Man Ordered to Pay $30,000 Child Support Even Though DNA Proves He’s Not the Father

I have a confession to make. I enjoy watching real life crime programs that trace the course of events and evidence that leads to the arrest and conviction of a criminal. It’s fascinating what they can do with today’s technology in identifying DNA, paint, hair, fabric, and other trace evidence. With the help of chemical […]

Obama’s Efforts to Keep America Dependent on Foreign Enemy Oil

Would you not expect the leaders of this country to strive to make us energy independent and no longer begging at the feet of nation’s that hate us for some of their of their precious oil? So why have Democrats worked so hard to prevent America from becoming energy independent? When Jimmy Carter was the […]

Obama Commits Treason Again by Funding Iran’s Terrorist Activities

Prior to 1979, Iran was governed by the Pahlavi dynasty. The leader of the nation at that time was Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who was a friend and ally of the United States. In 1977, extremists began protesting the shah’s government and in 1979 managed to oust the shah. The infamous Ayatollah Khomeini assumed control […]

Bipartisan Special Skills Visa Bill Helping Companies Get Rid of Older Employees

Currently, the US government hands out 65,000 special skills visas (H-1 B visa) to workers from other countries. These special skills visas are for people with bachelors or post graduate degrees that can fill needed positions here in the US. Many of these special skilled people end up working in the high tech world in […]

NJ Failed Pension Program Reflects Chris Christie’s Questionable Economic Policies

Although he has not officially declared himself to a 2016 presidential candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has sure been posturing like he his. A number of early polls show Christie to be an early front runner for the GOP ticket which does not bode well for the Republican Party. Christie acts more like a […]

Terrorists All Around Us

Have you ever looked at the people around you and wondered who if any could be a terrorist? Perhaps your next door neighbor, Sunday school teacher, your niece or uncle are secretly plotting to blow up a building. How well do you know your co-workers? These are the questions posed by Mark Hyman with Behind […]

Illegal To Pat Down Terrorist Same Way TSA Pats Down Airline Passengers

Have you ever experienced a pat down by a TSA agent while flying somewhere?  I don’t fly often, but I’ve had pat downs twice.  One was minor but the other was enough to inflict pain and discomfort of my genitals.  The TSA agent ran his hand up into my groin quite rapidly and it felt […]