceptually confused novel. It was offered in the name of individual liberty, yet […]

Do Conservatives Need Ayn Rand?

Shortly after Congressman Paul Ryan’s appearance at the 2011 Faith and Freedom Conference in D.C., a Bible-waving protester confronted the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and questioned him for modeling his proposed budget after “the extreme ideology of Ayn Rand rather than the basic economic justice values of the Bible.” The protestor offered Ryan […]