Possible 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Speaks Out on Obama’s Amnesty Order

Ever since retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson stood and ripped apart Obamacare in front of Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, there has been a great deal of speculation on whether or not he will run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. Rumors have been flying around the political arena about Carson starting to […]

Handgun Sales Soaring Thanks to Obama, Bloomberg and Criminals

I’m not a financial advisor but if I was I would be advising people to invest in firearm manufacturers like Colt and Smith & Wesson. Each of the last several years, gun and ammunition sales in the US have set records. 2011’s record sales were topped in 2012 and that record was topped in 2013. […]

Facts Anti-Gun Advocates Don’t Want You to Know

After last summer’s shooting in Aurora, Colorado and last month’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, anti-gun advocates want you to believe that America is a nation infected with violent crimes and murders.  They want you to believe that we are one, if not the, most violent nation in the world and that […]

On Cue, Left Politicizes Murders of Children

Once again, the guns did it, and it’s somehow conservatives’ fault. Friday’s murders in Newtown, Connecticut, of 20 children and six adults are a sad tragedy, yet it seemed as if the bodies were not even cold before the Left jumped in, eager to make use of this latest “opportunity” to spread their anti-gun dogma. […]

The Big Apple Is a Big Banana Republic

Don’t be fooled by how pretty New York City gets in autumn. The so-called Big Apple is really just another banana republic. (In fact, the term “Banana Republic” even if justified in different places, was probably coined as a term to divert attention from the fact that governments in cooler zones can be just as […]