SCOTUS Protects Citizens’ Cell Phones from being Searched

A lawsuit, Riley v. California, that challenged that legality of arrest-related searches of cell phones had made its way to the US Supreme Court. The crux of the lawsuit was that law enforcement searches of cell phones without a warrant were a violation of the Fourth Amendment that protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure. […]

What If People Treated Their Bible Like Their Cell Phone?

Once again I was cleaning out my email and deleting the tons of forwards I get when one caught my attention just before I hit the delete button.  I read through it several times and realized just how true it really was.  The opening question queried: “Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our […]

Is Your Middle Schooler Sexting Other Kids?

Does your middle school or high school child carry a cell phone?  Do you know what they are doing with their phone?  Have you ever checked to see what kind of messages or photos he or she has been sending or receiving? If not then perhaps you should, per a new study recently published in […]

Obama Calls for Investing in America’s Financial Destruction

Hell froze over this week. The Democrats have suddenly become responsible and sensible stewards of our government. Collectively progressives have determined that supporting sound policies that provide for a more inclusive society and a revolutionary fiscal policy will put America back on the path of prosperity. It’s called “investment.” We have been inundated with the […]

Free Cell Phones No More If Congressman Has His Way

Last August I wrote about thousands of Americans getting free cell phones and calling minutes at a cost of over $4 billion of taxpayer money.  Well, it finally seems that someone in Washington wants to do something about the program.  Rep Tim Griffin, (R-AR) says the program is being abused by many recipients and believes […]