Planned Parenthood’s Bloody Business About to be Exposed

In my article “What if Nazis Had Sued Jewish Film Crew for Secretly Filming Nazi Death Camps?” a number of people who commented claimed that the videos had been edited in such a way that distorted the operations of Planned Parenthood (PP) facilities. If this was the case, PP would be suing for libel. They are […]

What if Nazis Had Sued Jewish Film Crew for Secretly Filming Nazi Death Camps? Let’s Ask Planned Parenthood

The Nazis had been threatening to file suit against clandestine Jews who filmed what was going on the Nazi death camps. They resorted to calling the films “discredited” even though no one has discredited them at all, and even though they clearly show the Nazi regime discussing how Jews were being systematically exterminated as part […]

Liberal Abortion Defender Whines that Her Views and Arguments are being Challenged

To raise an argument against a liberal narrative is by itself considered to be an attack on the truth. According to liberals liberalism in all its forms is truth. There can’t be a challenge to such “truth.” To do so is to deny reality whether it’s about climate change, race, abortion, evolution, school choice, immigration, […]

Court Helps Planned Parenthood Cover Up its Baby Body Part Business

You know it had to happen. Unelected judges have gotten into the censorship business. Planned Parenthood was caught bloody red handed negotiating prices for the body parts of murdered unborn babies. Not able to answer the charges and with more videos about to be released, PP knew that their only option was to go to court […]

Planned Parenthood Feeling Heat From Series of Videos

Despite doing its best to belittle the group that has released three incriminating videos delving into the practice of selling aborted babies’ organs, Planned Parenthood seems to be going further into crisis mode as calls for defunding grow. Planned Parenthood has hired a crisis management PR firm, SKDKnickerbocker, whose staff includes former Obama White House […]

Cecil the Dead Lion Gets More Attention than Millions of Dead Babies

It’s remarkable what offends the moral sensibilities of liberals. All of a sudden the issue of rape has become important, but it wasn’t important when women were making credible accusations against former President Bill Clinton. Tom Brady’s missing emails are a hot topic but not Hillary Clinton’s. The latest news story concerns the death of […]

If You Can’t Refute the Truth Go After the Truth Tellers

Planned Parenthood caught caught red handed — literally — in a sting operation. Not only does PP defend and support killing unborn babies, the organization profits from selling the babies body parts. Instead of investigating PP, Democrats want to investigate the organization that exposed the tax-funded organization. One would think that any rational person would […]