Christian Women Fighting ISIS for Children’s Future and Their Faith

As a Christian, what would you do to protect your children and give them a future? Would you be willing to take up arms against a ruthless enemy vowing to kill you and your children or would you remain home in your comfort and leave the fight for others? Your carnal self will tell you […]

Liberal Politicians are Responsible for Mass Shootings

Barack Obama and other liberal politicians are claiming that there have been anywhere from 34 to well over 100 mass shootings in America just this year. They blame it on guns and over lenient guns laws being religiously protected by conservative Americans. But let’s put the shoe on the other foot by placing the blame […]

Equality Act Means End of Christian Freedom and Rights

Non-discriminatory laws generally protect the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. They protect against discrimination based upon race (I prefer ethnicity), sex, religion and age. However, liberals have been pushing to protect against discrimination based upon sinful lifestyles, namely homosexuality. No one is trying to grant special protection to murderers, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, and other […]

Alabama Judge Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

We’ve all heard the media feeding on Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her Christian faith. She was jailed for standing up for her faith, arguing that forcing her to put her name on a marriage license for a pair of homosexuals violated […]

Madonna’s Gay Brother Defends Christian Kim Davis

The homosexual community has descended in force to destroy the life and career of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. Once they heard that she was refusing to issue marriage licenses, gay and lesbian couples traveled to Ashland, Kentucky just to be part of the feeding frenzy designed to devour a woman who was standing firm […]

It’s Only Lawbreaking If You Go Against Liberals

County Clerk Kim Davis sits in jail in Kentucky for refusing to issue homosexual marriage licenses, even though it’s against her religious convictions. In Marion County, Oregon, Judge Vance Day is being “investigated” because he refuses to wed homosexual couples, citing his religious convictions. In Colorado, an appeals court ruled against a baker who refused to […]

Texas Supreme Court Slams Door on Houston’s Lesbian Mayor

One would think that a southern city with such ties to the financial and oil industries would be somewhat conservative, but that’s not the case with Houston, Texas. In 2009, the citizens of Houston elected Annise Parker, a lesbian and gay activist, to be their mayor. Then they re-elected her two more times since then. […]

Obama Climbs in Bed with Iranian Captors of Christian Pastor Saeed

Obama Climbs in Bed with Iranian Captors of Christian Pastor Saeed Yesterday, Barack Obama announced that the United States has signed a deal with Iran to dismantle their nuclear program. Negotiations have been ongoing for the past two years, failing to meet several deadlines until now. Most of the Middle East nations around Iran have […]

Do Guns Possess Jedi Mind Control?

The title sounds obviously ridiculous, but if you really listen to anti-gun people like Barack Obama and thousands of other anti-America liberals, you would almost believe that guns are somehow able to control the minds of people like the Jedi knights in Star Wars. Obama continues to use incidents like the tragedy in Charlotte last […]

Homosexual President Favored Over Evangelical Christian Survey Reveals

On October 19, 1781, British General Charles Cornwallis formerly surrendered, ending the Revolutionary War. Cornwallis and the British should have defeated George Washington and the American colonists. They out-numbered and out gunned the Americans. Washington attributed the victory to God and when Washington was inaugurated as America’s first president, he again gave all of the […]

Christian Printer’s Refusal to Print Gay T-Shirts Upheld by Kentucky Judge

Throughout the United States, gay activists have intentionally targeted businesses owned by Christians just so they can force their sinful and abominable lifestyle on those who do not agree with them. They whine and cry that they want tolerance, yet demonstrate that they are just as, if not more intolerant than those they accuse. They […]

Carson Betrays Christian Values by Supporting Pro-Same Sex Candidate

Dr. Ben Carson has been hailed as a conservative and Christian who stands for traditional family values and the sanctity of life. His support has been growing and many predict that he will announce his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination early in May. I’ve written a number of articles in support of Carson […]