California Liberals to Destroy State’s Ecology and Wildlife

I understand that many people are against hunting and fishing. They believe it’s cruel to hunt down an animal, shoot it and take it home and eat it. However most of them have no clue about effective wildlife management and the need to control animal populations to keep them healthy. Have you ever heard of […]

California Enacts Law Making Schools and Students Helpless Victims of Would be Mass Shooters

When it comes to gun control and protecting school kids, I often think many politicians are not as smart as a fifth grader. They allow their anti-American ideologies to cloud their mental capacities, resulting in their failure to see and understand what is really happening in our nation. Whenever I get in a conversation with […]

California Adds to List of Failing Public School Systems

On December 22, I reported how Illinois’s public school system is failing thousands of students, writing: “However a growing number of high school graduates in Illinois are not able to meet the basic educational requirements to handle community college courses. According to a recent report on the 40,000 high school 2013 Illinois graduates that enrolled […]

Gun Confiscations Set to Start on New Year’s Day

Beginning January 1, police in California will be able to confiscate people’s guns without warning. The law, AB 1014, was actually passed and signed by “Governor Moonbeam,” Jerry Brown, back in 2014, but is only now taking effect. The cover for the confiscations will be “government violence restraining orders.” GVROs will be issued by judges […]

State Orders Pro-Life Centers to Promote Abortion or Else

The state of California is treading on territory already ruled unconstitutional in New York by ordering pro-life and faith-based pregnancy centers to promote abortion with signs and pamphlets telling women how to get abortions. The law, called the Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act, is set to take effect January 1. It requires the pro-life centers […]

New Abortion Law Will Outlaw Free Choice

I remember many years ago there was a bumper sticker that asked, “What do you choose when you’re pro-choice?” In reality, most “pro-choice” advocates often push one choice to be available and exercised — the choice to terminate a baby’s life via abortion. And now if the liberal legislature and governor in California have their […]

How Much Do Illegals Cost California Taxpayers Each Year?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared how much illegals cost taxpayers in Ohio, Maryland and North Carolina. The combined cost to taxpayers in those three states amounts to over $4.8 billion a year. Those were followed up with a report on how much illegals were costing Texas taxpayers a year, a state with a greater number […]

California Law Mandates Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers Promote Abortion

California is not only the land of nuts, fruits and flakes, but it has become the bastion for anti-Constitution and anti-American liberal politics. From pushing holidays to honoring gay politicians, to taxing businesses for their carbon emissions, to banning effective reparative sexual identity therapy for minors to their new law to automatically register every illegal […]

California Passes Law to Automatically Register Illegals to Vote

I’ve been contending all along that the primary purpose behind Barack Obama’s illegal immigration policies is to set the stage for millions of illegal aliens to be able to vote in 2016 to help insure a Democratic victory nationwide. Here’s how it works. First, Obama violated the US Constitution by taking it upon himself to […]

Water Company Makes Lake Disappear Overnight, Blames Drought

In the shadowy world of government, it has occasionally happened that files disappear, tapes get erased, even occasionally an inconvenient person vanishes as he gets reassigned to Ice Station Zebra. But making an entire lake disappear overnight is pretty impressive. That apparently is what happened to Mountain Meadows Reservoir in Lassen County, California, which is owned […]

California to Register Illegals to Vote

California has more eligible voters than any other state and thus the most electoral votes than any other state with 55. Texas is a distant second with 38 electoral votes. There are a total of 538 electoral votes so any presidential candidate that carries California in an election automatically garnishes 25% of the needed electoral […]

Obama: It’s GOP’s Fault 5-Time Deported Alien Killed Woman in San Francisco

Note to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell: This is what you get for teaming up with the White House to pass Obama trade — blamed for murder. An illegal alien who was deported five times has been arrested and charged with murder of a young woman in San Francisco, and according to the White House, […]