Office Depot Refuses to Print Copies of Anti-Abortion Prayer and It’s Their Right to Refuse

“Last month, Maria Goldstein, a Roman Catholic, asked employees at an Office Depot location in Schaumburg, Ill., to make 500 copies of ‘A Prayer for Planned Parenthood.’ . . . Company spokeswoman Karen Denning told the Chicago Tribune that Office Depot prohibits the copying of material that advocates ‘the persecution of certain groups of people,’ […]

39 Companies That Donate Directly to Planned Parenthood

It’s not just we the taxpayers that are being forced to funding the killing machine known as Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been promoting abortion and eugenics for decades. “According to 2nd Vote, a website and app that tracks the flow of money from consumers to political causes, more than 25 percent of Planned […]

Some Sense and Nonsense from Penn Jillette

Penn and Teller are great magicians. If you ever get a chance to see one of their shows – do it. You won’t be disappointed. Penn Jillette, the one who speaks, is an intelligent guy. He has a lot of good things to say. He’s a bit too foul-mouthed for me, but his Vegas magic […]

Why Aren’t Muslim Business Owners Targeted by Gays?

Homosexuality in any form is not only a sin to Christians, but also to Jews and Muslims. In some Muslim nations, gays are imprisoned, tortured and executed. Homosexuality is less tolerated by Muslims than by Christians and Jews, so why aren’t gays targeting Muslim businesses? All we hear about is one Christian business owner after […]

Connecticut Again Abusing Power to Steal from Private Businesses

I was once asked what I believed to be the worst US Supreme Court decision ever made. That was a hard one to answer as they have made a number of rulings that violate God’s laws and the US Constitution. Roe v. Wade would definitely rank up in the top few as it has resulted […]

God’s Business Does Not Have Two Floors

I heard a well-known Christian leader and author inform 250 successful Christian businesspeople and donors a few days ago that “your business is just a side business; you cannot ever lose track of the fact that your real business is God’s business.” I am not saying his name or organization because I do not want […]

Hobby Lobby Case Shows Government is in Control No Matter the Outcome

Should business owners be forced to pay for contraceptives or pay a fine if they don’t in the new ever-changing Affordable Care Act? Wrong question. The case before the Supreme Court “will determine whether Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned craft store chain, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a cabinet company, can be exempted from providing contraception coverage […]

We’re All Guinea Pigs Under ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

If ever there was an example of corporations turning elected representatives against the interests of the American people, it’s in a provision protecting genetically modified foods that was tucked  into a spending bill signed Tuesday by President Obama. It’s doubtful that many politicians even realized that what’s being called the “Monsanto Protection Act” by critics […]

Obama Has Job Creators Afraid to Create Jobs

The number one thing America needs more than anything else is jobs.  If we can get people back to working, it would spur the economy and things would definitely turn around. At a time when jobs are the number one priority, you would expect the President and congressional leaders to be turning to top job […]

Liberal Tyranny and the Cluck Heard Around the World

Writer Sinclair Lewis is credited with saying, “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.” Close, but not quite. Truth is, fascism has come to America; but it’s wrapped in a rainbow flag and waving, well, let’s just say it sure ain’t waving a cross. With its […]

Barack Obama Should Receive Ph.D. for Hypocrisy

Long before running for the presidency, Barack Obama has lived by the motto, ‘do as I say, not what I do.’  He is quick to tell everyone around him how they should act and conduct business, when in fact he doesn’t even follow his own advice. In the latest rounds of Obama hypocrisy, the president […]

23% of Small Business Owners Went a Year Without Pay and Obama is Happy About It

Since 2010, I have not received a salary from the company where I’m the president and have worked for 31 years. My business partner, who is vice-president, also does not receive a salary. In addition, we’ve had to lay off a few people. My wife was the first to be let go. Thankfully, we have […]