Martin Luther King Supported Planned Parenthood

There’s a lot of unknown history floating around. Some of it is uncomfortable to read. Every political side has any number of skeletons that they want kept buried. I’m thankful to see black groups and pastors standing up for the unborn. There’s the Black Genocide website that tells the truth about the number of black […]

Scarlett Johansson Stands with Racist Planned Parenthood

Hollywood celebrities who were not aborted are coming to the rescue of Planned Parenthood. Scarlett Johansson is one of them. She says the following in a new counter video to the body parts videos that have been released: “I stand with Planned Parenthood, because Planned Parenthood stands up for me.” Actors that support Planned Parenthood […]

Behead the Babies: Democrat Apologists for Baby Killing

Have you noticed that Democrats never apologize for anything? They will defend the most atrocious evil to safeguard their overall agenda. Take the case of the baby beheading admission defense (partial-birth abortion) and sale of aborted baby body parts by the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood. The Hill reports: “Congressional Democrats are coming to the defense […]

To Liberals All Lives Don’t Matter, Not Even Black Lives Matter

One of the newest memes making its way around the internet and among the Twitter cult is “Black Lives Matter.” The meme has become sacrosanct. It’s now part of sacred secular-progressive scripture, so much so that when Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College in Massachusetts said “all lives matter,” she was immediately condemned for watering […]

Protesting the Death of One Black Man but Not Tens of Thousands of Black Unborn Babies

The death of any person is a tragedy. The death of a teenager in an altercation with a police officer is equally a tragedy. Unfortunately, many Black leaders aren’t so much concerned about the death of one black teenager as they are about making race an ongoing war. I firmly believe that many of them […]

Is Washington DC Racist for Having So Many White Babies?

Fox News reports that there’s been something of a baby boom in Washington DC — more white babies. “Census figures show the number of children younger than 5 has grown by almost twenty percent to 39,000 over the past 3 years. “The number of children ages 5 to 13 rose 7 percent. “The biggest increases […]

You’re a White Supremacist if You Oppose Abortion

Extremism seems to be the norm on today’s college campuses. Actually, it’s more likely that the extremists have taken over the channels of power. The same thing happened on college campuses in the 1960s and early 1970s. The majority of students were in college to get their degrees so they could move on to develop […]

CBS Commentator Wants Abortions to Lower White Voter Population

On MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show Saturday, CBS’s Nancy Giles said the reason white people are “trying to eliminate all these abortions” is “to build up the [white] race.” This is the epitome of racism. Can you imagine what the response would have been if a white person had said that the reason blacks are winning […]

You Admit You’re a Slave if You Vote for Obama

We know that Blacks are going to vote en masse for President Obama even though he (1) supports abortion on demand, and that would include “black genocide,” (2) endorses homosexuality, a destroyer of families, (3) did not denounce the Democratic Party when the majority wanted to exclude God from its platform, and (4)wants to keep […]

Liberals Have Contempt for Black People and their Babies

You may have heard about the abortion doctor who said that “abortions save taxpayers money, prevent shootings like the one in Colorado, and rid the world of ‘ugly black babies.’ The Washington Examiner reports: “The doctor in the video, apparently, is an active political donor, giving almost all his money to Democrats.” Blacks are the […]

Black Pastors Accuse Ultra-Liberal Southern Poverty Law Center of Bigotry

A coalition of African-American pastors and pro-family Christian and Jewish leaders held a press conference outside the headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama, to protest the SPLC’s smearing of pro-family groups that oppose homosexual activism as “hate groups.” The SPLC has been co-opted by a Leftist, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian agenda. If you […]

Planned Parenthood Gets a Half-Billion Dollars to Kill Preborn Babies

Yes, you read that right. Nearly a half-billion dollars went to Planned Parenthood in one year: According to its latest annual report, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) received $487.4 million in tax dollars over a twelve-month period and performed 329,455 abortions. Previous Planned Parenthood annual reports showed total funding from “government grants and […]