Uber Clashes With Cronyism and the Entitlement Society

In a free society which has a free market economy, is there any reason a person shouldn’t be able to pick up passengers in his or her own car and drive them to their destination for money? The passenger willingly makes the decision that’s safe to enter the vehicle, as does the driver of the […]

The Disastrous Effects of Economic Equality

The final result of economic equality makes everyone equally poor. What’s the best way to get wealth in the hands of people? There are several methods. The most popular (and destructive) is for the wealthy to be taxed so their “excess” wealth can be redistributed to the less fortunate. This works for a time until productive […]

Is Capitalism Dead in America?

“Well, this is it. The last bastion of pure capitalism left on Earth. Buy low, sell high. Fear? That’s the other guy’s problem. Nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for the absolute carnage you are about to witness. Super Bowl, World Series — they don’t know what pressure is. In this building, it’s either […]

President Obama Ain’t No Robin Hood

I’ve seen a lot of articles that describe President Obama’s call for “a $175 billion tax cut for the middle class, faster and cheaper broadband internet, a week of paid sick leave, discounted mortgages paid for by raising taxes on the rich and inheritances” as Robin Hood economic policy. Politico gets it wrong with this […]

Tax-Payer Paid Professor Compares Tea Party to Nazis

Psychology professor Dr. Blake Armstrong, who teaches at South Texas College in Weslaco, Texas, was caught on video comparing the Tea Party to the Nazis. You’ve got to love the new “everybody-is-a-journalist” era. To cover his tracks, Armstrong “told his students not to ‘tell anybody’ about his remarks — but one of his students had […]

The Walking Dead v. Black Friday Crowds

Who would win in a face off between The Walking Dead or the earlier Dawn of the Dead and Black Friday shoppers? Don’t forget the hilarious Shaun of the Dead (2004). They can teach us a great deal about economics and the efficiency of the market place, innovation, competition, more efficient and productive commodities at […]

How a ‘Greedy, Awful Capitalist’ Answered His Critics

Capitalism makes it possible for most Americans, even the poorest among us, to live like the kings of old. The kings of world empires could only dream about the staggering material advances brought about by capitalism. Actually, they couldn’t dream about it since they did not have the categories to formulate dreams about cell phones, […]

Crazed Hollywood Producer Wants Some Capitalists Shot

Terry Gilliam is a movie producer. He’s worth millions. CelebrityNetworth.com has him at about $40 million. He is dependent on people with money to make his living. The people he pays to help in the production of the films he produces make a lot of money. The actors who star in his films are multi-millionaires. […]

Liberal Krystal Ball Offers Plan to Make Everybody Prosperous

MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” co-host Krystal Ball (her real name) has a great idea on how to create some semblance of economic equality. “The basic concept is simple,” she said. “Every non-incarcerated adult citizen gets a monthly check from the government. Other safety net programs are jettisoned to pay for the mincome, and poverty is eliminated.” […]

Charlie Rangel Goes off the Liberal Plantation

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel was asked by MSNBC anchor and openly homosexual Thomas Roberts what he thought about the next Pope and the direction of the Catholic Church. Here was Rangel’s response: “I hope they stick by their guns on same-sex marriage and telling a woman what she should do with her body.” Wow! […]

Study Tries to Link Climate ‘Denial’ to Conspiracy Theories, Free Market Beliefs

The Left does not like the free market, preferring a communist system. After all, government knows best, right? Because of that, liberals protest, twist facts, lie and try to sneak in socialist policies at every opportunity to undercut businesses and capitalism in general. They do the same when it comes to anyone who opposes their […]

What Politicians Will Never tell You about Economics

What is the first principle of economics? Some economists will claim that it’s supply and demand, while others insist that it’s scarcity or the division of labor. The first principle of economics is “thou shalt not steal.” Economics is ethical before it is practical. Almost all modern definitions of economics, like contemporary definitions of “government,” […]