Trump’s New York Values Include Partial Birth Abortions

Ted Cruz brought up Donald Trump’s “New York values.” I suspect that he mostly had New York City in mind, but let’s say that he had the entire state. Of course, Cruz knows that not everyone in New York City and the state at large is a leftist, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage, pro-partial birth abortion supporter. […]

Conservative Radio Host says Hillary Clinton is a Liar Who Owes Donald Trump an Apology

  “Hillary Clinton lied. She lied again.  She invented a second video narrative which has nothing to do with the truth…   That video does not exist and she owes Donald Trump and apology.” — Hugh Hewitt Wow. So, a conservative radio host doesn’t like Hillary Clinton… that’s no surprise. What is surprising is how well, […]

The Great Wall of Trump!

    Oh, that Donald Trump. He’s one funny dude. He also happens to be a serious contender for the GOP nomination and for the Presidency of the United States. He recently appeared on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to discuss, among other things, illegal immigration, with host Maria Bartiromo. It was during this discussion […]

Why “Love Thy Neighbor” Is Not a Support for Same-Sex Marriage

I was listening to “The Herman Cain Show” yesterday morning when a caller wanted to know how Christians, who are told to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:39; Mark 12:31; Gal. 5:14), can stand against same-sex marriage. Herman Cain did not give a very good answer. I’m always amazed when liberals quote some parts […]

John F. Kennedy Disagrees with Chris Cuomo about God and Our Rights

Chris Cuomo is at it again. He is claiming that our founders, the documents they penned, and the system of government they established were godless. In fact, these men were so distrustful of God and government that they kept Him out of our founding documents. Cuomo’s latest historical ignorance came in an interview he had […]

‘Rights Don’t Come from God’ CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Proclaims

Chris Cuomo, a Democrat operative working for the once-news channel CNN, interviewed Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore on the same-sex marriage battle. Moore, as the chief law officer of the state, who took an oath to uphold Alabama’s constitution, intervened in a single judge’s decision that same-sex marriage is constitutional. By a 7-2 decision, the […]