This Black Woman’s Black Life Doesn’t Matter to the BLM Movement

Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain has been beset with protesters calling for her resignation since January of 2015 when she made remarks about Islam and its terrorist elements when Muslims attacked and murdered members of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. “In The Tennessean, Swain wrote that the [January 2015] Paris attacks show that critics of Islam are […]

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

What started out seemingly as a relatively harmless protest group, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has morphed into a full-blown black separatist hate movement. They have no shame and no fear in these United States, as they know the liberal press and spineless politicians don’t dare challenge them. They have but one arrow in their […]

Blacks Revolt Against their Democrat Slave Masters

NBC is reporting that Democrat/Socialist “presidential candidate Bernie Sanders left a campaign event in Seattle without giving his speech Saturday after ‘black lives matter’ activists took over the podium.” This isn’t the first time that Black Lives Matter protesters have protested racial inequality by going after so-called Progressive candidates. “On July 18, Sanders tried to […]

Texas Attorney General Tells Feds They’ll Have to Take Land by Force

In another attempt to steal land from American citizens, the Bureau of Land Management is considering taking 90,000 acres from Texas residents. When Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory in 1803, it established the border between Texas and Louisiana to be the bans of the Red River.  Like many other rivers, periodically, the Red River […]

Where Were PETA and the ACLU During the Cliven Bundy Standoff?

I haven’t commented as of yet on the ClivenBundy ranch incident. I’ve been thinking about it and would like to share a few observations and maybe a question or two. During the standoff: “They are flying helicopters over the herd to chase them,” Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy said. “It was over 90 degrees […]

Obama Will Rebuild Towns In Other States and Countries But Not In Arizona

It seems the main reason we still have troops in Afghanistan and other Middle Countries is to help rebuild towns and mosques at US taxpayer expense.  When Oklahoma towns are hit by tornadoes, Obama is there and offers federal disaster aid.  But when it comes to some of our own towns in Arizona, Obama promptly […]