Ted Cruz for President Because the GOP Establishment Hates Him

I’ve never formally endorsed a candidate in any presidential primary. This time the stakes are too high not to. Look around. The world is on fire and the party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, not to mention the GOP’s Obama-enabling RINO establishment, are playing with gasoline. And so, while he’s been among my top […]

Is Jason Chaffetz Any Better than Boehner?

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to make a very BIG announcement that the GOP establishment is sure to be upset with. While Chaffetz is generally seen as a safe “conservative” voice by many on the right, the truth is that he is as much of an “establishment” […]

Government Shutdown is a Constitutional and Popular Way to Stop Obama

I generally like Brit Hume. But over the weekend, I believe he got it wrong in opposing Obama regarding his promise to use an Executive Order to implement amnesty. Here’s what Hume said: “It’s a total blunder to try that, because if the President were to veto the bill, a bill that would keep the […]