Trump’s New York Values Include Partial Birth Abortions

Ted Cruz brought up Donald Trump’s “New York values.” I suspect that he mostly had New York City in mind, but let’s say that he had the entire state. Of course, Cruz knows that not everyone in New York City and the state at large is a leftist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, pro-partial birth abortion supporter. […]

Homelessness a Creation of Liberal Government Programs

Newsflash: America has a homeless problem. Actually, many are calling it a crisis or an epidemic. No matter which superlative one cares to use, I think we can all agree it’s a large problem, and each year liberals are in charge of government, the numbers of homeless increase. Every major city in the country has seen a […]

Hollywood Star Ashton Kutcher Blasts Liberal Attacks on Innovative Businesses!

Ashton Kutcher has surprised us on a few occasions with some pretty conservative beliefs on work and the economy. (Here and here) Well, he’s done it again! This time Kutcher is taking on the corrupt practices of New York City’s political machine. Specifically, Kutcher is attacking the polices and rhetoric of the city’s socialist Mayor […]

Democrats’ ‘Progressive Agenda’ is Outright Communism

It must be so close they can taste it. It’s never been a secret that the Democrat agenda has been quietly driven by the philosophies of Karl Marx and every radical socialist who ever lit a fuse against the United States. With a long line of public figures who have idolized or modeled themselves after […]

President Obama Reminds Us All that Elizabeth Warren is a “Politician” then He Calls Her ‘Stupid’

Oh Boy. I thought the big fight in the Democrat Part would end up being between Elizabeth Warren’s team and Hillary Clinton’s team… but perhaps President Obama plans to get involved too. In recent days the far-left of the Democrat Party has been taking tentative jabs at Hillary Clinton, in a likely effort to get […]

Liberal Mayors Spreading Anti-Police Sentiment

It’s become an all-out assault on local police forces across the country. It began in Ferguson and quickly spread to other cities with violent protests turning to unprovoked attacks on police. All of this is cheered on by Al Sharpton and his race hustling traveling roadshow. Then it jumped from black race baiters to progressive white politicians. […]

NY Mayor de Blasio Makes Anti-Police Judicial Appointment

The rift between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is bound to widen to chasm size after his latest move. When de Blasio was running for the office of mayor, he was critical of the New York Police Department. He has never really supported them. Then after the death of Eric Garner at the […]

NY Cops Tell Mayor & Council Speaker to Stay Away from Their Funerals

A growing number of New York Police Officers are signing a letter telling New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to stay away from their funerals if they are killed in the line of duty. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association has posted a form letter for officers to sign to show […]

Mayor de Blasio is Making it Easier for New York Criminals

The city of New York is going nuts over the grand jury verdict declining to indict the New York police officer that subdued Eric Garner. Protests are breaking out all over the city, and it may be just a matter of time before they morph into Ferguson-type riots. (Few people are taking note of the fact that it was de […]

Samuel Adams Beer Company Goes Gay

I’m not much of a beer drinker. If the beer is really cold and I’m really thirsty, I might drink half a bottle. I have friends who like to drink beer. I even have a son who actually makes his own beer. I haven’t heard many of my beer drinking friends say much about the […]

NY Mayor’s War on Successful Charter Schools

If you thought former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a tyrant, you should see his replacement.  The people of New York voted in Democrat Bill de Blasio who is turning out to be more of a socialist tyrant than Bloomberg ever was. His latest attack is aimed at the charter schools in New York […]

Are Liberals About to Hang Themselves in New York City?

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is upset at the New York State government for not rubber stamping his progressive agenda. He evidently feels his city should be effectively unpinned from the state government allowing him to form, as Frances Martel at Breitbart describes, his own “City-state,” like ancient Athens. De Blasio’s agenda is […]