The Last Hope for the GOP Establishment is New Hampshire

The GOP is getting nervous, very nervous. In fact, they have gotten to the point that the prevailing thought on the GOP race for the White House is that the establishment candidates MUST win in New Hampshire… or they’re done. Steve Kornacki: Right now the dynamic in New Hampshire is interesting. It is the second […]

Rand Paul Starts the Most Important Conversation During Latest Debate

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) may not have won the GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, but he may end up having had the most serious and important impact on the foreign policy debate. While most of the other candidates (and more than a few Democrats) seem to be agitating for a confrontation with Russia – […]

Conservative Study finds One GOP Candidate Rises Above the Rest

Heritage Action is one of our nation’s premier conservative organizations, leading the fight against government excess and corruption. Over the years Heritage has been a consistent ally in the fight for truth, justice and small government, and they’ve also served as a brilliant resource for American voters looking for an accurate accounting of their politicians’ […]

Latest Polls Have Some Shocking News for the Establishment

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal and Fox News polls have things coming up all roses for the conservative wing of the GOP as the anti-establishment candidates and the conservatives continue to trounce the left-wing of the party. Donald Trump continues to hold on to the top spot in the poll, but Dr. Ben Carson […]

Chris Christie Now Campaigning as a Democrat?

Apparently New Jersey Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Chris Christie is considering a move to the Democrat Party. Or at least that’s what it sounded like on Monday when he decided to attack fellow GOP candidate Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz for their support of Kim Davis. Governor Christie has been arguing for a couple […]

Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump on Kim Davis

The arrest and incarceration of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has shone a spotlight on the divisions within the GOP presidential field. About half of the GOP candidates have come out in support of Davis, while the other half of the field has criticized her for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Donald […]

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Makes His Case to be the GOP Nominee

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) made an appearance on Fox News on Sunday to make his case for why he should be the GOP nominee for President. Speaking with host Maria Bartiromo, he made a strong case for why he may well be the best candidate for President on the GOP side. Perhaps the most […]

Chris Christie Won’t Let County Clerks Abstain from Handing Out Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) wants to be President, but he keeps finding ways to make conservatives angry, and that will not help his cause. On Wednesday, Governor Christie found a new way to annoy conservatives when he told reporters that any government employees who have objections (religious or otherwise) to issuing marriage licenses to gay […]

Ted Cruz Defends Israel, Attacks Obama at World Values Summit

Senator Ted Cruz was a special (and very popular) guest at the World Values Gala Dinner in New York City this past week. The dinner was sponsored by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s Champions of Values organization and featured both Cruz and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) as guest speakers. Cruz’s speech was the high point […]

Ben Carson Wins Big Southern Straw Poll in Oklahoma City!

  Dr. Ben Carson notched a pretty big feather in his cap on Saturday when the GOP Presidential hopeful was able to win the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City. The conference draws activists from across the South and is an important first stop in the primary season. In 2011, […]

Ted Cruz says Not All Republicans Support Religious Liberty

In a short but important piece for the National Review, Joel Gehrke brings us some remarks made by Senator Ted Cruz while at the South Carolina Freedom Summit this past Saturday in Greenville, South Carolina. Senator Cruz was speaking about religious liberty when he brought up the fact that some of his fellow GOP candidates […]

Obama and Chris Christie Agree: Global Warming is Man Made!

I sometimes wonder if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) actually wants to be President. I mean, seriously, does the man actually want to be nominated to represent the GOP in the 2016 race for the White House? If he does, he has a very weird way of expressing that desire. Governor Christie was in […]