Another Day, Another GOP Backstabbing

That didn’t take long. The once-promising Paul Ryan finally got a taste of power and promptly jumped into the same slime pit his predecessor John Boehner lived in. The new speaker of the House has “curated” his first trillion-dollar appropriations bill by betraying everything Republican voters keep hoping their leaders will support and instead checking […]

Arizona Budget Cuts Include Limiting Welfare Benefits

On Monday I posted an article in which I asked the question: How Much Longer Can US Afford To Be a Welfare Nation? In that post I shared the welfare is costing over half a trillion dollars a year and that figures grows more and more every year and that we as a nation can’t […]

Budget: Round 2015: Republicans vs Obama

Over the last 6 years of Obama’s reign of terror, passing a federal budget has been a fierce battle. The one time House Republicans stood their ground, they forced Obama to institute his infamous Sequestration of 2013 that shut down part of the federal government. If you recall, Obama intentionally chose government departments and agencies […]

If I Were President

Ever since Barak Hussein Obama illegally moved into the White House I have criticized virtually everything he has done. Someone recently asked me what I would do if I were president. After spending a few days thinking about it, this is what I would do if I were president. 1) I would order all federal […]

Benedict Boehner’s $1.1 Trillion Betrayal

The turnaround on this particular betrayal was quick, even for the Republican leadership. John Boehner, turning his back on the very voters who just gave his party dominance in Congress, has hijacked the House into passing a $1.1 trillion government spending bill just before the deadline to shut down the government. The 1,600-page Continuing Resolution […]

More Balanced Budget Theatrics from Both Parties

Guy Benson, a contributor, wrote a piece entitled “Paul Ryan Introduces Balanced Budget, Democrats React Predictably.” The article begins: “There was some debate over whether House Republicans would offer any spending blueprint for fiscal year 2015, as some argue it would only hand Democrats ammunition ahead of the midterm elections. In light of the […]

Obama Officially Most Traveled, Most Expensive President in History

The axiom that you get what you pay for simply doesn’t hold true in the case of the federal government. Of course, the deceptive practices of government officials and lobbyists has a lot to do with that. Take the recent study by the Cato Institute which found that, despite doubling of expenditures in inflation-adjusted dollars […]

GOP Budget Deal Like Taking Hub Cap Off A Bus

A former co-worker of mine was a big guy.  He stood about 6’ 2” and must have weighed about 280 pounds.  He told me one day that he had started a new diet and was proud of the fact that he lost 20 pounds.  When he told his dad, his father’s comment was that it […]

Obama’s Top Priorities Good for Democratic Votes, Not for the Economy

The nation narrowly averted defaulting on our loans and creating a smokescreen financial crisis.  Obama held out and forced the spineless Republicans to cave in on their principles and accept the tyrannical demands of a raving madman.  The government is back up and running from its 17% partial shutdown and supposedly everything is back to […]

Pentagon Can Spend On Gay Benefits But Can’t Afford To Refuel Air Craft Carrier

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been talking about a 22% reduction in the Pentagon budget.  Yet, as I reported yesterday, Panetta is also poised to extend a number of costly benefits to the unmarried partners of gay military personnel.  At a time when the rest of the military has to cut their budgets, Panetta […]

The Economic Implications of the Impending Election

This article represents a rough transcription of the speech I recently delivered to the annual donor’s conference of the Center for Cultural Leadership in northern California. For more information on the Center, where I serve as Senior Fellow of Economics and Finance, please click here. I have written of and spoken about many, many reasons […]

Is the U.S. President Worth $1.4 Billion a Year?

When George Washington first took office in 1789, he had no idea of what that office would end up costing the American taxpayers in the long run.  At the time Washington took office, the nation was broke due to the costs of Revolutionary War.  Two hundred and twenty-three years later, the nation is once again […]