Automakers Want to Prevent Car Owners Repairing or Modifying Their Own Cars

How many of you have ever made any repairs to your own cars? I used to all the time when I was able. I’ve replaced water pumps, freeze plugs, generators, alternators, starters and even a rocker arm assembly back in the day. Besides home auto repairs, there are thousands, perhaps millions of car enthusiasts who […]

California Democrats Want to Tax Fuel Efficient Cars by the Mile Instead of the Gallon

At the beginning of the 1900s, automobiles were introduced to the American public. It didn’t take long before they became popular and started replacing horses and carriages. It also didn’t take long before states saw a new way to earn money by taxing the gasoline the cars used. In February, 1919, Oregon passed the first […]

Colorado Dem Wants Makers and Sellers of Assault Weapons Held Liable for Their Use

Earlier this month, the Colorado legislature narrowly passed a bill that bans assault and assault-style weapons, high capacity magazines and requires background checks on all gun purchases, even those that are done privately. Two companies, Magpul and Alfred Manufacturing threatened to move their businesses out of state if the measure passed.  Magpul employs 600 people […]

California Land Use Declares War on Suburbia – No Backyards and No Cars

In 2006 California passed Assembly Bill 32 otherwise known as the Global Warming Solutions Act.  The purpose of the bill was to establish long range statewide programs to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020.  The bill established mandatory caps on numerous sources of greenhouse gas emissions by this year, […]

Let’s Outlaw Cars, Trucks and Knives

If liberals like Hillary Clinton are to be consistent in their ideology about wanting to outlaw all guns in the US because of the crime rate, then they must put forth legislation to outlaw all, trucks, automobiles and knives. If you think this sounds ridiculous, then think again. Vehicles account for an average of 42,000 […]