Obama’s Henchmen Not Done Attacking Sheriff Arpaio for Questioning Birth Certificate

When most people decide to run for a political office, they are required to produce the necessary documentation to prove that they are legally eligible to hold the office sought after. However, in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, he never properly provided the required documentation. That alone should have told America that Obama thought […]

Donald Trump Offers Obama $50 Million for Birth Records

As Danny Devito’s character, Vincent Benedict, in Twins (1988) so aptly put it, “Money talks and bull s–t walks.” Trump’s talking with his money. You can’t get any better than that. This latest story is about Donald Trump offering President Obama $50 million for his birth records and $5 million for his college transcripts. Obama […]

New Evidence in Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Now that the biggest “lie of the year” is Obama’s “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” it may be time to revisit the birth certificate claim and the secrecy surrounding his college and law school days. Michelle may join in after she had to sit through him playing footsy with […]

Obama’s Birther Issue Heating Up and Congress Getting Interested

Finally the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States is gathering some long needed interest.  The issue was raised during the 2008 presidential campaign by Bill Clinton until Obama’s supporters threatened the life of Chelsea Clinton, forcing Bill and Hillary to suddenly stop pushing the issue. A number […]

Alabama Supreme Court to Hear Sheriff Joe Evidence Against Obama Birth Certificate

Most people believe that all of the challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States ended on January 20, 2013 when he was sworn into office for the second time. But they haven’t, and although most people watching what is happening say it will have little if any effect on Obama’s […]

Help Wanted: White Conservative With Knowledge of Explosives

JOB NOTICE Are you angry at your government? Are you fed up with taxes? Do you feel your country has turned away from the path of God? Would you like to make a big impression (at least 100-foot radius)? A coalition of media groups, entertainment celebrities and Democrat Party politicians urgently seeks conservative white male […]

Baby Girl’s Birth Certificate To List 3 Parents

In the crazy world of homosexuality, another twist has been thrown in the pot of confusion for kids as they grow up – having three parents listed on their birth certificate. It all started over three years ago when a pair of lesbians decided they wanted to have a child.  Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo […]

My Choice for Persons of the Year for 2012

Every year at this time, Time magazine announces their Person of the Year.  Among their top choices this year was Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood dictator President of Egypt, Malala Yousafzai, the 15 year old Muslim girl who was shot for pushing for educational rights for females, undocumented Hispanics illegally in the US and good […]

American Politicians’ Registration Organization to Vet All Candidates

Anyone who has animals as pets or for competitions are probably familiar with organizations like the American Kennel Club, Universal Kennel Club, Cat Fanciers’ Association, World Cat Congress, American Quarter Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association and many other animal registration groups.  Anyone wanting to register their animals with any of these organizations have to […]

Did Obama’s Backers Buy or Threaten Silence of Republican Senator?

Ever since Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Mike Zullo held their first press conference this past March detailing evidence on the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate, they have been baffled by the lack of Congressional interest into the greatest hoax in American history. In early August, there was a glint […]

Florida Democrat Still Pushing Courts to Prove Obama’s Eligibility

Earlier this year, a registered Democrat in the state of Florida filed a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to appear on the November ballot.  Michael Voeltz claimed that he believed that Obama did not meet the legal qualification for President. One of his arguments stemmed on the definition of natural born citizen.  The legal definition […]

Hawaii Hiding Forgery Evidence of Obama Birth Certificate

According to an updated WND report, Mike Zullo, the lead investigator for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, just returned from a second trip to Hawaii as part of this investigation into Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate.  The evidence, or perhaps the lack of evidence Zullo discovered only lends itself to the speculation that the […]