San Antonio Preparing to Persecute Christians Who Speak Out on the Bible

The San Antonio City Council is about to adopt an ordinance that will persecute any Christian for preaching the Bible or sharing their faith.  They are looking at passing some nondiscrimination ordinances that would make it a crime to exhibit or express any form of bias that could offend someone.  The proposed ordinance says: “No person […]

Campaigning By Phone Is a Story But Threats By Twitter Is Not News?

Yesterday the Atlantic came out with a story, “Meet the Company Spam-Texting Against Barack Obama.” The tagline reads, “ccAdvertising, a Virginia marketing and polling firm, circumvents laws about unsolicited texts by sending emails. Is that really legal?” The short answer is yes. This is America. Normally people don’t get their speech censored, especially not their […]

Associated Press “Racist” Poll Shows AP Hates White People

Maybe they’re trying to drum up another “October surprise” by releasing a poll that shows that the majority of white respondents are racist toward blacks and Latinos. Pollsters are lamenting that white people’s attitudes towards blacks haven’t gotten any better since Obama took office. According to the Associated Press poll, racial attitudes towards blacks have […]

My Experience with Red-Meat Journalism

I’ve had first-hand experience with the media. Most of it has not been good Some years ago I was interviewed by Tad Friend for New York Magazine. The title of the article was, “Does America Hate New York. . . Or Has it Just Stopped Caring?” The cover of the magazine carried a more provocative, […]