Why Do Millions of Christians Ignore Politics?

Let’s get a few preliminaries out of the way. First, there is no doubt that there are few differences between the two major parties. With both Houses of Congress owned by the Republicans, one would think that the claimed differences would have come out and the GOP would have fought for the principles they claim […]

Making Excuses for the Religion of Islam

What is the number one refrain from the Muslim community? The answer to the question is, “That Is Not Islam.” There is a shooting — that is not Islam — a bombing — not Islam — an honor killing — not Islam — mistreatment of women and homosexuals — not Islam. And it’s not just […]

Christians Accused of Misunderstanding Religious Freedom

Last week, Christians were shocked to learn that a pair of Muslim truck drivers had been awarded $240,000 by an Illinois judge after the pair had been fired for refusing to haul alcoholic beverages. The pair claimed that alcohol is against their religion. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit against the trucking […]

What if the Oregon Shooter had Targeted Muslims, ‘Gays’ or ‘Transgenders’?

The nation was rightly horrified when Christians in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, were gunned down. There was so much outrage that anything Confederate was considered to be an affront to civil rights. Flags were removed, names of Confederate Generals were expunged, and some even advocated digging up the bodies of confederate soldiers. […]

Islam: Is it Better to Be Safe or Consistent?

I have to apologize. As conservatives, particularly social conservatives, we’ve been all wet on the topic of religion – mainly Christianity and Islam. We say one can’t possibly be a true Christian if, for example, if one appears to accept abortion, the taking of an innocent life. We chide people like John Kerry and Nancy […]

Did Oregon’s Anti-Christian Laws Contribute to Anti-Christian Shootings?

Let’s think like a liberal for a moment. We won’t do it too long since some of you are susceptible to headaches and fits of anger and rage at the mere thought of thinking like a liberal. Sometime’s it’s necessary. It called “forcing the antithesis,” adopting the operating assumptions of a worldview and working them […]

MLK: “We are in Good Company When We Break Unjust Laws.”

Like today, many clergymen opposed to taking a public and resistant stand to unjust laws. They feared the consequences. They might lose church members. The government might close the doors of their churches. Their tax-exempt status might be revoked. In addition to these practical issues, many pastors argued from a biblical perspective that any resistance to […]

School Dress Codes are Discriminatory against Conservatives, Christians and Southern Patriots

Over the past few years we’ve all seen and heard of students who were told to change their clothes, turn their shirts inside out or face disciplinary action for violating the school dress code. I think of the student who wore an NRA Second Amendment shirt to school and was told it violated the school […]

Bible Has No Place in Public Universities Says Prof

Public education at all levels – kindergarten through university – has become a haven for liberals who openly bully Christian students. When I was in college, I had professors who berated Christians. One told me on the first day of class that if I opened my mouth in his classroom that I would receive a […]

Democrats Hell Bent on Beating Christians into Submission

Barack Obama and his organized crime syndicate, better known as the Obama administration, have taken yet another illegal step in securing their dictatorial ways on the American people. The Affordable Care Act mandated that all employers provide contraceptive coverage to all female employees, which when you think about it is a dictatorial power flexing to […]

Gay Activist Calls for Removal of ‘Loser’ Christian Chaplains From Military

It begins. Mikey Weinstein, an atheist and longtime pro-homosexual activist who has the ears of some of the Pentagon’s top commanders, has wasted no time in capitalizing on Friday’s homosexual “marriage” ruling. Making a quick lie out of the court majority’s promise that Christians would be allowed under Friday’s ruling to continue exercising their beliefs […]

White House Hypocrisy on Immigration: Christians No, Illegals Yes

Do you recall the Romeike family? They were a family of Christian homeschoolers that fled Germany because the government was going to permanently remove the children from their parents because the parents insisted on homeschooling their kids. Mom and dad didn’t want their kids educated in the liberal government run schools and indoctrinated with anti-Christian […]