This Black Woman’s Black Life Doesn’t Matter to the BLM Movement

Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain has been beset with protesters calling for her resignation since January of 2015 when she made remarks about Islam and its terrorist elements when Muslims attacked and murdered members of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. “In The Tennessean, Swain wrote that the [January 2015] Paris attacks show that critics of Islam are […]

NRA Calls Out President Obama in Powerful New Video

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre has taken the fight to President Obama on the his call for more gun laws in a new video. LaPierre makes it clear that all the laws that are necessary to stop gun violence are already on the books. The truth is, President Obama has no will to enforce existing laws […]

Obama Encourages War Against Police

Over the past several years, law enforcement agencies around the nation have come under fire for carrying out their duties. It really came to a head when Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed a black teen who was physically assaulting Wilson. It didn’t matter to the black community that Michael Brown was a […]

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

What started out seemingly as a relatively harmless protest group, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has morphed into a full-blown black separatist hate movement. They have no shame and no fear in these United States, as they know the liberal press and spineless politicians don’t dare challenge them. They have but one arrow in their […]

Black Mom Rants against Black Lives Matter Hypocrisy

Earlier this month I wrote that Black Lives Matter activists really don’t care about black lives as much as they just want to vent their racial hatred towards white law enforcement officers. I pointed out that every one of the blacks that died at the hands of police and are being protested for, were killed […]

Black Lives Matter Activist Turns Out to Be White

It’s a Democrat thing. You wouldn’t understand. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King found himself getting some unwanted attention this week after a story came out that he might have “misrepresented” (another word for lied) himself as black to none other than Oprah Winfrey in order to win a scholarship to the historically black Morehouse College. […]

Hillary Clinton Plans to Buy Youth Vote with New College Plan

Hillary Clinton is tanking in the polls. The admitted socialist Bernie Sanders is beating her in some polls. He has huge crowd numbers. Hillary remains in hiding hoping to wait out the ascendancy of Sanders. Sanders’ only hiccup is that the Black Lives Matter crowd doesn’t believe he’s a big enough socialist. They want more […]

Blacks Revolt Against their Democrat Slave Masters

NBC is reporting that Democrat/Socialist “presidential candidate Bernie Sanders left a campaign event in Seattle without giving his speech Saturday after ‘black lives matter’ activists took over the podium.” This isn’t the first time that Black Lives Matter protesters have protested racial inequality by going after so-called Progressive candidates. “On July 18, Sanders tried to […]

Why Don’t Black Lives Matter to Other Blacks?

I live in northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. It seems that almost every day the news reports of another shooting. In the vast majority of these shootings, it’s a black person shooting another black person. In the latest shooting, a 4 year old black girl was shot and killed when a minivan pulled […]

Black Democrat Attacks Planned Parenthood Because all Black Lives Matter

Cleveland Democrat Bill Patmon is black. The following is from his speech at an Ohio Right to Life rally announcing his co-sponsorship of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. For Rep. Bill Patmon, black lives matter, even those in the womb. The following is from Breitbart: _______________ I wrote a speech, but I don’t think […]

10 White Privilege “Cracka Commandments”

I always thought of Lehigh University as a fairly elite school. Both friends and relatives of mine have attended. It’s not an Ivy League university, but it’s right up there. So I was a bit surprised when I heard that Lehigh hosted a “hip-hop symposium.” Since hip-hop is supposed to be a musical genre (I fail to see […]

Baltimore Gives Violent Protesters ‘Space to Destroy’

The racist agenda hiding behind the #BlackLivesMatter movement reared its ugly head again this weekend. Ostensibly intended to peacefully protest the death of Freddie Gray from injuries received during arrest, the demonstrations Saturday in Baltimore turned violent as bused-in agitators whipped the crowd into a frenzy of window smashing, car denting, people assaulting, vandalism, robbery […]