Three Opinions on Gun Confiscation

The Atlantic published an article entitled “Do Republicans Have Any Real Reason to Worry about Gun Confiscation?” It’s written from the perspectives of an American gun advocate, an Australian living in the U.S., and an anti-gun nut.   I think we all know where I come down on the subject, as everyone should if they […]

Oregon Shootings Prove Gun Free Zones are Most Dangerous and Obama a Liar

Last week, Chris Harper-Mercer loaded up his guns and went to Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Once inside the school, he started asking students what their religion was. If they answered Christian, he shot them. When the bloodbath ended, nine people were dead and others wounded. Before the day was over, Barack Obama spoke […]

If Obama is Right on Gun Control Then Explain Gun Violence in Chicago & Baltimore

Another tragic mass shooting took place in the US. A deranged man entered a junior college in Oregon to kill Christians. Obama didn’t waste a moment to renew his rhetoric for wanting stricter gun control. He keeps telling the same old lie that stricter background checks, banning certain guns and limiting magazine capacity will eliminate […]

Do Guns Possess Jedi Mind Control?

The title sounds obviously ridiculous, but if you really listen to anti-gun people like Barack Obama and thousands of other anti-America liberals, you would almost believe that guns are somehow able to control the minds of people like the Jedi knights in Star Wars. Obama continues to use incidents like the tragedy in Charlotte last […]

130 Students and Teachers Killed by ‘Peaceful’ Muslims in Pakistan

You’ve heard about the “lone wolf” Muslim who held hostages in chocolatier shop in central Sydney, Australia, yesterday. It’s always a “lone wolf,” or so-called Muslims that don’t represent Islam, who do these things. how many incidents is it going to take before people understand that there are enough of these “lone wolves” to make a sizable […]

Jihadist Terror Hits Sydney as Gunman Takes Hostages

The jihadist terror campaign against humanity struck Australia earlier today as police stormed a Sydney cafe after an Iranian-born gunman held hostages for 17 hours. At the end of it, 3 people including the terrorist were dead, according to the Daily Mail. Reports indicated at least 3 others were injured. The gunman held around 20 […]

Muslim Halal Certification: Follow the Money

The following is from Bill Muehlenberg’s “Culture Watch.” As with most things Islamic, there is woeful ignorance and misunderstanding in the general public as to what is actually going on. Many folks simply parrot what they are told from Islamic activists. For example, many think Islam means peace. Well, no it does not. The word […]

Judge Says Incest No Longer Taboo Thanks to Abortion

The very mention of the word incest conjures up thoughts of child abuse, rape and hidden family secrets. Many a person has been sent to prison for having incestuous relationships with their child, sibling and even parent. A friend of mine went to prison some years back for improper behavior with his teenage step-daughters. Incest […]

America’s Chief Export Being Rejected by Other Nations

Why are Americans so peeved? Is it Obamacare? Well, partly – and in a big way. One wonders, in fact, if that sign language interpreter at the Mandela funeral moonlighted as the lead IT consultant for But it’s much more than just Obamacare. How do we explain America’s red-level economic and socio-political misery index? […]

Australian Gun Ban Resulted in Higher Gun Crimes, Not Lower!

President Obama, Vice President Biden, New York Mayor Bloomberg, and all the other liberal Democrats want to ban guns from private ownership in order to reduce gun violence in the United States. But will it? In 1996 newly elected Prime Minister John Howard of Australia pushed for stricter gun control. That year the Australian Parliament […]