US Gun Capital Safest Place to Live

Barack Obama and other anti-gun Democrats continue to paint America as the murder capital of the world. Every time some nut grabs a gun and starts shooting people, they chime in with their rhetoric in hopes of convincing a dumbed down nation to disarm itself. But what they are telling you is far from truth. […]

Pro-Gun Virtual State of the Union Address

Last month, President Barack Obama stood before the joint chambers of Congress, the Cabinet and the people of the United States and lied to our faces.  Additionally, he spoke of his sweeping gun control measures that violate every aspect of the Second Amendment.  Virtually everything Obama said was a flat out lie, shifting blame, or […]

Obama Hates America and Must Destroy the Economy

For over a year now I’ve been writing about how Barack Obama hates America and is determined to destroy it by first destroying the economy.  As I watch the fiscal cliff negotiations or lack thereof, I am still firmly convinced that Obama is still out to destroy our economy and throw the country into chaos.  […]