New Chicago Minimum Wage Law Will Add More People to the Unemployment Lines

Once again liberals have demonstrated that they just don’t get how the economy works. They are so utterly ignorant. When purchasing an item, do you ever comparison shop? Of course you do. Most everyone has or does. And you want to get the most for your dollar. Again, of course — otherwise, why comparison shop? […]

Read What a Black Pastor from Harlem Thinks About Obama

Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem does not like President Obama or the burgeoning homosexual movement. The content of the sign outside his church has outraged liberals around the country. It reads as follows (the ALL CAPS are his): OBAMA HAS UNLEASHED THE HOMO DEMONS ON THE BLACK MAN. LOOK […]

Democrats Want More Unemployment

Misery is the life blood of liberal politics. The more people are oppressed, the more voters flock to the Democrat party. It’s no different when it comes to unemployment. The unemployment number keeps dropping but the number of people in the work force also keeps dropping. What gives? It’s that “new math” that many of […]

Black Unemployment To Rise Under Proposed Immigration Reform Bill

A number of reports have come out indicating that the proposed senate immigration reform bill would hurt the American job market.  Several weeks ago, I wrote that it could add up to 1 million immigrant workers to the American job market every year and not all of those jobs are farming or construction.  A number […]

BET Founder Doesn’t Know Why Black Unemployment is So High

How can such a smart man be so clueless? Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Robert Johnson said the challenge was to figure out why the unemployment rate for blacks has been so high, “and if that doesn’t change, somebody’s going to have to pay — 34 million African-Americans are not going to leave this country, […]

NAACP President: Blacks Worse Off Under Obama

Blacks have always been worse off under Democrats. So much of liberal legislative action to help blacks ends up hurting them and moving them backwards economically. There’s no doubt that many blacks survive the attempt to make them wards of the State. The black family has been nearly destroyed by Democrat initiatives. There was a […]